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  1. new DeWALT clamps

    @The.Handyman have you had a chance to compare these to the Irwins?
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Received my m12 jacket today but.... I am returning the jacket. The jacket is really nice. The battery is noticeable but I think it will be alright. I wanted to keep it but the size wasn't going to work. I normally wear large in all my shirts so I figured I would fit in a large. After I got the jacket it felt big and bulky. I remembered Milwaukee had a sizing chart and my waist fit into the medium range and my chest fit in the small range. So long story short I am returning the large to get a medium. I wish I would have remembered the chart before I purchased the jacket. I guess jackets tend to be on the big side.
  3. Upcoming Events

    World of Concrete 2018 should be happening in January far as I know. Rumor has it there will be one new flexvolt tool there that we haven't already seen. Maybe a flex demo hammer? I don't know of any other stuff from other companies. I expect Makita's new bluetooth vacs to be there. I don't know if Festool goes to WoC but rumor has it the Festool bluetooth battery is supposed to be announced early 2018 I don't know if any tools get shown off at this but CES 2018 usually happens in January. I know Bosch has been there. Might just be their appliance division. Not sure if it is worth looking into?
  4. What are your 2018 Tool Plans?

    but.... you gotta complete the collection first.
  5. General Tool Trivia

    your on the right track but not what I was looking for. Hint- This product once installed does not move. It is part of a group of other products that go together.
  6. Cordless Tool Trivia

    @fm2176 I thought the vac was corded too but I checked and saw nothing mentioned about being able to plug in. I could be mistaken though, I'll give it to ya though. Your up. The other one I was thinking of was an old 18v fluorescent light. There was this 18v/20v led light I thought was corded but same deal as the vac. No mention of being able to use a cord.
  7. General Tool Trivia

    I suppose I will ask a new question. What is mostly made of black metal and black plastic, comes in a box and in some cases with another box, and some assembly and installation required to use? If we want to continue with the previous question that is fine too.
  8. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Guess I will keep this going Name 5 tools from DeWALT that are hybrid meaning corded or cordless. Cannot include radios. Avoid similar tools like drill vs drill with hammer mode or fixed saw vs sliding. Something like a spot light vs an area light would be different enough to count as different guesses.
  9. My first shop so far.

    Got the second rack installed today. Just gotta make room for my main table. It no longer can go where it used to because of these racks.

    @The.Handyman looks nice. I'm sure @Framer joe would want to know how to get review units.
  11. What are your 2018 Tool Plans?

    Not sure if my dad's does this but it tends to drain really quickly. Sometimes light use will drain it fast. Also he plugs it in then it goes from low battery to quite a bit charged in very little time. Its very inconsistent with the battery. A new phone will also allow me to download newer apps. I can't even get any tool apps. My app selection is VERY limited. There was even a time I had to download an insurance app to my mom's phone cause mine was too old.
  12. any info on the new tough system radio?

    @framer Theres a new one coming out? or are you talking about the TStak?
  13. My first shop so far.

    Got this guy put up yesterday. Hopefully I can get the second one up today. Used the hammer function on my DCD996 for the first time so I could join the treated 2x4 to the floor. drained my compact pack rather quickly. Had to switch to a flex to finish the job. It was reasonably easy to instal. Hardest part was getting the brackets on and in the right spot. I'm thinking about getting a couple more organizers and trying out the new 3 drawer unit to add to the collection to put some of my dads stuff in them.
  14. My first shop so far.

    I just go straight to the Ego when I blow off my tools haha. Somethings get a quick wipe with CMT's cleaner.
  15. Tough System Wall Rack Questions.

    I would a security system work better? The way I see it is a guy could easily cut the plastic and have access to whats inside the boxes. You could maybe have some kind of locking bar that you put in front of the rack to keep a guy from pulling out the boxes?