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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    Here's my solution to organizing the accessories: Since I don't have a second battery, I made a custom fitted Fimo clay block for that space to hold the accessories. Crude but functional.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Howzabout this little Hitachi 12v rotary tool: Check out that clearance price at Lowe's. Don't strictly need this but for $39 I couldn't say no. Comes with a case, which is a big deal for me; I like organization. They included two little bags of accessories, but disappointingly the case has no organization for those, so I'll probably have to improvise something. It's a little butt-heavy when you hold it. I don't think I'd have paid the original $99 price for this, but for $39 it's a hella good deal.
  3. Who can guess what this is?

    Actually it contains random nuts, bolts, and screws. Easier to root through than a coffee can.
  4. Who can guess what this is?

    Yes, that's what it's for. You draw a line, rotate the tool (or the piece), and draw another. Where they cross is the center. No need for two tools.
  5. Who can guess what this is?

    I sincerely hope you're joking.
  6. Who can guess what this is?

    None of those exactly, but some come close. The wing nut adjustment is to allow the sticks to be lined up with the pen lines: And then its function is obvious: It's a center finder for circles. I found this the other day tucked into a nook under my workbench. Clearly I made it at some point, but I don't remember doing it, or why I needed it. It took me a couple of minutes even to figure out what it was.
  7. Who can guess what this is?

    Three paint sticks held together on a pivot with a wing nut to tighten them, and pen lines drawn on them: This is a makeshift tool, but what is it for? I know the answer but what's your guess?
  8. What tools did you buy today?

    Are they behind that tractor? I don't see them.
  9. Maybe it's heat/humidity. You live in hot, sweaty, humid Florida; I live in Chillinois.
  10. That's funny that you and I should buy the very same sets, and you can smell them and I can't.
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Today (well, yesterday, actually, but we'll pretend) I bought this Irwin self-adjusting wire stripper: And this 18" Kobalt bolt cutter: And I used the bolt cutter today to make this bin rack out of wire shelving:
  12. So now you clowns have me standing in my garage sniffing screwdriver handles. Out of all the acetate handle drivers, I found only one that really smells bad to me, and I have to put it right up to my nose and take a good snort of it for it to smell objectionable. That one's a Craftsman #1 Phillips, and it's old enough to be distinctly yellow. There's one other that has a faint scent when I put it directly to my nose. But none of the rest of them smell like anything to me. So now is when you jump out of the woodwork and have a good laugh at what you made me do, right?
  13. Yep. Old Craftsman, Husky, Great Neck. They've been in a closed toolbox for most of that time and I really don't notice any particular smell.
  14. Maybe I'm just not sensitive to it. You know, like some people love black licorice and others hate it, which turns out to be a gene thing. Maybe I don't have the stinky-screwdriver detecting gene.
  15. I've got acetate screwdrivers that I've had for probably 30 years. So they'll start stinking any day now?