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  1. the adapter is so the LXT batteries can charge in the XGT chargers. I'm kinda disappointed. Makita was the last of the big 3 to not go to a new battery platform and they finally gave in and halfway failed. Flexvolt is a new battery platform and so is High Output but they at least work with their regular line of 18v tools.
  2. What was shown at the event was commercial grade Husqvarna, Bosch, Metabot HPT (particularly multivolt), Kobalt, and Spider accessories. Interestingly enough they had no SB&D unless I missed something.
  3. The weight capacities on some of these options would be more than enough.
  4. Personally I don't need a 10 in and don't see why one needs to be released. The current Flexvolt table saw is big enough. How many times am I going to need a 10 in table saw? 99% of the time you probably aren't cutting anything more than 2-1/2 inches which the flexvolt is more than capable.
  5. The new Lowes thing isn't fully implemented. The first stores just started the transition process. It is unlikely that they had the new pro oriented features yet.
  6. I'm not sure how the blade will be mounted. I have not installed a blade before. I was going to have my mower mechanic install the blade.I may see if he has any good ideas for mounting lights.
  7. @Jrhky36 I like where you put them except it is not very practical for my situation. I have counter weights for my bagging system installed on the front and in the winter where I expect to use them the most, I will have a snow blade on the front. I could maybe have a custom mount built for the front to raise them above the snow blade. I could also rear mount but it would probably require buying the rollbar or having a custom mount built. Side mount would probably be the easiest option but more limiting on my size options because I wouldn't want them sticking out past the widest point of the mower. Have the lights you went with been reliable with long term use? What connector did you have to go with? The Deutsch DT? The 2 way SAE? Just by going off the price the Rough Country lights should be higher quality than the ones off of Amazon. As an example I could go with a 100 different no name brands off of Amazon and get a 20 in for $40 or go with a 10 in Rough Country for $100-$200. It is priced between the Rigid and the Amazon ones.
  8. Lowes is Revamping their stores to be more pro oriented. Their goal is to make it easier for the pro. This may include more pro oriented tools, a pro loader to help with loading material so only one guy has to make a material run instead of two, demo tables to try tools and whatnot, and a new pro desk supervisor. Dan, Eric, and Stanley went to an event to see what it was all about. It reminded me of the Home Depot events.
  9. Same. I got 3 tough system wall racks installed and a 4th in storage for if I decide I need another and can find room. I have organizers, drawer units, the tote, the cooler, and an assortment of 130's, 300's, and 400's. I like aspects to Packout better but at the time of me getting into modular systems, Packout was not out yet, and one of the biggest selling points of Tough System for me is the wall racks. I started getting Systainers when I bought my first Festool tools and while they might not be as tough, they are thought out quite well. The fact each box can organize the tool and many of the accessories that go with in one box without having to have the items get disorganized is nice. Many times you can find various foam inserts for non Festool/TTS tools to fit into Systainers which I have done to fit some higher end accessories I have purchased. I do own one Tstak because a tool came with one, but one of my biggest reasons for not going with Tstak/Versastak at the time is because there was no wall rack solution. I could have made a Tstak version of a Sys Port but the Tough System wall rack was so convenient. I have considered integrating a Sys port into a dedicated miter station since I now have Systainers and they currently do not have a good spot to be stored right now but that will probably be a ways off.
  10. I would go with the 2ah. Smaller and lighter than the 3ah. 99% of the time the 2ah is adequate for the job.
  11. I am looking to instal some kind of quality light bar(s) onto my mower. Not sure if I want two smaller ones mounted onto the side or have one large mounted on the center (maybe near my feet or above my head) The mower is a Scag Tiger Cub 48 Zero Turn Rider. It currently has a 2 pin SAE connector on it which is not ideal for led bars but I can buy an adapter to work with the Deutsch DT connector which from my research seems to be the standard connector for LED light bars. I can easily buy a kit from Scag but I can't find one that is LED even though there is supposedly a LED kit available that works with most models built after 2002 and mine is a 2006. The ones I found were Halogen which would not be very bright. Ideally I want something quality like a Rigid but the price seems a bit high. I am not familiar with any other reputable brands of LED light bar brands. I do know of Cree and Osram that make the LED chips. From my research the Cree had a better flood but the Osram had a better spot. I would probably preffer the flood over the spot when using the mower so the Cree seems like the better option. I'm not sure about the ones off of Amazon and other sites. I have heard good things and bad, mostly bad. I'd like to trust the videos on the Amazon no name brands but most of them are not reviewing them after long term use. Just your typical install and first impression. @JimboS1ice @ChrisK @Dan - TIA @Eric - TIA
  12. hmm not sure what the M stands for in the product number.
  13. I don't understand the joke but broken tools aren't too bad. It just means you get to buy more tools, and more tools is never bad.
  14. there is also 2 cordless polishers.
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