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  1. Home Depot

    Here's the biggest Home Depot deal, very your milage may vary penny deals. Here's a read-up of how it works: http://www.pennypup.com/home-depot/ If you find something please share! If you find something and plan on buying a lot, do NOT buy more than 5 at a time. Buy 5, checkout then walk back into the store. Self-checkout attendant will be notified if you buy 6+ of the same item. I've never personally found a penny item so I'm not the best person to ask about it as everything I know is through research. Scan the box barcode, not the stickers! On to the current sales(in-store only, limited availability, some stores make not have marked items down): Ce Tech 2-pack of HDMI cables = $0.01 Empire 48" laser level 0000-909-492 = $0.01 marked down from $$120 marked down from $160 Husky 26" top, bottom 1000-026-200 - $0.01 Moen Lindley CA870088SRS - $0.01 Chamberlain HD750WF 3/4 HP garage door opener 012381173303 - $0.01 Chamberlain HD930EV 1.5HP garage door opener 1000005903 - $0.01 Dewalt, Milwaukee select bits 50% Milwaukee multimeter 2216-20 - $33 Milwaukee clamp multimeter model = ? - $33 Ridgid 6-gallon pancake compressor - $79 marked down from $170 Ce Tech USB power bank = $9.98 down from $40 Echo CS-330T chainsaw for $65 Husky 41" 16-drawer 1000-044-440 - $132 11% discount via giftcard rebate, good through this Saturday 10/10/15: https://www.homedepotrebates.com/11percentmatch/ I'm sure I missed out of some, I don't have any pictures as other people have taken the pictures and I will not repost their pics out of respect to them. Hope you guys find some of this stuff! *Edit: See this spreadsheet for up-to-date deals sorted by category: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hz4wdipu4cu6XWVqcK8nGa_xyx7a-oHmNiuMZ__YRog/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    They have even more online: Hammer Drill, drill/driver, impact driver, 1/2" impact wrench, 3/8" impact wrench, jigsaw, ROS, 6.5" circular saw, 4" circular saw, reciprocating saw, Hacksaw, 5" angle grinder, OMT, jobsite blower, leaf blower, 12" string trimmer, work light, spot light, power source https://www.lowes.com/search?searchTerm=kobalt+24v
  3. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    I've noticed the TTI reps do tend to push Milwaukee and Ryobi more than Ridgid. I've never seen one in a Ridgid shirt either, Milwaukee or Ryobi only.
  4. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    I can see that. The tool game is not like the auto industry (Very little patents, loose in using each other's products for comparison). At shows they paint other tools for comparisons for this reason...I doubt they'd care because this is basically promotion for what I think is a better feeling tool. The Kobalts are also newer too, I believe. Then they get someone googling and they see the price difference in the batteries or have someone second guess and check out Lowe's selection...once someone who is ready to buy leaves the store, they generally don't come back. The absolute BIGGEST selling point is the Ridgid warranty and I don't see it there, you should be able to see it from across the store.
  5. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Pretty much all my HDs are close to a Lowe's and none of them are pulling this...this is just one GM that is trying to drive sales and for some reason thinks it's a good idea to inform his customers that Kobalt has a new(ish) power tool line.
  6. This isn't really for big tools such as planers, joiners, table saws, etc. This thread is about little hand tools, accessories, layout tools. Stuff that makes those big tools easier to use, make your projects easy to finish and/or improve results. I'd prefer to skip the traditional clamps because we all know how useful clamps are but could include specialty clamps, maybe dovetail clamps. Safety is also more than welcome, need to keep those digits! Tips and tricks also welcome because, why not?! BUT this is TiA, we don't need guidelines, no one is going to complain if you post something you thought classified for this thread!
  7. Makita Drill No Reverse

    Yeah, it's probably the switch or wiring the switch. More than likely the switch, carbon and general grime builds up on the contacts and it stops working. I imagine its a cheap fix with a little soldering.
  8. I have a few of those myself. I don't use the 3lb a lot but I use my dead blows and one engineering hammer often. Now that I'm making mallets, the deadblows might get used less. I really like my little 12oz that I just made. I need to make a bigger-faced lightweight mallet.
  9. Aftermarket chuck?

