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  1. Home Depot

    There was a time when that way of thinking was quite valid, now I'd disagree. Tool makers constantly make revises and updates to current tools without any fanfare. Batteries charge very quickly these days so I never experience downtime because of waiting to charge (also doesn't hurt to have a handful of charged batteries). Also cordless saws have become quite powerful and while I'm not completely cordless with my saws I can still build a deck or garage without plugging in a saw.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Their OPE stuff is not too shabby, have the hybrid blower and trimmer, and the 18v mower. The be honest I haven't used them much because my wife uses them and doesn't give me a chance, which is fine by me!
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    Yep, got mine for $15 then too.
  4. More Than One?

    Hummmm... Yep I have some multiples..... 4 drills, all cordless, 2 are never really used and only got em because they where dirt cheap, I mainly use my DCD791 and sometimes my 985 for hammer mode. 3 did have 4 impacts I only use my DCF887 and have a nib one as well, my wife sometimes uses a 12v Kobalt I found on clearance. Also have 2 circular saw, one 6 1/2 cordless and a regular corded and both have there place.
  5. What tools did you buy today?

    Snagged the NWS/Irwin pliers on clearance from Lowe's... Not to shabby for $10 each.
  6. DeWalt 20v 9.0

    haha was guuna post a pic but got lazy
  7. DeWalt 20v 9.0

    That's a Flexvolt 9/3ah battery, not a 20v 9ah
  8. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

  9. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    Easy warranty fix.....call em or hit up a retailer for a swap.
  10. Honey Browser Extension

    I've had it awhile.... it sorta works... haven't had any major wins with it but kinda handy on Amazon.
  11. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    Excellent choices, between those 2 kits DeWalt has the advantages of better (more powerful) tools, BUT the red red kit has a high capacity battery.... Winner: Dewalt.
  12. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    I'd seriously consider Ryobi, the amount of tools and OPE rival many higher tier brands. Just be mindful of which model you buy, their basic drill is, well, quite basic, check out the brushless model. Look at the 3 speed impact instead of the El cheapo one. I use DeWalt and Ryobi tools to make money for my family.... I guess I'm a professional and if I'm using Ryobi, then that means it's pro grade.
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Not sure flipping off the Lowe's stock is the right call.... Go-to the site you ordered from and flip it off..... Lowe's did you no wrong....... This time lol!
  14. The glue gun is awesome!!!!!...... Wait what's this compressor you speak of???? Aus only?
  15. Or you can just 1) get warranty service since even the oldest ones are 1 1/2 old out of a 3 year warranty or 2) over the counter exchange at many retailers. Or how about EVERY company with 10.8v tools, oh wait they are ALL called 12v....