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  1. Ok so technically I didn't do much rough in, that part was like 98% complete; already tied into… https://t.co/u7g1TFABSU

  2. Getting the pipe clamp ready with the first gen M12 fuel impact driver (not mine) Still going… https://t.co/nh88PjNhIS

  3. DeWalt DCE400 1/2" to 1" expansion tool. Of course I would receive it after doing a bunch of new… https://t.co/2crBsxAgFy

  4. Remodel a bathroom, price out a job for water heaters, fix a leak in a crawlspace, taco tuesday.... https://t.co/dJLJaYI4iw

  5. Boom. This has been my favorite use of the air snake from @milwaukeetool ... Sink blockages are… https://t.co/JVZNEqxhNH

  6. One of the more eclectic plumbing days involving life hacks, inspections, leaks, repairs, and LIZARDS! https://t.co/RY3kGKwg2X

  7. It's been in the works for over a year or two but just yesterday, the plumbing inspector said… https://t.co/XnNJQPSxZK

  8. Yes, I carry my desk with me everywhere I go! I still think I should have just made my own, oh… https://t.co/aPGuQqLoug

  9. produce: https://t.co/EqySTkSRsh via @YouTube

  10. Hope this helps someone with a similar problem with their water heater. Then home for some fun with my boy! https://t.co/qzNtq52oU0

  11. Free hand cutting a round hole in tile: https://t.co/4rkFDtkJGC via @YouTube

  12. Rural DSL internet, almost too far at the end of a line to even get decent service, can't complain. How slow is you… https://t.co/LtZy4LmKkd

  13. Architect vs Inspector: https://t.co/AilTCBdktf via @YouTube

  14. Don't let the bump in your head get this big, it's not going away on its own. https://t.co/WYbkbgGqyU

  15. Water equipment fails after 1 month use, manufacturer rep comes out to see what's going on, good guy! https://t.co/skYrXJfsAI