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  1. Jronman

    Fiber Cement on the Miter Saw?

    is fiber cement another name for hardiboard? The guys at work claim hardi does a bad job with high wind.
  2. Jronman

    Lego my Ego

    nice choice. Ego is great. I got one of the handheld blowers which is plenty powerful for what I use it for. I also got the brushed hedge trimmer which has excellent runtime. I could get half a day of work done and still have charge left on a 2.0 battery.
  3. Jronman

    Hitachi multivolt

    looks nice
  4. Jronman

    Others to copy Cross-Cut saws?

    In Europe DeWALT has a version of their standard circular saws that are track compatible.
  5. Jronman

    Asbestos.... Its back

    So from what I understand the new ruling is a good thing? Requires all imported Asbestos to be put under review?
  6. Jronman

    Milwaukee trimmer vs Makita 36v trimmer

    It isn't fully cross compatible but more like halfway cross compatible. I don't find the lack of ability to throw on a 20v battery for a flexvolt tool to be that bad. When I own 7 flex 2/6 batteries I have yet to even have a situation where I even wanted to put my 20v batteries on my flexvolt tools. With only have two 20v batteries at only 2.0 ah a piece, I am more likely to throw on a flex battery which is good enough compatibility for me. I have no complaints with the halfway lack of compatibility of flexvolt and 20v.
  7. Jronman

    5.2 ah battery on sale for $32.50

    I noticed the basic kit for the tsc 55 is $440 and you get 4 free batteries.
  8. Jronman

    Festool Connect 2018 Confirmed! Vegas Oct 27

    Just announced today that Festool Connect is in Las Vegas this year on October 27th. I was expecting their headquarters in Indiana like last year but guess not. I can't wait to see coverage of the event.
  9. Jronman

    Milwaukee trimmer vs Makita 36v trimmer

    May I suggest going with a cordless circular saw and jigsaw? With cordless you don't gotta worry about snagged cords, cut cords, extension cords, or lack of power outlets. Most brands now days especially Makita and Milwaukee have very good cordless saws that are very capable. Both brands have multiple brushless options. Makita has these great circular saws the brushless blade right subcompact, brushless blade left compact, brushed x2 blade right, and the brushless x2 blade left rear handle monster. Also Makita has brushless d handle and barrel grip jigsaws. Milwaukee has the smaller fuel blade left circ saw and just came out with a gen 2 fuel of their larger blade right fuel saw that is pretty impressive for only being 18v. Milwaukee also has D handle and barrel grip brushless jigsaws. I don't know how much you will be cutting with them but you could maybe get a few hours or more of cutting done with any of these saws depending on the load.
  10. Jronman

    What tools did you buy today?

    I bought a CMT 1/2 and a 3/4 forsner from Menards. I also picked up another bottle of CMT bit/bkade cleaner. I really like the stuff and figured I should have another bottle on hand for when the first one runs out. I also decided to try out a Franklin Pro Sensor T6 stud finder also from Meneards. Not too fancy or anything but is accurate according to reviews.
  11. Jronman

    Bosch gdr 18v-200 brushless impact driver

    looks like the leds are a downgrade? No tripple leds like the previous model. If my caculations are correct, 200 NM is a bit over 1700 in lbs. That puts it higher than the Makitas on paper but less than the gen 2 Dewalts and Milwaukees.
  12. Jronman

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    The only thing is it can sometimes catch on corners.
  13. Jronman

    Rockler Customer Favorites Sale

    Rockler is doing a sale through August 30th that has a bunch of different deals. Might be worth looking into. http://www.rockler.com/rockler-promotions/current-promotions
  14. Jronman

    Porter Cable 7538 Production Router

    I have thought one of these would be nice to have. Only thing is getting the slabbing sled and rails it rides on parallel and flat and keeping it that way. I also found this yesterday. It might be an option. It supposedly works with my router. http://www.rockler.com/router-raizer
  15. Jronman

    Milwaukee trimmer vs Makita 36v trimmer

    When it comes to gas ope apparently Makita knows their stuff. In tests I have seen the Makita stuff tends to score high. I would expect the x2 stuff to be no different. I haven't personally used any Makita ope but the x2 multihead system looks nice especially with all the different heads you can attach to the trimmer. I don't know where the motor is located on the multihead. I have seen reviews on the Makita trimmer and it has some nice features like the reverse spin button for if something wraps around the string and gets caught. I'm sure Milwaukee is good as well especially with the 9.0 HD or 12.0 HO or 6.0 HO. I don't know if it will perform well with less powerful m18 batteries. I personally would go x2 but both are good in my opinion.