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  1. I have 3 installed in my garage but I also utilize some of the larger boxes. I think @JakeDewalt 's 7-8 guess sounds reasonable. I personally wouldn't cram all 8 full of screws and then place them all on the same rack. The racks are only rated for 440 lbs. I would go for 2 racks just for that extra versatility. If you get any of the larger boxes you have flexibility in how you want to setup your racks whereas a single rack would be limited. Plus with the racks come with an organizer so if you get 2 racks you will also have 2 organizers.
  2. Jronman

    Tough System 2.0

    yeah they are on Acme. The modular trays will be available in August. The boxes probably now? There is two combo kits. One DS450 2.0, one DS150 2.0, and either the DS300 2.0 or the DS400 2.0 depending on which kit you want. The half width boxes are not listed last I checked.
  3. More products coming to Europe. A second generation planex which has an integrated light system that can be turned on or off, eccentric rotation, and brushless motor. It still retains the ability to have extensions for longer reach which was removed in the planex easy. It also comes in the new xxl systainer. A new cordless edge sander. looks very much like the etsc 150 but with extra features. It has a soft and a hard mode. The guide can be set at different angles. The guide is removable and you can buy it separate. There is also a new toprock systainer radio coming.
  4. @Igor Pak the fein supercut is one of the best. The makita is in need of an update. Not bad just dated. I would go cordless if possible. cords are a pain even if you have power nearby.
  5. I got a bunch of mower parts including some new front wheels which have to be returned but on the bright side I received my Toolcrate which was nice.
  6. @Hugh Jass I just found out there is a new Pressure washer that uses a 20v max battery. It appears to have a combustion engine so I'm not sure what the battery is for but its a new product I guess.
  7. One of the guys who is part of the Packout team has said late 2020 will be big for Packout. He mentioned that there are 2 products coming that are commonly asked about. Drawers are my guess for the one. For the other I don't have many ideas for what is a popular request. I can really only think of three. Packout vac, compressor, power station. I don't think the compressor and power station make sense since the m18 compressor and mx fuel power station just came out. I guess a metal cart like what tough system has could be handy.
  8. The only thing I know is late 2020 will be huge for packout and we will be getting 2 products that are not in the line yet but commonly asked about. Did I also hear 2023 will be big for Festool? Now in terms of DeWALT they have been pretty quiet as of late.
  9. The new Festool Impact TID18 is coming along with the new 3rd generation systainers. There is also a new T18 E drill coming which was a surprise. The drill is a seemingly good deal apart from a non removable metal chuck instead of a quick change chuck. The drill is priced at $199 usd for the bare tool kit and for $299 you can get the kit which comes with 2 of the new high power 4.0 ah bluetooth batteries and a charger. I feel this is actually a pretty good value for a Festool product considering you get 2 batteries and a charger for only $299. Other kits include a TID 18 and T18 kit or a TID 18 PDC 18 kit. There are also some updated one tool kits that come with the new systainers. Another surprise was some more multi tool combo kits. TID and TSC kit, TID and HKC kit, and a TID and PS 420 kit. There were 2 kits that came with 4 tools each. A PRO Finish kit TID, TSC, PS420, and T18 kit was the first. The second is a PRO Remodeler kit with TID, PDC, HKC, and OSC. Each tool in both the kits come with their own systainer plus you get 2 extra systainers. You also get 4 batteries, a charger, a right angle chuck, and an extra tsc/hkc blade. The PRO finish kit also comes with extra jigsaw blades. The PRO Remodeler kit swaps out the jigsaw blades for OMT blades and it also includes a track for the HKC. ToolNut advertizes upto $499 in savings if you buy the tools in a kit.
  10. There is a new m18 quiet compressor coming. Model: 2840-20Price: $349 bare toolAvailable: This summerFeatures:1.2 CFM at 90 PSI31.2 lbs with 12.0ah batteryCompact for easy carryBrushless motorSingle battery operationUp to 1,600 18ga brad nails per charge with a 12.0ah There is also a packout cooler coming Model: 48-22-8460 Holds Ice for up to 30 hours Impact Resistant Body IP65 Rated Protection 16 Quart Capacity Interior Storage Tray Integrated Bottle Opener 50Ibs Weight Capacity Heavy Duty Latch Reinforced Hinge No Sweat Exterior Exterior Dimensions - 16.3" L x 12.9" H x 9.8"W Interior Dimensions - 13.1" L x 9.5" H x 7.7" There is a new Packout kit that includes the anti roll sockets. Model: 48-22-9481 3/8” 28-Piece SAE Model: 48-22-9482 32-Piece 3/8” Metric Model: 48-22-9486 106-Piece 1/4" & 3/8” SAE/Metric
  11. I'm not sure if the virus is affecting availability but it is a good possibility
  12. Jronman

    Tough System 2.0

    I don't use Tough Cases as far as I know but I do use Tough System. Is Tough System perfect? no, Is Tough System junk? I would argue no. My Tough System are scratched, beat up, modified and they haven't let me down yet. Nothing has broken either. Sure the fit and finish could be better but still the best tool boxes I have owned. I will never go back to tool bags. I find the new drawer units to work reasonably well. I've never owned the old drawer unit. I have heard it isn't great. At the time I got into the system my options for modular storage that was also tough were the Ridgid modular tool box system, TStak, or Tough System. The Tstak was the weakest of the 3 from what I could tell. The Ridgid and Tough System seemed pretty comparable in terms of toughness. At the time I had only used the Ridgid out in the job. While Tstak and the Ridgid system had a lower price tag, I decided upon Tough System due to the product lineup. Tough System offered more than the other 2 and the racking system was a huge bonus because I could throw up a couple racks in the shop and have everything organized and easily accessible. The others you had to unstack the stacks to get into lower boxes. If I could start over with Tough System and Packout as my two options, I would still pick Tough System at this time due to the wall racking system. It is annoying and time consuming to have to unstack a bunch of boxes to get to the one at the bottom. If Packout had a wall racking system comparable to Tough System it would be a much harder decision.
  13. Jronman

    Phillips #4

    Anyone ever used a Phillips #4? I had to install a few screws the other day that were clearly bigger than a Phillips #3. I did not have any #4 bits so I used the #3 which was close enough to not cam out but still pretty loose. It got the job done. It is a screw that I doubt I will have to remove ever so I felt the #3 was acceptable.
  14. I don't know much about the corded stuff but I do know you can find a cordless drill kit with 1/2 in chuck, variable speed trigger, brushless motor, and led light from pro brands at around $100. It is everything a homeowner needs. The reliability of a pro level brand and respectable performance, but with a more affordable price.
  15. I don't know much about these units. Ryobi has been a decent brand for homeowners. Cub Cadet in the past couple years has supposedly improved their products quite a bit. In terms of electric riders, I know more about Mean Green and Greenworks. Mean Green is commercial grade and priced accordingly. Their products may be good but too expensive for a homeowner. I think Greenworks offers a residential zero turn but I do not know pricing.
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