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  1. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yeah like Hilti said only place it would be effective is for the workers using them to not walk off the job site with them in their lunchboxes because they know all the tools only run for one shift. Makita would have to give them or for free if they wanted individuals to use them for theft prevention because 100% of tools would have to be locked before a thief would know not to take them but they would probably still take and/or destroy them just because.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Also learned facom stuff is made in Taiwan, probably by toptul
  3. Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level

    Good to know.
  4. Makita Battery cell 20700

    There's no way for a thief to know they're sync locked. I disagree on the "thieves aren't stupid" as well.
  5. Metabo W24-180 7" Angle Grinder or Ridgid 7" Twist Handle?

    And that's on a flat head grinder as well. You can't base the entire line up off of one grinder.
  6. Metabo W24-180 7" Angle Grinder or Ridgid 7" Twist Handle?

    Don't really care what that jackass thinks.
  7. Metabo W24-180 7" Angle Grinder or Ridgid 7" Twist Handle?

    Better bearings. Grinds smooth as glass.
  8. New type of naval warfare?

    Yeah just an hour away from me. Impressive job.
  9. Metabo W24-180 7" Angle Grinder or Ridgid 7" Twist Handle?

    I second that. Metabo is the shit.
  10. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    Local places know me by my first name and are generally a pleasure to deal with. There is just too high of a turnover rate at big box stores to get any kind of service with some exceptions of course, but it will vary between store to store. You get sometimes cheaper prices but at the trade off of having poorer service. At big box stores I can get completely different service just from one day to another. Gotta say though that KCTool knows how to do things right.
  11. M12. Band saw

    Yeah probably best to go with the band saw then. I have a portable Metabo bandsaw that's a mid size that was a dream for stuff like that when I still had the batteries for it. It was brushed as well so the m12 will probably be perfect.
  12. Mmm. Huh ?

    I believe you are correct. The difference is the old Bluetooth lockout batteries and the new tool connect ones. I used to have a few of the Bluetooth batteries before because they sometimes go on clearance for next to nothing and I doubt they are the same electronics as the tool connect, but I have been wrong before. It might just be a sticker and a name change.
  13. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    Bosch IDH182 hog ring is worthless. DeWalt detent pin doesn't require a pick (good or bad depending on who you are, I think it's good) Metabo battery release button being on the tool is kinda of odd. Toughsystem radio clock will never work and you get some trippy symbols in the time area. Battery disconnects too easily and doesn't fit large batteries. Metabo portaband blades are incredibly difficult to get.
  14. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Real question is how well does it handle steel. 3 1/2" is enough for probably 80% of the concrete I've cut. That being said if this is a $600 saw I'd be pissed every time I rented a gasser for that 20%. You can get a Makita gas saw for about a grand. The only advantage that they can give this saw is if they make it cheap. I can get a Makita 14" gas one brand new for a grand and would if they offer this as a kit for anything more than $500.
  15. M12. Band saw

    The DeWalt dcs350 is an option, albeit more expensive and only good for threaded rod, if you have to do a ton of it.