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  1. SevenOddosFence

    Milwaukee 12.0 & 5.0 batteries brand new

    Lol I use them on super sawzall it goes all day
  2. SevenOddosFence

    Milwaukee 12.0 & 5.0 batteries brand new

    Hey guys looking to unload a couple batteries for some quick cash - brand new never used 12.0 Milwaukee and 5.0 Milwaukee take both for $175 shipped to your door
  3. SevenOddosFence

    hello Tool Crew

    Chris buddy how you been feeling ?
  4. SevenOddosFence

    hello Tool Crew

    Whats going on Tool guys ? Hows everyone doing ? Just wanted to drop in and say hello
  5. SevenOddosFence

    M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have two M12 NON Fuels both shit the bed , I have 3 M12 Fuels and 1 shit the bed , I have the M18 Non Fuel and the battery keeps dismounting so Im torn If I want to get another. I do use them a good amount but overall more of mine are broke then not broke and I hate having to mail tools in and then find out stuff isnt covered. Been seriously thinking of going back to Ridgid.
  6. SevenOddosFence

    M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    anyone here have the new M18 Fuel Hackzall ? If so is it worth it ? I use hackzalls all the time and love my M12 Fuel ones.
  7. SevenOddosFence

    Martinez tools ?

    All good on my end buddy just waiting for this winter to be over. Been plugging away on my 1970 Monte Carlo and will post some pics soon.
  8. SevenOddosFence

    Martinez tools ?

    A great recovery is huge when you have a great family behind you and in your corner and clearly you do. Very happy to hear you coming along nicely. That’s amazing to think what you went through. God bless you buddy
  9. SevenOddosFence

    Martinez tools ?

    Hey buddy soon as I get it I’ll post pics. I just used a buddies and loved it. From what he was saying Martinez is coming out with a smaller sledge hammer also.
  10. SevenOddosFence

    Martinez tools ?

    All good Chris how are you feeling ? How’s the recovery going ?
  11. SevenOddosFence

    Martinez tools ?

    Have any of you guys used the Martinez tools hammers ? I was able to use one yesterday it was amazing. Ordering one today.
  12. SevenOddosFence

    Milwaukee fuel 2741 & 2740 nail guns

    Hello guys - been a while for me. After a long winter I’m going to start posting some tools I have that I don’t use. First up is the M18 fuel finish nailer and Brad nailed both never used. I have a 2.0 battery for each and a shared charger. The charger has been use a couple times but the guns are brand new. $400 gets both shipped to your door
  13. SevenOddosFence

    Heating the garage...

    IM very tempted to try one of these but always afraid of the ventilation situation. How much do you have to vent it ? I have a garage door and a walk door , would I just crack open the walk door ?
  14. SevenOddosFence

    Heating the garage...

    Boy can I relate lol
  15. SevenOddosFence

    Send a Prayer to ChrisK

    Chris just seen this now. Thoughts and prayers coming your way. Thats amazing what You went through and able to come out on top. You have an angle looking out for you up in the sky and certainly one on the ground beside you in your wife. God bless You all.