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  1. Jronman

    $50 off bare tools

    A store near where I live is doing a $50 off bare tool deal. I think the store is assocciated with do it best so maybe other do it best stores have this deal? They don't always have good prices mostly average at best but with the $50 off it would make some items cheaper than other stores.
  2. Jronman

    refurbishing dcf886

    might as well switch to Makita?
  3. the circular saw is a 7-1/4 inch diameter. It is not a compact saw. The recip is a compact recip. Compact tools generally have a lower price. I would avoid using 2 ah batteries in any circ saws especially the 7 inchers. Using one on a 6 incher is bad enough but a 7 incher is almost unusable. You might get half a dozen cuts at most with very little power. The 5 ah kit may be more expensive but it is a lot better option if you are planning to use circular saws. More work can get done with a 5ah due to having 5 extra cells at the tools disposal. I haven't found a brushless kit with the 5ah and circ saw but there is one with the 5ah and recip saw. It also includes an upgraded hammer drill. It is the DCD996 which has more power and a 3 speed gearbox.
  4. Jronman

    New Vecturo Spotted

    new saws and updated saws are coming. Including table saws. Some speculate with SawStop tech
  5. The way you can tell what DeWALT tools are brushless is the grip. They have a yellow section that says brushless. Since you already have tue 20v max grease gun I would go with DeWALT.
  6. Jronman

    New Vecturo Spotted

    Will these come to north america?
  7. I think the deal you got with the free battery and packout is hard to beat. As good as the gen 3's are, apart from the below average cooling, you will probably find the gen 2's will be good enough for 99% of what you need to do with them.
  8. Jronman

    Theft and how you all deal with it?

    Sorry no can do. That is the equivalent of calling turkey, Bacon. There is only one Bacon and that is Bacon.
  9. Jronman

    Friday Tool Fights Might Return

    I heard you guys mention wanting to try out more live content. May I suggest trying a live format with the tool fights? Might make them more engaging and enjoyable for all. The live viewers might even be able to suggest things to try with the tools.
  10. Jronman

    New Vecturo Spotted

    I seen that Toolsbydesign had a post in his stories that showed a picture of what look to me like a new Festool OMT. This tool is clearly cordless but whether it uses the standard 18v packs or the ergo packs is hard to tell. The front almost reminded me of the Fein Supercut especially with the new release lever. The blades reminded me of Starlock with the raised part and I am leaning towards it being Starlock but with the picture quality as low as it is I am not 100% sure. All my speculations are coming from this one picture. I don't even know if it is real or not. I hope it is because it might mean more companies are on board with Starlock.
  11. As many of you guys might know. @Eric - TIA and @Dan - TIA are working on a new TIA shop/studio. They mentioned Friday Tool Fights might return. I hope they do. I enjoyed watching them back when Dan and Eric used to do them.
  12. Jronman

    Flexvolt 12.0 delayed again!

    I thought they were available too. Maybe they are for sale but just awaiting for new stock?
  13. Jronman

    Theft and how you all deal with it?

    Wow that doesn't sound good. People tend not to steal stuff that bad where I live but it is a lot different living in a small town (mine is 3kish people) vs a large city.
  14. I'm curious how you guys store bare tools or more specifically what do you guys store your tools corded/cordless in that do not come with their own storage.?Some just use the cardboard box the tool shipped in or leave the tool loose. Others buy some better storage like a tool bag/box or modular storage. I personally invest in Systainers and Tough System. They fit my needs and wants quite well. I am trying to phase out any other storage I have.
  15. @copperruby where you able to get your collet issue figured out?