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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  2. Sign fabrication projects

    Let me know man, I can give you a shop tour.
  3. Sign fabrication projects

    @Theultimatehic Wish I could spend a day at your shop or just a day to hang out with you and talk about signs and stuff. I have what looks to be the same CNC as yourself. Is the the Gerber Sabre 408? It's a real workhorse at our shop. I just saw the Accubend Ace in the recent issue of Sign Builders mag.
  4. sears-craftsman-1963-power

    Man, I'm simply amazed at these old catalogs. It looks as though someone or a team of artists had to draw every tool and bit in the book with great attention to detail. Thanks for sharing comp
  5. Custom TIA Sticker Giveaway 2

    Hell yeah man!
  6. Starter table saw?

    I've had two Delta Unisaws, both bought used. Sold the first one to a friend and the other one is still running strong and a great workhorse of a saw. Your right, these can be found on craigslist or in local ads for around $400.
  7. Starter table saw?

    Thumbs up for the both the Rigid and the Delta. Of course, you could hit up craigslist and find a good deal as well. If your planing on making cabinetry, I would stay away from the contractor saws that are small and portable. Don't get me wrong, those saws are great and you can make cabinetry with them but I've found that the tolerances are not up to speed with the hybrid or cabinet saws. I have a Bosch 4100 D contractor saw that I absolutely love, but the table on the saw is not flat, it's ever so slightly off. I like to have flat and square surfaces to register off of, very helpful when making precise jigs and such.
  8. Custom TIA Sticker Giveaway 2

    To the winners: Please let me know if you did not receive your stickers. You should have all received them by now, If not I'll send you out another set. Thanks crew
  9. Custom TIA Sticker Giveaway 2

    Paypal seems to be the way to go. Thanks man
  10. And The Winner Is

    Congrats Crew!
  11. Custom TIA Sticker Giveaway 2

    I just got your message. I mostly use the PC Version of the forum and it seems like the Tapatalk Version does not sync up well. It just means that I need to check the Tapatalk app more often.
  12. Custom TIA Sticker Giveaway 2

    Thanks again crew for participating! you guys are awesome. If you want to buy some stickers, just send me a PM. They are $1 each. No minimums or maximums and free shipping.
  13. My first pallet chair

    That's a sweet looking chair man! I can already picture myself sitting down in my yard, grill going, football game and beer going as well.
  14. My Milwaukee collection

    Wow that's a fantastic set of Milwaukee, thanks for sharing.
  15. New Milwaukee fan here

    Welcome to the crew! I'm a fellow Milwaukee Junkie