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  1. Typical rushed product.....nothing compares to wiha Terminator bits or Gedore bits...it's all I buy
  2. @Biggie.. r u a plumber? I'd agree.. but for framing, the fuel hackzall doesn't have the power of the compact xr or 4 position blade as you say. ... For Most daily duty the compact works great. I easily have as many Milwaukee tools as I do DeWalt. And almost all M12 tools made. ....that 4 position is a game changer a lot. Vibrations I feel in any recip...I'd say the Makita AVT sawzall is low vibrations..I haven't used the super sawzall by Milwaukee yet...
  3. Copied the link and bought it...thanks
  4. Bought...don't like it..bad design. Wish it was like that small Makita. If it's not 100%flat it won't cut 1.5" stock...little big for a siding saw...
  5. Dcn692...3 yrs old ? Have 3 used everyday..use paslode paper nails 3 1/2" x .131 hdg( hot dip galv)...2 boxes a week (4000 nails x 52 weeks ) well over 600000 nails shot...no rebuild. ...some guys don't like them I love them. I use them for framing and mostly building decks..pt lumber ..very few nails don't set...I wd40 the tips.. ....also use them with paslode 2 3/8" ring shank hdg..for 5/4 x6 pt decking..work great...the Hitachi does drive better but weighs 2lbs more...too heavy.
  6. Works great..very handy at work,bending moldings and will be great this winter thawing locks on the trailer
  7. @Albertd718... Joking I hope.. Midogrumpy is cool.. and has good info.
  8. Weird ...I've had mine since it came out and use it daily,a lot...don't know about the grease
  9. They are available at Lowe’s...many in stock.
  10. @midogrumpy..very cool. I would bought this instead of a dewalt cooler, thanks.
  11. Dewalt sawzalls trash ? The compact XR is much better then The Milwaukee hackzalls..the 60v is not as good as the super sawzall only because the new super has orbital..like the Makita AVT..( which is a very good sawzall but corded) ....dewalt doesn’t make very many tools that are trash. When they do make a tool usually it’s a leader for years ( or gen 3 for Milwaukee) ..Flexvolt tools ( except the sawzall) are still unmatched in power and performance in the real world of building/ framing...not even close. ...and that’s 3 years later...60v is no gimmick for real users. Milwaukee definitely has better and cheaper batteries ( they give the 12ah away a lot) ..but Milwaukee is still 2 platforms like dewalt..a 18V platform and a 18 v HO platform ..you definitely need the HO batteries to get any performance out of HO tools..otherwise Milwaukee 18v xp batteries don’t perform half as well.
  12. Framer joe

    Nps 19

    There's a straight die grinder coming also...
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