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  1. Makita USA new items

    I guess Makita is just being a tease... They removed the laser from the US site.
  2. Makita cordless tracksaw

    Current special offer for the kit: Acme Tools has a promotion ongoing for the kit through 18 Jan 2018. Kit plus free track, plus free extra pair of 5.0 batteries... http://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/makita-xps01ptj Currently out of stock, but awful tempting. Promo has not been posted on the Makita site yet either.
  3. Makita USA new items

    Today's new item: One green beam laser... https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/SK209GDZ (Link no longer works) 12v max to boot.
  4. Try a new washer? https://www.ereplacementparts.com/washer-p-58222.html?osCsid=4uq163gagoigkkduf54hggoeu0
  5. Panel Lift

    Old growth pine used in the original construction of the house versus the new growth timber we have access to today. The house was constructed in 1943, and I have my doubts that the lumber was kiln dried due to the deformities I have run into as I demo/repair existing areas of the home. I have salvaged any usable material I could find, with limited success, and spent a bit of time pulling nails and whatnot. It has highlighted the difference materials available from then and now. Makes me wonder about the general differences in strength and amount of movement between then and now. Not a fan of the white wood the industry sells us these days and prefer to purchase yellow pine or spruce for stud materials, and doug fir for structural support, at least for my own projects.
  6. Fein 18v Multimaster

    The super cut has a slightly different configuration and is designed more around automotive issues than woodworking. It has its own blade selection that is not designed to work with the multi-master, but you can purchase an adapter for it to use standard multi-master tooling. The Fein adapter, however, is a complete piece of shit, in no unmitigated terms, and does not line up with the normal tooling positions. They even use a picture of an adapter that would work correctly when selling you this piece of garbage, that in no way matches what is being sold. What it boils down to is; if you need to remove window glass from a car or truck, buy the super cut. If your needs are more in line with woodworking, then purchase the multi-master.
  7. Shipping companies are brutal

    Yeah, that would make sense. Had one knucklehead racing the fork around the wharehouse section of a shop I worked at, a long time ago, and snapped the steering link in half. They had to hand carry every sheet of material for a couple of days waiting for it to get fixed.
  8. Tile saw showed up the other day looking like it had taken a hard hit, so I took some pictures as I unboxed it... Any of the smaller items in the box were definitely not in their original starting locations, with a couple of them even having slipped out of the plastic coverings. The allen wrench was caught up in the exterior plastic wrapping on the box. Haven't figured that one out. Fortunately, there seems to be no damage to the saw itself, but I will be paying extra attention when I start assembling it. I have to wonder at how hard of a hit, or how many hits, that box had to take to fracture all of the internal packing.
  9. Panel Lift

    Tying up loose ends today. Need to fit a top plate over these blocks as this is where the return air feeds over the wall between the joists. Will be able to get a much better seal than what was here before... The old gravity return air used to feed from two different spots in the house, but one of the locations was not optimal for the forced air system currently in play and was blocked off long ago. Need to install pre-filters in between two joist sections under the floor grate here to limit any necessary future duct cleaning. Just trying to make the best of a less than optimal situation.
  10. Retiring an old tool

    You want it? PM me your shipping address and I will see if I can't find a box for it.
  11. Makita USA new items

    That particular bag in the pic is not that small either, and I dislike lumping all the different parts into one large open container where they just beat on each other when riding down the road in the truck. Also, when quoting large posts, please edit the quote to remove excess items like the pictures and spurious text. It makes it easier to read the thread.
  12. Panel Lift

    A short note on the backflow device that was mounted at the floor drain. It was useful for stopping sewage from running back up the floor drain itself, but when the water level exceeded a normal flow and drain rate, it acted like a plug and ended up keeping the flood water trapped in the basement for upwards of thirty six hours. It also only stopped the back flow only at that trap in the floor leaving possible issues in other areas, along with stopping sludge in the trap itself and causing another form of plug. The backwater valve in the main pipe was the best solution overall, as the float ball at the drain ended up being just another problem child. So happy that is over with. Concrete work is definitely not my favorite pastime.
  13. More Than One?

    Tool setup is a time sink and profit killer for any type of repetitive manufacture process. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty routers in my kit to this day, a majority which were set up for specific cuts with only a couple of them left for random processes or dedicated to a specific router table. These generally being the more expensive routers of the group. Over time, it is simply more efficient to be able to pick up a tool that is set to a task, and not to have to spend five or ten minutes adjusting the cutter or wandering around looking for where you last dropped said cutter, instead of returning it to the proper location it was supposed to be stored in. When the time crunch hits as that absolute deadline looms, not having to stop and spend ten minutes you don't have fiddling with setup will ease frustration levels and pay for the cost of an extra tool in a relatively short time. After a few years of running my own wood shop, I came to the conclusion that if I needed a tool, I should buy it and figure out how to pay for it after the fact. After one major purchase and loan from my credit union to do so, I ended up being able to to secure a signature loan at any time for up to ten thousand for a business purchase. Having access to funding is a tool in and of itself. Having the correct tooling on hand will save you time and maximize your profits, but it is a balancing act that takes time to work out and many mistakes can be made along the road. Routers and cordless drills were probably the most duplicated tool in my kit over the years. Finish sanders were another, but more due to constantly wearing them out and rebuilding them than to what they were being used for. Tape measures also. The one tool that always seemed to be playing hide and seek, or wandering off because someone said, "Hey, that looks like mine.". I am a firm believer in multiples of tools where they are not of a specialized type, but the tooling for their use may be.
  14. Scroll Saws?

    Haven't had access to one for more than thirty years myself.
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    Have I mentioned recently that I dislike FedEx? It seems they lost my Dewalt wet tile saw for some oddball reason and ACME is having to ship a replacement. Evidently they had a problem with the label on the package and sidelined it somewhere along the shipping route and now can't find it.