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  1. I am looking for white led backup lights for my car since one burnt out. The sizing is 7440. I want something that is road legal. Please do not convince me to justify, bend the rules, compromise, etc. Just because a policeman won't stop a person for it doesn't mean it is justified or right. My first go to site is Amazon but the options are very minimal and questionable if they are compliant or not. Most of it is "Chinesium" "el cheapo" (not necessarily from China but of questionable quality). I want something that is going to last. The options I found of name brand did not get great reviews. I try to look at reviews but lately I have heard they can be rigged so are the reviews even genuine anymore. I have always viewed a higher review count as being more accurate. Maybe I am better off just sticking with a halogen?
  2. I ordered the Festool 576676 Granat 60-220 Grit Abrasive Assortment Systainer For 5" (125mm) Sanders. It is only $199 before tax which is a decent deal considering how much everything would be if you got them all separate. I also bought some lids for my rubbermaid brute trashcans, and some blades for my Scag mower. I'm hoping the blades come as advertised. They claim to be OEM Marbain blades so we will see I guess.
  3. So it is confirmed the 10in is coming to North America?
  4. The flexvolt tracksaw is getting an update with wireless tool control. No more information on any other changes are known at this point.
  5. I ordered an ETSC 125 on sale off of Festool Products. It is the full kit with 2 non bluetooth batteries, corded adapter, sys combi 2. Shipping was free and with included tax it was under $500.
  6. I was going to buy a Festool cordless sander that was on sale from festoolproducts.com and noticed the ETS 125 which is the corded only version of the ETSC 125 had the New 3rd generation Systasiner in the product image. Sure enough in the product description it comes with Systainer³ M 187. Seems kinda odd that Festool would have a quiet release of the new Systainers in North America. Maybe the product listing was accidentally changed before it was supposed to be? The RTS, DTS, ETS EC 150/5 and 150/3 but not the 125/3 also come in the 3rd gen Systainers. The price as of right now seems to be the same as the models with the 2nd generation Systainers but that is likely to change in one week. There were no other products with the new systainer. Also it is not available as a standalone item.
  7. @paulengr Could they just modify an existing cordless planer? Of the cordless tools out right now, the cordless planer is the closest I can think of. It might not be optimized for belt sanding but it could at least get a proof of concept working. Some of tho components could be repurposed like the battery mount, trigger/handle, circuit board, and motor.
  8. @wingless yes it is the DXST10000. I have considered getting another if I ever move into a larger storage space or my own shop.
  9. @conoride Quality is a must. I don't want stuff breaking or the belt falling off mid sand. I would probably prefer brushless motor over brushed. Many pro grade rectangular, delta, and eccentric sanders have variable speed. Maybe we could have a variable speed dial on a belt sander? I don't know if an led is needed but they are usually nice to have and starting to be on just about every handheld tool. In terms of dust collection it is a must. The fabric bags are ok for short sands but they fill up rather quickly. The same goes with the hard plastic dust containers you sometimes see on sanders. I would prefer a hard plastic case dust container over the fabric bag if one were to be included with the tool. In terms of attaching a vac, I don't see any issues attaching a vac to the belt sander. With the cordless backpack vacs, they move as the user moves which is more convenient than a regular cordless vac. Also the belt sander needs to have the wireless activation many companies are moving too. One thing I would like to see with the dust collection is just better collection at the source. From my experience better dust collection is beneficial in many ways. It saves time and money by extending the life of the paper. It extends the life of the paper because it keeps the sand paper cooler, keeps the paper cleaner by reducing caking/gumming, it speeds up the sanding process because caking/gumming is a big factor in reducing the effectiveness of the sandpaper, and finally it just collects dust better in general. Maybe the rollers could be modified in such a way to boost dust collection performance? The faster you remove the dust from the paper the better is what I've heard. Would there be any need to have some kind of mounting points for a mini fence/table to allow the user to do more stationary work at the jobsite? A guy could possibly retrofit the rabbeting fence from cordless hand planers to work with a belt sander. I know most cordless tools have a safety switch instead of a lock on switch but maybe they could both be used on the same tool. Some grinders even have a safety feature that if it detects an impact due to the tool being dropped it will automatically cut the power to the tool. The same or similar technology could be utilized in this sander to allow for the lock on features but at the same time retaining the safety requirements that may be required of the tool.
  10. I don't recall specifics but it was multiple issues. Speakers blowing might have been one of the issues.
  11. I'm hoping they last awhile. I'd like to keep using them if I ever move into a bigger space.
  12. I ordered some new DeWALT Industrial Shelving from Home Depot. I got the [roughly 6' w x 6' h x 2' d] 4 shelf version. I decided to save $50 so I chose ship to store for the first time ever. It went just fine. I wasn't expecting the weight of the unit to be roughly 160+ lbs. Home Depot even helped me get it into my pickup truck which was nice. I planned to put it in a 10' x 10' storage unit I occupy to store my mowing and snow equipment. I put it together by myself but if I remember right the directions recommended a second person to help. There were a couple steps that could have been more clear but otherwise it went together without much issue. Previously I had covered most of the ground with my equipment but now the majority of it is contained within the shelving. I felt the quality was good enough. Everything was mostly metal. The 4th shelf is a composite material which is the only main non metal part included. There are a few smaller non structural parts that were not of metal. Adjusting the height of the shelf is reasonably easy. It requires removing a few screws which aren't a huge deal. Every shelf has 8 cross braces. There was an included bracket for use as an anti tip safety feature which gets fastened to the wall. I did not use the bracket. If I had 2500 lbs on the top shelf held to the wall with 4 included plastic drywall anchors and screws I might wonder will the bracket even hold in a tip scenario. I'm not even close to the rated capacity so I wasn't too worried about tipping.
  13. I know tough system 2.0 is scheduled for arrival in May. Maybe this will arrive at a similar time frame as well.
  14. DeWALT has announced that the Tough System 2.0 production is being halted. There has been quite a few returns happening due to problems with the units.
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