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  1. Framer joe

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Thanks @Jronman....I guess it does stack....very awkwardly...been waiting for that vacuum but just poorly designed. .....cfm is very good...but should of been inside a LG tstak or toughsystem box.. ...I know it's wierd but my tools gotta perform AND look good, that thing is butt ugly....other companies can get performance and look badass.... ...just can't buy it. I'll stick with what I got.. although the new DEH161 looks cool
  2. Framer joe

    Bosch gdr 18v-200 brushless impact driver

    Looks awesome ...just don't understand why it's not as powerful as Milwaukee or dewalt and not as precise as Makita....just kinda good all around
  3. Framer joe

    On sale at home depot

    I came around and bought the smaller packout boxes...the slim organizers and the taller organizers..and a tote. .....got that 2 pc set also for 249...had to try out the new compact drill and impact.... ...still don't like that mid size and lg size packout with the aluminum corners..wasted space...and the rolling box lid doesn't stay open by itself...
  4. Framer joe

    M18 Fuel 18 gauge brad nailer

    Gotta say... Milwaukee makes great tools but absolutely the worse cordless nailers... dewalt 20v nailers are very good, we use them everyday framing, putting trim on......but for finish work myself and other finish guys I know,switched back to air guns (grex) and use the DEWALT cordless compressor...it will run two trim guns no problem....I went cordless guns for a while till that compressor came out....love the small air guns again.
  5. Framer joe

    new DCH773 Rotary Hammer, 60V Max Flexvolt cordless

    That's one badass mamajama...
  6. Framer joe

    Dewalt Angle Grinder

    Dcg413 flathead...that's what we use at work. Rarely need the 60v grinder...it works great and gets in tight spots.
  7. Framer joe

    New universal dust extractor (DWH161)

    That could be very useful. The power should be good for dust... basically took a dwh304dh and added a battery instead of running off the tools battery...
  8. Framer joe

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Please show that vacuum stacked on top of another tstak box...
  9. Bring it back I guess....I have the 20v and 60v grinders and no problems...hope it works out
  10. Framer joe

    On sale at home depot

  11. Framer joe

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Great cfm right up there with Festool
  12. Framer joe

    5.0 dead 😭

    @Biggie...love seeing shit used 👍
  13. Framer joe

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    @ToolBane....only Europeans who visit the USA think 20v is more Powerful then 18v... Americans are smarter and can figure it out....same as everyone saying 12v when it's 10.8...bosch, Milwaukee etc..... .... obviously you hate dewalt,that's fine your not in construction ,framing , remodeling if you were a pro you'd be buying dewalt flexvolt, because no cordless saws are better.... ...relax and enjoy flexvolt 60v.(54v for you ) watch dewalt dominant..
  14. Framer joe

    Smoko Alarm

    Morning break ? What's that...
  15. Framer joe

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Just don't see how it stacks ...