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  1. I take it my rail is out of square?

    How accurate is the combination square you are using?
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    I picked up some Occidental bags a few months ago, but have never been real happy with them. I ordered this set from Diamondback and think they will suit my needs a bit better.
  3. Disgruntled Milwaukee user

    Who said it was only a 90 day warranty? Milwaukee will even pay the shipping both ways for repairs https://www.milwaukeetool.com/eservice
  4. Help in router choice

    Once you put a 5amp battery on a trim router its as heavy as a mid sized router with half the power, so I'm not a fan of the current cordless trim routers. Not sure why Jronman says the Makita has less vibration than the Ridgid. I have the Ridgid and it has no real noticeable vibration to me. The Makita and Dewalt definitely have more power than the Ridgid. I also hate the height adjustment on the Makita. The Ridgid has a very nice height adjustment. If you want it for more than laminate work I would go with the Dewalt or Porter Cable as they are pretty much identical, so I would let price determine between the two. I would not put a trim router in a table, I would go mid sized and up for that application. Just my opinion...
  5. Milwaukee packout

    I'd like to see them in person. The price point is about double of the Ridgid boxes so I really see no reason to switch since I own 5 Ridgid boxes already. Unless they drop the price, Ridgid and Dewalt boxes will still be the main stay for most people.
  6. Which mitre saw to get??

    What also scares me about the Kapex is I often see forum threads and FB posts about their motors burning up. Which then leads to long discussions about extension cord length and gauge, was it plugged into a dust extractor or not, how many amps was the breaker rated for etc. Other people chime in and say they have been running them for 10 years with no issues, but something seems odd that there are so many threads about motors burning up.
  7. Table Saw Input

    Does it have to be new? Every once in a while there are some nice cabinet saws on CL for a song. Every area is different though.
  8. Give me my table

  9. Fein 18v Multimaster

    I heard its the same as the super cut, but I'm not 100% sure.
  10. Fein 18v Multimaster

    Does anyone have the Fein 18v Multimaster? I'm thinking about selling my Festool Vecturo to buy a Fein cordless for the convenience. I'm just wondering how the two compare. I mainly use it to cut Luan and 1x material, so I don't think there is a need for the Super cut. I could just buy the Milwaukee multitool since that is the battery platform I'm already on, but I'm afraid it would feel like a toy compared to what I have been using.
  11. Nice work table design

    Here is a nice portable work table design I stumbled upon https://www.versatable.co.uk/products/mfft-multi-function-folding-table
  12. What tools did you buy today?

    A few more presents today.
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Early Birthday present ... A little lighter hanging on the tool belt than an Estwing.
  14. Grizzly TrackSaw

    There is no reason to take the saw apart to replace the blade on a Grizzly track saw. To change the blade: DISCONNECT SAW FROM POWER! Engage the plunge release and lower the blade down far enough to expose the arbor bolt. Push the blade lock (see Figure 9) and rotate the arbor bolt with a 5mm hex wrench until the blade locks in place. With your free hand, turn the arbor bolt counterclockwise with a 5mm hex wrench to loosen it, as shown in Figure 10. Once the arbor bolt has been loosened, use your fingers to carefully remove it, along with the arbor washer, then guide the blade down and out of the saw. When ready to insert a new blade, lower the saw back down so that the arbor flange is visible. Insert a new blade into the saw. Align the center of the blade over the arbor flange and let it rest there. Make sure grooves of arbor washer are cor- rectly lined up with the flange. Thread the arbor bolt and washer into place with your free hand. The correct order of installation is shown below in Figure 11 for your reference. 7. Engage the blade lock to keep the arbor flange steady, and tighten the arbor bolt firmly using a 5mm hex wrench. Blade change is almost the same as Festool The manual is on Grizzly's website.
  15. OSB + Paint

    Baltic birch get very expensive. I had a project at work and they had me use Baltic birch. 5 4x8 sheets was 700.00. There is a place by me that sells Baltic birch in 5x5 sheets for around 55.00 Standard birch ply that has a nice paintable surface cost me 25.00 from work and around 35 +, from a lumber yard.