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  1. BMack37

    Are Forums/Discussion Boards Dying?

    You can keep your anonymity on Instagram. No real names needed, you can link it to your facebook but you can also just use email. I generally check it before work and after work, then a few times later in the night as I get bored. Turn off notifications and you will check it at your own pace. If you follow less than 400 people, it's really not that much content to go through. I follow over 1,000 and I can look at my whole feed in under 15 mins...minus the live videos stuff, that stuff can take a long time to go through(I mostly avoid that portion). I totally get the anonymity thing, I frequently search my real name and remove all content I find. It's the curse of having a unique last name, if you search for me you only get me. I also had a female stalker, it's creepy as hell.
  2. BMack37

    Can someone identify this old rachet?

    It's fairly old but some manufacters kept making that style into the 50s. I''d guess 20s-30s. I know it's not Snap On, though they had a similar style. Are there any text on it? Indestro, New Britain, Husky, Starrett, Blackhawk, Plomb and many brands that most never heard of were making ratchets similar to that.
  3. BMack37

    Are Forums/Discussion Boards Dying?

    I'd just be echo-ing what was said above. Most of us have reconnected on instagram and it's easier to keep up there. You also get to know more about your friends other than through PMs, you get to see what they're up to daily. I do miss the heyday of this forum, this was a pretty special place..
  4. BMack37

    M18 Fuel 18 gauge brad nailer

    I'm a Milwaukee fan boy and have lots of M18 and M12 tools, the 18 gauge nailer was the first and only Milwaukee tool I thought was absolute garbage. It jammed constantly, it would make it maybe 10 1" nails before jamming, as the nails got longer it would jam more frequently. I ended up sticking with pneumatic.
  5. BMack37

    Harbor Freight

    I absolutely agree with this. As long as you do research, there are some really good buys at HF. Some can be found here:
  6. BMack37

    Looking for recommendations on new screwdriver sets

    What do you look for in a grip? How will you be using them? I kinda have a thing for screwdrivers:
  7. BMack37


    That's one of them, they also add slip joint and the locking pliers: Engineer pliers on amazon Look at the grips of your Vampliers, "Engineer" is molded into the handle. The only Engineer pliers I can't recommend are the E-clip pliers, they're too thick to get under a lot of E-clips. *Edit: I just looked and it seems Vampliers is now carrying most of the screw gripping designs. Last I looked they only had the three main versions.
  8. BMack37

    Dewalt hammer drill vs non hammer drill

    I agree with this. I like my setup, compact drill/driver and the big boy hammer drill. The bigger, the better for a hammer drill IMO. If you have to have ONE drill and you own a cinder block home, it has to be a hammer drill. Outside of that, drill/driver because you're not going to do any concrete slabs with a hammer drill...you need a SDS for that.
  9. BMack37


    Irwin? Maybe you meant Channellock? Forget the Vampliers, get the Engineer version. Engineer is the OEM so they're cheaper, also they make more styles including locking pliers. Japan has some great pliers manufacturers.
  10. If it was me, I'd change it out because of the chuck and size of the gen3. Realistically, the gen2 is fine but it's chuck can be annoying. The downside to the gen3 is that it's known to get hot with use. That free battery promo was a pretty good deal though. You might not be able to match that deal for a few years but the 9.0 battery is going for pretty reasonable prices on eBay(new in package).
  11. BMack37

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    Depends on what kind of tool and how it will be used. Home stuff stays in tool box, organized and labeled drawers. Mid-torque stays in a tool bag with flip sockets and gloves for roadside use. One m12 drill lives in a tool bag. One M12 drill lives in a holster on the electronics bench. One m12 drill and impact stay in a drill stand on the garage workbench(M18 drills/impacts stay in tool box) Stuff I really don't use may find themselves in tool bags and on shelves. I'm big on organization to improve workflow so if I need to do a specific job, maybe I need two of something...pull those out of the bags and then move them to a tool bag I'm filling for that project.
  12. BMack37

    Milwaukee Lithium Ion Battery Maintence

    With lithium, any lithium, it's best to store it at just under half charge... but what I recommend is charging them up to 100%. You're going to get a lot more life out of lithium than the previous NiCad batteries, we're talking years worth of usage not months. The savings you'd get by storing them in their ideal charge state is going to be less than your aggravated state when you go to use them and they're dead halfway through a job.
  13. BMack37

    New battery charger

    One year ago I got this kit with a drill, impact driver, two 1.5Ah batteries, a charger and 6Ah battery for $100 shipped.
  14. BMack37

    Dewalt ToughSystem Large

    I can't believe you traded in the Tundra! Well get this, I'm looking at a F150 instead of the Tundra now. Might be squeezing the trigger soon too.
  15. BMack37

    Milwaukee radio playing up

    Sounds like interference but that's not to say that there isn't something wrong with it. BT circuits can be testy.