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  1. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Town house
  2. Where at in Michigan are you. I'm in Oakland County. May be able to help with the waterheater, if you haven't been able to do so already

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    2. DR99


      40 gallon tall or standard I believe not 100% on the termninology

    3. Jrhky36


      Soray about not getting back to you sooner. Issues with the phone. I'll check tomorrow. 

    4. Jrhky36


      A new tank will run 450. Plus tax. 40 gal, gas 4 inch vent. Standard size.

      Price does not include installation.

  3. what does everyone do for a living

    Hvac service tech/installer full time (32-35) hours a week in the summer. Lawn contractor about 20 hours a week in the summer. Winter 45-52 hours a week hvac
  4. Dewalt Landscaping machines

    I will post on here if I try another cordless. But it won't be for some time. Otherstwhile on here have done used and love the 20v. I am very biased toward gas.
  5. DeWalt 40v String Trimmer

    A little background here. I cut about 35ish lawns a week. So I have some idea of what works and doesn't work with ope. All options are good options based on your needs. I do not know any lawn contractors in my area using cordless. The investment to go to cordless with the extra batteries, car charger is just too high. With the unknown if it will even work for me. I know gas and it works for me. As far as run As far as if cordless will equal gas in terms of power and run time I'd like to think they will equal at some point. It may not even take 10 years. What has not been said is the torque generated by the cordless. In my option they are lacking.
  6. DeWalt 40v String Trimmer

    Ricky, i know about yhe dewalt 20v car charger. It would work. But the issuse for me is that the 20v just does not work for me. Nor does any cordless ope at this point in time. Until someone can replacate the run time of a gas engine ill stick with gas
  7. DeWalt 40v String Trimmer

    The main reason I tried the dewalt vs other cordless is because I have a bunch of 20v batteries. Farmer Joe... the biggest issue I have with cordless open is the run time. Here is what I mean... I'm out cutting 10-14 lawns after work on Thursday nite. All day Friday I cut about 15-20 more and still 3 more on Saturday. With gas I know I have it. But with the battery I don't know when it's going to die, and I can't recharge in the truck. Most open only come with one battery, which I would need at least 3. At that point it's just easier to use gas. Each product has there place in the market. All are good to some extent. Maybe one day when the redmax die I'll venture more intof cordless open. But today I stay with gas.
  8. DeWalt 40v String Trimmer

    I tried out the 20volt. Was not impressed. The trimmers I use are both redmax bcz2660s. I know gas vs battery no comparison. I wanted to try it for comparison purposes, and if it was decent I would use it as a back up. Here is what I found... line was way to thin for me (.080). I run .095 Kevlar reinforced. Felt out of balance, and way too lite. As others have said it bogged in longer, thicker grass. Because it was so light I could not get a consistent height on the grass. Had to go back over it with my redmax. Overall not a bad producthing but just not for me at this time. It and the other ope that dewalt makes do have there place. I may try again in the future, but for now itso the beast called redmax that I will use.
  9. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Pitch fork
  10. Veteran Discounts

    All veterans are able to register at vetverify.organization or .com don't remember. This will enable them to use the online exchange. This is live now for some vets. Will go live for all vets in November
  11. DeWALT

    Their logo is copyrighted so permission is a must
  12. Dewalt .080 vs .095 in 60v trimmer

    I run .095 in my whips. I found that anything smaller would break off toof easily. I also recently tried a cordless whip and hated every minute of it. Didn't even finish the house I was mowing. Went back to my redmax bcz2660. Don't know if I'll try another one. Maybe some day but the ones out on the market today don't even come close to the same proformance as my gas powered.
  13. Home Depot

    This deal was too good to be true. I tried about a dozen hds in my area. Only 3 stores had them at the $300 price. None of them would match that price. So much for the stores matching other store prices. Was bummed out i didnt get one
  14. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Beer thermometer
  15. Dewalt Landscaping machines

    I recently tried a 20v weed Wacker. I came away very disappointed. It just didn't seem to have enough power to do what I needed to. But my comparison was not fair the machine it went up against was a redmax bcz2660.