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  1. hammer drill vs drill driver chuck difference

    So I got a 2704 hammer drill back from Milwaukee service. They didn’t fix my issue however they did replace the chuck with a new chuck that has no carbide inserts. I’m not sure if this was on purpose due to known chuck issues with them or if they just put the wrong chuck on by accident. I have one more drill coming back from service tomorrow with the same issue so I’ll see what chuck they put on that one.
  2. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Played around a little today and found the m18 #2 torque setting is somewhere #8-10 setting on the m12. It was a little inconsistent just driving different sized screws in wood but it’ll get me close enough and I’ll just confirm when I’m working on some metal. Drilled a 3/4” ship auger thru 2- 2x6’s in low without pause so I was real impressed with the power. The little impact surprised me the most tho, I think it is almost just as strong as my m18 fuel impact! I think that’s going to end up being my favorite tool.
  3. With all the goodies out there why would u even want to use those tools today? My tools pay for themselves so I just hope that they last until the next updated version is released.
  4. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Well Finally found a HD that has the new m12 in stock, contrary to what the internet says, and in the hood of all places. Picked up the combo kit. I’ll take back my ugly comment from earlier, these are good looking tools and I was a bit skeptical at first about the grip but once I held them they actually feel real good in the hand. These are my first 12 volt tools so ill post more after I get a chance to play around with them. Anyone know if the torque settings on the m12 drill translates directly to the same torque settings on the m18 fuel drill? example: I frequently use the #2 torque setting on my m18 drill, but since the m12 has less power will I have to up the torque setting to say #5 or 6?
  5. What tools did you buy today?

    What are the chances customer tipped me $150 today, stopped at HD on the way home and they had the new m12 drill/impact combo kit. Had a gift card for $62, plus military discount, I paid $4 bucks. Good day lol
  6. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I’d like to see jimbo do up a video on these
  7. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    thats the gen 1 drill. I heard somewhere that the gen 2 is a little thicker in the handle too
  8. Dewalt dce089g

    I’ll second that, our Bosch laser does the exact same thing when it’s locked
  9. Aftermarket chuck?

    P.s. - I like how the box clearly states it’s a milwaukee part, so I’m going to stick to my prediction and maybe we’ll see these soon on a stock milwaukee drill 👍
  10. Aftermarket chuck?

    I really appreciate the help. I’ll give rohm a call vs waiting on an email response and see if I can get it ordered then. I’ll also check out ur Instagram, thanks!
  11. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    I agree I’ve been thinking about doing the same, either picking up a 796 or the m12 drill just cuz they are smaller/lighter and easier to carry on my belt for 90% of what I do as well
  12. Aftermarket chuck?

    Finally, thank you! Can u tell me where u bought it?
  13. Aftermarket chuck?

    Ok no response from rohm. I decided to do a little looking around and noticed on Jacobs site the chuck used on the 2704 isn’t even listed on there so I assume it’s a milwaukee part only. Now I’m going to have a little fun and make a wild prediction here: I heard milwaukee is releasing a new drill this year, so I predict that this new elusive rohm chuck will be featured on this drill making it a milwaukee exclusive part. I also predict the browns will win 3 games...
  14. Hitachi multivolt

    I would’ve liked to see the regular milwaukee in there not just the surge
  15. Milwaukee warranty info ?

    Well i continue to be impressed with their e-service. 5 minute registration online, sent in an impact driver that was very very beat up and no readable serial number for a mode selector issue. They replaced the motor, electronic assembly, and the entire outer case of the tool. Basically replaced everything except the nose cone and it looks brand new. No charge, thanks 👍