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  1. To compare drills by specs are almost impossible, as the different manufactors measure in different ways. We sell makita, dewalt and Bosch from our store, and when comparing the heavy duty drills from all of them, and Hitachi and Milwaukee as well, Hitachi dewalt and Bosch came out the strongest, in that order. All though makita and Milwaukee had the highest specs. Bosch only says 92 nm i think. They are concidering, changing the was if meassure, and/or let a independent Company take vare of the testing. Bying drills by only looking at specs is almost the same as bying a car by looking at the speedometer in my opinion. [emoji6]
  2. Spline is not te be seen in shops any more here in northern europe. I think its 4 years since a customer asked about it.
  3. Sorry to disapoint you. This is an angle wrench to be used in fine industry. You can adjust the torque beveren maybe 4 to 20 nm. To be used in industries where customers demands high pressision result. Electrisity closet for oil instalations is such, and where i've seen it before. ☺ http://www.boschproductiontools.com/com/en/products/productiontools.html
  4. tottobjer

    New robust 18v

    As my friend is a sales rep, he drops me some pics as soon as they're showed to the biggest customers, and given a release date. He sure knows whats to come, but thats for the future [emoji6] Also got a pic of the New gop 18-28 starlock +, 40-30 starlock +and 55-36 starlock max. Release date in april. Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  5. Cant find it. Do you have a link?? Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  6. tottobjer

    New robust 18v

    As my friend is a Bosch sr, i get a lot of early info which he allows me to share with you! Surely ive become a fan of the blue tools! [emoji6] Latest update is this drill. Due to release april/May this year. Ups! Never touched it my self. This was at a convention in europe. Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  7. Correct. You only need this platic in the lid, to press the battery against the charger. Try to get a photo next week. Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  8. The L-boxx is a normal one. The battery meters are on the charging bay. He could aldso reveal some other New products for 2016. A 6,0 ah wireless 18v battery, 2,5v wireless for 10,8, a 6,0ah battery for 10,8 and a high capasity battery on 18v. Didnt get the ahmps on the last one. 9 ah for the 36v is only a monty away. Thats only the news about batteries he said.... [emoji122] [emoji122] Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  9. Got to see this brand New Bosch drill yesterday. Its due to release in europe in January, but my friend is an Bosch rep here. Metall chuck, brushless, same handle as the gdx impact, almost same size as 10,8 volt! And, anti-rotation as the bygger one! Who need porn??? [emoji1] [emoji1] Sent fra min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
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