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  1. BMack37

    What does this go to?

    I was going to say Makita drill. I'd throw that away unless you have the rest of the parts and are in need of a drill.
  2. I've never been impressed with Wiss...I think it's just one of those things that everyone used it so they recommend it because they haven't used better, like anything from Craftsman, ever.
  3. BMack37

    M12 impact and hammer bit holders

    Nope. What I did was modify a magnetic 1/4" square to 1/4" hex and screwed it to the belt clip nut. I also ground the underside so it grips the overmold and limits it's want to spin when bumped. Here's the socket: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0040UBLO0/
  4. BMack37


    I like oil for pliers, SL for ratchets. Then just exercise the hell out of them. Maybe soaking the joint in oil, idk really. I normally just live with it.
  5. BMack37

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    It sounds the same. I'm thinking of building a suspension rig to hold it above my head while I use the flex hose because of the bending issue with the flex hose. BTW, I don't think I've come across a rotary tool that can't use Dremel accessories. It's one of the few things that actually uses a standard thread and sizing. Even the Craftsman battery powered rotary tool uses Dremel accessories. I have to try my Tacklife but I assume it does as well, awesome kit BTW, worth it for just the accessories. Though this picture on their listing made me laugh. How not to sharpen a chisel 101:
  6. BMack37

    CPO does it again!

    I've yet to have an issue with CPO, that would have been the worst damage on anything I bought from them...other than the etching on recon batteries.
  7. BMack37

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    Milwaukee uses Dremel accessories too. I use the Dremel flex hose and blade guard all the time on mine.
  8. BMack37


    Yeah, there's really not something the same that I know of... I do really like the assembly pliers from Knipex and I think you would also but if you can get what you know you want there's no sense trying something else that might not fit into your usage.
  9. Probably, the professional strength has warnings about using it on a lot of stuff. It's not something to take lightly, use something else if at all possible.
  10. BMack37

    To dado or not to dado

    If you make the bottom flat piece out of two pieces you could use as many screws as will fit to hold the vertical piece to the bottom piece because you'd be covering that with the back piece. Fasten that with through screws then put a plug in the holes to hide them and the vertical piece shouldn't go anywhere. The top piece doesn't need to hold as much weight so there are plenty of other options.
  11. BMack37

    Klein MM700 Multimeter Mini Review

    The best non-modular leads I've tried are from Taiwan, made by Brymen. Coincidentally, you can only get them from Hong Kong (on eBay). They're better than Flukes. Once you go silicone, you don't go back. Fluke has silicone and PVC leads, the PVC leads aren't anything special. I used to use Chinese leads but I'd have to buy them 3 to 5 at a time, they're what the Boss said he used "No need to buy name brand leads" ...until I got some when I bought a used meter. Those already used leads are still being used years later. I HIGHLY recommend trying some higher end leads, it's worth it in the long run...since buying higher end leads I have yet to replace a set. Tips stay sharper longer, no broken tips, or loss of continuity. The length on the TL224s is also great, it's annoying to use shorter leads after using those. Of course if you're talking about super cheap meters that aren't used a lot, it really doesn't matter. If you're going to use them more than once a month, spring for these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brymen-Silicone-Gold-Plated-Test-Leads-Probes-for-Multimeters-CAT-IV-1000V/171162377470
  12. BMack37

    Question about Bessey clamps

    At least Amazon's customer service is good. Sears has nothing to buy, a terrible website, awful customer service, etc.
  13. BMack37

    Question about Bessey clamps

    Yeah, I buy a lot on Amazon and I get the wrong item a lot. Sometimes the listing will be correct but the pics won't be, sometimes the pic will be accurate but the listing is wrong. Sometimes nothing is right. I don't know how they'd handle a return to Germany.
  14. BMack37

    Question about Bessey clamps

    I don't think the ones we get here are the same as the German ones. The pipe clamps we get here are made in China, I think the other ones are still German made...and there is a big difference, at least in their other clamps. If the pictures are accurate the German clamps look like a completely different casting, note the finish and the logo: The thickness on the steel on the A-frame suggests the second one is Chinese. Now, since they are the same model number, that may mean they're the same thing but Amazon .de has an old picture. If that is the case, the pricing makes just as much sense because the cost to bring goods from China into Europe is more expensive than bringing it into the US. I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Bessey's pipe clamps are pretty good, I see other similar brands having just as many failures with less units sold. With their bar clamps, buy the German ones if you can, they're MUCH nicer(heavier, stronger, wider pads). I've heard the old German parallel clamps are also much nicer...but I couldn't tell you why(and every time someone says that they seem to just say it as a matter of fact, no explicit reason) as those are still on my wish list, working on smaller items I haven't needed them. I personally would NOT take a chance on those from .de unless you don't mind a rather low probability at getting something German made.
  15. I've seen that happen on plastic too, never on a tool before...oddly the only one that comes to mind is the plastic on the Ferrari 360s. I think they were using something around that time that had a degrading property of turning to sticky, almost tar-like. A lot of rubbers break down into a tar like substance too. Some chemicals accelerate the reaction, chemical solvents like Goof off professional strength