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  1. Tools & Stuff

    SP6000 to cut aluminium profiles

    In this part of the world the correct blades would be B-56823 (thin kerf) or B-15540 But basically any blade with lots of teeth as you say. I use 60-100 teeth on my mitre saw when cutting Ali. When cutting ACM (0.4mm ali both sides of 3mm plastic) with a circular saw and a 48 tooth wood blade it cuts fine, just don't push too quick.
  2. Tools & Stuff

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    This will be the next Makita Driver I buy... although I might wait a while to see how they perform with others.
  3. Tools & Stuff

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    When I saw Makita "4 in 1 drill" I thought "Oh No!" Thinking Makita had released one of those awful multi headed drills that becomes a jigsaw, sander, recip saw etc, like Black and Decker, AEG, Ridgid that are always shit.
  4. Tools & Stuff

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    Brilliant! I often drill with my impact driver and it would be good to turn the impacts off, yet have the speed of an impact for drilling, and it looks like this tool offers just that. I would probably not use it for masonary drilling as it will involve getting new drill bits with the 1/4"shafts that still won't stand up to a rotary hammer. I certainly like the direction they are going with this.
  5. Tools & Stuff

    What will Makita come out with next?

    But in the real world on a jobsite you use the tool and chuck the battery straight on the charger when it dies. The cooling light never came on. I tested all my batteries the same way and only the 3ah came in close to Makitas stated time. I filmed it for a vid I will have up on YT soon.
  6. Tools & Stuff

    Makita Efficut Blade Competition

    Hi Guys, I entered a comp about Makita Efficut blades and would really appreciate a thumbs up on FB if you can find the time. Click the FB symbol bootom rigth of screen to give me a thumbs up and watch the short 1 min review. Thanks in advance.
  7. Tools & Stuff

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Not in reality. I did a test the other day. I drained a 3, 4, 5 and 6 ah battery the other day and the 5 took 30 minutes longer than that. Only the 3 managed to come in at the advertised time. All others were way off.
  8. Tools & Stuff

    Lock nut release socket

    The most unnecessary tool Makita make
  9. Tools & Stuff

    USB charger

    Does the official Makita one have the star symbol on it?
  10. Tools & Stuff

    How to kill a cordless power tool battery????

    I think brand does matter as different batteries have different protection measures and ways of 'not charging'.
  11. Tools & Stuff

    Wall to Battery Adapter - Cordless Tool Hybrid

    There is (or at least was) a brand of tools available here thats range of tools came with both batteries and power supply.
  12. Tools & Stuff

    Metal cutting circular saws

    I love my Makita metal cutter, but I too don't see the point in the clear plastic bit. Stuffed within moments of using it.
  13. Tools & Stuff

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Really? Still that far away? I went to a Makita expo in June last year and they said they were hoping to have it at the expo but should be out before xmas, now possibly next year? Come on Makita, if you are too late with this one the other tool companies will eat you up. That said, I don't want them to rush it and stuff it up.
  14. Tools & Stuff

    How I 'Sharpen' my Metal cutting blades

    Sharpening experiment for the blade on my Makita Metal cutting circ saw... and it worked!
  15. Tools & Stuff

    New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Mitre saws always need tweaking from time to time to keep everything straight and true, and you should always check all these things and set them up right with any tool when you first get them.