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  1. Framer joe

    It’s HERE...6ah

    Just bought a couple 2 packs of 6ah batteries at HD tonight. Almost the same weight...the 4ah is 1.95 lbs and the 6ah is 2.07 lbs...
  2. Framer joe

    Dewalt slim 3ah and Ryobi 6ah...what ?

    Nice find at HD tonight. ..don’t really need the 3ah ,maybe for the cordless guns...but love the Ryobi 6ah batteries....🙃
  3. Framer joe

    2018 Dewalt event?

    Truly hope Dewalt has an event and it’s huge...it does not help companies to plan purchases if they don’t know what’s coming. I can’t imagine Dewalt would do that.
  4. Framer joe

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    Dewalt mitresaws. Circular and tablesaws have been on every job site since I started. ( some other brands mixed in,like skilsaw circ saws) The quality of those tools always impressed me. I didn’t have Cordless tools until the 20v max line, I wasn’t impressed with Nicad performance by anyone. The grip of the 20v line was awesome. I read the specs and it beat or matched everyone at the time...that and Dewalts reputation for reliability sold me. Love the red and black colors,but Milwaukee didn’t have Construction tools, Makita had a big line ,( no fuel gauges) Hitachi had a good rep.for corded tools. Dewalt doesn’t complete their line of tools,it’s aggravating, their slow on new tools , but when they.do come out it’s generally revolutionary and takes years for anyone to come close to the same power or quality. Flexvolt is the only line that is actually better then corded power tools. It changed everything. Every framer I know uses the Flexvolt line. The 575 and 577 are sick. Hybrid mitresaw awesome. It’s what all construction guys have been waiting for. Even Dewalts 899 beat Milwaukee’s until the recent gen 2 beast...I bought into Dewalt 12v and then no more tools came, I love my M12 Tools, also love my Bosch 12vv ( they both have tools that the other doesn’t).....I don’t like Ridgid tools or batteries. Ryobi makes things no one has, so I love it, Love my Festool tools... As it’s said ....Dewalt is for construction/carpentry...Milwaukee for plumbing/hvac...and all others fill the gaps. Makita is also a strong line ...
  5. Framer joe

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    @kornomaniac... .well I love the M12 stubby wrench ..I’ll take one...M12 rocket light...I’ll take two....since I’m heavily in the M12line.......I know you guys do your math thing and watt hr stuff and this and that....I run Framing companies....I can say with facts, that the Flexvolt 575 to this day is unmatched by any cordless circ saw in power or ability to perform any job. Not even close.....For “worm drive” the 577 is equally unmatched by any cordless saw today. The makita “worm drive” is a good saw and closer then any other brands. I use it a lot ...but for serious ripping, nothing touches the 577.. We will see what the new Milwaukee HD circ saw does with a HO 12ah on it , when compared to the 575 with Dewalts 12ah(4ah) on , not the 6ah they used for demonstrating...also it still won’t touch the 577... These theories that 162wh is 162wh doesn’t matter voltage...is arm chair quarterbacking...in the real world the existing Milwaukee 7 1/4” circ Saw with a 9ah on it ...Can Not Rip Framing stock without bogging down or overheating, period...fact.....but ....the existing Dewalt 575 can, no problem....it doesn’t matter 162ah stuff...it Can’t do it .....now maybe through science and engineering the New Milwaukee HD circ saw with the HO 12ah can do it....but the old one Won’t... So your still buying a new tool HD platform and a new HO batteries to accomplish what Dewalt Flexvolt currently does.....its the same exact thing Dewalt did....new platform of high power tools and new batteries to power them....spin it any way you want .......it’s the same thing... I’m not anti Milwaukee, they have great tools, some of the best...mechanics, lights, plumbing,hvac, very innovative tools...I love M12...they struggle with construction tools because it’s new to them, understandable....but the hype and bogus competitions they do are BS....the “one tool,one battery platform is a lie, technically true ,but not in reality...it’s a new line of tools requiring a new line of batteries to run them properly......just like Dewalt did, that’s all I’m not anti Makita, they have a great line of tools,vast...some of the best Impacts on the market, impact wrench,no...decent circ saws and very good rear handle saw...I kinda like the new AVT sawzall....I don’t like the batteries and compatibility issues, excellent chargers though.but damn they try hard to be innovative quickly... Chris k got me into Festool, love those tools, my vacs,sanders... I bought into Dewalt first for corded mitre saws, table saws, circ saws for years , they really are top notch and widely used, then the 20v (18v) line of tools, then Flexvolt, framers require tools with More POWA....I love Flexvolt, the tablesaw is awesome, the saws are awesome..great grinder, the compressor works great, the hybrid mitresaw, the best....I’m sure more tools are coming.....Flexvolt is perfect for construction...... I get most guys on here don’t need that power or use it 10hrs a day...everyday. I get brand loyalty and compatibility. Flexvolt is a business decision, not “fan boy” it saves companies time and most importantly, money... We all win with these companies battling it out.. ...one year this tool is on top, next year it’s a different tool, it’s all good. All I want is to make as much money as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time as possible, who ever can do that for my company is the winner......unless I win the lottery, I’ll buy all of you a new tool of choice...as long as it’s Dewalt, ....lol jk 🙃
  6. Framer joe

