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  1. If just buy a new ones yes you can by the parts and I do that for alot of my stuff but from what yours has gone through better to just start out fresh .
  2. I'm hopefully getting a Makita LS1400 in the next couple days. Is there anyone on here that knows of any good 14inch blades and where to buy ? I have found a few but there's really nothing out there .

    Smoko Alarm

    Looks like a air filter 😂😂
  4. The screw is tighter down all the way too you need to adjust it while running it . That way it won't fall off.
  5. I hate hate taking gear boxes apart because alot have one certain way they go back together. Glad to see other people repairing tools


    Can you send pictures ? And did this just happen all of a sudden or when you went to use it ?
  7. Hey I'm back . It's been a long time what have I missed?
  8. Your best bet is to keep your eye out and check eBay also.
  9. Do u run it on a generator or anything like that . Depends how much u use it if its everyday gets used then switches will wear out but not that fast where do u buy your switches from ?
  10. Thank you man means a lot 😀
  11. Thats alright I haven't had it for to long maybe 2 months. Thanks for the follow
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