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  1. Are you the knarlycarl on you tube ? I saw a pex video with a lot of water in a cellar 

  2. Milwaukee packout

    I agree with all you have noticed. Quite disappointed in the totes. The 20" bag/tote is just like my Veto OT XL but much cheaper build. The center divider isn't attached to the bottom so it flops around, and the feet on the bottom are off center so when the heavier tools on the one side outweighs the tools on the other, it tips to that side. It's one benefit is that it attaches to the packout with your other tools. That's the only good thing about it. Oh and waterproof bottom. Quite disappointed in the totes. However, if they weren't so pricey, they might be a great option for someone who doesn't haul a bag around a lot and doesn't have to worry about the tools staying in place.
  3. Works great new. I'll let you know about its 1 year reliability in a year or so 😁 Tl;dr : see… https://t.co/6B77JCfLtX

  4. Minor hiccup today. Let's hope nothing else comes down the road that I didn't notice… https://t.co/hwoeVJxQFf

  5. Yeeeaaaahh buddy!! Giveaway time, but you're not getting the ones in my hands, yours will be… https://t.co/1LWc9AUA77

  6. Roof rack allows me to haul 21' sticks of gas pipe. Makes it nice, I do this with PVC pipe… https://t.co/BVt8JTrZcp

  7. Scared of heights? Just don't look down! https://t.co/kZkOx425Ns

  8. Booming housing market, we've been booking between multiple new houses in this area https://t.co/W4SYQm0qED

  9. #dancefordoyle but I twisted the rules a little: Starring Kohler C. Wellworth front and center!!… https://t.co/EupSGpRq29

  10. Another partial day at the #kcroad135 project. Enjoy the babbling in the background 🤣 Love the… https://t.co/fXsQiACa4C

  11. Take 3 lol https://t.co/LYhwgSHAdu

  12. The sweaty side of the camera after hauling multiple bags of cement mix down into a basement to… https://t.co/JSnt7XlXqD

  13. Never gets old. Everything in my way, but I still need to support the PEX, no way around… https://t.co/OPv012u9Hi

  14. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    Magnet on the side clip is pretty poor, it will hold, but slides down on surfaces quite easily. The one on the top is quite strong, even holding it horizontally off a surface is no problem, it's definitely the strong one! I think the clip itself should have protruded from the body of the light so that it can clip to metal lips or whatever without getting tipped back if that makes sense, it only works good to clip to your pocket
  15. Looks like the tracking on my OneKey Sawzall works! It was at the repair center at Milwaukee… https://t.co/xcoMgarEcd