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  1. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    I have both, I don't often drll but when I do I prefer Dos E........ Errr the 791. Stay thursty my friends.
  2. Just to toss it out there... Excluding DeWalt and the new Bostich nailer line, All SBD 20/18 lithium ion batteries are INTERNALLY the same. Stanley Fatmax, Porter Cable, Black&Decker, Bostich and Craftsman Bolt-on batteries can be, with minor case modification, interchangeable. This will clearly void all warranties so I'll add do this at your own risk. (I have modded B&D batteries to work on Porter Cable tools with NO trouble what so ever)
  3. Harbor Freight Dust Collector

    Here it is 😀
  4. Harbor Freight Dust Collector

    HAHAHAHAHAHA funny you brought it up! We just had to suck some blown in insulation(and a lot of animal leftovers) out of an attic to get rid of smoke the smell and got the HF dust collector to act as a vacuum for the job.... 12 12' bags filled and it worked like a champ! Now obviously this is NOT the intended use for it but I can say that it passed an extremely serious torture test. I think I have some pics on my phone I'll try to add later.
  5. any info on the new tough system radio?

    That'd be the Tstak, thought I saw Q1 2018... not sure though.
  6. Favorite tool you acquired in 2017

    I haven't(don't think I have) bought alot of tools this year but my power tool standouts are the DeWalt XR recip and Ryobi 18g nailer, Hand tools would be the surprisingly handy Knipex Cobra and 18" long handled 21oz Hart hammer.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Well, let's see if it ever ships.....
  8. Upcoming Tools 17-18

    Actually updating the line up with brushless is exactly what's been needed.
  9. Is factory reconditioned tools a good buy?

    I buy recon Ryobi stuff mainly because Direct tools sells em so cheep, and Ryobi is my supplemental tool line, I haven't bought any recon stuff for my main tools though, I might if i needed to.
  10. Menards Deals Permathread

    Not a steal of a deal and I've seen em cheaper but not bad for Knipex in retail.... https://www.menards.com/main/tools-hardware/hand-tools/pliers-plier-sets/knipex-reg-alligator-reg-10-locking-pliers/p-1444437030882.htm?utm_campaign=47A-2017&utm_content=Christmas-Catalog&cm_mmc=flipp-_-flyer_hosted-_-47A-2017-_-Christmas-Catalog&utm_source=flipp&utm_medium=flyer_hosted
  11. Menards Deals Permathread

    That baffles me too. I bet minor modding would allow cross compatibility (void warranty). These are also stocked at Lowes.
  12. Ok , I finally gave in. ...ðŸĪŠ

    Meh 12V tools are of ZERO interest to me. I can't think of a time where I said "man I wish I had a weaker tool to get my job done".
  13. Menards Deals Permathread

    There's an OK deal on Bostitch 20v nailers right now... free 4ah battery with nailer purchase. I can only extrapolate the deals on these based on the DeWalt counter parts as they are so new but they seem to be exactly the same as DeWalt. https://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=bostitch+20-volt&ipp=36
  14. Dewalt vs Bostitch brad nailer advice

    Bostitch/DeWalt same parent company(Stanley Black & Decker) and chances are both compressors where made on the exact same assembly line. I have a couple year old version of the Bostitch and use it often to roof, frame, trim, and fill tires, it's served me well. SBD overlaps many of their tool lines and this is just another example, generally the DeWalt brand is their "pro" construction and wood working line and Bostitch is their "better" pneumatic nailer line. I personally would go for the package that offers more for the money in this case the Bostitch, I'd also have you look at a Porter Cable kit( again, same company) to see if you can get more for the money.
  15. DeWalt 5s3p XR Pack

    Nice work, and while yes 20700 6ah packs are available, they are rather new and not everyone has some( I do ). Your conversion adds a 3rd row of cells which should give you a small but noticeable bump in sustained output.