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  1. Jronman

    Dewalt miter saw won’t work in the cold

    Ever since they started keeping records there has never been a tornado within city limits at least that is what I have heard.
  2. Jronman

    Dewalt miter saw won’t work in the cold

    But Hurricanes...
  3. Jronman

    New Hilti Cordless Circular Saw

    How does this compare to the flexvolt DCS577?
  4. Jronman

    What tools did you buy today?

    Awesome find. I think the cabinet style table saws from SawStop have the best on/off switches. One switch to turn on and off.
  5. Jronman

    Got my (Still Broken) DCS355 Back

    I took my DCS355 OMT to the service center near where I live to see what the problem was and if it would be worth fixing. I finally got it back. Turns out the bearing was shot and the gear housing also had some issues. They deemed it not worth fixing and I would agree. $200 to fix it or buy a brand new one for less than $200. I have decided against getting another DCS355 OMT. I am considering upgrading to the Festool Vecturo OSC 18. I already have the batteries and the fact it has Starlock Max is a huge bonus. It has some parts based off of the Fein Supercut which means it should be comparable in performance to the Supercut. I'm hoping Starlock will be a good as they say.
  6. Jronman

    How to price furniture plans?

    This past week I was contacted by a guy who had interest in one of my plans. That got me thinking. Is selling my plans worth it? and if it is how do I go about pricing the plans? Are the plans even worth charging $5-$20 for? If I use a program other than Sketchup are people even going to consider downloading the plans? I am more interested in selling the plans than selling the furniture itself. I had some interest already in getting a website for my new business (going to start lawn care in the spring) and thought I could include my furniture design there as well. If it allows me to break even with the website that I was planning to get, might not be a bad option just to keep my name out there.
  7. Jronman

    Owned by the same company?

    The power tool division of Hitachi was bought out which means the name had to change because the rights to the name did not come with the purchase. The company that made the purchase changed the name to Metabo HPT. It was an interesting name change considering they also own Metabo (without the hpt). I think the fact that their names are so similar, people are going to mistake one brand for the other.
  8. Jronman

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    It is there a shop underneath all the stuff? Jokes aside, The tables are awesome.
  9. Jronman

    Hilti SCW guide rail plate

    yes I have the DeWALT Flexvolt cordless track saw and Festool TSC55 cordless track saw. They both use the 6-1/2" blade with the track saw arbor.
  10. Jronman

    Hilti SCW guide rail plate

    I do not
  11. Jronman

    Hilti SCW guide rail plate

    I know it was supposed to be funny kinda like how we joke that adding a Milwaukee red paint job to tools improves their performance.
  12. Jronman

    Hilti SCW guide rail plate

    how much extra power do you get with the guide rail adapter?
  13. Jronman

    What tools did you buy today?

    If I ever get a compressor I wouldn't mind a flex compressor but I have heard they are loud.
  14. Jronman

    FlexVolt blower DCBL772

    The old design was a design based off of gas blowers. I see a loss of efficiency due to the battery being directly behind the air intake. The inline design is a more efficient design.
  15. Jronman

    Mystery Part

    Maybe the piece somehow got into the box unnoticed. The saw should come preassembled in the box. That to me looks like it could be internals to a saw but it is hard to tell.