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  1. Home Depot

    Here's the biggest Home Depot deal, very your milage may vary penny deals. Here's a read-up of how it works: http://www.pennypup.com/home-depot/ If you find something please share! If you find something and plan on buying a lot, do NOT buy more than 5 at a time. Buy 5, checkout then walk back into the store. Self-checkout attendant will be notified if you buy 6+ of the same item. I've never personally found a penny item so I'm not the best person to ask about it as everything I know is through research. Scan the box barcode, not the stickers! On to the current sales(in-store only, limited availability, some stores make not have marked items down): Ce Tech 2-pack of HDMI cables = $0.01 Empire 48" laser level 0000-909-492 = $0.01 marked down from $$120 marked down from $160 Husky 26" top, bottom 1000-026-200 - $0.01 Moen Lindley CA870088SRS - $0.01 Chamberlain HD750WF 3/4 HP garage door opener 012381173303 - $0.01 Chamberlain HD930EV 1.5HP garage door opener 1000005903 - $0.01 Dewalt, Milwaukee select bits 50% Milwaukee multimeter 2216-20 - $33 Milwaukee clamp multimeter model = ? - $33 Ridgid 6-gallon pancake compressor - $79 marked down from $170 Ce Tech USB power bank = $9.98 down from $40 Echo CS-330T chainsaw for $65 Husky 41" 16-drawer 1000-044-440 - $132 11% discount via giftcard rebate, good through this Saturday 10/10/15: https://www.homedepotrebates.com/11percentmatch/ I'm sure I missed out of some, I don't have any pictures as other people have taken the pictures and I will not repost their pics out of respect to them. Hope you guys find some of this stuff! *Edit: See this spreadsheet for up-to-date deals sorted by category: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hz4wdipu4cu6XWVqcK8nGa_xyx7a-oHmNiuMZ__YRog/edit?usp=sharing
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    I was expecting a CCTV tester to come today but I also had an unexpected package show up too. Check this out! Ummm @rrich1 it wasn't supposed to be a trade! Thanks man! I really did want to grab another one of these, I like how wide they open compared to the regular Knipex diagonal cutters. Now I can keep one in my work bag too!
  3. palm sander spins too fast

    Now I really want to take apart my ROS. Who would have known?
  4. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    Sorry man, that's never easy. I lost my boy in January and though I love my new puppy, I think about the boy I lost several times a day. We were soo lucky to have known them, great dogs that we loved and were loved by. We are soo lucky to have dogs but we're burdened with the curse of having to watch them go too soon.
  5. Stud Welders

    I've heard that they're all pretty much the same. When you think about it, it's just not a precision piece of gear than has a bunch of moving parts. I'd probably take in consideration on how often you're going to use it and what your budget is...when you spend more on this you're buying build quality and longevity of life of the tool. Eastwood is known for budget but good quality tools. H&S, Eagle are brands I've seen talked about. Probably best to ask on a metal fab forum. I can't offer personal experience and I don't think too many here can, there are some welders here but I can't think of any body fab guys.
  6. Ebates

    Wondering if anyone else joined ebates. I was having trouble remembering to use it but the ebates addon has been helpful. Here are links to the addon: Google chrome addon Firefox addon It pops up letting you know if there is a percent back. I have a friend that buys a lot of stuff online that is getting checks for several hundred dollars every few months, I'm not doing remotely close to that..but it's something and it doesn't take much effort. It normally buys a hand tool for me every few months but I haven't been buying a lot online. It still gives you $10 for signing up and making your first purchase using their referral link to the site you purchase from.
  7. Ebates

    So I just posted most of this in the SYW thread then I realized that it might be more beneficial to post a thread: A friend told me about them a while ago but I never signed up, well he reminded me again and I signed up. Ebates is based on the premise of paying you to use their referral links. They give you $10 for signing up then you earn a few % off of any order, similar to a rewards credit card. So if you use your rewards credit card you get that percentage back plus the percentage from ebates. They either send you a check or paypal. They have a TON of retailers, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Lowe's, Ace, True value, Sam's club/Walmart, Best Buy, Cabela's and more. What you do is go to their site, click their referral link to the site you want to shop at, then shop. Just yesterday, I made a purchase from Sears: $32 tool, $10 off $20 coupon(surprise points) so now this tool is now $22 but I had a hair more than $22 points. Two-day shipping was free but they offered me slower shipping (about 4 days) for a credit of $1. Then because I used the Ebates referral link, Ebates gave me a little over $2, so I bought a $32 tool for -$3. Here's my referral link to ebates if you want to sign up: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=dhoE2D7kDj2x33J03NSSBQ%3D%3D&eeid=28187 Here's a non-referral link as well. http://www.ebates.com/index.htm Feel free to post your experience(s) with Ebates and/or your referral link. Maybe there are competing sites with other retailers, I'll have to look and read site reviews for that but if you know of any please post.
  8. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    Yup! Just look at all these deals on Craigslist for Ryobi, it makes me kind of jealous but right now that's not the battery platform I want to add. https://tampa.craigslist.org/search/tla?query=ryobi $40 and pretty much everything a home owner needs, sure they aren't the best but they'll work: https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/tls/d/ryobi-tool-kit-18vdc-extras/6311243007.html
  9. Wera or Felo?