    What a beauty!
  10. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    That is an awesome conversion!
  11. Need help shopping for tools

    What you need to do is move man. I've known you for like three years and this is the third time this has happened. Until then, Ryobi. You're getting at most a year out of tools so that's the logical choice. If you want power, check out the Kobalt tools...those might be good for impact wrenches since yours get beat up pretty good while in use.
  12. OMT outlet box cutter

    I'm a technician and having worked behind a lot of other technicians, that term is rather loose and is often applied to people who are being paid to do jobs they aren't qualified for...but hell, I've met "Field Engineers" that didn't know what an oscilloscope was
  13. Milwaukee 5616 Router Edge Guide

    You could always get the Milescraft circle cutter, it comes with an edge guide and adds additional functionality of circle cutting.
  14. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I was kicking myself for not getting that when Chris sold it...now I'm kicking myself again haha.
  15. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    The lack of a belt clip and a place to put the belt clip on the other side(to put or fabricate a bit holder) is why I haven't already bought the Bosch. I have one side job of warranting TVs. I ONLY bring my M12 Fuel Drill, if I hook it to my belt I can carry the TV and my clipboard. Normally it's just on a stand so it's 4 PH2 screws and light torque...that's a lot of drill to tote around for that. Without being able to hold it in my hands, I either carry two drills in my car or carry the Bosch gangsta style
  16. Also shows who the OEMs are and what they'll be carrying in stock. It's a long read, a LOT of stuff is going away. You may want to look out for some of these to be closed out or buy while you can. Including some Craftsman power tools made by Chervon! Chervon OEMs Kobalt's new 24V line and EGO so if you like those brands you may want to consider some Craftsman power tools. https://www.docdroid.net/CuPD0xd/sears-tools-discontinued-list.pdf
  17. Combination screwdriver, does anyone use them?

    I haven't used it but I don't think I would...it is kind of limiting in comparison to a Phillips driver. I'd wager it does well with the combination screws but I'd also wager that you'll run into enough regular phillips or slotted screws that you'd end up carrying them anyway. I guess it depends on how often you come across those regular phillips and slotted screws. If you're doing it just for your own wiring, it wouldn't hurt but again, it's another tool that you could use one you already own.
  18. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    It has an all metal chuck and that metal shell is heavy compared to the plastic shell on the Bosch and Makita. The Bosch 12v is tiny in comparison, the motor on the M12 Fuel has to be 20% larger or more! Also I think the Bosch has a 3/8" chuck. I wish Milwaukee would stop making the M12 brushed drill and replace it with a compact, lightweight drill...smaller motor, plastic shelled chuck(though the 3/8" chuck already weighs less than the 1/2" Fuel chuck). I'm really close to buying into the Bosch 12v line for the size.
  19. Aftermarket chuck?

    *Looks at bank account first* Fack. I really miss Summer weather with all the lightning storms, work has been slow
  20. Their site gets expensive quick. I like my Marples but I'm sure there is soo much better out there. I do really need a hand plane, it's becoming a real issue working without one. I haven't been able to find something vintage locally and the good planes are more expensive than some of my power tools.
  21. What are your favorite phillips power bits?

    You can definitely remove Vermont and Bosch ribbed. The Kobalt isn't impact rated and I think they might be discontinuing them(I've seen them on clearance) but it is actually a pretty good driving bit. It's probably about as good as the Bosch, the problem with the Bosch is that as the ribs wear out the fit really gets sloppy and they have to be replaced. PB Swiss is great but expensive and limited retailers. Felo and Wiha are probably my favorite, just edging the PB Swiss out. The longer Makita gold bits that are made in Japan are the best in HD and Lowe's but they're almost the same cost as the German brands. Makita had gold (1") bits that are made in China, I am unsure of how good those are for wear. If you break a Felo bit from KC Tool, they'll replace it for free...you'll have to check with them for the warranty on Wiha and Wera. Wera does have anti-cam-out impact bits, Wiha and Felo do not. I prefer Felo and Wiha to Wera but that's not to say that Wera isn't excellent, they're all really good. PB Swiss has the tightest fit, sometimes I'd get the bits stuck in the phillips head screws...and I don't mean the bit pulls out of a magnetic bit holder, I mean I have to push on the item I'm driving into and pull on the drill hard to get it out. I haven't tried Hilti or Zephyr yet.
  22. I've been trying to find some bits I really liked, so far the favorite is the Bosch ribbed for her pleasure bits. I have several bits I'm going to test incoming, in all the bits I either already have used of will use include: Bosch, Milwaukee(1st gen), Irwin, Makita(though not extensive use), Wiha(incoming), Wera(3 different incoming), Felo(incoming). I haven't used Dewalt, Apex or Zephyr but I've heard good things about all three. I just want a good resource of what everyone's favorite bits are, where you can find them and why they're your preferred bit. There's a huge selection so please be specific, I'm sure we can all learn something from our fellow forum members. So... 1) What are your favorite bits? Make + model/series? 2) Do you like Anti-cam out style bits? 3) Where do you get your bits?
  23. Finally! Something from LN that I can afford! Did you see that Jeff Mack has been recommending the Bahco utility scraper?
  24. Aftermarket chuck?

    Rohm would definitely be an upgrade. Makita has a nice chuck too, I think it's made by Yukiwa Seiko