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  1. If it was me, I'd change it out because of the chuck and size of the gen3. Realistically, the gen2 is fine but it's chuck can be annoying. The downside to the gen3 is that it's known to get hot with use. That free battery promo was a pretty good deal though. You might not be able to match that deal for a few years but the 9.0 battery is going for pretty reasonable prices on eBay(new in package).
  2. BMack37

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    Depends on what kind of tool and how it will be used. Home stuff stays in tool box, organized and labeled drawers. Mid-torque stays in a tool bag with flip sockets and gloves for roadside use. One m12 drill lives in a tool bag. One M12 drill lives in a holster on the electronics bench. One m12 drill and impact stay in a drill stand on the garage workbench(M18 drills/impacts stay in tool box) Stuff I really don't use may find themselves in tool bags and on shelves. I'm big on organization to improve workflow so if I need to do a specific job, maybe I need two of something...pull those out of the bags and then move them to a tool bag I'm filling for that project.
  3. BMack37

    Milwaukee Lithium Ion Battery Maintence

    With lithium, any lithium, it's best to store it at just under half charge... but what I recommend is charging them up to 100%. You're going to get a lot more life out of lithium than the previous NiCad batteries, we're talking years worth of usage not months. The savings you'd get by storing them in their ideal charge state is going to be less than your aggravated state when you go to use them and they're dead halfway through a job.
  4. BMack37

    New battery charger

    One year ago I got this kit with a drill, impact driver, two 1.5Ah batteries, a charger and 6Ah battery for $100 shipped.
  5. BMack37

    Dewalt ToughSystem Large

    I can't believe you traded in the Tundra! Well get this, I'm looking at a F150 instead of the Tundra now. Might be squeezing the trigger soon too.
  6. BMack37

    Milwaukee radio playing up

    Sounds like interference but that's not to say that there isn't something wrong with it. BT circuits can be testy.
  7. BMack37

    New battery charger

    I'm not saying forget them. I'm saying, I wouldn't use them. I'm a bit of a nostalgic guy, I'd save it because it was my Dad's but it's underpowered and obsolete. Even if you rebuild the batteries and find a charger, you're using a tool that isn't very powerful and has no support. You can buy a used modern 12V drill with batteries for under $100 and have access to other tools. You get this going and this is the only tool you'll have to use and the batteries will have to be rebuilt every couple of years.
  8. BMack37

    Home Depot

    It's a gen1, there is no gen2 on the mid-torque. Great deal and a great impact wrench.
  9. BMack37

    Milwaukee radio playing up

    Sounds faulty but needs more trouble shooting. Does it have issues on the radio or a plugged in source? Different phone? Does the phone work with other devices? Do you have other electronic noise going on at the same time? (Example: My BT headphones don't work when I'm using my EGO string trimmer)
  10. BMack37

    New battery charger

    If you have a battery specialty store nearby like Batteries Plus, they can rebuild those for pretty cheap. Honestly though, I'd let it sit on a shelf and not use it.
  11. BMack37

    Harbor Freight

    Exactly. I still have them but they're my loaners.
  12. BMack37

    DCS334B Jigsaw thoughts

    I would say you're right but I haven't had this next to the Fuel. The Fuel is bigger overall, the Dewalt feels small by comparison...I'd imagine that it's going to be the typical Milwaukee big but loud and powerful. Though this jigsaw is small, it's plenty powerful. It's ergonomics are great and it's very easy to control, I honestly didn't think a jigsaw could be this smooth. This saw almost feels like the older corded jigsaws in size and weight but more powerful. I don't know why you'd need more power, if you do, you're probably using the wrong tool.
  13. BMack37

    DCS334B Jigsaw thoughts

    Thanks to TiA, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the DCS334B jigsaw in their giveaway. I received the jigsaw, a 5Ah battery and the Dewalt fast charger. I was NOT asked to do a review, I was NOT asked to say something nice. They sent it to me and said "Enjoy!" but I feel disclosure is a good thing. I am a Milwaukee guy, this is my first Dewalt tool besides an old Dewalt 18v drill I was given. I have the M18 brushed jigsaw but I did take a look at the M18 Fuel jigsaw before making this post. I cannot and will not comment on using the M18 Fuel but we know from seeing videos online that the Dewalt is smoother, less vibration. Things I like over the Milwaukee: -Two LED lights on either side of the blade. Milwaukee's brushed has no LEDs, the Fuel has one LED. -The guard is a simple bar instead of an enclosed plastic piece, this gets dirty and I always ended up taking it off (Same kind of guard on the Fuel). -The blade change. Dewalt's is soooo much better, it has a large lever that pushes the locking mechanism out. Milwaukee's twists(both versions), on the brushed version this would sometimes lead to the blade turning in the lock, then you'd have to pull it out, push it in hard and try again. Things I dislike over the Milwaukee: -The splinter guard. The Dewalt's is loosely held and flops around a little, the Milwaukee's is held in firmly. -Dust extraction. Dewalt's is a separate purchase, Milwaukee's is included. The Dewalt is also very quiet, plenty powerful and has very little vibration. I cannot compare these to the Fuel counterpart so I recommend taking a look at some of the videos.
  14. BMack37

    wingless' Accessories

    That looks similar to the set you can get from Gearwrench minus the 1/4" square to 1/4" hex adapter. Agreed, good set, I like the belt clip too. The Gearwrench version doesn't have a swivel clip.
  15. BMack37

    Harbor Freight

    i have never had their screwdrivers last more than a few months of use...but they will hand you a new one for wear on the tip so it's sort of a moot point.