    I love Felo's industrial line of bits. I've found Wiha and Wera to last a long time too but Felo feels more stout. I'm with you for now, I have no reason to upgrade my impact bits...I end up finding clearance bits at the big box stores and by the time those are wearing out I find another deal. The European bits are damn expensive so I use them in my non-impact driving, which is daily(as opposed to impact which is much less often) and they last a long time before getting buggered up, the big box store bits were not holding up. Because I do electronics repair, most of my screw driving is done with a low clutch setting and sometimes I cam out on purpose to not strip the self tapping plastic screws(Metal screws into plastic) or tiny machine screws.
  10. What tools did you buy today?

    Glad you got them!
  11. palm sander spins too fast

    Paging Mr @CATERPILLAR You can pull it apart and check the pot that controls the speed. With the tool unplugged, put a multimeter on resistance mode and test across the outside legs, when you turn the dial the resistance should change.
  12. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    Ryobi tools on the second-hand market and on clearance are ridiculously cheap, like HF prices...but better quality.
  13. Wera or Felo?

    Where are you looking? The Felo bits with the yellow band are impact rated as are the "torsion" bits that have parallel ribs on the shaft. Edit: Here's KC Tools' selection: https://www.kctoolco.com/search.php?search_query=impact+&section=product&_bc_fsnf=1&brand=39
  14. palm sander spins too fast

    What brand? It must be a known issue if the speed control has stopped working on all of them. Without ever tearing down and orbital sander...I'm assuming the speed control is controlled by a potentiometer, which is no longer working. It could also be controlled by a transistor which is likely easily(relatively speaking) sourced as the control board.
  15. Always check your bevel

    Good enough for the pinterest pros!
  16. Wera or Felo?

    I haven't used them in an impact driver. I mostly use my Bosch bits because I already had them. Felo has driving and impact rated bits. Felo, I believe, is the only brand making impact bits in Germany. If you buy one from KC Tool and it breaks, it can be replaced under warranty. Normal wear on bits is not covered...that's how good the bits are.
  17. What tools did you buy today?

    Expensive even at half price but these are extremely nice cutters
  18. What tools did you buy today?

    Right with ya man. I have the same adapters and they work on like one of my tools and that has an adapter that I have to use to get it to work and still need to buy a rubber o-ring to get it to seal at all. I think I'm going to try one of the step down adapters. Like F in this pic
  19. What tools did you buy today?

    I like them a lot too! Did you see that @KC_Tool is carrying them now? Rebranded as Felo. They're also reasonably priced normally, IMO. Knipex can be really expensive on certain things.
  20. Shipping companies are brutal

    One of the extra things I do is warranty replacement TVs. The current one I'm waiting to replace is a replacement of a replacement I already did. The original replacement had the double box barely taped together, half of the packing spacers were missing, the others were just thrown in and forced into place. Sure enough, even inside the main box, the TV was scratched up. No idea how they managed to do that.
  21. Fluke recalls

    That's why I posted, I see a lot of them around being used and for sale.
  22. Fluke recalls

    http://en-us.fluke.com/customer-service/safety-notices/Fluke-11X-DMM-Recall.html Fluke is voluntarily recalling certain 113, 114, 115, 116 and 117 Digital Multimeters that were manufactured between 12/28/2013 and 1/16/2014. The models and serial numbers potentially affected are listed in the table below; not all products within the ranges below are affected. Model Family Starting Serial No. Ending Serial No. Affected Market Fluke 113 26290681 26290790 United States Fluke 114 26500991 26530006 Hong Kong Fluke 115 26370001 26530012 China, Korea Fluke 116 26290376 26522340 North America, China, Hong Kong Fluke 117 26380001 26522700 China, Korea
  23. Wera or Felo?

    There really aren't cons to either. Wera has more options but Felo is my personal favorite, they just fit screw heads a little better.
  24. What tools did you buy today?

    Went a little crazy on them but still happy at $10 each. Already had one of the ergo, one is going in the garage, not sure about the other. Sending one linesman to Rich and keeping at least one for me, biggest pair of linesmen pliers I own. They've pretty much disappeared from all the Lowe's around here, no matter how many are listed in inventory. Found these in a cart with a bunch of other stuff stacked on it, 90+ of the ergos in stock at that location...none on any rack. I want another pair of the cutters.
  25. Milwaukee M18 Gear Case assembly

    I'm pretty sure the gear set on the right goes into the piece in the middle with the small planetary gears facing in (so flip it)...but I'm not sure about the rings. The gears on the right look like the speed control gears. Maybe our friend @CATERPILLAR can help.