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  1. SetBuilder

    New Vecturo Spotted

    Its probably just a Blue and green Fein, so no big deal to me, since I sold my Vecturo and bought a Fein 18V and I'm very happy with it. I would says its the standard 18v packs as they eat batteries pretty quick. I also heard they will be releasing a cordless angle grinder and 18v impact.
  2. SetBuilder

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    At work I have Ridgid boxes and a large Husky roller bag. All my cordless stuff just gets piled into the boxes. Even my Festool jigsaw and sander goes into a Ridgid box. The only item that stays in a dedicated Systainer is my Cordless track saw, but I did ask to purchase it without a Systainer. For me at work its all about keeping a small foot print and being portable as I'm always moving around. If everything was in its own neat little box it would be way too hard to get my tools. I also don't want to have a bunch of Systainers around advertising what I have. Even at home I don't use dedicated boxes, All my routers, saws etc, just get the cord wrapped around them and piled into a Knaack box. I threw out all the cases, putting everything back into cases is just a waste of time to me.
  3. SetBuilder

    Chain saw sharpener

    I used to own a tree svc and we sharpened ALL our chain by hand with a file. Save your money on a grinder and learn to use a file. Once you learn, they will out perform any grinder sharpened chain.
  4. SetBuilder

    Switching from Milwuakee to Dewalt?..

    I agree with khariV buy both. I'm heavily invested in Milwaukee M18 but also have Fein and Festool cordless tools. There are also adapters to run Milwaukee batteries on Makita and dewalt tools, I have not used them though.
  5. SetBuilder

    Milwaukee packout

    Looks like Europe gets the black version
  6. SetBuilder

    Woodpecker Slab Flattening Mill

    Some of the woodpecker pricing is just ridiculous IMO and I buy Starrett and festool . It would have to get an awful lot of use to justify that price. I would just make my own if needed. At work we recently used a lot of Aluminum extrusions on a build. There is a ton of hardware available right off the shelf, even rollers are available, its just like putting together a giant erector set. Thats if you wanted to make a nice one. There are a lot of down and dirty builds on youtube that would work fine as well. Just stay away from steel stock as it tends to not be very true.
  7. SetBuilder

    Just a little staircase I ran across...

    I think a lot of it was hand carved, on this page there are more detailed photos where you can see the seams where they connected multiple pieces. http://www.atmosstudio.com/StairStalk-Details There is also a lot of steel in it. From what I found It took 9 months to build in a Poland shop and 5 months to install. If you look up Atmos studios on FB and scroll through you can see a lot of pics of the build process in the shop.
  8. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    I got to play around with it yesterday. So far I'm very impressed. I tried cutting super tight curves in a 2x12 and they all stayed at 90 degrees. It looked like they were done on a band saw. Usually when cutting 3/4 material with a jig saw there is always blade deflection and the cuts are rarely at 90 degrees. The strobe LED is weird as its timed to the blade so it does not look like its moving, but it can be turned off to a solid LED. I'm glad I bought it from a local dealer as its very tight to get the blade in. The first salesman could not even get the blade in. He had to ask the more experienced guy to show me. He said it will loosen up ever time. The on / off switch is a little awkward, so it will take a little getting used to compared to the top handle jigsaws that i'm used to.
  9. This is probably the most impressive piece of wood working I have ever seen. I stumbled across a pic on FB and found this article http://atmosstudio.com/stairstalk
  10. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    I haven't used yet, give me a few days. I was going to get the new Milwaukee barrel grip, but said what the hell I'm already into a new battery platform. A cordless sander will probably be next
  11. SetBuilder

    Festool TS 55 track saw

    I'm selling my TS 55 as I purchased the cordless version. I had an issue with power on a stage and had to send it back to Festool. They replaced the armature and brushes. I would like 400 plus shipping for the saw and systainer, no guide rail. I am also open to trades.
  12. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    I've been super happy with the cordless track saw, so I picked up the cordless Carvex today
  13. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    They are a great deal, certainly not worth building your own
  14. SetBuilder

    TSC 55 Track saw

    I picked up the TSC 55 Track saw last week. Its is basically the cordless version of their track saw with a brushless motor. So far I'm very happy with it, no real time tests but it seems to have more power than the corded version. It comes with a dust bag and the dust collection is incredible with just the bag and no vacuum. It runs with 1 18v battery, but there is a considerable power difference when adding the second 18v battery to make it 36v. I got the air stream batteries with it.
  15. SetBuilder

    Festool Rumors.

    Are you talking about the HKC? I bought the TSC 55, which is the standard track saw just in the cordless version.