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  1. The new m12 stubby from Milwaukee has 250 ft lbs of breakaway torque on paper if you go with the 1/2 in or 3/8 in models. It is only $179 bare tool which isn't a terrible price. Also for mechanics, the Milwaukee line seems to have the most options. You got m12 ratchets, m12 stubbys, m18 compact, m18 mid torque, m18 high torque. M12 extension ratchets, m18 high torque with extended anvil, and m12 torque wrenches are being added to the lineup soon. Another company to look at for mechanics is Ingersoll Rand. I'm not too familiar with their lineup but I know they have a few different mechanic focused impacts.
  2. I seem to be more interested in m12 as of late. I got the stapler and coat awhile back but recently got the 3/8 stubby and that new installation driver looks like something I will get. Might even try out the m12 surge. I wish DeWALT would bring back their version of NPS but seems unlikely with Craftsman around. DeWALT has been slower than normal the last couple years.
  3. so back to the question Are DeWALT 40v tools and Greenworks 40v batteries compatible? Could also ask are Greenworks 40v tools compatible with DeWALT 40v batteries?
  4. Picked up the pole saw attachment for my Ego. Also got a jug of chain oil for the Ego. My belts for my mower finally arrived after 2 weeks of waiting and it even had prime free 2 day shipping. I mIght have to rebuy the m12 stubby. Mine is MIA after 3 weeks of owning it. I think I forgot I left it on the pickup and it probably fell off and got picked up by someone. My first power tool that I have lost.
  5. Maybe the release machanism is broke on each battery? or maybe it is worn enough on the drill to where it can't latch?
  6. Jronman

    Nps 19

    the rear handle is the first of its kind with an led. Why the other guys can't add one to theirs is puzzling. They can add them to the blade right saws all day long. @Framer joe a straight die grinder? wasn't that already out or is this an m12 version? The only one I saw was the 90 degree die grinder on the m12 platform. You think the m18 rear handle will beat the 577?
  7. Jronman

    NPS 2019

    Your guy was right. There is a new radio.
  8. Jronman

    NPS 2019

    They got the new 4 in 1 instalation drill coming out. Bare tool includes all 4 chucks. Looks like every chuck seems good quality including an all metal 3/8 jaw chuck.
  9. Jronman

    NPS 2019

    Post/discuss anything and everything NPS 2019 here. Any day before predictions? I'm thinking a revamped nailer line that includes a framer, tool connect will come to m12, those anti roll sockets in 1/2 in drive or even anti roll impact sockets, and an m18 High Output mower with self propelled option and steel deck.
  10. Maybe. I can't give pictures. No idea if they are even coming out or not but it was on a survey I took. Only difference I noticed was design. Features didn't seem any different. It was the 130/150, the 300, and the 450. I am guessing it is trying to compete with the 3 piece rolling kits from the other guys.
  11. I would have to research model numbers but something like these would fit your needs but they are not DIY units they are pro grade just like the DeWALTs. Bosch Glide Makita's Miter saw comes in 10 in or 12 in with cordless and corded models available. 12 in cordless might not be available yet but the other 3 should be. Festool Kapex. Expensive but good quality. We only have the 120 mm model in North America but there are a lot more options in the European market. Delta Cruzer. I don't know how quality this brand is now. I don't know how good this saw is but it might be an option. It is similar to the Bosch. Hikoki(Metabo HPT in North America) used to be Hitachi sells quite a few rail forward options. In both corded and cordless options. Any of these should fit your needs. I would look at each option and pick whichever one you think will be best for your needs. I think you will be pleased with any of these brands compact rail sliding miter saws.
  12. Hitachi, Makita, and Festool all have rail forward options now. Bosch and Delta also have a compact rail design as well. Sounds like you are not interested in the rails sticking out the back and these options would fit your needs.
  13. Personally I would save and get a dedicated floor unit planer but that is just my preference.
  14. A unit that already comes with helical head is probably a dedicated floor unit with larger capacity and better build quality. You are probably looking at over $2000 for one with a helical head vs the cost of the DeWALT plus the cost of Shellix
  15. I have the 6 in version and it is a noticeable difference between having gears engaged vs disengaged. Also it has a 5 mm oscilation on the 6 in where the 5 in only has a 3 mm. One thing I have found is Rotex mode generates a ton of caking on the sandpaper if you don't have proper dust collection. Also is sands faster and extends the life of the paper when hooked up to a good vac.
  16. Looks like you will have to get the gen 2 tough system. I don't know much info on them yet.
  17. TWELVE DAYS!!!!
  18. Awesome. Judging by the size probably a domino 500 and the box o' dominos?
  19. Bosch is a budget brand? Since when?
  20. If you can't get the DeWALT you could try the EGO. It even has spots for 3 cords instead of just one.
  21. Maffel, some festool, some metabo, some bosch
  22. Jronman

    Dewalt Atomic

    The atomic impact is only smaller in one dimension vs the 887. Everyone seems to be comparing the atomic, an entry level impact, to the 887, a premium level impact, but when compared to DeWALT's entry level impact the 885 or the brushless counterpart to the 885, is the atomic not better?
  23. Ordered the m12 stubby and Milwaukees new anti roll sockets. They didn't offer them in 1/2 drive so I got 3/8 drive. I got the stubby in 1/2 in by mistake. I contacted acme about switching to the 3/8 before my order shipps since they are the same price but I am waiting on their reply.
  24. Jronman

    Dewalt outdoor

    I would have to disagree. Even if you are talking only battery powered blowers, Greenworks makes one that is 640 cfm at 160 mph. If you include gas blowers then you got ones that are reaching 800 cfm.
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