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    What tools did you buy today?

    Hitachi DS18DBFL2 compact 18V drill via Ebay from the USA for only $140 AUD delivered. It only took 10 days to get here. This model is not available in Australia. We can only get the large 136Nm drill or the older model drills. Non-hammer compact drill drivers are VERY hard to find in Australia. I can't find anywhere that sells local versions of the Dewalt DCD791 or Bosch DDS183/GSR18V-EC. I know there are places in Oz selling the DCD791 on Ebay, but they're importing them from the USA. Anyway, I now have another battery platform. I don't even own a charger or battery for Hitachi yet. I wanted and tried one of those Ebay imported DCD791's but had to return it due to an issue. So then I had a Bosch DDS183 in mind from Blackwoods Xpress (Aus), but by the time I went to order they'd sold out. Then I considered importing a Metabo BS 18 LT BL from the USA, but I just couldn't commit to it because I had doubts about the grip ergonomics (once you try Dewalt it raises your standards, and I've disliked every Metabo grip I've had). This Hitachi grip is fantastic! It feels more comfortable than Dewalt's for me. A very well built drill and the trigger feels great. (I'm nearly ready for multivolt)
  2. D W

    Brushless multi tool

    @dwain just curious, have you ever tried the Metabo brushed OMT? I've never been able to find a review, or seen anyone else that's even owned one. I owned one briefly but sold it. It was noticeably heavy and VERY solid feeling but I never actually used it. I sold it after discovering the Dewalt shortly after. I'd love to see more Metabo reviews, especially seeing they persist with brushed motors. I'm sure they're not stupid sticking with brushed, so in their own testing they must be seeing similar results to Makita with their brushless-beating-brushed tools. I remember the Makita brushed planer coming first in one of the OTT reviews (vs brushless competitors).
  3. D W

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Prices are definitely high here. I often order power tools from the USA and sometimes they're still significantly cheaper, even with shipping and currency conversion. No warranty however. Check out prices of Ryobi in Australia (Bunnings) VS Ryobi in USA.
  4. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    @dwain I just re-watched your OZTT reviews on the impact driver and impact wrench and you mentioned they were not cheap at $700 AUD for a kit (1xtool, 1xcharger, 2x6ah). That's quite high. So currently the triple hammer impact kit is $301 less (43% cheaper, now only $399, not $700). That's a big discount and very appealing! Maybe they're clearing them out before the Hikoki change or multivolt release.
  5. I've been scouring the internet for months looking for an image or some info. I've finally found something! http://www.rsis.co.uk/power-tools-c149/impact-drivers-and-wrenches-c1221/impact-drivers-c1227/metabo-impact-driver-ssd-18-ltx-200-bl-body-only-in-metaloc-p19785
  6. D W

    Metabo brushless impact driver

    All the ingredients for an epic comparison. It's looks similar to the Hitachi. Same length (129mm), same shape (except the grip), similar air verts, and the same metal ring at the base of the chuck/bit holder. The quality looks great in the photos.
  7. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    @dwain you're right. I use ebay a lot and sometimes they're prices are far better or far worse. I saw 6ah Makitas for only $119 a few weeks ago. I just looked at Sydney tools and the Hitachi 6ah is only $145, 5ah $99, and the 3ah compact only $69. There's also a triple impact/charger/2x6ah combo for only $399 (vs Makita TD170 for $569) So they're very good prices for Hitachi. A Makita and Dewalt 5ah is only $89, and a 3ah Hitachi is over $100 on ebay.
  8. D W

    Metabo brushless impact driver

    Oh, where's it manufactured?
  9. D W

    Metabo brushless impact driver

    That's awesome @The.Handyman Thanks for the pics/info. There's literally nothing else online other than a Metabo promo vid. Looking forward to seeing how it compares. Such a great looking impact. Great looking battery as well! I'd be all over one if I didn't slightly dislike the Metabo grips (good, but not Dewalt or Makita good). Do you have anything to compare it to? It's $329 here, that's about $50 more than a Makita TD170!
  10. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    I'm looking forward to Multivolt being released, in particular the recip saw, circ saw and blower. Having only a single 10 cell battery for 36V sounds very appealing (personally I thinks it's the best implementation of them all). We'll find out soon though. Runtime will likely be lower than the others (having only 10 cells VS 15 with Flexvolt/M18, and 20 with Makita X2), but at least the size and weight of the tools won't be too much more. Hitachi has the fastest charge times and the cheapest batteries anyway. I just hope the prices are reasonable. They're the most expensive of all the major brands in Australia. Sometimes significantly more. Edit: Hitachi actually have the most expensive chargers in Australia. Batteries are about the second most expensive. Dammit Hitachi.
  11. D W

    New rafter hook?

