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  1. Jronman

    Metabo HPT dual volt...ac or DC tools

    Sounds like the corded adapter is a free option for bare tools.
  2. Metabo HTP is coming out with a Multivolt 10 inch table saw. Normal Metabo has a 10 in but it isn't sold over here yet.
  3. Jronman

    AWS Tools

    I like the idea of bluetooth tools but wheres the cross brand support?
  4. Jronman

    Sears Files for Bankruptcy

    I have heard rumors that Best Buy and JCPenny aren't looking too good either not near as bad as Sears/Kmart though. I wouldn't be surprised if Walmart kills off Target too. Walmart is basically becoming a monopoly of sorts. Killing off the stores who can't compete. Successful stores are getting less and less with behemoths like Walmart and Amazon around.
  5. Jronman

    Bosch gdr 18v-200 brushless impact driver

    wait a sec I see a deal for a coin cell battery. does this mean the impact is a connected impact?
  6. Jronman

    AWS Tools

    The new x2 brushless blade right saw is getting an AWS version.
  7. Jronman

    Festool Rumors.

    maybe already had the guide rails?
  8. Jronman

    Festool Rumors.

    Does it perform as well as the corded? (not including runtime)
  9. Jronman

    Festool Rumors.

    congrats on the new tool.
  10. I saw a post about the new Versa Stack. It is Craftsman's Tstak clone. I noticed that the latches have been updated. They have a similar update to what Tough System is getting. The pins are now metal instead of plastic. I think this improvement is a step in the right direction.
  11. Jronman

    Festool Rumors.

    I wonder how far away the new ts/tsc saws will be unveiled.
  12. Jronman

    Dewalt 60v Flexvolt Table Saw 120v Adapter

    cordless (specifically battery power) all the things.
  13. Jronman

    Festool Rumors.

    Rumor has it the next version of the TSC 55 will fit the HKC 55 guide rails. Also 36v Kapex might be in the works.
  14. I don't know if this is new or not but looks like Bosch has entered the 300 CFM dust extractor territory. Trying to give Hilti a run for their money. I don't know of anyone else with 300 or more CFM for a dust extractor. Bosch claims they can run 2 tools on one vac. To keep OSHA compliant it would depend on the size of tool. 2 small grinders might keep compliance but 2 large grinders maybe wont.
  15. Jronman

    Acme tool 15% off 2 days only

    Acme is doing a 15% off deal for 2 days only. Promo code is "CRUSHED" and has a max discount of $150. It is for only one item and one use per customer. It stacks with the tough system 15% off deal which makes it a pretty nice deal if you want the ds carrier which is normally around $180-$200. You can get it for around $130 if you use these deals.