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    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    @Bremon...575 is 2.55”, 577 is 2 9/16”....Makita is 2 9/16 cut depth, doesn’t matter it doesn’t cut anything the 575 can’t. You have to think in terms of lumber stock not hyped up ads. There is no pain in the backside with that saw...lumber is lumber, 80%is 1.5”...10% 1.75”...i joists have 1.5” cords x 2.5 or 3.5” width....your never even cutting 2” stock, anything wider you’d use a 8” -12” saw....there is nothing you cut, that it doesn’t cut. Anything.larger you use timber saws... Btw .it’s called fair trade., remember you don’t exist without us protecting you. In 2 yrs you’ll see exactly the effect ..”.we the people, the majority who work and pay huge taxes” voted for him..it’s exactly what we want and the wall....we want companies staying and making products in the USA and providing jobs here...study economics and you’ll realize every country has much more to loose then we do. ...companies like Milwaukee are already expanding here because of him..Dewalt too....automotive companies are expanding here,also.....I want Americans to have good jobs , here...build tools here. It’s all about tools ... enough of that......tools
  2. Framer joe

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Ebay @BruceG24....great deals on 2pack 5ah...usually 80-90$
  3. Framer joe

    Any news about tomorrow?

    @The.Handyman...ya I’ve seen that with a company I run , he was in with “a company “ testing tools.".......I just don’t know how to change things. I’m not a “sheep” kinda guy, A follower..., more a get things done, learn from mistakes, press forward,move on....being a supervisor I’m always thinking days,weeks,months,years out on projects, ...staying ahead of the game. That’s where I’m coming from, I want Dewalt to succeed at helping us out in our business. There are plenty of companies for diy guys....we need more high end contractor grade tools.....it’s great been progress in a short time...I appreciate it. Just hoping I could do more.....
  4. Framer joe

    new DS295 Tough System Box, three drawer

    @JRS5565...I’d say so the 9ah fit in my Tstak drawer
  5. Framer joe

    Any news about tomorrow?

    I appreciate your input @The.Handyman..with Dewalt...I just think if more Framers, builders,guys running construction companies,buying thousands of dollars of tools had more say , things could be different....truly believe that. Most of the people I see at these events aren’t even in the business or just have a YouTube channel.....I write dozens of emails to Dewalt, hoping for change. Marketing and pencil pushers are missing out..what do I know, we do millions in jobs they do billions......
  6. Framer joe

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Gotta do what’s right for USA...we have the right guy in office. I do wish everyone could get tools at a fair price. ...nothing better then the 577 not even close...cut depth ? Never understood this stuff...dimensional lumber is 1.5 or 3.5..I joist are 2.5or 3.5....
  7. Framer joe

    6.0 xr charging issues

    Wierd....I have a bunch of 20v 6ah batteries, but all my chargers are yellow fast chargers, I sold all the rest.......I know I’ve messsed up batteries completely draining them over and over...I don’t do it anymore, at 1 bar I change them out....
  8. Framer joe

    Any news about tomorrow?

    Got that right @Jronman.....I’d LOVE to be an insider... im part of “Tool talk” with Dewalt but nothing great...if I was an insider I’d definitely be able to help Dewalt out.......example...send the 20v lawnmower kit with 2 Flexvolt 6ah/2ah batteries instead of 2/5ah ...much better runtime (I know I own it) and it gives people 2 batteries to buy into Flexvolt tools, ...
  9. Framer joe

    New rafter hook?

    @Bremon....trust me there is no issue cutting..straight..bevels..ripping...or weight...again this is a serious saw,made for serious use, designed for framing everyday....Coming from a guy who hates left blade saws. .i use the makita rear handle everyday and this 577...really is no competition...the 577 is unmatched in any category. I would say it’s strength is power and straight long cuts, I seek it out to cut rafters and stair stringers....the rest of the time the 575 is in my hands...love that saw... I will buy and try the new Milwaukee when it’s out , just to see the hype... i use diablo tracking point blades only..best damn blades for cordless saws,thanks to you...
  10. Framer joe

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Ya I’m loading up on 12ah..I have too many 9ah...wish it was. 12ah deal....
  11. Framer joe

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    That saw should be used with a minimum 5ah battery. And use thin kerf blades like the diablo tracking point or Flexvolt blades...
  12. Framer joe

    new TSTAK box spotted / DT70716 (Europe)

    Saw those at the last year show...or soon after ...look interesting
  13. Framer joe

    New rafter hook?

    That saw 570 is fine for diy or cross cuts, the 575 is equal to the Makita rear handle and is all anyone needs it will rip no problem....if your a framer or ripping a lot of ply or lvl...577 can't be beat by anything....
  14. Framer joe


    Bosch cases ,with Bosch or Milwaukee impact bits Diablo circ saw blades DeWalt xr sawzall for pt...and Diablo for demo...
  15. Framer joe

    Any news about tomorrow?

    That would be awesome . .. .
  16. Framer joe

    9ah trade in DEAL

    That's a good deal, Amazon and acme run a 2/199$ 9ah deal at holidays...I don't even have old dead batteries ....
  17. Framer joe

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    That's weird. ... gotta be a quality control issue with DeWalt..or maybe the earlier ones were good and quality went down..after that...
  18. Framer joe

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    @rcarnes911...I use paslode ace full head 2 3/8” ring shank every weekend when doing pt decks through 5/4 x 6 pt decking, those fire great ...you had a problem ? “Talk to me ,goose”...
  19. Framer joe

    20v Vaccume adapter

    Same as bremon, they work well
  20. Framer joe

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    Never understand guys with problems with the 692, I have 3, no problems, sinks 3 1!2 paslode full head into pressure treated lumber every weekend, thousands of nails, a couple jambs over the years but awesome...and the2 3/8" paslode nails I've never jambed literally thousands every year...no service center ever...no new parts....rain, snow,heat,mud......sucks if it happens to some guys but ,no problems here...I'd love a gen 3 though... I don't like the metal connector (hanger gun) way too bulky...
  21. Framer joe

    It’s HERE...6ah

    Just bought a couple 2 packs of 6ah batteries at HD tonight. Almost the same weight...the 4ah is 1.95 lbs and the 6ah is 2.07 lbs...
  22. Framer joe

    2x20V lawn mower

    It was packaged well,no damages, ...
  23. Framer joe

    20v Max Inflator

    I have the m12 inflater, this looks much larger. I have the Dewalt jumper/inflater which is heavy but works great......still have my two Ryobi inflaters which work great
  24. Framer joe

    why not a 20v light

    Not for us, can’t wait for a recharge....gotta be battery
  25. Framer joe

    best tool dewalt has came out with...

    Agree...Flexvolt changed everything...every manufacturer had to do something to compete. ....For tools, for construction /framing, the 575 and especially the 577...made cordless tools actually better then corded counterparts...it’s a dream to use the 575 and 577, all day everyday with no cords. ...waited 30yrs for this.. and now with the 12ah it may last all day....