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  1. BMack37

    Time Off?

    I bought an XB1 on day one to play BF4, BF3 and BF4 are really the only games I've played and enjoyed since I was a teenager. I have a ridiculous amount of hours in both those games and am embarrassingly good at them. Too bad they completely changed the direction of the games, probably for the best for my spare time. I haven't played much in the past year and I feel like I get a lot more done haha.
  2. BMack37

    Time Off?

    BF4, the last great BF game.
  3. BMack37

    Time Off?

    If I can't make stuff in the garage...watch youtube, look for really good deals online, browse instagram.
  4. BMack37

    Needing suggestions

    I personally think Milwaukee has the best deals even with less distribution and the larger lines are nice. I second the pawn shop thing, also FB marketplace, letgo, offerup and craigslist...plenty of high end stuff around me. A lot of near new items. On eBay, new in packaging batteries are super cheap on eBay, Dewalt might be the same.
  5. BMack37

    How do you keep track of your router bits?

    I took a 2X8 and drilled a bunch of holes, wrote the description in the open space. It just sits in a drawer. There are inserts that are better than just drilling a bunch of holes in a piece of scrap but I didn't think it needed to be pretty. Tip: Drill the holes 5/16 and 9/16 so it's not super tight when the wood swells.
  6. BMack37

    Unidentified hand tool

    It's a generic drill press clamp. It's basically the same as all the other Chinese drill press clamps, super useful.
  7. BMack37

    What tools did you buy today?

    I picked one up too. Used my birthday as an excuse. $179 for the trimmer and battery is a pretty good deal considering...plus I had $69.** on a gift card I got using CC points. I bought it because of the head, In feeling the one in store, I think I like the balance of that one better...but carbon fiber! 😍
  8. BMack37

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    Along the lines of you taking these pics in case some walk off...I always take pics when I get something of any value for insurance purposes(including serial numbers), I also hide labels in the battery doors. I've always worried that I'd be on site and someone would claim my Fluke or power tools as theirs...unless there are cameras or you have a hidden marking, it's my word versus theirs. Or in some cases like Knipex...I do a picture and a spread sheet so if I find a deal I can see if I already have it.
  9. BMack37

    Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    haha, TBH that's why I liked the mistake pic...everyone on here and IG never make mistakes, I feel like I'm constantly correcting mistakes.
  10. I just looked it up, either I forgot about that or didn't notice it. Looks like four engagement points and meatier parts of the housing and improved leverage. I still don't love that split design, Dewalt's is soo nice, easy to do one-handed and not looking. Milwaukee's you have to shake it, if there is dust and grime in it, you have to turn the lugs...then most of the time you go to tighten and the lugs lift from their indents and you're back at square one.
  11. I hope they improve this design, I like Dewalt's attachment design but hate their handle. Milwaukee's handle with the Dewalt attachment design would be great.
  12. BMack37

    Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    I seriously hope to even get half as good as you at woodworking.
  13. BMack37

    Well time to throw outs the MKE tools

    She's soo hot up there with Jessica Biel and Carrie Underwood.
  14. BMack37

    Forum spammers

    There's some weird ones. Also right now I have one on instagram. It's set up like a girl's profile and sent me: "Hello there sweetheart, how are you doing today, how's work and what are you up to today?" No link on their profile like other ones, has a location mentioned in the profile which is weird too.
  15. BMack37

    Veterans Day

    I reiterate this sentiment