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  1. How I 'Sharpen' my Metal cutting blades

    Sharpening experiment for the blade on my Makita Metal cutting circ saw... and it worked!
  2. New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Mitre saws always need tweaking from time to time to keep everything straight and true, and you should always check all these things and set them up right with any tool when you first get them.
  3. 36v reciprocating saw

    This one has a tool less shoe and is compared to an 18v brushed Hitachi, but no run time test.
  4. 36v reciprocating saw

    I don't know what the run times are between the 2 tools but I do know mine has a tool-less adjustable shoe.
  5. Used lots of different tools making this table for on the deck.
  6. jump start car with Makita battery

    I know a guy who always starts his ute with a Makita battery. Doesn't even have a car battery in it.
  7. Future Makita Batteries and the illusive 6ah

    6 ah are easy to get here in NZ
  8. What tool put a smile on your face today?

    I instantly thought of a lightsaber when I saw it too.
  9. Show me your Makita collection!

    I think you need more drills.
  10. The new guy

    Another Kiwi here, welcome aboard cuz
  11. New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Hopefully the cordless one will be out soon.
  12. New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Unless you have only just started in the world of tools, you will remember that not that long ago mitre saws never even had indents, you just lined up the arrow with the degree line, which you still need to do with the detent on this saw, no big deal. Would this put you off buying the saw? Maybe if everything else about it was identical to another model, but that won't happen. "I love the left/right bevel, the side rail system, the bluetooth, the dual dust collection system, the cut capacity, front bevel control, being able to put it up against a wall, but I am not buying it because I have to line up an arrow to a line by half a mm to make a cut" Really?
  13. New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Every Makita mitre saw I have used has that issue. The detents are just a quick find, you should then lock it in place before cutting. Once you do your initial set up and get your zero set to the orange arrow the rest will line up. Not a big deal like toolaholic is making out.
  14. Makita 6 1/2 circular saw

    You can get the electrics from ebay. Genuine about $20. Does it run faster without the potted board? I have one with the same issue and by-passed it and the motor seemed to run really fast.
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    Not a tool... but hey... tool related