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  1. So any new tools coming soon?

    @khariV Makita has one that is 2 mode I believe. Toolpig did a review of it awhile back. DeWALT has a geared sander but it does not has ros mode. I would guess Milwaukee probably has at least a geared only sander but I would have to check. Mirka might have one but I would have to check as well.
  2. New Festool Coming in April

    Both the pre march 2018 vacs and the post march 2018 vacs are being sold at same time. The premium for the new models could be worse but I expect the new ones reflect the new Festool price increase. I'm thinking about selling my Flexvolt tracksaw to a guy at work. He doesn't have one yet and he really wants one now. Got him to try mine this past week or so and he was impressed to say the least.
  3. New Festool stuff is coming in April. All ct vacs will be updated and support bluetooth and a new bluetooth remote start accessory. I wish the mixer was cordless haha. Vac hose is being updated but not sure if it is a separate hose or if it is the new standard for hoses that come with vacs. One thing to note on ToolNut the 2018 model vacs work for the 10% discount which is AMAZING. Also the new stuff is available for preorder right now on ToolNut. New! Bluetooth Remote Control Set (202097) The Festool Bluetooth remote control is the newest must-have accessory for your dust extractor. Simply push the button on the remote to turn your vac on and off remotely. Whether you're using a cordless tool or using your vac for clean up tasks, the Bluetooth remote control is the perfect accessory. Additionally, the new Festool Bluetooth batteries (sold separately) will pair with the remote control module to turn the vac on automatically when using your Festool cordless tools. Compatible with Festool CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AutoClean (AC) and CT 48 dust extractors. Product No. 202097, $80.00. SHOP NOW New! Dust Extractor Hoses w/ Braided Sleeve Festool has updated its dust extractor hoses with a new exterior braided sleeve to prevent snagging and to protect the hose. The new hoses feature a more flexible material and a conical design to improve air flow. Also, the tool end of the hose can be connected to the vac end of the hose securely for storage and transport, preventing dust from spilling out. Updated Festool dust extractors and cleaning sets can be pre-ordered and will begin shipping with the new braided sleeve hoses beginning April 2018. SHOP NOW New! GRANAT NET Abrasives The new Granat Net abrasive is the perfect solution for sanding materials that produce a large amount of dust. The open net structure enables dust extraction across the entire surface — for working cleanly, a high material removal capacity, and a long service life of the abrasive. Granat Net is available in five different formats that cover a wide range of different applications. Important: When using Granat Net abrasives, Festool recommends the optional protection pad for your sander to prevent premature wear for the hook and loop on the pad. SHOP NOW New! DOMINO Connectors for Domino DF 500 The new DOMINO connectors make knock-down joinery simple and stable. Quickly and easily assemble, separate, and reassemble your work for increased flexibility across a wide range of applications – from corner panel joints to center panel joints to joints between a series of holes. For increased stability, speed, and flexibility. For the best value, purchase the Domino DF 500 Connector Systainer Set with everything you need to get started! Product No. 203170, $375.00. SHOP NOW New! Diamond Blade for TS 55 / TSC 55 (202958) Festool's diamond saw blade cuts all cement-bonded and gypsum-bonded chipboard and fiberboard quickly and with superior performance. It is the ideal solution for precise, efficient work when used together with Festool's TS 55 R and TSC 55 track saws. Product No. 202958, $145.00. SHOP NOW With the optional Bluetooth module, operate your vac via the remote control on the suction hose and start up automatically when Festool cordless tools with Bluetooth battery packs are switched on. Applies to CT 26/36/48 only. The new suction hose is smooth and flexible – with a smooth exterior for perfect sliding over surfaces, a longer service life, and greater suction power. The new CLEANTEC extraction sleeve ensures a secure fit on the tool. Simple transportation, better organization and endless flexibility. The SYS-Dock with TLOC for the safe connection of your Systainer, Sortainer and SYS-ToolBox units. Also backward compatible with Classic Systainers. The cable can be wound up quickly and neatly thanks to the new cable holder. And thanks to the folding mechanism, it can be easily removed from the holder without difficult unwinding. Applies to CT 26/36/48 models only. SHOP NOW New! MX 1200 EF Mixer (575213) Maximize comfort and control when doing the dirty work of mixing and stirring. With the MX 1200 and Ergofix system the machine adjusts to the way you work with tool-free height adjustment. Reduce splash-ups with the 1200 watt (10 amp) powerful soft-start motor featuring in-trigger speed control as well as variable speed dial. Changing out stirring rods is fast and simple with the Ergofix adapter that provides tool-free changes. Product No. 575213, $390.00. SHOP NOW New! Multi-Jetstream 2 Pads & Abrasives for 6" Sanders Multi-Jetstream 2 is defined by the unique interaction between intake air and exhaust air – with optimum dust extraction right up to the edge. The result is virtually 100% dust extraction for a consistently high material removal rate, top surface quality, and a healthy working environment. Multi-Jetstream 2 pads and abrasives are forward and backward compatible with previous verions of pads and abrasives. Only available for Festool 6" round pad sanders. Updated Festool 6" sanders can be pre-ordered and will begin shipping with the new Multi-Jetstream 2 pads beginning April 2018. Shop now for Multi-Jetstream 2 abrasives for your sander.
  4. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    I could see the vecturo using the sander battery instead of the normal 18v battery.
  5. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    Anyone seen this before? https://www.festoolproducts.com/accessories/aftermarket-accessories/vecturo-aftermarket-accessories/fein-35222952050-starlock-adapter-for-supercut-vecturo.html Looks handy I guess.
  6. Gen 2 blower coming haven't looked into it much. Not sure if it was at STAFDA or not. More power and a speed button like the string trimmer.
  7. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    I do not but I heard it is incredible. I wonder if we can expect Festool to update the Vecturo with Starlock. Not sure how close it is to the supercut. Supposedly same class of omt. I'm not looking to buy it... yet. Maybe if a cordless version comes out I will consider it. My DeWALT does the job and was good for its time but is no longer a top contender with all the starlock stuff coming out. I'm not in the market for a new omt right now. I am thinking about getting the new bluetooth compatible vacs and a couple other things next. My small shop vac brand vac is something I am looking to upgrade.
  8. TD171D

