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  1. I bought Fusion 360 for one year yesterday for 40% off. I will probably utilize this tool work on furniture plans and also use it for cnc work. I plan to get a Shaper Origin and will use it in conjunction with the origin. I also got a pair of 15 foot quickloader ratchet straps. They are good straps. I can see advantages and disadvantages to the quick loader straps. They stay much neater than other straps and are built well. Sometimes, depending on the load, it is easiest to throw one end of the strap to the guy on the other side. It would be tricky to do so with a Quickloader. Otherwise I
  2. I have used Black and Decker, Bosch, DeWALT, Festool, and Skill branded sanders. My favorites were Festool followed by Bosch. The Black and Decker Was by far the worst sander I have ever used. I hope to never use one again. Festool corded 5 in random orbital for $205 is what I would recommend for a corded option. You can also get the bare tool cordless/corded for $225.The dust collection and vibration reduction are superb on the Festool sanders. Bosch makes a decent 5 in for around $100. DeWALT’s are also decent. I’m not sure on pricing. If you want rectangular or delta pad orbitals you will p
  3. One thing to consider is what material will be used for proper balance between slipperiness and friction. I thought I have heard of felt boards but I could be wrong. A smooth laminate counter material might work. Is epoxy slick enough? If so you could try that. if you want bare wood a nice sand and some paste wax might work.
  4. What did you guys think of Episode two of Pipeline? What were your likes and what were your dislikes? The additions are nice but the pricing is steep in my opinion.
  5. Jronman

    Shaper Origin

    @Eric - TIA Yeah I tried with her but she wasn't responding so I thought maybe I could give this a try. That thing is hard to come by outside buying one brand new.
  6. DeWALT Cordless Fastener is my guess.
  7. A low cost hardwood available in your area is probably the way to go. Oak is common in my area. Poplar is another common one. You could even use framing lumber except it might take more machining and would be much softer.
  8. $2500 is current starting price then goes up from their depending on what you kit out with it.
  9. I might just have to find one elsewhere. The owner doesn't seem to be responding. It was a good price too,
  10. Jronman

    Shaper Origin

    I am looking to buy a Shaper Origin.
  11. What did you guys think of Episode one of Pipeline? What were your likes and what were your dislikes? I liked the 23g m12 nail gun. The light was a nice addition that the stapler does not have. The Impact wrenches were nice and very good upgrades but a new impact wrench every year when other tools are lacking in updates is kinda getting old. I do like the triple led setups on the new impacts and the compact is impressively compact. I liked that the OMTs finally got an update but I felt they were nothing to write about. The M18 variant had more updates I felt like. The new led setup is ver
  12. @duchess I am very interested in this. I am still wondering what all the $1900 includes. Also how would payment be exchanged. I can do Paypal or check. Would either of those options work?
  13. Yeah thats my biggest complaint with it. Otherwise it works great for my snow clients.
  14. single stage is getting a metal auger upgrade and a new 40' throw distance rating
  15. I meant specifically related to the Shaper Origin. For example the shaper tape, systainer storage box, and cutter bits should be 3 different one that came with the kit. What is in this video is what comes with the Origin Sorry for the confusion. I am interested in getting an Origin but it would be nice to know what is included so I know what extra I have to get that’s not included.
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