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  1. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Yes I am just an angry a-hole.
  2. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Yes but higher voltage is more efficient. You have less resistance and less loss to heat is what I believe he was getting at. No one is saying that the initial potential energy in a battery is going to be changed by how it is drawn. Edit:and that higher voltage while maintaining current does increase the amount of energy being delivered. Just if he's confusing anyone by tension he means voltage. Why use the term tension instead? Couldn't tell you. So you can use smaller wire and other components. The components being where the gains are made. Wiring and components are a bigger deal when you're dealing with industrial wiring, but also applicable to the internals of power tools.
  3. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Sorry I was just trying to demonstrate that you can't really use one principal to judge a whole tool let me edit that a little for you. Or make them more efficient. You really like ohm's law like everything uses energy in equal efficiency, or that it's the only judge of how well a tool performs. Yes ohm's law accurately conveys potential energy of a battery but don't go whipping it around like that's the criteria for testing tools. If you truly believe that then I'll trade you a brushed cordless grinder with a 9ah for your brushless grinder with a 5ah. Hey Power (Watt)=voltage*amps and it has the same voltage and more amps. Obviously it's a better tool, right? If you make your tool stronger/faster/more powerfull you'll use up more energy. Really you want to stand by that? If you make a tool stronger/faster/more powerful you'll put out more energy. Does that often mean you use more, yes, but not always. I'm not saying that I have a design for a system that defies the law of conservation at all. I'm saying energy stored in any form can be put into use more efficiently and get more useable energy while draining less of the stored energy. Why would you get offered rebates for converting to led lighting? Sorry not about cordless tools don't want to confuse you. Let's say instead you have two cordless lights one draws x amps at 10.8v nominal and uses an incandescent bulb, the other draws the same x amps at the same 10.8v nominal and uses an LED light. Are you going to tell me those lights are both just as powerful? Let's talk impact drivers. You are then saying that because a brushed DeWalt impact driver draws more amps at 18v it is more powerful than your td170 because it draws less amps at 18v? You said more amps or voltage or both is the only way to make something, "stronger/faster/more powerfull" Your td170 doesn't draw more than brushed impact drivers at 18v then if your statement is correct you have an impact driver that is inferior to a brushed DeWalt impact. Even not all brushless motors are created equal. Why would Makita release so many impact drivers so frequently if they weren't improving the motors? Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee have until recently been using 18650 cells that discharge the same 18v at amperage rates that haven't had any huge increase. So has the power and runtime of tools also not increased? I'm fairly certain it has. You can very much have an increase in power and runtime while decreasing draw. Don't worry I'm sure you would be a perfect fit for the Milwaukee marketing department if they're ever hiring.
  4. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Or make them more efficient. You really like ohm's law like everything uses energy in equal efficiency, or that it's the only judge of how well a tool performs. Yeah you can tow a 7 ton trailer across the United States of America with a Toyota Tacoma that has a 100 gallon tank and say driving there requires x joules of work. One could say, "While no matter what you're favorite color of vehicle there's no changing that gasoline has 46.4 MJ/kg so that means that that Tacoma has the potential to do 13131.2 MJ of work. Your F250 is diesel but that's all marketing wank and people aren't smart enough to see through it unless they're as smart as me. Doesn't matter how much of a fanboy you are, it doesn't change that diesel has 48 MJ/kg and and an F250 has a 35 gallon tank so that means you only have 5049.6 MJ of work available. 13131.2 MJ is a larger number than 5049.6 MJ. It's so simple even you should be able to see it. There's no getting around that no matter how big of a hard on you have for an F250 or how good Ford's marketing department is. A Tacoma is the better choice." Good luck with that. Would you install low voltage single phase motors when high voltage three phase is also available? I know it's not as much of a difference with cordless tools. Yes ohm's law accurately conveys potential energy of a battery but don't go whipping it around like that's the criteria for testing tools. If you truly believe that then I'll trade you a corded Ryobi reciprocating saw for your 2x18 cordless Makita, or even a brushed cordless grinder with a 9ah for your brushless grinder with a 5ah. Hey Power (Watt)=voltage*amps and the first one has more of both and the second one has same voltage and more amps. Obviously they're better tools.
  5. Proto/PC/B&D/Mac news?

    In case anyone is wondering the Mac protective boots are a perfect fit.
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    A little past due. Less than a year old. New ones were $100 off and trying to get them warrantied isn't worth my time.
  7. Proto/PC/B&D/Mac news?

    Yeah. BWP150. Mac has had a bunch of different impact wrenches and ratchets that run off DeWalt 20v batteries and some on 12v DeWalt batteries. Just red DeWalt tools. I have Mac boots on my impact and batteries because DeWalt doesn't make them. Who knows if more tools will migrate over as I wouldn't think they would want to compete with their own automotive line. Then again it does send a lot of people away from DeWalt to their competitors. So yeah if you really want a "full" line of 20v and 12v ratchets and impacts to work with your DeWalt platform you've been able to buy them through Mac for a while. Almost bought the 12v ratchet a while ago but cordless ratchets aren't really my cup of tea lately.
  8. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    It costs as much as you can get a name brand one for so I wouldn't even lean toward it and it's one of the only things on that platform. Seems very odd that they would choose to go with three separate simultaneous battery platforms.
  9. Zoro September coupons

    Yeah we even get a pretty hefty discount through Grainger and it just gets us to everyone else's prices.
  10. What do you drive?

    My new ride against the radiant Northwest sun. Toolboxes are a week or two out.
  11. 60V max vs 54V XR

    True most of the time. There's some exceptions though. Last season we had a windrower go down. First guy to fix it called a Deere dealership parts department and they told him to put it together this way because that's what the diagram shows. Three hours in boom $300 in damage and six hours down time plus four hours labor. Second guy who fixes it does the exact same thing. Another $300 in damage and more down time. I think they did this three times. They call me in as a fresh set of eyes. I was just an operator at the time, if it was now I would have been the first one to make a call on the machine. Instead of calling a parts counter or looking at the diagram they printed out for us or listening to the two guys who had already tried to fix it I looked at the other machines and put it back the way the other ones were. 600 machine hours later no problems with that part. Parts diagram showed all of the available shim sizes stacked up on the assembly for the sake of getting part numbers so they bought all the shims available, put them all on and it was interfering with another part. Put the one right shim and it's gold. When bad advice is expensive I would much rather have my guys not listen to it and not learn from it than be stuck with a couple thousand dollar bill. Like guys saying oh yeah hy-tran works in all loader transmissions, that advice is about to lose us a tranny that they don't manufacture even parts for anymore. Had an interstate shut down for four hours both directions when a truck rolled on bridge across both lanes because the driver had been told he could pull the corner at 70. Learning from your mistakes is a great way to learn and I like the kind of people who are willing to do something. I guess the real issue is people who take bad advise, screw up, and then don't learn from it.
  12. 60V max vs 54V XR

    I'm younger than all of you guys, but the only thing I gotta say is that just as important as asking questions, probably even more important, is knowing who to ask and who not to ask. Bad advise is worse than no advise.
  13. Bye bye dewalt :(

    Yeah the update to one key that let you do this came out after they were stolen. I had the DeWalt batteries with the feature, but I didn't activate it because it was cold and I just wanted to go home.
  14. Bye bye dewalt :(

    Yeah one of the tools in my group had the one key tracking and it hasn't done a damn thing.
  15. Bye bye dewalt :(

    Yep a lot easier to do the spreadsheet before rather than after. Won't really do you any good for law enforcement because even if they did do anything they really can't unless they have video of the guy stealing it. Good for insurance purposes though.