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  1. How I managed to use my 20v batteries on Ryobi Tools

    “Nobody puts baby in a corner” .....interesting
  2. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Any good ? Perfect? Need the larger size ? Or just right for a small shop ?
  3. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    Dewalt has 1 size ? Agree no 12v platform but the 20v line is Compact and the best out there in every single test...and no one comes close to the 60v line especially Makita’s 2 battery line 36v......the 20v line has many compact tools and larger tools within the line...the makita subcompact line doesn’t even match M12 in size or power.....But I do see one advantage of owning 1 battery platform... unfortunately if you need real power the 36v line doesn’t cut it and the subcompact line is out classed by Milwaukee....but for small light limited uses it’s a solid line....IMO
  4. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Dewalt sds max 1 7/8” at 13.3 joules......yes I know
  5. YA I keep corded stuff .....put away just in case....cordless stuff is worthy of upgrades every 3-4 years...I’m not upgrading for a 15% increase every year....it’s gotta be significant changes...
  6. TD171D

    That was many years ago, to this day the 887 rules supreme....watch impact shootouts , like the “ skill builder” it even beats the triple hammer hitachi..... Makita makes great compact tools though, extremely comfortable
  7. TD171D

    Extremely compact...so it’s for light to med use with 1600 inlbs.? It looks very comfortable.....
  8. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    I agree except that Festool is for “ construction “ maybe 5-10% of very careful construction sites, not 90% of guys that will use their tools. They break , not break down, but break when you drop them. “The systainers break if dropped...”Then Don’t drop them joe “ ya not possible in our world. We bought the Festool track saw, someone dropped the saw ,bang , cracked and done.... On the other hand Flexvolt saws get dropped all the time and take it. Nothing wrong with being a shop tool. Nothing wrong with buying high priced,high end tools. I love great tools , Mafell hell ya...glad to learn that. Construction is a much different world then finish guys, cabinet guys or shop guys. Not tv construction, real construction...there’s no floor,walls ,roof to protect your stuff. You show up to a hole in the ground, a foundation,no backfill,boulders,stumps, rocks everywhere, rough terrain,,,your tools are in the dirt, mud, knocked off 12’ ft foundations .. Looks like Mafell tools take a beating, but they’re designed for abuse. Festool System is the best out there, I’m just getting into it thanks to @ChrisK...Someday I hope to own a cnc machine and a 3D maker....
  9. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    Oh got it,like a one drill/impact for all occasions. I never find that works for me, in my line of work. Unfortunately I don’t think Dewalt has that advantage yet.like @The.Handyman said maybe Makita,definitely Milwaukee gen 2...
  10. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    BTW @ChrisK I’m a little jealous.....please let me know how it is ,how it feels...when you do get it...😃
  11. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Wonder why mafell wouldn’t want to expand to the USA......I know myself and all the companies I know, Love high end tools....they’d sell out....it’s never about price for me or most guys I know, only quality...durability....tools that last and get the job done professionally........it’s all about reputation for most guys , quality counts and gets you the next job...
  12. Some new Bosch tools

    Bosch probably would be number one of all high end tools ..if...they had a full line of 18v and 12v at HD or Lowe’s on the the shelf , the newest versions.......I believe they’d clean up....but it’s just not available here....great tools and durability
  13. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    After seeing several videos on the Mafell.......WOW .....very impressive jigsaw and company..........is there any company superior to mafell? Always love to learn on here....
  14. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    Not sure why guys are buying the 887 ? For what purpose are you trying to use it for ? I have many 887 and it’s the best impact IMO on the market. Ive used the surge , don’t like it,,have not used the hitachi triple hammer,I hear it’s great ....i screw off thousands of decks with it..and drive zillions of timberlock,trusslok, ledgerlok with it....wouldn’t a small 12v be better for cabinet knobs and hinges ? Curious... Or the Milwaukee gen 2 with 4 settings.....just wondering
  15. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    Can’t go wrong with the 791; I have a few and love them. I personally think it’s the best drill out there. Got the 996 for big stuff...I’ll never use the hammer function again once I learned about sds drills...the Dewalt sds plus is a beast and the m12 fuel sds does the small stuff.......i was insane using a hammer drill for drilling concrete, no comparison........I have a large m12 collection now but the 791 is my favorite
  16. So any new tools coming soon?

    Yup yup Dewalt is slacking right now, so I’ve been on a Festool road
  17. DCL070 Large Area Light - 1/2 off

    I don’t think so...it’s massive..I suppose it could but not that I’m aware of ,,,it sits on the floor
  18. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    @ChrisK....have you considered the Bosch GST160 ? I see it’s very comparable to the mafell....now there’s no swag with the Bosch verse mafell......but all the literature and vids I see point to the king ...Mafell Never heard of that company, always nice to learn about tools on TIA forum...thanks Chris
  19. New Sander

    @BK13....sanding decks ? You must invest in new decking, AZEK...any color , no screw holes, composite material, 40yrs....
  20. Flexvolt Batteries

    Festool garbage? @glass..cmon...they make great shop tools , some of the best. No one makes a better system of storage and tools... Dewalt, that’s why I’m all in @ChrisK....great customer service, great framing tools, heavy duty , reliable........I’ve never had a problem so far ,except Dewalt boots, love em but the toe wore out in 3 months....they sent me a new pair, no problem...
  21. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    I read the domino is the best....... No dust extraction on mafell jig ? It has more power ,but unless your cutting thick ass wood why would you need that ? They are mostly a timber frame tool company.... @ChrisK ...you want more POWA?.? Hey now that’s my gig....lol....your a finesse guy... Some interesting features, no roller for the blade, quick change, sliding base..and lots more POWA.......better colors that’s for sure....interesting the storage boxes work on Festool sustainers...something is up with that... I’ll stick with the carvex hybrid jiggy....gotta be cordless!!!!! Although the mafell would be great for cutting the hundreds of radius curves we do in 2x12 pt stock...
  22. Converted DCF886 to 3/8"

    Way above my pay grade to do that swap.....nice job
  23. Found a flexvolt miter saw for $100

    I couldn’t do that....I’m no choir boy either though...I regularly pay for one Dewalt saw horse and say it’s priced for a pair.....shame on me......but for the Flexvolt mitre ,ahhhh no...I want brand new tools when they’re high end
  24. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Thanks @Jronman....ya just got the midi Festool vacuum and a sustainer 2 ???? Needed more room for vacuum accessories. Next is a sander ,hybrid I think..and a jiggy...love to be all cordless,except the vac.... I recently bought a Wen 12” variable speed drill press, a Wen oscillator sander and spindle sander combo, and a Wen scroll saw......just getting my feet wet with mid level shop tools....see what I my needs are for POWA and upgrade if I need in a while.......I do love the Festool vac so far. ...also got a Sjoberg work bench...beautiful
  25. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Thanks @ChrisK....you are the Festool expert. I ordered the midi 574787 ct hepa...I’ve seen dust deputy on them but they say it can fry the circuit board ? Or is that just Festool bs....? Also I really liked the jigsaw carvex ps 561593 and accessorie kit 201186,,,looks unbelievable? Do you have the cordless jigsaw ? Or should I just stay corded ? I thought I’d go high end on the vac and jig if they are truly superior...the vac seems to be the best around with the Fein second best.... could you recommend a sander ???? ....thank you Chris