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  1. Buzzsaw30

    Favorite tool you acquired in 2017

    I'm really loving the milwaukee copper compression fitting tool. I'm a remodelers and I sucks a brazing and sweating copper, this saves me big time.
  2. I got an email from porter cable a while back advertising it & I haven't seen it in any stores yet. I would like to hear feedback from someone who has used & abused it. I have all the 20v p.c. stuff on the market besides that, this p.c. cordless is seriously tough as hell. I have dewalt, makita, ridgid cordless but the p.c. has earned it's place on my jobsite.
  3. Buzzsaw30

    Why doesnt milwaukee make table saws?

    I see I am surroundedby dewalt guys. I like alot of stuff dewalt puts out but for me if it's not red, leave it in the shed. I prefer milwaukee over anything else but my garage is a rainbow. As far as the table saw goes, I have a ridgid cast iron table saw for my shop & my portable is a $250 ryobi. I had 2 dewalt prior to the Ryobi and my guys don't take good enough care of my stuff to keep buying $600 table saws. The ryobi has surpassed my expectations by a long shot but it's no dewalt. I am rambling here but if milwaukee would ever bless us with a table saw I would be the first to try it out.
  4. I'd really like to see milwaukee make a table saw, I know I'm not alone.