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  1. These were not available in North America
  2. Maybe check battery or if using power cord check to see if cord is receiving power. Other than that not sure if there is a reset.
  3. Milwaukee's new Matrix Carbide bits they just released this year that are supposed to provide superior wear resistance in high wear screw driving applications, have been discontinued. Milwaukee claimed they were not a one size fits all kind of bit. They were designed for a very specific application and users thought they could use them for general purpose screw driving. Apparently there were lots of issues with bit breakage.
  4. My Ego commercial trimmer arrived yesterday. It has exceeded my expectations. The torque is incredible. It doesn't feel powerful but when you do a task that would normally tax a gas trimmer the Ego maintained the same rpm. I couldn't even bog down the thing. The backpack battery took some getting used to but once I got the harness dialed in it wasn't that bad to use. It is built quite well. All metal trigger and all metal motor housing which most if not all gas units do not have. The carbon fiber shaft seems nice. Cut diameter is only 15 in which some say could be larger. I doubt I will switch back to 2-cycle equipment. The pros of the Ego outweigh the cons in my opinion.
  5. not flexvolt powered is disappointing
  6. the amtomic is similar to a dremel saw I seen a while back except runs off a battery.
  7. I use .095 line and it lasts longer and I haven't had any melting issues but some heads that accept .080 do not accept .095 you will have to look at the manual to see if it accepts .095.
  8. It is the best "tried and true" slider. Its only down fall is it lacks space saving rails which other saws are going to.
  9. it is part of the atomic line
  10. I actually just ordered a trimmer the other day too. I got the Ego commercial string trimmer, battery and charger. it is supposed to arrive on the 15th @Charlotte J. I have not used the Husqvarna but I have heard good things about the brand. I'm trying to move away from gas and go battery powered.
  11. they are same price as some of the entry level 20v now
  12. 40v has longer runtimes.
  13. Jronman

    ATV Snow Plow

    I was considering getting a plow setup for my zero turn mower. I would remove the deck add the blade and I would be set. Might try to find some aftermarket treads similar to the Altoz trx so I can drive better in snow. I'm not sure if that blade will work or not. I'm not too familiar with blades.
  14. No brand is able to be as accurate for as long as a Stabila because they have patented the process to ensure the levels stay accurate. Maybe another brand will find an even better way but for now I will stick with Stabila. I just got the limited edition 4 level kit which uses their more entry level style of design but I still trust it over other brands of levels.
  15. With other brands like Ego, Echo, Stihl, etc. that focus only on ope I don't think DeWALT ever had much of a chance in the professional ope market. People who buy DeWLT ope generally don't buy into DeWALT just for their ope. They generally buy DeWALT ope if they already have other DeWALT tools.
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