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  1. Thanks JMG. It look like the new washer as a very slight raised rim along the edge on the side that faces the blade. On mine, that is worn out. I wonder if that ridge gives the washer a bit of "spring" to hold tight against the blade and arbor nut. I read on some other forums that a thin card paper washer can also help. I am going to try that first, and if it doesn't do the job, I'll order a new washer. The other irritant with this saw is that you need a very thin 1-1/4" wrench to hold the inner arbor nut. Very hard to find. There are guys selling these on eBay for $20-50! I might just get a regular wrench and grind it down.
  2. I have an oldie-but-goodie Porter Cable model 368-1 Type 2. I have tightened the arbor bolt as tight as I possible can (holding the inner nut with a wrench) but when I use the saw, the blade loosens up. I know the bolt is not too long, because I can get it to bottom out without the blade. I have attached pics of the saw and the arbor parts that I am using. Hopefully they are the correct ones. Is there some friction material I should be adding between the copper washer and the blade? Help! Thanks.
  3. Here's what Freud (Diablo) said:
  4. Thanks, guys. Hugh, you just might be right. One thing I noticed is that my D1050X blade has a different vent pattern from the D1050X blade shown on Freud's website where the vents are closer to the arbor (see pic below and compare with one above). They may have added the filler when moving the vents closer to the cutting edge. I'll let you know what Freud's customer support says.
  5. I've written to Freud. Let's see what they say. Hope my blade isn't a knock-off.
  6. I just bought a Diablo 10" blade and noticed that the stabilizer "vents" are filled with some sort of plastic material. The vents are not open, i.e. can't see through them. I don't remember previous blades having this filler in the vents. I would think the material is just going to burn/melt when I use the blade. Has anyone else noticed this? Should I remove the material before using the vent? The instructions don't say anything about this. See pics. Thanks.
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