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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    Nah, if I do get invested in another platform it would be M12. I ordered the M12/M18 Bluetooth speaker online (there was a promo for a free M12 2.0 battery and charger included). To make matters better, they actually sent me 3 of the speakers instead of the one I ordered (and was charged for), so now I have 3 m12 2.0 batteries, chargers, and Bluetooth speakers! I already gave one speaker/battery/charger to my gf and she LOVES it.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Bought the DeWalt DCK283D2 compact brushless combo kit and saved 30% off the $259.00 price for a total cost of $181. Already own the Milwaukee One-Key combo (albeit for a LOT less than HD's ridiculous $499 price) and the Makita subcompact combo, but for $181 I just couldn't pass it up. Besides, it's a great mid-size drill to compliment the larger M18 and smaller sub.
  3. new tough system release dates?

    An updated Tough System radio? Is it even possible that it sounds BETTER than the previous gen?
  4. Milwaukee M18 Battery Run Times

    Better way to do a test like this is with a radio, or something like that which requires consistent energy use.
  5. Rapid or standard charger?

    I've heard that slow chargers prolong battery life; I recently got a good deal on a rapid charger though, so I wasn't sure if someone could verify that. Recently got into the M18 platform and would like to know which way to go.
  6. Ok , I finally gave in. ...ðŸĪŠ

    Getting that second Festool rug will set you back at least a cool grand, though. Is it brushless?
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Picked up the Milwaukee 18v/12v Bluetooth speaker at Acme Tools for $136 shipped (w/$20 off promo) which also includes a free M12 2.0 pack and 12v charger. I'll probably sell the freebies which will bring the speaker to the sub-$100 range, all things considered.
  8. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    DeWalt's forward/reverse tabs are the worst. They're too far down the tool and are an annoyance to snap on/off as they tend to stick in neutral mode. Hitachi's 2-bar battery indicator on their premium tools. Really? 2 bars?
  9. I'm interested in this too; everything I've heard suggests that the Surge combines the best attributes from the Ridgid and Makita.
  10. I only have M18 and Makita 18v as my 2 platforms. Just curious for opinions on both so I can get a sense of which direction to go in; neither of them are available to purchase aside from online from what I can see.
  11. Just wanted to look for opinions from folks who have used the Stealth Force, Makita Soft Impact and Milwaukee Surge. From what I understand, the Stealth Force is the hardest hitting impact, which makes it more ideal as an impact driver replacement but perhaps less useful for precision work. I'm interested in the Makita Soft Impact primarily as there are very few reviews compared to the Surge and Stealth Force. How do the latter two compare?
  12. Recommended 12v Max Tools

    The brushed 12v drill/impact combo is at Lowe's for $129. I actually like their grip and durability far more than their brushless counterparts (which you can't even buy as a combo kit).
  13. batteries not lasting

    The Triple Hammer by Hitachi rivals Makita's XDT12 IMHO, albeit with fewer settings. Generally speaking, though, I'd agree that Makita is to impact drivers what Milwaukee is to reciprocating saws.
  14. Question about brushless drills

    Wouldn't surprise me if that's the case...compared to Makita and other companies the Milwaukee power drills/impacts have noticeably fewer vents.
  15. Hello all, Recently narrowed down my power tools to strictly Milwaukee, which means I'm parting with my sweet Makita Bluetooth AM/FM radio. I know a few years ago Milwaukee came out with a big Bluetooth AM/FM radio/charger, and last year they've brought out a M18 radio (no BT) and a 12v/18v BT speaker (no radio). Speaking in terms of sound quality, how do they compare?