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  1. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    I have the wall version wasn't sure if this would be a better option or even worth it to use for walls
  2. DEWALT Radio

    The DCR025 is the newest radio and supposedly it sounds really good. If it were any other DeWALT radio vs tough system I could see the tough system winning. It has a nice sound. I don't know if the improvements of the DCR025 from the previous model are enough to have a better sound than tough system. Tough System Advantages- known to sound good and it is compatible with other tough system. Disadvantages- no plugins for running your tools, media controls don't control playback on your phone, flexvolt batteries don't fit, no bottle opener, easy to lose power cord DCR025 Advantages- fits all 20v and 60v batteries, has 2 plugins to run your tools, includes a bottle opener, can use media controls on radio to control music on your device. Disadvantages- not compatible with tough system
  3. Only 1 120v Tool

    so its 60Vx2?
  4. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    I wonder if it would work on walls or even be worth putting on a wall? Another thing I'm curious about is which brackets are used, the tough system cart design or the wall rack design.
  5. Workbench Showoff

    I found a nice idea for a modular workbench system. It is multiple tables but they can be connected using magnets. Heres a video about it.
  6. Workbench Showoff

    Want to show off your workbench? Got some workbench ideas or new/original workbench features? Maybe you found a cool workbench online that you want to share. Post anything and everything workbench here.
  7. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Ima guess Milwaukee
  8. Only 1 120v Tool

    I got the indication that there is a table saw but it wasn't going to be at DeWALT Experience. No specifics whether it was a new table saw or an already existing one. The statement was something like "the table saw isn't here." I can't remember where I saw the statement. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Flexvolt 120v vac in the works.
  9. OSB + Paint

    @JimboS1ice The customer wants me to duplicate a painted shelving unit and then add a couple doors to it. Apart from the back panel which is 1/4 in everything else is 3/4 material. I don't have a picture but it is pretty basic. I thought it was maybe made with OSB but after seeing and hearing about painting OSB I'm thinking I misjudged what material it was. I know that it wasn't made with plywood because I was able to find some end grain in the back. I'm guessing a type of particle board was used. I also made the mistake of buying the OSB before checking into painting OSB so now I have 4 sheets of OSB in my garage that I'm not sure what to do with. If I were able to return the OSB, would MDF be a more cost effective option to plywood? I would think it would be easier to paint and look nice than it would OSB. It would also be stronger than particleboard. I read it soaks up latex paint so I would probably have to seal it somehow. I not sure what all my local lumberyard sells for 4'x8' material. I'm still trying to learn what they got. I'm not sure if they got MDF or plywood. Plywood would be the best option I'm guessing.
  10. It's just due to not being clamped and therefore loose enough to have momentum keep it spinning.
  11. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

  12. Soooo so far nice,but....

    after last year they probably thought its not worth it... yet. Especially with the flexvolt rear handle saw and flexvolt mixer.
  13. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    will it be enough to systain yer tool storage needs?
  14. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    the flex mixer was neat. I suspect more of a flexvolt emphasis at the GIE expo if that is still a thing and if DeWALT is going or whatever events DeWALT will be going to later this year if any.
  15. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    they had rachets....required hand power though haha