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  1. Bedroom remodel

    I like the 3 panel doors, that what I used through out my house.
  2. Tanos coming to NA anytime soon?

    Tanos makes the Systainers for Festool, so they are all compatible. I'm not really a fan of them as the Ridgid Dewalt and now milwaukee boxes are much stronger, water proof and a lot cheaper. The only Systainer I use is for my track saw. My sanders just get thrown in a Ridgid box with the rest of my stuff. Takes up less room that way.
  3. Martinez tools ?

    Most prop makers I've worked with carry Stilettos, I have not seen a Martinez in the wild yet.
  4. Milwaukee rip fence guide for 6-1/2 M18

    We make ones like this all the time, super handy.
  5. Milwaukee rip fence guide for 6-1/2 M18

    Rip guides are pretty universal. I use one from an old Makita on my Milwaukee cordless
  6. Hot tub

    Do you plan on putting metal straps on the corners? What will keep the sides from blowing out with the pressure of the water? I just did did a quick search and there are a bunch of hot tubs from 40 - 60 in deep.
  7. New Festool Coming in April

    The new Granat looks just like the Mirka autonet which I have been using on my ETS 150.
  8. Starlock Adapter for Vecturo.

    I had the Vecturo and sold it to buy the Fein Multimaster 18v, no regrets.
  9. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Yup, I’ll probably put them on Craig’s list to help fund my next big purchase. In Europe you can order festool in a systainer or cardboard box, unfortunately in the US that is not an option.
  10. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    When I worked in a set shop tools were abused. Most guys were working 70+ hour weeks so they were dead tired and did not care, so tools were dropped tossed left out in the rain on occasion and maintenance was dismal. All of the Festool power tools held up fine, Porter Cable routers are the bomb. Senco and Grex nail guns and staplers held up. After leaving the set shop I bought my own track saw and bring it to work on occasion and let other people use it. The one rule is when you are not cutting leave it on the floor. This way it can never fall very far.... Some of the festool plastic is junk. If I could buy tools without Systainers I would in a heart beat. I once had the track saw sitting on top of the vacuum. when I grabbed the saw it got caught on the hose garage and pull off a chunk of plastic. Really? That should not happen.
  11. For those running the Surge impact?

    I don't think thats it, I was not using it much at all today when it crapped out. after some messing with it it worked fine for a while then crapped out again. If the oil was passed its life span then it would have not worked again... No?
  12. For those running the Surge impact?

    I think its something in the electronics, I was able to get it working normal switching back and forth between forward and reverse a few times, but then it crapped out again. Switching torque settings had no change in getting power back to normal.
  13. For those running the Surge impact?

    Well a little over a year of use and I just filled out all the E Service info to send my Surge back. It lost power and drives screws super slow. Maybe it just needs an oil change Ha ha ha....
  14. Jorgensen Gear Clamp

    Has anyone tried these? https://www.amazon.com/Jorgensen-38012-Gear-Clamp-12-Inch/dp/B0021JZ3NW/ref=pd_sbs_469_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0021JZ3NW&pd_rd_r=E6ZQY38Q8XEQ7ZXN5TAH&pd_rd_w=SIBgM&pd_rd_wg=2lDvm&psc=1&refRID=E6ZQY38Q8XEQ7ZXN5TAH&dpID=319n-NjjBhL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=detail If they are anything like the Festool clamps of a similar design the should be great, I'm thinking about ordering a few.
  15. New Jet Router Table System

    I sold my bench dog router table a while back as it took up too much room for something I did not use that often. When I get around to it I'll make one into one of my work bench tops. I have a bunch of 3/8 Lexan I plan on using for the router plate. The lifts are nice, but really unnecessary unless you use it everyday in my opinion.