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  1. Hey Bullwinkle, how's it going with your own "mechanicing?" What's your tool arsenal like?
  2. What are you making these days?
  3. I have planned to shoot a short film close to where I'm staying, which is currently outside of Shanghai in China. I visited a supermarket store here the other day and decided to check out what kind of power tools they had on-hand. There's even a small Wal-Mart in this city but it has ZERO power tools. The store I visited yesterday had just one--some kind of Chinese brand cordless drill, 9.6 V, and the cost was around $55. It came with two batteries and a charger but I could tell it was nothing worth buying. After checking online with Taobao (China's most popular online shopping portal), I noticed that the brands I wanted were uber expensive--much more so than in the US. Sigh...I guess I'll have to try to locate a loaner to build this set.

  4. I read an article recently about a mechanic using a DeWalt for three days without having to charge or change the battery. I haven't used the cordless impact from them yet so I was wondering about you guys' experience with it (I've been using other brands--only used the DeWalt for woodwork).
  5. Happy to join you guys and hope we can help each other out! :D

    1. ChrisK


      Welcome to the forum dude!

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