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  1. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    Unfortunately they need a beefier bracket holding the switch, they tend to break with heavy shop use. They are a nice size for smacking with your knee though.
  2. SetBuilder

    What tools did you buy today?

    Very nice!!!!
  3. SetBuilder

    Tools that you won't see in the USA

    Those high pressure nailers are pretty pricey https://www.nailgundepot.com/max-hs130-powerlite-crating-nailer
  4. SetBuilder

    Favorite Clamps?

    These Stanleys are nice, but again not available anymore. Clamps are so pricey these days, best to shop craigslist and ebay and buy lots of older clamps.
  5. SetBuilder

    Favorite Clamps?

    I like the old school clamps that don't slip. The green ones I bought used a while back, they have detents so you can crank on them and they won't slip.
  6. SetBuilder

    Favorite Clamps?

    First off, I hate Pipe clamps. Now with that said. My favorite quick clamps are Stanley Fatmax xtreme, they are super strong. They stopped making them awhile ago, but come up on Ebay now and then
  7. SetBuilder

    Favorite Clamps?

    The Kliklamps are pretty weak INMO, I regret buying them. I should have just retuned them.
  8. SetBuilder

    Festop Table Saw Announced

    Meh, Since we already have Saw Stop here, putting the Festool name on it will drive the price even higher. Does Delta, Powermatic or Jet table saws have any presence in the European market? With all the high end European table saws Saw Stop has nothing to offer besides the flesh sensing tech.
  9. SetBuilder

    Ratcheting wrenches

    If I was spending your money, Wera Joker combination wrenches would be my choice. Wiha has a nice set on sale https://www.wihatools.com/shop-tools/wrenches
  10. SetBuilder

    chainsaw sharpener

    The only chain grinders that did a good job were made by Silvey. But I believe they went out of business a few years ago as most people were not willing to pay the 1000.00 plus price tag. They were mainly used by loggers. The problem with the smaller chain grinders is they over heat the chain. Your best bet is to learn to file a chain by hand, you will save money and have better cutting chains.
  11. SetBuilder

    Fix or Replace?

    I had the corded Vecturo and sold it to buy the Fein 18v Multimaster. I hated the blade set up on it. The Starlock is the way to go. I wonder what the Cordless Vecturo will be selling for.
  12. SetBuilder

    Fix or Replace?

    Just order a 18v Fein and be done with it
  13. SetBuilder

    New Vecturo Spotted

    Its probably just a Blue and green Fein, so no big deal to me, since I sold my Vecturo and bought a Fein 18V and I'm very happy with it. I would says its the standard 18v packs as they eat batteries pretty quick. I also heard they will be releasing a cordless angle grinder and 18v impact.
  14. SetBuilder

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    At work I have Ridgid boxes and a large Husky roller bag. All my cordless stuff just gets piled into the boxes. Even my Festool jigsaw and sander goes into a Ridgid box. The only item that stays in a dedicated Systainer is my Cordless track saw, but I did ask to purchase it without a Systainer. For me at work its all about keeping a small foot print and being portable as I'm always moving around. If everything was in its own neat little box it would be way too hard to get my tools. I also don't want to have a bunch of Systainers around advertising what I have. Even at home I don't use dedicated boxes, All my routers, saws etc, just get the cord wrapped around them and piled into a Knaack box. I threw out all the cases, putting everything back into cases is just a waste of time to me.
  15. SetBuilder

    Chain saw sharpener

    I used to own a tree svc and we sharpened ALL our chain by hand with a file. Save your money on a grinder and learn to use a file. Once you learn, they will out perform any grinder sharpened chain.