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  1. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    I'd go Kobalt. In general their stuff has the best build quality of the 3, the cheapest batteries, the best specs, and the best warranties (5 year tool, 3 year battery, 1 year money-back guarantee). Plus all of their stuff is brushless. Re: platform longevity, the 24v line is selling *significantly* better than their 20v Max stuff did. It wouldn't surprise me to see this platform stick around.
  2. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    Forgive me if this has been answered already, but when are the new 12v Fuel drill/impacts due out? Semi-OT, but I wish Milwaukee would release a new 12v tuning radio w/BT. Their 12v radio has been out for 7 years and is a bit long in the tooth.
  3. Hitachi multivolt

    The above video is Hitachi's impact driver from 2 generations ago, which ranked first in the latest and greatest from DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. Hitachi improved on the best and oztooltalk has also called it the best impact they've used. I've personally owned and/or used the Gen 2 Milwaukee and DeWalt, Makita's XDT12, Kobalt's 24v and Surge. The Triple Hammer's vibration is considerably less noticeable than the others and is the only IP56 rated tool of the whole lot. That's the basis for my opinion and not "marketing." It also scored #1 in Real Tool Review's best tool of 2016. https://www.mightypowertools.com/best-impact-driver-hitachi-wh18dbdl2/ Rated best impact driver over Makita's XDT12Z (which is my personal second-favorite impact; the Triple Hammer has greater torque and again, IP56 rated) Stuart, the webmaster of Toolguyd who runs and reviews tools across all platforms and has done so for years, calls it the best impact he's ever used: http://toolguyd.com/top-tool-picks-5/ Just a few examples here. But what do I know; these other people must all be beguiled by Hitachi's marketing too.
  4. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    Personally I love the Kobalt 24v brushless, batteries are dirt cheap, 5 year warranties on tools, 3 year warranties on batteries, 1 year hassle-free money back guarantee. I think their impact driver is as good as anyone's with the 3-speed+finish mode. The kits go on sale frequently and they're solidly built.
  5. Hitachi multivolt

    Hitachi's so far ahead in the impact driver category it isn't even funny. The Triple Hammer is already the best impact on the market and this one's even more powerful/faster (and it's still IP56 rated).
  6. Hitachi multivolt

    I'm really excited for this as I believe Hitachi's as good an overall power tool manufacturer as anyone when you include their pneumatic tools and miter/table saws into their cordless mix (the Triple Hammer is the best cordless tool out there IMHO). This is like a hybrid of Makita's X2 and DeWalt's FlexVolt and will hopefully result in some fantastic new stuff from Team Green!
  7. Bosch needs some new executives.

    Bosch and Hitachi are incredibly similar in my opinion. They're both more than capable of coming out with best-in-their-class power tools (Hitachi's Triple Hammer) but for whatever reason their marketing is minimal and their newer products come out very slowly. Both of them, when they're at the top of their game, don't have to take a backseat to anyone as their tools are extremely reliable and long-lasting.
  8. Hitachi multivolt

    Hitachi's premium brushless tools have a two-bar gauge. Better than nothing but still not as helpful as a 3 or 4.
  9. Hitachi multivolt

    Love that they FINALLY decided to have a friggin' battery gauge on their batteries. Is this going to come to the US, though? Hitachi still has a LOT of higher-end brushless tools that have yet to become available in NA.
  10. Makita 12v Ct226 Two Piece Kit

    I don't think the brushless 12v comes in a combo kit yet, which is pretty baffling.
  11. DEWALT Radio

    I definitely wouldn't say there's "no bass" in the DCR. The Hitachi Bluetooth radio on the other hand... One thing I forgot to mention is the reception on the DCR is better than the TS.
  12. DEWALT Radio

    I addressed plenty of other factors in my post. To me the difference in bass is negligible considering the DCR does everything else better.
  13. DEWALT Radio

    DCR025. I think the comp video above is flawed because the tough system's slimmer frame will allow the bass to vibrate the glass easier than the thicker frame of the DCR025. That's not to say the tough system doesn't have more bass (it does) but it isn't as lacking as that video demonstrates IMHO. I prefer the DCR025's size/layout over the TS, which is so large when set horizontally that it becomes a nuisance. The charger on the TS is extremely slow compared to the DCR and as said above, won't accommodate DeWalt's 6.0 batteries. The User Interface on the TS is also annoying and clunky compared to the setup on the DCR, and the DCR's cord is already integrated into the radio and far more rugged than the flimsy cord that comes on the TS. The DCR also comes with a larger storage space for your mobile device and 2 receptacle ports which the TS lacks. The TS does sound great but its size and lack/execution of other features really work against it.
  14. Hi all, I've been looking at DeWalt's DCD791/DCF887 combo kit for a while and have tried it out at my nearest Lowe's, and noticed that when the trigger is released in second gear, the chuck and jaws continue to spin for a couple of seconds after releasing the trigger. Is this a common occurrence for the drill? My Makita subcompact doesn't do this and I noticed the Porter-Cable 18v brushless doesn't either. Was just curious what the purpose of it is and if it was the standard way it operates. Thanks!
  15. If you want to buy Bosch at a store you're much better off going to Lowe's.