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  1. Jronman

    More SB&D Clones

    Looks like Craftsman wanted in on the fun of Tstak so they are coming out with their own Tstak.
  2. Jronman

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    According to DeWALT the 577 is an 1/8" less cut depth than the Makita. Also I would rather pay for my Healthcare instead of it being "free" thank you very much. I have never used the 577 so I can't confirm if it has less cut depth. I'm just going from on paper specs.
  3. Seen this today when checking Makita's website. an x2 robotic vac. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/DRC200PT
  4. Jronman

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Even a 2.0 will drain quickly. Getting at least a 10 cell pack will see noticeable improvement. A 4.0 or a 5.0 are probably the most cost effective 10 cell options
  5. Jronman

    Any news about tomorrow?

    I thought I seen somewhere there might be a DeWALT thing on June 12th. Anyone hear anything about it?
  6. Jronman

    9ah trade in DEAL

    so basically they have to be tool batteries?
  7. Jronman

    Any news about tomorrow?

    All I know is some people on this forum have insider info. Stuff coming in summer. My best guess is they are under an embargo which prohibits talk about products until either DeWALT says they can talk about them or the items officially get publicly announced. Myself and @Framer joe are not one of those people who have this insider info. Both of us wish we were. haha
  8. Jronman

    How do you keep track of your router bits?

    I haven't gotten this far yet. I currently just store my bits in the original packaging. I don't think color coding is the best option especially when there is so many different kinds of bits. I think some kind of label would be alright. Tedious to get one for each bit though.
  9. Jronman

    9ah trade in DEAL

    So i can bring in the 2 cheapest batteries I can find and get a 9.0 in exchange?
  10. Jronman

    Any news about tomorrow?

  11. Jronman

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    $249 usd at acme which converts to around $327 asd. That is about $42 premium.
  12. Jronman

    Any news about tomorrow?

    Here is where I saw the June 12th date.
  13. Jronman

    Needing suggestions

    Are you looking to stick with DeWALT or go with a different brand? Usually you can find deals on DeWALT just about anywhere. I haven't seen many good deals right now. Some average free bare tool deals. You will find a lot of ope deals this time of year. Last year seemed to have better deals in the fall. I seen there was three decent kits from DeWALT if you are interested. ToolGuyd did a post on them. He kinda gave his thoughts on each one. https://toolguyd.com/best-dewalt-20v-cordless-power-tool-combo-kit-right-now/ I thought the 1st kit was the better deal. With it being a 7 tool kit it also came with a ToughSystem box and a third battery. Also a couple of the tools you get were brushless.
  14. Jronman


    Of the countersink bits I have used, the DeWALT ones have seemed like some of the better ones.
  15. Jronman

    New rafter hook?

    Sounds like today at work. The one guy had all his batteries depleted and needing of a charge then another guy brought his 2 batteries to use then those needed recharging. The only other guy who brought batteries to work had his 2 blocks away.
  16. Jronman

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    1 dollar in the United States is not equal to 1 dollar in Australia. Maybe the price is comparable?
  17. Jronman

    new TSTAK box spotted / DT70716 (Europe)

    so these mini t-staks are similar to what micro systainers are to normal sized systainers but with the added benefit that they are designed to fit into the normal sized t-staks?
  18. It is a new "Gen 2 Fuel" circular saw. New motor with more power and more speed would be my guess. Other than the beefier hook, I don't know what else changed. I feel like DeWALT has some of the easier model numbers to remember. The numbers in the back don't mean much but the 3 letters in the front kinda do. D for DeWALT, C for cordless, then many others to tell general type of tool. F for fasteners, D for drill, L for light, etc. DCF, DCD, DCL, etc. I don't know if officially this is what they stand for but it makes remembering model numbers easier.
  19. Jronman


    I like my flextorq impact bits. The kit I got was a good all around kit. Had most of everything covered. I got one of the newer Bosch kits which I felt were a bit better. Only downside is it did not come with any flat bits. I also got a 3 piece countersink set that did the job and a small drill bit set that also does the job. I wouldn't say they are anything special but I don't have much better to compare them too. I have the impact rated right angle adapter which does the job. Better for light duty stuff. I have used some recip blades which were average at best. I haven't really used any other DeWALT bits/blades apart from the stuff that came with a tool. I feel like DeWALT in some areas doesn't have as many options as other brands.
  20. Jronman

    2x20V lawn mower

    I think the power head has the motor near the back instead of at the front. Might be why there is more vibration?
  21. I happened to be looking at Festool batteries and noticed the prices didn't seem outrageous. I compared them to 4 of the most popular premium brands and they were actually cheaper. Here are some comparisons of batteries. I am only including the single pack kits. I know some brands offer 2 pack kits and in some cases even more. 5 cell packs- highest amp hr Festool - 3.1 standard pack - $74 - 3.1 Ergo pack - $74 DeWALT - 3.0 - $99 - Bluetooth 2.0 - $99 Milwaukee - 2.0 - $79 Makita - 2.0 - $79 Bosch - 2.0 - $69 10 cell batteries - 5 amp hr range Festool - 5.2 - $84 - 5.2 with bluetooth - $110 DeWALT - 5.0 - $139 - 5.0 with bluetooth - $141.99 Milwaukee - 5.0 - $129 Makita - 5.0 - $129 Bosch - 5.0 - $112.99 10 cell packs - 6 amp hr range Festool - 6.2 - $100 - 6.2 with bluetooth - $125 DeWALT - 20v 6.0 - $149 - Flexvolt 6.0/2.0 - $149 Milwaukee - 6.0 - $149 Makita - 6.0 - $159 Bosch - 6.0 - $129 - Core 6.3 - $149
  22. I'm curious as to what Festool is going to come out with next. I wonder if anything will be unveiled in the Summer or Fall? Maybe at Festool Connect in Indiana if that is happening this year?
  23. Jronman

    Festool Batteries not Super Expensive?

    They do have the 2 battery saw if that counts as "high demand".
  24. Jronman

    What will Makita come out with next?

    My dad used to own a Black and Decker drill and you didn't even have to remove the battery from the drill to charge it. One less step means even more lazy haha.
  25. Jronman

    Which would you buy?

    @sconnie this might be an option. for only an extra $100 you get an extra tool and a thrid battery, and a tough system box. Also 2 of the tools are brushless.https://toolguyd.com/best-dewalt-20v-cordless-power-tool-combo-kit-right-now/