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  1. Schaeffer Oil Products.

    Molybdenum Disulfide is a fairly common lubricant. It functions as a dry lubricant similar to graphite. You see it a lot in high pressure applications because even with zero oil it still lubricates. It is a major component in Teflon. You see it a lot in EP greases more so than you see it advertised in oils. Moly assembly lube is very common once you start building engines. Moly and chrome are often used with each other. Hence chromoly piston rings that wear well. Think metal version of UHMW. Even a lot of tools are CrMo.
  2. When or when not to use impact wrench/gun

    Don't use it with any attachment that isn't impact rated. As far as fasteners go, an impact is generally a less damaging option than traditional methods. If an impact breaks the fastener before it comes loose than so would a hand tool. The only exception is when you get down into small seized fasteners, i.e. seized fasteners below a 3/8 socket. Even then it depends. The big thing with an impact wrench is to never use it on something that you aren't sure if the threads are aligned on. That's when you run into problems is when you think the threads are just a little tight and the bolt just needs to get started. An impact will destroy threads before you even know what's happening. Just start all fasteners to make sure you aren't cross threading and you will be fine.
  3. Schaeffer Oil Products.

    Fair enough. It all works. I've just had bad experiences with the stuff and carbon buildup. When looking for an explanation I was told it's because they go heavy on the graphite as an additive.
  4. Just how good is one key tracking?

    Yeah but I mean something advertised for drilling will drill a hole and if it doesn't drill a hole just as advertised, I wouldn't buy from them. All my other tools work just as advertised. The only ones with advertising that are severely misleading is harbor freight. I don't know of any of the major tool brands that have anything fall as short of as advertised as this. If something was advertised as being a drill and could only drill a hole 1 out of ten times under ideal conditions I would be mad and never buy from them again. Same thing if something is advertised as being able to track a tool and doesn't even if I go out of my way to get the perfect conditions. The only information I was ever given was that it tracks tools and any news or "review" of it mentioned a theft tracking and inventory aspect. It does that beyond poorly, if at all. Anything that falls that short on performance isn't worth my time. I understand the whole concept of caveat emptor, and so I'm letting other people know, that at least in my case it failed miserably so they have information on their next purchase. Tracking is the only appeal to me personally for One-Key and it doesn't perform as advertised and so it's not worth my time or purchasing any Milwaukee products. I'm under no delusion that my business will have any affect on their profits even to a 0.000001% or that my feedback affects a significant number, if any, people's decisions. It wouldn't just be bad for progress if negative feedback didn't exist. I mean I started this thread optimistic and as hopeful as anyone could be that this worked. I would only gain if it did. It didn't, so then I bought two ticks to see if I could get better luck with them. The impact was pretty early on. Could have been a fluke. Neither tick worked to where I could use it for personal inventory, much less anything to do with theft. This was trying with both my cat phone, and my Samsung. It may only work apple devices, but that's still poor design and execution on their part. I'm not about to go out and buy a DeWalt version either because even if it was executed perfectly, which I'm sure it isn't, it still lacks the user base to be effective beyond personal tracking. Shoot unpowered RFID tags ping at shorter distances than the tick.
  5. Schaeffer Oil Products.

    That a typo? At my old job I did twice that in a week.
  6. Just how good is one key tracking?

    Yeah call me old fashioned, but I just like products to work as advertised.
  7. Just how good is one key tracking?

    I honestly don't think the hardware and software don't work as advertised even without factoring in the odds of a coincidental crossing of paths. I don't even see how it could possibly be remotely useful even for keeping track of where your tools are. The app open, running, Bluetooth location on, and it still wouldn't pick up my ticks when I was feet away from them. Zero chance of it pinging something in the back of my own pickup, much less the back of someone else's pickup. The app is glitchy and crashes constantly. Seems to be zero effort on Milwaukee's product to make this a working system for any application. If it works on your phone, good for you, but there's no reason it shouldn't work fine on every OS. I'm sure the tag isn't much better. It's all just a joke. The only thing they care to do is market it and swindle whatever cash you have. Milwaukee rep the other day told me if I'm having a problem with theft I need to just buy one of their one key tools and intentionally leave it out to get stolen so I could track them down. Yeah maybe if they pay for it when the system does all of nothing. This tick is sitting on my toolbox that I set my phone on to work on stuff all the time, yet still won't pick it up. So yeah Milwaukee if you're reading this, you did a shit job and it's soured my opinion of your company indefinitely. Doesn't matter what kind of torque their impact wrenches get. Very little chance I buy from them again. Is that sensible to do from a bad experience with just one flop of a product? Probably not, but I've always liked my non Milwaukee tools better anyway.
  8. 2018 Resolutions?

    Applying for my business and contractors license this week. Hoping to net 120k this year as a company (not necessarily my salary will mostly go back into the company) and have at least one employee before I'm 21.
  9. Merry Christmas


    Does not fit the mid-torque. Already ordered and tried. Too small. And you're sure you put it on right? I've heard the same thing about the other boot for the bigger one, yet it still works. Legitimately curious because if it doesn't I'm not going to bother buying the DeWalt.
  11. Confused on chuck sizes

    It's the max diameter of the bit's shank. 1/2" would be best, 3/8 would be fine. Both can drill holes larger than their chuck size. A bigger Chuck = bigger holes.

    https://www.mactools.com/en-us/Power-Tools/Power-Tool-Attachments/36160b32-f6b4-460e-9829-a4ae0161d94f/Impact-Wrench-Protective-Boots/PBBWP138-B/BWP138-and-BWP150-Boot-Black Boot for it for those interested
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Solid buy. Recommend buying the Mac boot for it. Less than $20. Looks like it's out of stock though.https://www.mactools.com/en-us/Power-Tools/Power-Tool-Attachments/36160b32-f6b4-460e-9829-a4ae0161d94f/Impact-Wrench-Protective-Boots/PBBWP151-B/BWP151-Boot-Black
  14. YouTube - TIA Affiliates? Favorite (Non-Tool) Channels?

    https://www.youtube.com/user/Cargospotter https://www.youtube.com/user/TaylorSwiftVEVO https://www.youtube.com/user/MondayMorningPodcast And that's about all YouTube is good for.
  15. What would you like to see next? Tough System editon

    One with a lid that can come all the way off. Why? Not sure.