    The DeWALT omt has rubber in the battery housing that helps.
  9. https://www.protoolreviews.com/news/kyocera-acquires-ryobi-shares/35408/
  10. TD171D

    Sometimes it does rule supreme but not all the big contenders were there like the normal Milwaukee impact or the TD171. Milwaukee is faster than DeWALT in lags but DeWALT is faster with smaller fasteners.
  11. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    I would be very disappointed if I didn't get a systainer with my Festool tools. Do I wish they were tougher, sure but it is hard to complain when many other brand come with bags or blow mold cases.
  12. I try to avoid corded but sometimes it is just not possible at the moment. 1/2 in collet router and 6 in Rotex style sander to name a few.
  13. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Well this escalated quickly at the start. Just gotta do an impact driver test when Makita comes out with a new model. which would probably be once every year or so haha.
  14. Workbench Showoff

    Want to show off your workbench? Got some workbench ideas or new/original workbench features? Maybe you found a cool workbench online that you want to share. Post anything and everything workbench here.
  15. Seen this today when checking Makita's website. an x2 robotic vac. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/DRC200PT
  16. Bessey K Body Revolution parallel clamps.

    @Eric - TIA I haven't used them but I'd like to try Bessey. The new ones seem like a nice upgrade. That wide jaw attachment is something I haven't seen before.
  17. The stuff we throw away at work...

    could do a "stuff we keep" thread for my work. It is quite an accomplishment for my boss to throw something away.
  18. So any new tools coming soon?

    I'm gonna try and snag some Festool before March. New sander and new vac.
  19. So any new tools coming soon?

    the radio
  20. TD171D

    so assist mode and tek mode are gone?
  21. may I ask what a BFH is?
  22. So any new tools coming soon?

    I happened to find a retail site saying March 12 for the new 3 drawer tough system box. No date on the 2 drawer but I can hope it has the same or earlier date. It appeared to be a UK site so the release date may be different for North America. If it is even coming to North America. I haven't even seen any listings for them on the US sites.
  23. DeWALT 4 bay fast charger.

    Got some new info on this. Comes out in April and will retail for $199. Also has some kind of feature for heavier batteries when they are attached and you are carrying the charger like a "briefcase"
  24. OMT outlet box cutter

    There is another one I seen that goes on a drill I believe. I don't see anything wrong with outlet cutters. If it makes an electricians job more efficient then why not right?
  25. Workbench Showoff

    He mentions that he may look into selling the legs then you could build whatever top you want to fit to the legs.