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  1. Yea I mean you figure by now since it has been out for so long that they would have it fixed or at least a little better but how can something be out for months and still running horribly... I love Milwaukee but I mean come on that's ridiculous
  2. So I finally got me a Milwaukee one key hammer drill and I have been messing around with it for the last month but for some reason my most recent location is never where my drill is at the time for instance right now it is in my work truck in my driveway. But on the app it says it is 30 miles away on a Main Street I drive to work and it has said that for days now? Is it because I don't have a battery in it so it won't register? Or how does that work
  3. Hey everyone my battery charger at home has taken a turn for the worst and died recently. I need to get a new one and I honestly I don't know if there's something out that's the cats meow. I'm not to up to date on them so idk what's good and bad. Not looking to spend over $200 and anything under would be great it's gotta be able to jump my vehicles which are all diesels and excavators. Let me know if anyone has any preferences was looking into this one but a little more amps would be nice http://www.ruralking.com/cat-40-amp-wheel-charger-with-110-amp-engine-start-cbc40ew.html
  4. I am a huge Milwaukee fan but not saying they are amazing and the absolute best! I would say go with what fits you. If your just using it around the house for little projects here and there then you probly don't need the top of the line tools. Dewalt, Milwaukee, ridgid, makita,etc all has a pretty high price point but there also made for the working man who picks them up everyday. But always look down the road if you see you want more then a sawzall, drill, and impact see what else the manufacture offers like me I am a plumber Milwaukee 12v line up absolutely dominates everyone else's line up for plumbing they have so many things. But hell not everyone is a plumber lol in the end just go with something reliable a great price point and a extra bonus is having a store around that will fix it if it breaks! Good luck
  5. Oh yea I put some more tools in there too it will work out great for my indoor jobs
  6. Well was gonna buy some kaizen foam inserts but decided to make my own with some foam I found in a local krafts store! Excited to use this in doors for plumbing also pretty pumped for having extra room for more tools!
  7. That's a sweet deal I have the 54" or it Maybe 56" top and bottom just like that I love it but for that price I may just buy the small one to
  8. $88 on the top box man how did you get that?!
  9. Hey everyone been looking at the deals on Home Depot site I went out and bought the rocket light with the starter kit but also as of maybe yesterday I think is when I saw it but they are dropping prices on radios! Here's an example! I mean sounds like a deal to me! I think I'm gonna break down and get this radio with my added military discount it would have to be a deal I can't pass up!
  10. I mean it says hand tools qualify you should be good on that part only thing a do know is they take there sweet ass time on rebates so it may be awhile before you receive it!
  11. Maybe now I see it haha.. levels are definitely a weak spot for me it seems I have too many. But I really love the stabila levels have a digital one and I like those more they are obviously more accurate when I run header pipes on septic tank leach fields it always has to be dead level so I used to use a goldblatt 48" level which I absolutely love but when I went back to check how level it was with a laser it was always a little off so now I use a digital stabila and it is perfect every time. I am a huge Milwaukee fan but there new red sticks just seem way over priced
  12. Here's a pretty sweet deal for anyone who wants some money off of cpomilwaukee!
  13. Oh I didn't see that until now but I am sure they will have some new ones soon!
  14. That box of screws is what it looks like when I put something back together and I still have all those left ?
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