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  1. BMack37

    Sears Files for Bankruptcy

    I find it hard to believe Target will close. There's a rather large group of people that practically worship Target. Target is a bit more expensive but it's a MUCH nicer environment. KMart's problem was that it was exactly like Walmart but worse in every way...well that and they've been owned by a guy making money off of selling high interest loans to KMart/Sears to bleed money out of them. What Target needs to do is expand their wine selection and add free 2-day shipping while using a marketplace like Walmart/Amazon(third-party sellers, expanded selection). They're killing it with their app and by having Starbucks in their stores.
  2. BMack37

    Blinded by Brand Loyalty

    Electronics are all Lego components outside of some really high-end break-out technology. At the shop, we worked on a McIntosh MC2KW Monoblock Power Amplifier a $75,000 mono amp...Amazing piece of equipment, off the shelf components on the boards. Damn good off the shelf parts but they're off the shelf. Japan and Korea makes some amazing electronic components, China...meh. They're getting better but the good stuff comes from Japan and Korea. Very little components made in the US and I don't blame them. Mesa Boogie claim a lot of their components are coming from the US but I highly doubt their claims. The thing about USA-made is a lot of blind pride over practicality. US steel and Japanese steel are damn good, Chinese steel has proven to be pretty bad but it seems they're starting to import better steel(for select brands). The only REAL benefit is QC and speed of fulfilling orders...but that can be had if they build in Mexico. It's too damn expensive to pay for labor in the US and, I'm sorry, but an American is no better at pushing a button or screwing two pieces of plastic together. The Chinese are getting better on all fronts but as long as they build cheap crap we (Americans) love to buy they're going to have the bad reputation. It amazes me when people buy a $300 50" TV and they're mad that it only lasted a year.
  3. It could be anywhere from 10 to 50 years. We know Lithium ion as-is needs to be eliminated, it's too dangerous in this World where everything has become safety conscience. Hopefully these early models are actually working as opposed to all the Tech we heard about 20 years ago in battery tech...remember the little nuclear cells everyone was going to have in their cell phones? Hopefully the cell industry doesn't keep up this path of thinner is better if/when these become standard. I wish they doubled the size of the battery to make the phone thicker...it might fit better in skinny jeans or a girl's back pocket but it does not fit well in my hand. Even with a case they feel too thin.
  4. It's a great saw if you don't go past 20-degrees!
  5. BMack37

    Broken detent pin on mid torque

    I don't think that's abusing the warranty service at all.
  6. BMack37

    Harbor Freight

    Look at coupons and do your research before buying. I ONLY buy three items at a time, even if it means walking out then walking back in and buying three more. One is the item you wanted with a 20/25% off coupon, one filler (something cheap you need like a paint brush or zip ties) and one freebie. For the freebie, microfiber towels, magnetic strip, magnetic bowl, grabber tool, tarp or moving blanket. I use the magnetic strip to make shelves or something to stick to a tool box, etc. Magnets are expensive, I honestly don't know how they can give those away. Avoid cheap screwdrivers and their tape measures are not accurate. The Pittsburgh Pro stuff is pretty darn good, IMO. I load up on their gloves when there's a coupon, they're cheap for gloves and work just as well IMO.
  7. BMack37


    You're right about the wavelength, I don't know why I typed shortest. I don't think its a conscious decision(though not saying you're wrong), I think it''s just a different company making those shells. You see this a lot where companies have trouble meeting colors in plastics and dyed materials like leather. Milwaukee seems rather lax with their colors, you see variations from their tool bags to their power tools to their hand tools. Some companies are extremely strict with their colors, Milwaukee seems to let little variations slide...maybe a result of the speed they bring products to market? Example(Don't have any Milwaukee pliers to compare side by side): Different lighting but it looks (to my eye and computer monitor) what they look like in-store.
  8. BMack37


    Also, red is one of the hardest colors to get right in pretty much any material...hence why "Trueview" exists. Red is the longest (light) wavelength of any color which effects how our eyes and a camera sees it.
  9. BMack37

    What tools did you buy today?

    Kind of kicking myself for not picking one up. I did at least get the level I wanted!
  10. BMack37

    Cordless drill batteries

    I highly recommend an impact driver if driving longer screws, they're quick and powerful. The only real problem is they're loud. Am impact driver is at least twice as fast as a drill and the hex is pretty nice. I keep both M12 brushed on the shelf above my bench. Drill with the drill and drive screws in with the impact...it's a lot faster to not have to drill and change bits to drive. At Lowe's during this markdown spree they have at one of my stores the four piece Bosch kit. One drill/driver, on impact driver, one one-handed recip saw, a light and I think two batteries for $150. That deal is pretty darn good IMO.
  11. BMack37

    Cordless drill batteries

    If the NiCad batteries were sitting on the shelf for a while they'll have a much shorter life than if they were new. No one noticed back when they were in use because they always sold quick. Now you have year old batteries that are discharging immediately when they're put on the shelf, after several years sitting they're nearly fully drained. Then you charge them up and start using them...its like letting a car sit for a few years without moving, old gas still in the tank. You're not going to get very far. Those cells are shot man. I'd contact Dewalt with your receipt in-hand.
  12. BMack37

    Pittsburgh Pro line Hand Tools

    You'll eventually want to move on from most of those but I say go for all of them except screwdrivers and cutters. Good screwdrivers aren't that expensive, cutters can be but you only need one really. The small flush cutters are ok. The HF screwdrivers are soft and will start stripping screws. The sockets and ratchets are where you're going to save the most money followed by combination wrenches and shockingly they're pretty good. The HF security bit set is pretty good so you can get that for torx and hex BUT do NOT use the regular hex bits in this set, they are not the right size and you will strip your fasteners...use the security hex or the hex keys linked below. Here's what I suggest for good tools: $20 Felo screwdriver set: https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/felo-6-pc-slotted-phillips-screwdriver-set/0000000078685?Ntt=felo You''ll need a PH3 and larger slotted, they also have those but they're pricer. PH3: https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/felo-phillips-2-component-handle-screwdriver/0000000078120?Ntt=felo Slotted: https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/felo-slotted-2-component-handle-screwdriver/0000000078115?Ntt=felo Precision set: https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/felo-6-pc-precision-slotted-phillips-screwdriver-set-w-carrying-case/0000000075024?Ntt=felo Hex key set $15: https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-Wrench-Metric-30-Piece-25253/dp/B00I5TH074/ For cutters, a decent pair of Channellocks are $20 so you might as well get a really good cutter and treat them well. $20 Knipex https://www.amazon.com/70-02-180-SB-Packaging/dp/B06W527TKT/
  13. BMack37

    My CNC Router Build

    Josh hasn't been on the site a lot recently. I do know like a month ago he got the brainbox for it but I don't recall any other updates. He's mainly on instagram lately, a lot of us are following each other on there.
  14. BMack37

    Old 3/8" heavy duty hammer drill worth buying?

    That would be like a woodpecker trying to get through concrete.
  15. BMack37

    Problem with New M18 2737 Jig Saw????

    That makes more sense because I've already seen positive reviews on it claiming it's cutting dead straight. That's why nearly every company monitor's their manufacturing in batches.