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  1. Ridgid 18v Air Compressor?

    Damn dog, great deal !
  2. Dewalt dcv584l vacuum for sander

    Far as I know it's the same as the other models, I have the other one and it sucks, not in a good way...no balls...it's ok for light pick up or some wet stuff but not much suction....really don't think it would be ideal for you....but I'm a framer and some other guys on here are shop guys......good luck
  3. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    I saw a vid on YT where a guy put a longer bar and chain on ,so it can't be to hard...
  4. Us stores that will ship to aus?

    No shit ? It happens to even the best company. I bought the DCN693 and the recoil spring was bad out of the box, but acme sent me one two days later.....just send it back,,,that's a nice little blower
  5. Picked up some acid green today

    @kato not bad being surrounded by knifes and tools ...of course you can use the knife to hunt and the tools to build a shelter. when she kicks you out ! 25 yrs married ,now divorced I bought too many tools,,lol. Just kidding...:)
  6. Makita USA new items

    How would that compare to the Dewalt compact recip saw in size , power , and vibration ?
  7. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    The spruce lumber is cut say 2x 4 then kiln dried resulting in 1.5x3.5 but pressure treated stock is 1.625 to 1.75 wide...engineered lumber is 11 7/8" for a 2x12 which measures 11.25 kd.......a 1x 8 measures 3/4x7.25 ....not even close to 1x8.... . there are no standards, .....again it's all about education, research, not making everything to a standard for the lowest iq to understand......that's my only point.. . respect your opinion, I always love to learn new things...
  8. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    Did you try to just exchange it from Home Depot or where you bought it ? If not just ship it....I never did the service center thing, but guys on here have with great results...
  9. Us stores that will ship to aus?

    They frame houses in aus.? Tools? I thought they only used knifes....lol, just kidding.....Australia has some of the greatest architectural marvels on earth...very cool buildings ,houses,....I'm big on architecture, I do frame custom homes... . Hope you guys get all the cordless tools you need ! Dewalt of course....
  10. DeWalt 20v 9.0

    Comes with 5ah in the kit...they're not gonna give that away.....Milwaukee has the deal 2/9ah and a fast charger 199...I wish Dewalt would do that one
  11. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    Ya,very practical tool,worth the wait....
  12. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Lumber and trim stock,lvl stock, parralam stock,,,all stock is differently measured...there is only a standard for a type of material....one must know what they are buying,. Again it goes to Not dumbing down the world,but instead educate yourself.. @dwain.not you per say...but people... . is the same for welfare, stop giving handouts and force people to work ...there are plenty of jobs always,just people choose not to do them...help yourself,help your neighbor,family,church....but don't tax me to do it,,,,,people are inherently helpful and generous, .......the USA is a gracious,giving,country which helps everyone worldwide..the people will rally together in time of need ,crisis or war....just don't force us, we will do it anyway...... . as in don't dumb it down,don't standardize,education is the key
  13. Ridgid Hybrid Fan

    Both of those Ryobi tools are good,,the better inflater is digital and box shaped...and the glue gun is great....it's a great fill in brand,,,and some of the tools hold up well, I've had the sander and router for years and years
  14. Makita DGA900 - 18v X2 - 9Inch Grinder

    I would say @Jronman it slices the flex to shreds
  15. Hilti 12v Unboxing Video

    Nice set up....bad ass tools