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  1. New 0880-20(2017 Re-Design) M18 Wet/Dry Vac

    I bought this new updated vac with the hose on the inside a few weeks ago off the rack at Home Depot. I think u just need to go in the store and look for yourself
  2. Recommend me a stripper!

    I’ll add too that as much as I like Klein tools I don’t like their wire strippers, the handles always crack and split open
  3. Home Depot

    Is this the new m12 fuel or the old stuff?
  4. Advice Needed on what to replace my lost power tools with

    Either way I won't defend them too much. I think I've gone thru 4-5 drills and 2 impacts in 2 years all for weird glitchy reasons but as an electrician they sell all the right stuff so I just keep going along with it.
  5. Advice Needed on what to replace my lost power tools with

    So they won't sell u a chuck for the 2706? That's weird. My 2704 does have the larger hole chuck I know that much. I don't understand why they can't just admit it's the same drill and sell u parts. Did u look at other online part stores?
  6. Advice Needed on what to replace my lost power tools with

    I've been thru similar frustrations with Milwaukee but u can buy replacement chucks online. With dewalt tho there's no screw in the chuck, it's some sort of pin and I'm not sure how or if it's even possible to remove. ive also noticed that milwaukee chucks just seem real finicky. I can put a drill bit in and it'll wobble, then I'll slightly loosen and re tighten and it runs true. I think it's just how the teeth bite.
  7. Hitachi multivolt

    Wish milwaukee would do something similar. They say they are waiting for new cells for their 18v batteries but doesn't that mean that whenever these new cells are abailable that someone like dewalt could also put these news cells in their flexvolt batteries and still keep the advantage?
  8. Hope Dewalt has something like this in aug

    I dunno something about that pic is just off to me- showing the same drill with different batteries and they don't have the new compact recip in there, just the old one
  9. New category suggestion

    There is a wood working, metal working, and automotive category... would it be a stretch to have trade specific categories? I know it's a tool forum but it might encourage more membership or just be a place where trade guys that are already members here can talk without having to go to another trade specific site.
  10. DCF887B or DCD791D2 for irwin speedbor

    That's not a drill mode that's for self tapping screws
  11. Carbide + OMT

    Yea to me it is. Everyone's uses are different but to me I'm regularly cutting drywall and wood they just seem like they last forever
  12. DCF887B or DCD791D2 for irwin speedbor

    impacts are ok for one or two holes but if you're drilling to run wiring then I'd use a drill. The impact will be louder and slower. I think you'll answer some of ur own questions once u actually drill a few holes in something
  13. Carbide + OMT

  14. Carbide + OMT

    Yea that's all we use now, I think dremel makes them, from Home Depot
  15. Help my house smells!

    So my house was built in 64, small ranch with a walk out basement. Over the past 8 years I've completely remodeled it inside and out. Refinished floors, doors, trim, closets, baths, kitchen, I've painted like 5 times, dehumidifier runs year round.... and I cannot get that old musty smell out of my house! We are going nuts here , wife wants to move, we love the house and property but can't take the smell. Only idea I have left is removing the old lay in attic insulation which is covered with old blow in insulation over top. Anyone have any experience with this? Do you think the attic insulation is the culprit maybe the smell is leaking in thru the recessed can lighting?