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  1. Framer joe

    Nps 19

    There's a straight die grinder coming also...
  2. Framer joe

    Nps 19

    M12 Cordless die grinder, a must have...
  3. @Jronman..gen 2 tough system?
  4. @cory...its not what craftsman May become its what they are now..SBD shows no signs of making Craftsman tools in the USA ..every Lowes has large stock of Chinese made craftsman.with some Taiwan stuff ..but almost no USA made tools or power tools.....this thread got hijacked sorry..... @Pouet..its great news for ryobi users I don't think ryobi even has a USB charger..
  5. @Jronman..the point is its called Atomic...should be small and powerful, its not much better in either case...Ridgid "octane" is significantly better then gen 5x....dewalt should focus on upgrading the 20v line,smaller and more powerful...expanding the flexvolt line significantly... And make craftsman 90% in America and All craftsman hand tools in the USA
  6. I bought that ryobi adapter..I still have some ryobi tools. .. @midogrumpy I'm with ya, atomic junk..no dewalt 2019 show, no flex adapter, no 10" mitresaw, 10" table saw, .no 20v upgrades to older tools...SBD is so focused on craftsman crap, they loose site of what's important to us...to them its about money.. .....I love my flex tools, for framing but batteries are ridiculous, Milwaukee gives the 12ah away with everything...
  7. 8ah....1/$179...2 pack $249...toolnut...June 30...same size as the 20v 6ah.... ..so if they can make a 20v 6ah and 8ah the same size then a 10ah should be the same size too?........or....a big flex/20v..9ah and 12ah the same size ,shouldn't a 15ah be the same size? A flex 15ah would be 5ah 20v ? And that would let us frame houses with just 2 of those per tool all day.... We use the 12ah now..
  8. Oh thanks @stefcl100..that's a commercial backpack blower 82v...certainly not a hand held blower..flexvolt for the win.
  9. Framer joe

    18v Polisher

    Nice find
  10. I only own a couple ridged tools...but, they just had a deal at hd.....starter kit( 1/3ah octane battery, 1/ 6ah octane battery, 1 fast charger, 1 octane bag) plus 1/ 9ah octane battery for $109...had to buy it.
  11. Didn’t know they have one
  12. @Jronman..I meant battery operated within a tool line. In my excitement of the new flexvolt blower I may have jumped the gun....anyway I don’t see that green works that your talking about.
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