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  1. Possible cordless die grinder

    Unless this one is broken or I'm doing something wrong, but I can confirm the die grinder does not have a lock on switch like the OMT.
  2. Possible cordless die grinder

    The trigger is harder to press than the OMT trigger. I've found it has to be absolutely ALL the way down to reach full speed. Even just 0.5mm off and it's one step below full. Great tool though, can't wait to do something with it.
  3. Possible cordless die grinder

    It's here. Please note I haven't put it to use yet. Pros: -smooth -lightweight -comfortable grip -bright LED's -speed adjustment switch is good -with a 2.0ah battery the balance is towards the middle of the tool Cons: -very long (41cm/16 inches) -safety button is way too hard to press (it actually completely ruins the convenience of this great trigger design) -to reach full speed the trigger has to be pressed quite hard and absolutely all the way down (this gets tiring) -stupid brushless triggers, not true variable (same as the OMT)
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    Dewalt DCG426 brushless die grinder
  5. Mmm. Huh ?

    Pretty much the only justification I hear for the one-key sawzall is metal cutting. We don't need Bluetooth, just put some preset modes on recip saws like with impact drivers. Just keep it simple. Bluetooth on tools is a solution looking for a problem.
  6. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    That's definitely true. Much friendlier where I live (3000 people) VS the city. The staff at the local hardware store know your name. Great service everywhere in town. The nearest large town is 48,000 people. Also a very friendly place. Sydney on the other hand, just rude people everywhere.
  7. Whattt! I can't wait to see it. A brushless full sized recip saw would be great.
  8. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I've been a long time complainer about this quirk; Metabo grips have a gap between each side of the rubber overmold. This is very noticeable without gloves. Their grips also aren't very ergonomic in shape. If Metabo sorted these things out, I would by more of their tools. I don't understand why brands choose the grips they do. It's very common knowledge that a certain yellow brand has the best. They should all be copying this grip. Metabo, please change your grip to something like Dewalt, Bosch (new style), or Makita.
  9. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I also get that on the DCD796
  10. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I have a Dewalt DCD796 (Type 1) drill that turns about 1/3 around before locking when you try to loosen the chuck.
  11. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Let's move on. @aessu you're up, ask away.
  12. Metabo BS18 LT BL or Bosch DDS183 (tool only)? Just consider the drill, not the platform or warranty. Both the same price (bare tool). Both 60Nm. Both 1.5Kg (with compact battery). Both brushless. Bosch pros - better grip?, Anti kickback, slightly more compact Metabo pros - separate ring to switch to/from clutch mode, made in Germany, quick chuck version available, 2100rpm (vs 1900)
  13. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Great answer.
  14. Cordless Tool Trivia

    I think I'm in over my head with this question. I was counting on Drills always described as 3/8 or 1/2 chucks, however, now I think I've seen metric used somewhere (10mm or 13mm). I'm confident impact wrenches always use imperial. I was also counting on Impact drivers always being described as 1/4 inch, and circular saws and mitre saws as 6.5 inch etc (I should have known this was wrong). Perhaps impact wrenches are the only one.
  15. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Almost. I see metric too commonly used for angle grinder discs, at least it's common here in AUS (125mm for 5inch, 115mm for 4.5inch, 100mm for 4inch).
  16. Which German compact drill?

    One thing I really find appealing about these drills is the angle of the head to the grip, slightly angled up. I remember reading somewhere (probably on this forum) that this is a European thing. Far more comfortable. I didn't realise this until I got a Dewalt. Perpendicular as can be.
  17. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Name 5 types of cordless tools with one of it's features/specifications that always uses imperial units to describe it, regardless of whether its a metric or imperial country? Bonus point: Name one that is the reverse of this (always metric). I can't actually answer this so perhaps it can just generate discussion.
  18. Which German compact drill?

    All good. That's the one with the red button at the back of the drill? Metabo have so many drills. Hard to get non-hammer (BS) versions in AUS. It's a funny thing with Metabo ergonomics. The BS 18 Quick doesn't mold into your hand like Makita/Dewalt, but I find this a good thing. I can just pick it up and don't have to get my hand into a perfect position on the grip to feel comfortable.
  19. Cordless Tool Trivia

    (I can't be the correct one now) I just googled to check my previous answer. Triton do have Systainers but I don't know if they actually make them.
  20. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Metabo, Triton, Makita
  21. Which German compact drill?

    The hammer version of the LTX (SB 18 LTX BL I) is $29 more ($229 AUD), which is currently discounted here in AUS. I can't find either of the LT or DDS183 locally but was looking to buy from the USA (both about $200 AUD shipped). How did you find the grip compared to Dewalt? I find the BS 18 QUICK grip quite good, but not Dewalt good. The LT and LTX grips look quite large so I'm concerned they might be uncomfortable. If I lived in the city I would just go and try them out, but I don't.
  22. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    This is kind of old-ish news but I just came across a press release from January 2017. All Bosch 10.8V will be marketed as 12V worldwide. http://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/professional/news-promos/from-10.8v-to-12v/from-10.8v-to-12v.html And the updated model numbers: https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/service/news/changeover-from-10.8v-to-12v/faq_11.html This might be the reason behind the clearance (and now harder to find) 10.8V range in Australia. I was starting to worry about its future here.
  23. Of all the brands it looks like Metabo might have the biggest range of cordless drills. 18V subcompacts, compacts, full size, tapper, 3 speed, sds, 36V sds...with some of these offered in both brushed and brushless, quick and non-quick, hammer and non-hammer etc. Which drills do you own? I have just one so far: BS 18 Quick subcompact
  24. Possible cordless die grinder

    That's quite good, it's $213 USD just for the bare tool here! ($279 AUD).
  25. Possible cordless die grinder

    This looks to be out in Australia (I've placed an order). Are we the first to get it?