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  1. I noticed a new listing for the Ego Commercial on Home Depot and it is expected to ship between May 3rd - May 7th. The blower, hedge trimmer, and string trimmer going for $399 each. The charger is going for $199. The 1568 WH backpack battery is going for $1200. Seems like a lot but commercial equipment is a lot more than homeowner. Something I just found out is you can use the standard batteries if you buy the EGO Power+ backpack link. Might not be a bad option for those who already have a fair bit of Ego batteries but don't want to spend an extra $1200 on another battery. Same goes with the commercial battery. It is compatible with the non commercial tools.
  2. thats too bad. It was a tool line that wanted to stay around but didn't really have a place. The intent was good but the execution was not ideal. The batteries in theory had the best watt hours of DeWALT's 3 ope lines but wasn't really enough to warrant going into the 40v line.
  3. Got a second Sure Can 2.2 gallon and my first Sure Can 5 gallon from Acme they should arrive in the mail soon. I think they were on special or just a lower price than normal. I also got an Ego Multi Head with string trimmer attachment from HD for $50 off. Yes I am going to use a battery trimmer for commercial use (I'll have a gas unit as backup). I am also contemplating getting the pole hedge trimmer attachment but have not pulled the trigger yet. I also picked up some things for the trailer like trimmer racks and whatnot from PJ.
  4. Hmm thats nice to know. I always thought gfci outlets were for rooms exposed to high amounts of water. I didn't know you had to have them in all those other rooms.
  5. That is quite the setup. Nice work. Lots of yellow and one red/orange
  6. You going to return it?
  7. I bought an Amana Tool steel blade for my track saw. I need to cut some metal and I am going to try it out. It is just some corrugated steel nothing very thick. The product listing of the blade says not to use a vac which is disappointing. Is this an application where I should adjust the speed dial to a lower speed? I also got a Festool baseball hat because might be a good idea to have a hat if I am mowing all summer.
  8. did it look like picture 1 or picture 2?
  9. It was actually the more narrow option. I could have gotten an 83 in wide.
  10. When you say 18 volt do you mean ni cd stick pack 18 volt or lithium ion slide pack 18 volt (20 volt max in North America)?
  11. I have always thought a dual direction circ saw similar to the new m12 (but 6 or 7 in blade) would be nice. Something that a guy could flip over the handle depending on right handed vs left.
  12. Jronman

    Thanks DeWalt!

    DeWALT is pretty good with batteries. Basically no questions asked. Just send in the battery and get a new one a couple weeks later. Both times I had a Flex battery go bad I didn't need any proof of purchase. I also had a charger with a different fan noise that wasn't a big deal. Nothing that affected the function I was more curious what the deal was and I got a new in package one sent back to me. I did need it with my OMT though.
  13. Jronman

    Dewalt Atomic

    Anything different/better about the "new" omt vs the old one. It looks nearly identical.
  14. the SB&D line is made in China or just the Sears line?
  15. flexvolt blower is getting an update. Maybe the one you saw is the old design?
  16. long? haha I actually went with the shorter option.
  17. I bought a PJ 77x12' utility trailer. I had to drive 60 miles to the nearest place that sells PJ but it was worth it. I wanted a trailer that I would know is built well and would last.
  18. The flexvolt cordless miter is more powerful with batteries than it is with the corded adapter. I don't think it is sacrificing power one bit. The size and weight are a bit much in my opinion but when you base the saw off the DWS780 it is going to be big and heavy. Nearly 60 pounds or more and takes up a ton of space.
  19. Unless the tool is under warranty I wouldn't fix. I tried seeing what it would take to fix one of my broken tools and it would cost more money to fix than to buy a brand new one bare tool.
  20. I have never owned anything from Harbor Freight. I have heard good and bad.
  21. I put a post on Craigslist. I am not really getting many offers here. I may try other places if Craigslist doesn't work either.
  22. I saw this a few weeks ago. Looks like something people around me would use.
  23. I picture might help us determine if they are real or not.
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