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  1. Cordless Tool Trivia

  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Potatoes get mashed with an electric or gas packer. turkey cut with a flex or 20v saw, food cooked with a 20v heater, stuffing mixed with a flex mixer, pie filled with a 20v adhesive gun,
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    @BMack37 how do the armor compare to the kreg? or basically the same?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    I need to use my plunge saw to ensure I get the ideal cut with very little meat tear out
  5. Festool Recon Deals

    well it has changed a good 5+ times today. not gonna bother updating today.
  6. Festool Recon Deals

    Might as well make a thread for this. Been popular lately. I seen the Kapex for around $900
  7. Festool Recon Deals

    @JimboS1ice has already changed twice since I said it was sold out. For whatever reason they are switching between the jigsaw and plunge saw. Might just be a bug in the system.
  8. Cordless Tool Trivia

    doesn't it work with any combination of 2 batteries that are 18v or 36v?
  9. I do like the SawStop on/off switch on their cabinet models. The blade raise mechanism is very smooth too.
  10. Festool Recon Deals

    Already sold out.
  11. Festool Recon Deals

    wow it has already changed twice within the last hour. changed to the corded d handle jig saw now it is the TS-EQ-Plus plunge saw for $495
  12. I have gotten into the habit of squaring up full sheets of plywood with the track saw. so I spent quite awhile trying to square up a piece of plywood with my track saw to get it ready to break down and it has been difficult to square for whatever reason. I didn't have issues on any other pieces that I can remember. Now I'm worried that the pieces I cut from other pieces of plywood are off too. I check with my combo square on the new piece which I have calibrated for square many times on an edge cut by a Festool track. I also measure if parallel sides are equal in length. It seems like if I want the side square it will throw off the measurements for the parallel sides but if I want equal sides it throws off my square which doesn't make sense. I'm not real experienced yet with squaring things up but I think I may have found out part of the issue. As you can see in the picture my square shows the rail to not be square. I would expect the track to be square. I checked my festool track and it is square.
  13. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    when is the 14 in grinder coming out?
  14. Festool Recon Deals

    HKC 55 LiEB-Plus-F-SCA now on recon for $461.25
  15. there is a difference between tear out and blow out?
  16. Ok , I finally gave in. ...🤪

    yeah its a new tangle free fabric that doesn't need brushed.
  17. Ok , I finally gave in. ...🤪

    M12 sounds great especially the stapler but Festool is even better. Being pulled underneath the Festool rug is something that should NOT be avoided. Embrace the Festool rug. Maybe even get a second Festool rug.
  18. What tools did you buy today?

    My Festool guide rail for cutting 8' ply came today. Just gotta open the box up now.
  19. Cordless Tool Trivia

  20. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    actually according to the sticker on the saw, it says 12 in. At this point I'm not sure anyone knows what size it is for sure.
  21. What tools did you buy today?

    I'm gonna use it this week hopefully. This one is is USA made and the quality really shows.
  22. Mmm. Huh ?

    they need lasers and a drink dispenser instead of bluetooth.
  23. What tools did you buy today?

    This guy arrived the other day. Seems very nice. 100% metal construction far as I can tell.
  24. Mmm. Huh ?

    coolness factor, repetitive tasks, and maybe some cost savings? I would think in the case of the one key recip saw that it would save a guy cutting metal pipe all day money by determining the most efficient settings to cut the metal to extend blade life and reduce time it takes to cut the metal.
  25. Toolnut Makita Deal

    Toolnut has a Makita deal where you get the XT268T 2 5.0 battery brushless impact and drill kit a free 6.0 battery, and one free 18v bare tool of choice for $399. The choices are a recip saw, OMT, circ saw, or the new router. Seems like a decent deal. Regular price for the kit is $429 without the free stuff.