    Hooks are probably preferable on the tool but it wouldn't be so bad making a universal hook out of metal rod (not attached to the tool). Then you can hook almost any tool you like; on a rafter, a ladder, or your belt. I wish they'd start making a hook or belt clip for cordless angle grinders. I guess I should try and make one.
  12. D W

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    Looks great. That's innovative alright. I'd be interested in one for sure. Add a Bosch style 1/2 inch square + 1/4 inch hex chuck and it could be the ultimate driving tool!
  13. D W

    Metabo brushless impact driver

    129mm in length according to this video. I really like Metabos approach with a speed selector wheel. This would be much more intuitive to use than the button approach. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pmfcR4HAQ
  14. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    It looks like Multivolt has OPE:
  15. D W

    Same battery, lawn and carpentry tools

    Nearly all the major brands have 18V/20V string trimmers now (they all have drills). Hitachi, Ryobi, Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid/AEG have 18V string trimmers. I believe Metabo and Bosch (Blue) are the only major brands that don't. I have the 20V Dewalt string trimmer and it works great. It can feel underpowered on low setting at times but has great runtime. It has no problem with pretty much anything residential on high setting (at the expense of runtime). It also doesn't need to use big batteries and runs great with the normal sized XR 5ah and compact XR 2ah batteries (both appropriate sized batteries to use with a drill). I also have Dewalt's DCD796 compact hammer drill and 20V oscillating multitool and they're both great for use in and around homes.
  16. D W

    best tool dewalt has came out with...

    The 20V Hedge Trimmer is outstanding
  17. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    Thanks @BMack37 I was wondering about those. They're good pricing on Ebay from Japan.
  18. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    A couple of orders from Japan. Another mini ratchet (Vessel) and a Komelon tape measure. I'm finding Vessel are very good value for money. Their philips/jis screwdrivers are great. We'll see how the ratchet is. I already have the yellow version of this Komelon but I wanted a spare. My favourite tape.
  19. I'm looking for a good quality ratchet for 1/4 hex bits. I've seen one from Felo but it's too expensive. I'm setting up a tool box for the house and plan to use 1 inch (25mm) hex driver bits for everything, instead of hex keys and screwdrivers. I have a very good magnetic Wiha bit holding handle for screwdriving but nothing to take over for the hex key role. There's quite a few on Ebay but I'm reluctant to get one that might end up having a really poor ratcheting mechanism. They might actually be great, it's just largely unknown.
  20. D W

    Why Ryobi? Why Not?

    Way too expensive in Australia. Not far from Makita and Dewalt prices.
  21. D W

    Dewalt slim 3ah and Ryobi 6ah...what ?

    I like the 3.0s. What's the dimensions (W x L)? They'd be great for the OMT.
  22. D W

    2x20V lawn mower

  23. D W

    Why Ridgid (AEG)? Why Not?

    In Australia, AEG can only be bought from Bunnings. They're too expensive (priced higher than Dewalt and Makita) and their range is limited. I don't think there's many reasons to buy their line when the others are more available and at a lower price.
  24. D W

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    First it was their OMT. I sold my Metabo OMT to get it. The trigger style was mostly appealing, but it also weighed a lot less than the Metabo. Then once I was into the line, I started looking at the other tools and eventually got a DCD796 hammer drill. I didn't need it, I already owned 2 other drills, but the ergonomics felt great and I just couldn't leave the store without it. Since then, I always try to get a tool in Dewalt first, but also have Metabo and Makita. The ergonomics and build quality are great. I also don't mind the yellow colour anymore (I prefer it over the teal, but not over the Metabo forest green or Makita black). I don't really know why, but I love using all the Dewalt tools I have. It might sound weird to say, but Dewalt tools seem more like a working tool than other brands. Pros: -Ergonomics -Build quality -Availability -Tool release frequency (not too often, not too infrequent) -Lightweight tools relative to other brands -High performing tools, often in the top 2 Cons: -Build quality can be randomly poor sometimes? (I bought a made in Mexico DCD791 that was terrible) -No decent 12V line -Batteries work fine but look cheap and toy like -Now have an air cooled charger but it's not on the same level of technology as Makita and Metabo (who can circulate air through the inside of the batteries) I'm sure I'll think of more later.