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  1. no table saw anymore.. sold mine... hmmm is this a better solution... planned on the circle saw... now i am intrigued by this
  2. I have then and they r good for a simple set. No issues yet. They are simulated diamond.... not sure what that means lol. The knife is last years exochange but a favorite of mine.
  3. You do realize PC and dewalt r both stanley black and Decker right
  4. well they are just trying to combat the positive press flexvolt will have... shooting it out prior would have all sorts of legal issues... I am sure theres still some legal stuff going on right now between both... fact is i want that miter saw. 12 inches baby. power....
  5. marketing is fun isnt it makes you wonder when a company needs to make actual webpages to try and slam innovation.
  6. some reason all my vertical shots didnt attach. Some people don't like the sanded edge look.. but its good for my little girl
  7. Going to make the following picnic table this weekend. Will update with some pics along the way
  8. yup my point being. sit back get hyped... the clegane bowl might now be happening but some dewalt innovation might be
  9. its like when you ruin game of thrones by looking up spoilers.. its more fun just letting the hype build and then hitting the event. But i do enjoy the just a paint scheme posts.. lol
  10. You both make me crack up lol
  11. man the guy on the levels page sure is handsome!
  12. Sometimes zee grasshoppas will never be happy... keep it up and its gonna be just a planer. 21st coming quick. Patience!!
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