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  1. Upcoming Events

    Might be a little more practical for and Events section?
  2. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    I got one about a chemical sprayer not too long ago.
  3. Metabo 10” cordless tablesaw

    I thought it was just x2 in general? It could be any combination of two 36v or 18v Metabo batteries.
  4. Cordless Tool Trivia

    was a trick question. Milwaukee doesnt have a packout wall rack out or announced yet. Would someone like to go?
  5. I take it my rail is out of square?

    @SetBuilder maybe +/- 1/64-1/128 over 12 in. I did the thing where you make some marks then flip the square over and see if the marks line up with the square and I got it really close.
  6. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    @Bill539 Agreed. tough system compatible cooler is a no brainer. I have also seen battery powered coolers and making one that is compatible with all DEWALT 20v and 60v batteries wouldn't be too hard. @Cr8ondt you talking cordless coil roofing nailer? Would there be any concern about the nailer sliding off the roof and breaking? I'd also like a gen 2 multitool with starlock that has legacy support for the gen 1 accessories. I'd also like it to have 3 led's: one on the front, one on the left, and one on the right. It would make working in tight dark areas easier because there will be light all around instead of just forward. I'd also like it to not only have variable speed trigger but also some kind of variable lock whether it be an addition of a speed dial or something else. Some vibration reduction would also be a plus. Maybe there could also be a starlock plus or starlock max in the flexvolt line.
  7. I have no idea what bits to use but I have heard good things about Hilti and Bosch concrete stuff so maybe could try one of them.
  8. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    I tried bringing us back on topic. I wouldn't mind a tough system gen 2 that is backwards compatible with gen 1
  9. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    those with the 60v or 40v ope would probably like a rear intake blower
  10. Keeping Jobsite Clean?

    I try to clean as I go. Saves time in the long run in my opinion because you don't track dust around.
  11. Tool Wax

    What kind of wax do you guys use to protect your tools and/or reduce friction? I seen this add on Amazon. Anyone ever used it? https://www.amazon.com/Renaissance-Wax-PCRW2-200ml/dp/B0012S1XBO/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_469_bs_tr_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=M9QR4V37E099K3QJ5FEM&dpID=51zBOI5223L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=detail
  12. Had to sand some floors in a large house. 3 floors plus a basement and walk in attic. Only downside was one of the owners smokes inside and the other guy working with me decides to not use a vac with the sander. Was only one day or so he didn't use the vac but still. Main floor is almost finished. Might have been pre 1900's when it was built.
  13. Upcoming Events

    At GIE+ Expo I seen Ego has a new pole hedge trimmer attachment for the power plus system and a new mower. Makita had the new cart for guys to demo but this time it was the wheelbarrow version and not the flatbed version. They also had various saws and OPE too. STAFDA seems to have a good turnout for exhibitors. Bosch is going, Chervon (owners of Ego, Skil, Skilsaw), DeWALT, Diablo, and many more big brands plus quite a few brands we maybe haven't heard of before. Id expect at least one new Flexvolt item and maybe Makita's battery with 21700 cells to be shown off. Maybe a couple new options in the packout line. Bosch will probably show off some appliances maybe have some connected tools.
  14. Upcoming Events

    Thought we could use one of these. A place to post about currents and upcoming tool events. Your one stop shop about the most current and up to date tool event information. If there is an event you want to talk about just post about it here. I will start. There is 2 worth mentioning. GIE+ Expo 2018 is currently going on. It is heavy on the landscaping trades but there can be a other tools as well. STAFDA 2018 will be coming up in around 20 days. Will be held in Austin Texas this year. I would expect to see quite a few new tools here.
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    You gonna review your new flex stuff?