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  1. Maybe a rotary tool and just sand the notch out? Or router and then clean up with a rotary tool if it chips? It looks great thus far!
  2. Old Tool Chest Help

    It's pretty much an antiquated design and you can't really buy parts for those chests other than locks(because they're pretty universal). You'd think there would be tutorials of how to fix it, surely people have lost them by being cut for theft...or just lost bars. It's cheaper than buying even the cheapest replacement box, so why wouldn't someone want to fix it? You will probably want to upgrade that box at some point, something bigger and thicker steel so you can load more but definitely the right thing to do until you get a steady service job...it's sad to see all the big boxes being sold because a job didn't pan out, you know those guys are losing tons of money on those.
  3. General Tool Trivia

    Correct! You're up!
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    $20 from a pawn shop, all USA made. Brand new router bits and used but decent condition tap holder, I wanted a spare for my screw extractor set: eBay score, I have the SO Instinct hard handles but wanted to try the soft, these feel a LOT better in the hand. This made my day. Another eBay find, lost out on the auction for one last week which sold for over $100, one on eBay now for $200. Before it was discontinued it was $750, it's replacement is $850+! ...I paid $30
  5. General Tool Trivia

  6. Old Tool Chest Help

    That's pretty much what I would have done.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    I'm planning on it, was thinking that neptune greenish and an off-white color but trying to decide to just the logos and letters or to do the bottom stripes or do those sunken areas near the jaws. I'm leaning towards logo and letters only but strongly considering the sunken areas. BTW, I measured at Lowe's today, I think the Irwin jaws will fit! Inspiration:
  8. Milwaukee packout

    That's disappointing to hear.
  9. What tools did you buy today?

    The guy got it from his Grandfather, he was planning on making it a lamp. Glad he sold it to me, I've already disassembled it, drilled out the broken screws in the jaw and some rusted parts are soaking in Evapo-Rust. Right now I'm looking for a replacement hardened steel jaw or will make some aluminum jaws for it. Also going to strip it and repaint it. I'm thinking teal (like a 50s Chevy or a bright red), what do you guys think? CC: @rrich1
  10. Amazon Deals Permathread

    I know they closed one plant but they could be buying old stock from Grainer or another retailer. I know they were wayyy behind for the Matco ratchets but that was like a year ago, they might still be producing them. I've gotten several of the ships in 1 to 2 months items, it doesn't charge you until it ships.
  11. 18 volt Cordless Drill

    Honestly though, 2 years so the NiCad batteries are shot, needs new brushes...I'd consider tossing out the old tech drill and buying into a lithium battery platform. I wouldn't recommend something high end but a home owner, DIY grade tool or a reconditioned drill would work. Reconditioned compact brushed Milwaukee drill and impact driver, two batteries, bag and charger run about $120 on sale. The M12 brushed set is like $100 and is probably about as powerful as his Dewalt XRP. A replacement battery and brushes for his drill will be like $80.
  12. Amazon Deals Permathread

    Armstrong 12-973 1/2-Inch Drive Long Handle Teardrop Ratchet $37, ships in 1 to 2 months https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004WAKX/
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    This one is going to take some work. I had 0 vises at home as of the last page in this thread, now I have two...
  14. Disgruntled Milwaukee user

    Either this is a troll account or he got a BS story from someone that isn't working directly for Milwaukee. Even their reconditioned tools carry a one year warranty. I imagine he won't be posting again, their username points towards a troll account.
  15. Résumé Advice Needed

    Good luck man!