    So About Them New Batteries.

    When the new Milwaukee circ saw comes out with the 12ah, I am going to buy it and compare it to the flex circ with Dewalts 12ah/4ah on and we will see .. I don’t believe it will match up. Definitely closer then the existing Milwaukee circ with a 9ah I’m sure...it’s never about the number of cross cut 2x4s it can cut ,its always about ripping lumber, stacked plywood, LVL stock, PT stock, etc. that’s why framers,construction crews buy these. We don’t rip plywood and construction stock on a table saw...that’s used for trim stock. Will it bog down ? Trigger the thermal overload switch? Or cut as fast as the Flexvolt? I know for a fact the Flexvolt 575 and much more powerful 577 can rip any stock NP....and with the new battery, even better. I’m curious to find out. And can’t wait for the Dewalt event (whenever it is)
  7. 12ah ... 👍🏼 4 port rapid charger 👍🏼 And ? 10” table saw ? (120v) 9” grinder ? Gen 3 drills,impacts , wrenches? power station gen 2 ? Cordless barrel jiggly ?router ? Sander ? gen 3 cordless Framer gun ? 10”hybrid mitre saw (60v) ? super duper ultimate ,orbital ,10 speed ,lightweight, no vibration Sawzall ?
  8. Framer joe

    Big event coming

    Flexvolt for my framing I don’t see a challenge to its power yet...maybe next year, but doubt it because Milwaukee is hell bent on staying with 18v power and just selling the tall tail that those 18v are as good as 60v Tools.....I’ll give them the sawzall, of course...and now a super sawzall...? They rule the sawzall world. And M12 is just awesome. So glad I jumped on board 12v red...Dewalt just plain gave them the 12v buyers and gave up.....gotta get the stubby.... anyone know when Dewalt nps18 is ?
  9. Framer joe

    Big event coming

    I love the m12 rocket light and the m12 stubby impact at 250ft lbs...awesome....
  10. Framer joe

    Big event coming

    So nothing out of this world....12ah..same table saw.as Dewalt...Super sawzall? Have to see the reviews, probably will be the best ever, but heavy...no way the new circ saw comes close to the 575 especially the 577....surprised they didn’t do a rear handle saw...is metabo’s grinder a 9” ? ....1” impact? That’s the first.......game changer , nah ,but some cool tools,
  11. Framer joe

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    @Jronman I could tell you privately....long list of code violations. Just read some comments about his deck videos, they say the same thing as me. ...but enough of that boring talk.....tools ...events coming...POWA,!!!!!
  12. Framer joe

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    Ego is the best OPE I’ve ever used ( battery) great tools...my decision was just to stay in one platform, Dewalt 20v for ope....
  13. Framer joe

    Ryobi 3.0ah slim pack, 6.0ah and 9.0ah coming soon!

    Two years ago ....ridiculous
  14. Framer joe

    Big event coming

    I’m no tech guy @Bremon you know that. But they Must have something more then a 36v battery that works in all 18v existing tools and newer 36v tools ? That wouldn’t even match Flexvolt, and it’s kinda like 2x 18 Makita....which still doesn’t match up to Flexvolt....even 2x 36 wouldn’t power a 10” tablesaw,I think... it will be interesting to see for sure. If 1 thing I learned from you and the forum is don’t get your hopes up for a huge breakthrough show for any company especially Dewalt....I just lucked out that Flexvolt was my first experience with these shows, being new to the forum over a year ago... Double (2x36v ) Tools ?
  15. Framer joe

    Big event coming

    They gotta go big this year, as FV is just dominating the construction industry.