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  1. World of Concrete is happening soon. a bit later than usual. Are anyone going (besides @Eric - TIA @Dan - TIA) , have any predictions, or have things you would like to see?
  2. I guess I'm missing something here or am I? Doesn't DeWALT have 120v tools? or are you saying they need to expand the dual 60v line with more tools other than the DHS790 and the DHS716 miter saws? The 120v table saw could be a true replacement to their hybrid size of table saw. The 120v vac could come in both the "shop vac" style and the "dust extractor" style of the full size vacs DeWALT offers. I would like to see an option to have 4 batteries in each vac for 120v performance but double the runtime.
  3. @fm2176 its kinda funny my parents are the ones that use emotes, texting talk/abbreviations, and improper grammar/punctuation and not myself. I'm like you, I prefer to use proper grammar, punctuation, and whatnot as long as I don't make any typos. I try to read the longer posts but as the length of content increases, the amount of content missed can also increase. If someone has a question in a thread, and I can help out, I try to answer to the best of my ability. If there are multiple questions it bothers me if only a portion of the questions are answered and not all. If I can only answer a portion of the questions I will try to let the individual know I do not have an answer for the remainder and if I know how to get to the answer but not the means to do so I try to help them get in the right direction.
  4. I haven't experienced or known anyone around town experience this with their DeWALT batteries. I have had batteries with issues but none caught fire. I personally keep my batteries in a tough system in my garage. Sometimes I might have one battery in the pickup connected to my DeWALT light but otherwise they just get used in the garage.
  5. One thing to mention is you will need jigsaw blades for the jigsaw and not reciprocating saw blades. I would agree with what @fm2176 the brushless stuff is the way to go. In many cases more runtime and more power. I would pick the atomic impact and drill over the entry level brushless drill and impact. I felt DeWALT cut a few too many corners with this kit like the lack of a triple led which the brushed kit it was seemingly designed to replace has the triple led setup. Also the power is nearly identical to the old kit. The lack of triple led is not a huge deal and the power isn't either but just something to consider. With the Atomic you get an affordable option that has the triple led and a bit more power than the entry level brushless. The premium stuff is nice and all but has a much larger price tag and feature set that would be very overkill for most homeowners needs. I don't know how versatile you need the drill to be but you might want to consider the option with hammer mode just incase you need to install a small concrete screw or two. Maybe if you got a basement and need to instal something on the wall it might come in handy. You might try places like Acme Tool and Toolnut for sales. Typically at the start of the month new deals arrive like free battery/bare tools, percentage off deals, and money off deals.
  6. @Parthmad I own the grs-16 pe guide rail square. I also own both DeWALT and Festool guide rails. The DeWALT rails are not compatible. The nice thing about the DeWALT track saw is it is compatible with Festool guide rails. Possibly Makita and Triton but I am not for sure. Before I got my Festool TSC55 I used my DeWALT on the Festool rails and it worked great. I did not find any decent squaring options for the DeWALT rails. DeWALT used to sell a square but it is discontinued. They are getting harder to find and if you do find one, it is hard to find one that is actually square. I heard it had accuracy issues.
  7. Jronman

    New Blade Problem

    I didn't know the light could have calibration issues.
  8. DeWALT came out with a bunch of new corded grinders a few years ago including some brushless models.
  9. They may not have been compatible but with a few tweaks they could have.
  10. I just noticed this too. My suggestion still stands for the Makita. You are getting 4 batteries, guide rail, dual charger, regular length guide rail, saw, and 2 makpaks for only $500. @bradleyheathhays if you can make one more large purchase, I think it will be worth it in the long run and your still paying less than the Festool. That is if a 6-1/2in blade will be sufficient. If you need the capacity of the TS75 then you may want to try @Mordekyle 's idea. Most newer 7in saws and sometimes bigger saws have dust collection options if that is something you need. It is typically not best dust collection but still dust collection none the less. Also a regular circular saw doesn't have a splinter guard so your cut may have more tearout with the regular saw.
  11. I would have expected companies to require safety glasses just so they don't have to pay work comp if a guy were to have potential for chemicals and objects to hit the eye.
  12. I picked up the Milescraft dowel jig, a drill bit for it, and a box of dowels from Menards the other day. I also got a couple grr-rip blocks from Rockler. The gripping performance is impressive. I also ordered some led light bars off of Amazon and a pair of Keen insulated shoes.
  13. I kinda wish they stuck with the Chervon batteries. I have no idea if they were compatible with ego stuff and vice versa but it would at least have been a start.
  14. I think we just had to get past the initial Craftsman launch. I think the hype is starting to die down and DeWALT is starting to pick up. We saw some new stuff at STAFFDA and I imagine we will see more at World of Concrete.
  15. agreed. It is as good as the Kapex just has a smaller blade which isn't always bad.
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