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  1. You could train a monkey to do this stuff, you just can't make anybody care. https://t.co/uCh8AjodhF

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  6. Uuggghhh I'm the worst, thanks for the reminder! https://t.co/SBrpP6upWW

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  8. It's all the technique because originally I didn't like the KNIPEX for cutting cpvc. It wanted… https://t.co/ZZrtE6k3qE

  9. And to think I was ok with adjustable wrenches before. Pliers wrench all day every day. Thank… https://t.co/r4XR0qJqDq

  10. Last post of 2017 is a fascinating tool I discovered early this year thanks to boilercrew69 ...… https://t.co/Wov6YJ8xp5

  11. A little before and after. #beforeandafter I've never seen a square cabinet around a water… https://t.co/XSIrRLp4Vn

  12. Split copper water line in crawlspace. Cut out and replace. Fun times were had. Water in liquid… https://t.co/KCyua8mwNA

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  14. Homeowners save money on water bills: https://t.co/zT01OPNJLm via @YouTube

  15. Creativity level here is cool, but getting to it will be ridiculous. #logcabin… https://t.co/mjno8Ccz2W