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  1. Greenlee (Textron) aquires Ridgid!

    All TTI and Home Depot need to do is sell Ridgid tools as AEG in Home Depot. They don't ned to change anything for the brand. The new Greenlee/Ridgid company just needs to continue using Makita batteries for current Greenlee tools and switch to Makita batteries for current Emerson Ridgid tools. They could either do Ridgid name with Greenlee color scheme or do Greenlee with Ridgid color scheme. The AEG stuff could get AEG color scheme.
  2. 20V or 60V Grinder

    The new DeWALT grinders seem like great grinders. For occasional grinding the 20v will work fine. Since you mentioned having Makita you might want to check out the new Makita grinders. I think they are variable speed and there is even options that have AWS.
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    That the stapler or nailer? Do you like it and is it worth the money over the m12?
  4. The Reciprocating Saw: Tool of All Trades

    I wonder why guys don't use eye and ear protection. It's not like they are uncomfortable or inconvenient like a dust mask.
  5. Milwaukee NPS 2018

    I wish brands were more consistent and more informative about release dates. Some things take what seems like ages to come out. Other things seem to get released out of the blue with very little notice beforehand. At events if they don't have a definitive date they should at least say the time of year (holiday, winter, spring, summer, fall, etc.) and year it will come out. When the time of year arrives they should by then say either month and time of month (early, mid, late) or say exact date.
  6. Domino Knock Down Fastener Question

    Ah I see now. Will I be able to use 3/4 ply for the side and 3/4 lumber for the brace? I suppose the vertical section would have an extra 3/4 added for the cleats which might be enough and I could also increase the thickness of the bracing by gluing two 3/4 boards together for one brace. The cabinet would only be 3/4 thick in the side walls.
  7. I used the m12 stapler yesterday and today. We were insulating a new house build. It was excellent. The runtime will last all or almost all day on one 1.5 amp/hr battery. Used one battery plus half of another in two days of heavy use. I had zero jams. Where it really shined was when we needed to insulate some harder to access places like in certain parts of the roof and a framed area above a fireplace hiding the exhaust. With no air hose I could navigate the trusses to get where I needed. When we did the fireplace one guy climbed into the framed area to insulate with the stapler while I cut the pieces. I left the stapler with the guys for the week to try out. I will be gone from work a few days. They seemed excited to use it. I wouldn't be surprised if work buys one. I told them the price and I think they all said something along the lines of "thats not bad". I also told them what it would be to replace our Senco pneumatic with a brand new Senco pneumatic and the m12 kit was around half the price of the Senco which didn't even come with a hose coupler. $300 for Senco and $150 for m12 kit. As good as the m12 is, it could still use a few improvements. A light isn't essential but would be nice. I wish it used a different kind of dryfire lock out system. It can be annoying at times because it can be hard to press the nose enough to allow it to fire in tight spaces. It also needs to fire a bit faster. It just can't compete speed wise with our Senco pneumatic staplers. I don't think double the rate of fire is too much to ask for.
  8. Domino Knock Down Fastener Question

    More than likely there will be no back. If anything I may design some kind of brace. The current office setup in our house has a window above the desk which I would not want to block. If I were to build this I would be using A1/AA oak and oak ply with oil stain and 3 coats of satin polyurethane. Plan was to have a joint at the edge of the middle cabinet on either side so I have 3 tops. I could also have a joint in the middle of the middle cabinet and have only 2 tops. In the second diagram on my last post it shows 3 dominos in a vertical position between the top and blue pieces. Those should be easy to do and I could even hide them behind the green bracing. It is accessing the 4 horizontal dominos joining the green bracing to the blue pieces that I am unsure of. If there was a straight to straight knock down domino that could be uncoupled from the end then I could do it but all knock down dominos are uncoupled from the side right? I suppose screws are probably the best option.
  9. Domino Knock Down Fastener Question

    @khariV is this what you mean? here is a quick sketch of it. The drawer unit in blue with drawers in yellow, vertical part in blue, and brace in green would be one piece that would be permanently fastened together? The desktop in grey will be removable and will butt up against the blue portion? I also did a quick sketch hopefully better explaining my original idea. The green bracing would come off the blue sections allowing me to then remove the blue sections from the desktop.
  10. What will Makita come out with next?

    It also has space for larger batteries.
  11. Domino Knock Down Fastener Question

    @khariV the bracing needs to come off before the top portion and drawer unit because it spans the whole height of the desk. Also the top will be able to separate into 2 maybe 3 sections.
  12. I am designing a large L shaped desk. I am toying with the idea of adding bracing which I colored green to the side of the desk colored in grey. The section in grey extending above the desk's top will have cleats on the interior side for hanging shelves, pen holders, and other things I think of. The cleats would allow me to rearrange the shelf setup on the desk or if I come up with a better design for shelf I only have to replace the shelf instead of the whole desk. Below the Desk's top on the edge will be a drawer unit for serving the purpose of a file cabinet. My goal is to have a way to easily take apart large sections of the desk so it can be moved through doorways and around corners and whatnot. Large furniture is a pain to move in tight quarters and hopefully this solves the issue. I seen Festool recently came out with the domino connectors which caught my interest. I colored the connectors in red. Is it possible to use the connectors to join the brace with the desk in this way? I just don't know how I would be able to access the screws that are for taking apart the connectors. I just don't know enough about the connectors to know if there is a combo of connector parts that would work. I don't currently own a domino and wouldn't be against getting one. It is the best setup I have seen for knock down furniture. Here is the desk design so far. Green is drawers, blue is faceframe, and grey is everything else.
  13. Toolnut

    Waiting for the x2 Kapex??? haha
  14. Dewalt batteries 18v vs 20v

    @Lannabulls in terms of DeWALT I associate 18v with DeWALT's old stick pack line commonly referred to the ni-cd line and the 20v with DeWALT's newer slide pack line. In terms of your chargers there is stick pack chargers and slide pack chargers and they are not compatible. Many of the current chargers will charge The current line of 54v, 18v, and 10.8v batteries. They will not charge the old line of batteries. Some markets require actual voltage in marketing instead of nominal. In North America they allow nominal. At one time the item measured the nominal. A 2x4 is a good example. The mill cuts it at 2 in x 4 in but due to drying it shrinks to the 1-1/2 in x 3-1/2 in. Batteries will measure 20v at 100% charge no load.
  15. Recommend me a cordless drill

    If you want to stick with DeWALT then the DCD996 is a good option. Lots of power, 3 speeds, hammer mode for just incase, and a 3 mode led. What brand do you have the most cordless tools in? That brand might offer a good option as well.