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  1. Framer joe

    M12 stubby impact wrenches

    Nice pics
  2. Framer joe

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    @Craigh9916 yes sir
  3. Framer joe


    A dig a dewalt? Actually he only didn't like the tool free bar lock....but said it's skookum
  4. Framer joe

    Fest...DeWALT price increase

    @SetBuilder but most do...got work? Everyone does now.... Dewalt battery prices are ridiculous... Milwaukee has much better battery deals
  5. Framer joe

    Highest drain tools

    The 575 will kill a 9ah ripping pt stock ...but lasts half a day cutting kd....I think the 20v sds plus lasts a long time also...I'd say my grinder is harsh on them.......longest 887/792
  6. Framer joe

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    I use the to freud Diablo 40 or 60 t...finish blades.... awesome cut quality
  7. Framer joe

    12 amp batteries

  8. Framer joe

    What stand would support a router

    There are many portable router tables,... Bosch,kreg,skill,etc...
  9. Framer joe

    Metabo cordless 9" grinder

    @kornomaniac must of missed that,your right.. definitely not my expertise using grinders
  10. Framer joe

    Collated nails

    Dewalt does make a joist hangers cordless I have it but it's the same size as the 692..not good for hangers or 12" OC...but the cordless compressor with a 50' hose and and a bostich "strap shot" hanger work perfectly
  11. Framer joe

    New tool spotted! DCL074 ALL-PURPOSE LIGHT

    Ya @Jronman but damn craftsman and SBD has the orbital sander and other stuff before Dewalt...it's crazy...
  12. Framer joe

    new cordless radio DCR010 / Bluetooth

    Just a speaker ? Interesting but prefer a new compact powerful impact and drill...
  13. Framer joe

    Metabo cordless 9" grinder

    While Metabo probably makes the best grinders, the dewalt flexvolt grinder is Highly respected. "AVE" claims best out there.....great reviews and serious power.
  14. Framer joe

    Makita Miter Saw

    If you want to spend time on an expensive saw , recalibrating it...hoping it will work out,cool... professional trim guys ,YT and forums have talked about major issues with this type of saw...bent rails,not cutting 90 even after it's adjusted....... Hitachi and Dewalt make great mitres , Festool being the best...look around,...see for yourself
  15. Framer joe

    M12 stubby impact wrenches

    A must have tool....if not just for the "cool" factor...but it's so much more