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  1. SetBuilder

    Porter Cable 7538 Production Router

    I have one very similar but its the 5 speed version. They are good for setting up in a router table as they are so heavy to work with. We mainly use them when cutting templates out of 3/4 + Plywood or 3/4 + MDF.
  2. SetBuilder

    Milwaukee @ Lowes???

  3. SetBuilder

    Tool Box for the Garage?

    The Milwaukee, Dewalt and Husky boxes are decent for the garage but not for everyday use. Especially getting moved around a big shop. I have the Milwaukee box and in under a year the drawer slides got all gritty sounding and slide like crap. The original one was not very deep compared to commercial boxes. The scope of my work changed, now it just sits unused. I would not purchase it again. A friend of mine was pulling his new husky box across the shop and the welds broke on the handle, pulling it right off. the Dewalt box is in the same class. Boxes like Mac, snap on, Matco are a lot more money for a reason, they are built 10x better. Some of the older craftsman boxes were built really well. No idea on harbor freight.
  4. SetBuilder

    Pre orders?

    I saw something today on FB that Ohio power tool received a load of table saws.
  5. SetBuilder

    DIY battery adapter

    One of the guys at work made this. Its a Ridgid usb charger that he wired to a Milwaukee battery.
  6. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    The one thing I dislike about that stand is there is a lot of flex in the support arms. I have an older version where the arms had actual rollers on them. When cutting longer boards its a pain to get them adjusted so the board sits flat on the saw due to flex in the arms. I usually use additional roller stands when cutting long boards with my dewalt stand.
  7. SetBuilder

    Miter station build

    Do you have enough room to slide the wings all the way out to make 45 degree bevel cuts? I'm not that familiar with bosch , but with Dewalt miter saws you need a lot of room.
  8. SetBuilder

    New Shed Floor

    Unless he is heavily invested in a cordless platform I would look at corded Bosch jig saws and then pick a price point in their line up.
  9. SetBuilder

    New Shed Floor

    The M18 jig saw is pretty kind of out dated, I bought one at HD used it a bit and returned it. They have 2 new jig saws coming out in a few months. See if you could borrow a jig saw in the meantime.
  10. SetBuilder

    How do you keep track of your router bits?

    At home I keep them in a drilled out 2x6 in my box at work I keep them in a small plastic organizer. I don't bother labeling them, I can tell what they are by looking at them or checking some with a tape measure.
  11. SetBuilder

    Table Saw Blade Guard

    My Jet table does not have a riving knife and I do not use a guard on it. I use an MJ splitter on it though https://www.microjig.com/products/mj-splitter
  12. SetBuilder

    Down and dirty router table

    I ended up switching it so the bottom of the board was against the fence. One one of the passes a bit of primer got embedded in the fence and put a groove in the top of the board. If the groove is on the bottom it goes against the floor. i just used construction screws and fender washers for the feather boards.
  13. SetBuilder

    Down and dirty router table

    I made a little down and dirty router table today making some base board trim for my house. I set the router up in the middle of a 8ft work table. With a roller stand on each end I was able to easily manage 16ft boards.
  14. SetBuilder

    Question About Hand Tapping Tool

    So many variables... Are you re-tapping a hole or tapping brand new threads? What is the quality of the tap? What kind of lube are you using? I had some taps made by TRW that were the bomb, I used to run them with 1/2 impact gun to clean threads in exhaust manifolds and they did not break. But I think TRW stopped making tools a while back. I also have a Snap on set and would occasionally snap one. Stay with the higher quality ones that offer a free replacement guarantee, because over time they will break.
  15. SetBuilder

    Driving small sheet metal screws with impact driver?

    IMO skip the one key and buy the Surge impact, it has 4 torque settings.