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  1. I got mine today, and being in America I'm a little annoyed that they use metric wenches for the collet. The tool will be on a truck that doesn't have metric tools and I'm sure it wont take long to lose those cheapo wrenches they send with it, which will lead to using cresent wrenches and vise grips which will lead to striping. I know it wont happen overnight or that its dewalts fault it'll be abused but its just the reality of the job site.
  2. In this video it looks like he got a backing flange and a nut for the front. How does the milwaukee compare to your metabo and dewalt? I've been looking for an excuse to buy one but I don't really need one and they're just expensive enough to resist the urge.
  3. Don't quote me on this because I have zero experience but I thought the 1860's had some short comings and they found in some situations they weren't much better than the 5.0s. It just seemed like when milwaukee announced the 9.0's they said the 1860 was going to be released too but then they didn't release at the same time and I thought the word was that they were having some issues. Now I know they're out there but they were never really announced as being out or as being the next big thing.
  4. For the price of the dch133 it's probably the best value for a 1" sds rotary hammer. In the US its around $200 when all other 1" sds hammers including the dch273 are around $300. We have a dch133 and a m18 fuel 1" sds and performance wise they are very close. The only thing the dch133 is missing is vibration control which depending on how much you're using it may or may not be important to you.
  5. My company has both milwaukee and dewalt. For what we do I personally prefer milwaukee as I like some of their metal working tools better. That being said, we have other trucks with matching dewalt tools and they do the job just fine. I think dewalt probably has a slight edge when it comes to wood working though. As far as quality/durability goes they can both be broken but I like milwaukees 5 year warranty better than dewalts 1. For the trade up deal in the US you can trade in any 18v broken tool so I would have a hard time trading in a perfectly good tool.
  6. My local farm and fleet store had $150 off plus a free 5.0 battery. So I got the premium drill and Impact and 3 5.0 batteries for $250. Its the best black Friday deal I've seen if you happened to be in the market for it.
  7. I was also looking at picking up the dewalt. I see you're from Australia so I'm sure prices are completely different but right now at CPO you can get one for $119 no tax and free shipping in the States and when they first came out they were around $180. I currently have the m18 die grinder which I don't use all that often but I have no complaints about it. I would say its more powerful than the little air die grinder we have but I have no experience with a corded model. I'm just getting a dewalt for a truck we have that has all dewalt but all the reviews I've seen were positive other than the trigger not being able to lock on. So you always have to have a finger on the trigger but some of that is a preference thing.
  8. These must be popular sellers, I see they've raised the prices from $159 to $179 bare tool and $249 to $269 for the kits.
  9. Yea I think the electric gun they were comparing it to at nsp was a hitachi which has 740ft/lbs of torque which I believe is around that 1000nm. I don't know if Milwaukee is really lying about torque numbers as its been shown many times on skidmores that the 1/2" guns will in fact reach those torques. But yes it doesn't seem to make sense that 1" is rated the same or less. The 1" must be under rated or maybe has more to do with the force they hit with and the time it's takes to achieve the torque.
  10. Like the title says, has anyone heard anything more about the new m18 1" impact. Is it still going to be released before the end of the year? What kind of torque numbers and price point will it have? I thought maybe there would be some more info about it at stafda but I never saw anything from any of the tool reviewers.
  11. Biggie

    6.0 xr build quality

    It's not an issue with the battery falling off tools. I've had around 30 different 20v max batteries and while they maybe aren't all perfect, it's really just 3 of the 5 6.0xr batteries that I've really noticed the button just feels crappy. I think they all have some side to side play and twist but a firm spring hides a lot of it.
  12. Has anyone else noticed the spring in the battery release button being weak on some 6.0 xr batteries making it seam cheap and flimsy? The first 6.0 I got was about a year ago and it had a weak spring. Then I picked up a couple over the summer and they were better so I thought dewalt had it fixed. Then I picked up a twin pack this weekend and they both have the weak springs. I would say this doesn't seem to be a problem with how the battery stays on the tool, it just gives the battery a cheap feel. The other thing I haven't done is check the actual build dates on the batteries, maybe I just got a older twin pack and dewalt has corrected the issue. I was just curious what other guys are seeing.
  13. While I don't need any encouragement to get the 7"/9" grinder because I need one like I need a hole in my head but it's kind of funny it's the only new HD tool not in the promotion.
  14. Biggie


    What are you talking about "old" it says right on it that it's new. It's a SIW 22T-A and it used to be a SIW 18T-A haha. I'm sure it's a fine tool just pretty big in size and weight for the torque it puts out.
  15. I must say I would have been perfectly happy had milwaukee warranty just replaced the anvil but I'm not going to complain about getting a new tool.
  16. Biggie


    The fast chargers do but they like to put cheapo chargers with a lot of their kits. If I remember right a youtube video compared chargers from different brands and the dewalt battery on the fast charger stayed the coolest in that paticular test.
  17. Biggie


    While the dcf899 or any high torque impact wrench is great to have in the arsenal, I think it's a bit overkill for a 3/8" anchor. I personally prefer a compact impact wrench for that size fastner but if you look at dewalts dcf890 3/8" compact impact wrench it's literally a dcf886 with a 3/8" anvil and different model number. So as long as you're not breaking bit adapters I can't hardly see how it would be any harder on the tool. Also I know the OP asked about battery longevity and I know all these sugestions are the proper ways to take care of tool batteries and I myself try to follow them to get the most out of my batteries. But the reality is there are a lot of people out there that are clueless about these things or simply dont care about tools the way us tool forum guys do and run the tools down to the last trigger pull every time and just throw them back on the chargers hot. I would be willing to bet the number of batteries that take the beating and just keep working far outweighs the number that actually crap out.
  18. Oh I didn't realize the current one key had anti kickback. I thought that was something new with the 2806. My bad.
  19. To the best of my knowledge the one key model isn't out yet. I think it's supposed to be released sometime in November.
  20. Yea I've been really happy with eservice as the last few things I've sent in they sent back new tools, I just don't want to abuse it either. It just kind of sucks because it's such a new product that none of the parts places even have the anvil. The only place I can find one is on ebay and while they seem like a legit seller it's coming from Alaska. The spring pin 45 in the parts breakout looks like it has a taper on both ends but on mine it was like the ends were both broke off leaving only a small piece in the middle. I really don't know what I could have done to break those off as they should be inside the anvil.
  21. I'm not sure what happened to the detent pin on my mid torque impact wrench but when I took a socket off the pin became stuck inside the anvil. I assume that the socket somehow was hitting on the detent pin, deforming it and now it is stuck down. I thought maybe if I drove out the spring pin the I might be able to get it out. After a long stuggle I was able to get the spring pin out but that seemed to be broke down inside the anvil and is only about 1/3 the length it should have been. Even with the spring pin out the detent pin is stuck. I thought I would maybe try drill it out but it's hardened and that does nothing. Its too small to get a die grinder at it. Has anyone else dealt with this issue and is there a trick to getting it out or do I just have to buy a new anvil. It's only a year old but I assume warranty isn't going to cover this.
  22. Just a few size comparison pictures. Doing a 3/4" structural bolt tightening test the new stubby can tighten the bolt so a m18 gen 2 compact impact wrench 2755 can't undo it. Which it should able to being that it has and extra 30ft/lbs of torque. A few final thought after comparing them side by side to the m12 and m18 impact drivers, I would still like to see them put a 3/8" anvil on the 1/4" size impacts. I can't wait to see what the m18 gen 3 compact impact wrench will look like if it's anything like the new driver.
  23. I got a email that mine shipped from toolnut today.
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