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  1. Framer joe

    Why you like and dislike these hammmer

    @aessu...ya that's possible for smaller roofs...we are booked up to a year out...it's usually 2-3 custom homes 5-6 month frames and smaller 2-3k sq ft that gotta be built fast....3 crews framing,different homes ..I build octagon roofs and ellipse , on the ground and we use a lull to lift them...noone would pay for a crane here....... interesting though
  2. Framer joe

    Why you like and dislike these hammmer

    No @Jronman....that's not framing....there is staging brackets out of the wall with planks on them, but no harnesses,ropes or anything on the roof..if you framed on one of my crews, you'd learn more in a year then in ten years with anyone else......@babysaw it's not 10 guys sheathing a roof,it's 3 the rest are already installing Windows and doors......we frame and plywood walls then router the openings before we left them....
  3. Framer joe

    Christmas came early

    Nice set
  4. I have not heard anything good about a Milwaukee made Chuck over a Jacobs Chuck.......but the gen 3 kit looks amazing
  5. Framer joe

    Why you like and dislike these hammmer

    @Babysaw...we plywood a roof in minutes, by the time it took to set brackets up,we would be done already...sometimes it's 10k -15k SQ ft house and perfect.... sometimes it's a2k SQ ft house in a day10hr 10guys... including windows,doors,trim
  6. Tool boss did a review with the Milwaukee rep..he said it's a Milwaukee made Chuck ..and the specs are the same as the previous model only more compact...?
  7. Framer joe

    New Shed Floor

    Pressure treated plywood...and a cheap jigsaw......
  8. Framer joe

    2x20V lawn mower

    After many uses...the mower works great..but with higher ah ...flex 6ah is good..my 9ah work amazing... Design flaws...it has tons of power,built well, durable....just needs larger batteries... Watch workshop addict...great review of it cutting tall grass with 9ah in it....
  9. Framer joe

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    What is 3x ...? Three sheets of 3/4 ply? Ya it does no problem.....if your not a framer you don't understand what the saw is used for...it's function for use is ripping engineered lumber,compound bevel cuts ..wet pt lumber, timbers....not stacks of plywood....the 575 can rip all the plywood you need... But nothing rips like the 577 ...not even close........ Leave politics out,... clearly people outside the USA that don't vote,don't understand why we elected him.... BTW people all over the world ,come here for the best medical treatment anywhere on earth.......not to socialist ,govt healthcare.... Talk tools
  10. Framer joe

    another new TSTAK Box spotted / DWST14121 Flip Bin

    Saw that on ..toolguyd... interesting bin storage...
  11. Framer joe

    Tstak, best light duty toolboxes?

    I have many tstak ,never had a problem with them...not waterproof...but work great...I have them in my truck...the tough system is for framing tools ,they get abused... outside regularly..
  12. Framer joe

    Latest Rep Gossip

    @Bremon the 692 shoots paslode full head... clipped ain't code... finally can sell my Ryobi and Ridgid cordless routers and Sanders...been a long wait. If the new framing gun shoots only plastic clips,that will suck... plastic sucks... Really wanted a cordless 10" mitre saw, that sucks.....I'll get the new barrel jiggy for the truck...I'll keep the carvex and mafell for the shop... ..damn seems like dewalt is slow rolling shit out again.....never understand it.....love an upgraded 791 and 877...
  13. Framer joe

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Good news
  14. Framer joe

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    @Bremon...575 is 2.55”, 577 is 2 9/16”....Makita is 2 9/16 cut depth, doesn’t matter it doesn’t cut anything the 575 can’t. You have to think in terms of lumber stock not hyped up ads. There is no pain in the backside with that saw...lumber is lumber, 80%is 1.5”...10% 1.75”...i joists have 1.5” cords x 2.5 or 3.5” width....your never even cutting 2” stock, anything wider you’d use a 8” -12” saw....there is nothing you cut, that it doesn’t cut. Anything.larger you use timber saws... Btw .it’s called fair trade., remember you don’t exist without us protecting you. In 2 yrs you’ll see exactly the effect ..”.we the people, the majority who work and pay huge taxes” voted for him..it’s exactly what we want and the wall....we want companies staying and making products in the USA and providing jobs here...study economics and you’ll realize every country has much more to loose then we do. ...companies like Milwaukee are already expanding here because of him..Dewalt too....automotive companies are expanding here,also.....I want Americans to have good jobs , here...build tools here. It’s all about tools ... enough of that......tools
  15. Framer joe

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Ebay @BruceG24....great deals on 2pack 5ah...usually 80-90$