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  1. Another thumbs up/vote for the Jokers. They are AWESOME!
  2. BLRWI

    4100-09 Table Saw

    I have had mine for about 5 years and am a really big fan. The blade speed perception could be related to the soft start feature. If you can get one in good condition with the gravity rise stand for $300 is a pretty good deal.
  3. Hello Eric - I have it and it has gotten a decent workout in Wisconsin this year. I'm near speechless each time I use it. The machine is amazing. I can't personally compare it to a two stage but I had one of the heavier duty single stage Arlens 722 prior and the Ego definitely outperforms it. I do run it on 7.5AH batteries.
  4. I have the exact same set up (and I too use my Dewalt 1G more) in like new condition (battery included) and will honor the exact same price. Feel free to reach out.
  5. Scored a lot of Systainers on CL for $200 and finally "treated myself" to a set of Wera Joker wrenches- There are awesome and I waited far too long!!
  6. BLRWI

    Festool USA

    Pretty cool. I got a chance to visit their US headquarters at Festool Connect. Great experience and am planning again this year. I can't wait to see the new cordless sanders. I'm VERY intrigued!
  7. I ended up selling my Kapex for the FlexVolt. The FlexVolt is surprisingly maneuverabile and the power in a cordless form factor is crazy. Do miss the dust collection efficiency of the Kapex but no regrets.
  8. The Wera Joker 8 piece wrench set was 20% off. I couldn't resist as I have been eyeballing for awhile.
  9. I lead two sales teams at a health care equipment and technology company. Renovation/woodworking/tool collecting etc. became my out office therapy about 4 years ago!
  10. Only on TIA do you see this much passion for tool storage! No question does the Packout concept look interesting but for me it is more the smaller units and soft/open storage options that link together vs the analysis of the larger units and debate of whose brand is "tougher" For me what has made the Systainer/T-Stak/L-Boxx so attractive and still more so then Packout (at least until I see them) is the diversity in options with organizers/drawers but more importantly in the shop the small carts they have available allow you set up options that are almost limitless with a small footprint
  11. BLRWI

    Track Saws

    I have the cordless Festool TSC55. With a small basement shop and small kids the ability to throw some sawhorses out with a piece of ridgid foam on the driveway or garage has been priceless to me with the dust bag. 2 minutes of setup and you are cutting. Having the option for one battery in a pinch for sheet goods also proved to be quite useful.
  12. I REALLY like it. It is smooth (also quiet) and extremely fast. With the heavy duty right angle chuck specific for it I have used in instances where a hole hawg would be used and it powered through it. It wasn't cheap and the new Dewalt 996 is a great value but I'm really liking it and no regrets.
  13. Got the Festool Airstream 3.1AH Slim Battery. Perfect fit for my PDC.
  14. I'm not a pro but and avid DIYer with a thing for tools (shocker I'm on his Forum:)) I have had both and I sold my Kapex for the FlexVolt. Here is the breakdown. - Cordless or Corded and power is not even comparable. The FlexVolt is SMOOTH through any lumber I've passed through it. - I think the XPS lighting is better than the dual lasers - Blade availability and options. - It is heavier but not by much and it "feels " about the same effort wise to carry it around. The FV is pretty easy to manuever Despite the extra capacity and 5 or so pounds.
  15. I have another set of of 2 Brand New Batteries and Rapid Charger available for sale for $170 shipped lower 48 hr. I purchased 2 kits with gift cards but they have not seen any use since I have a set of the 9.0AH batteries.
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