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  1. Never used still has plastic around dyes. Asking 1000$
  2. I don't get it. What does harbor freight cupoun have to do with this saw.
  3. Lol yea they were all looking asking me what I do. That's just all my red tools I also have a lot of Klein and some Dewalt stuff. Mostly bigger stuff from Dewalt miter saw table saw stuff like that
  4. Everything I got except knockout tool
  5. Milwaukee gave it to me for free for spending so much with them
  6. Free Milwaukee shirt hell yea
  7. Buying tools is definitely better then dope
  8. yea the red and black is nice. i run a major 500 room hotel so all these tools come in handy. the nailer is good its got some recoil not like the ryobi but i love it. it drives nails nice
  9. Hahaha. I think it's a good addiction to have. Can anyone agree
  10. Quick 5000$ spent. Can you say tool rehab. Lol
  11. if your gonna switch and upgrade you have to go with milwaukee they offer the best warranty and they have a wide variety of a lot of 18v tools especially in the trade category. plumber electricians HVAC they cater to them a lot better. they just make awesome reliable tools, plus the red and black color is sick!!!!
  12. yea them step bits are awesome i have the big pack of them and they go thru metal like butter
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