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  1. Pouet

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    I bough my first Dewalt tool two years ago just before Flexvolt was announced. Couple of reasons. Really loved the ergonomics, they were offering some cordless nailers which I was really interested in, they had a good selection of wood focused tools and they are not super expensive. I was also interested in Milwaukee but I decided to go yellow because the tools were more expensive and they have some sort of exclusive deal with Home Depot here. Dewalt is sold everywhere so it's much easier to find great deals while Home Depot tools are pricier than anywhere one else in Canada so I was not interested in buying my tools from them. Of course, you can always buy online or from a tool dealer but your choices are more limited. I may buy into Milwauke 12v in the future though, especially for their plumbing tools. I wasn't really interested in Makita because I was under the impression they were more interested in being 'first' them producing great tools (which is wrong, Makita tools are great quality). They had like 5 different impacts and I don't like when a brand does that. It really get confusing and their web site is not helping. I was also interested in Bosch but their lineup is so behind what's available in Europe and elsewhere that it wasn't making any sense to go down that road.
  2. Pouet

    2018 Dewalt event?

    I expect tons of new stuff this time. They haven't released anything new since the concrete saw back in january. Last fall was pretty quiet too. Last year, we were getting around two new tools per month. Hopefully the 12v rumor iys true this time :-)
  3. Pouet

    So About Them New Batteries.

    Your maths are off. Why 4 rows in parallel? The voltage and the number of rows are not linked together. The voltage is determined by the number of cells in series in a given row, not the number of rows. Each row has the same voltage but the more rows you had, the more current you can push. Therefore, you can add as much as you want to increase the amount of current your battery can push.
  4. Pouet

    So About Them New Batteries.

    Let's take the flexvolt grinder. Under heavy use, it has a runtime of about 5 or 6 minutes with a 6ah battery (6ahx18v=108wh). Checkout Ave video if you don't believe me. 6 minutes = 10% of a hour. Therefore the grinder is consumming 108whx10=1080w. To produce the same output with a 18v, you will need to push around 1080/18=60 A.
  5. Pouet

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    I don't understand why people complain about 60v tools but everyone want Dewalt to expand their 12v line. I never heard anyone complaining that you can't use a 20v battery on a 12v tool...
  6. Pouet

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    Heat is far from being the main issue here. Yes you have to deal with it but above all heat is a byproduct of power lost to resistance and that's what you have to take care of. Each time some current go through a resistance, some energy is taken from the battery to produce heat instead of useful work. This results in batteries that are draining faster so you really want to minimize these losts. Now, with a 18v source instead of a 54v one, you need three times the current. But the higher the current, the higher the power loss through the resistance. So what it's mean is that now you need to be really careful when you design your circuit. You have to make sure to select components with a low resistance, otherwise your battery will be depleted much more quickly than the 54v tool. It can be done obviously but I wonder if it will cost more.
  7. Pouet

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    Flexvolt dust collector Flexvot drywall sander 20v mixer (the flexvolt one is too big and expensive for what I need) 20v tube cutter cordless handheld wet/dry tile cutter that can ride on the Dewalt rails cordless router more light options
  8. Pouet

    Wall to Battery Adapter - Cordless Tool Hybrid

    Some tools like a router, a sander, a grinder, a vacuum, ... have a pretty short run time on a battery. Having an adapter would make lot of sense when you want to run the tool in the shop without continously swapping batteries. And it's better than having both cordless and corded tools if you ask me...
  9. It was announced at JLC Live 2018. Hopefully the tracks will be cheaper than the Maffell branded one :-) Should be released around September.
  10. Pouet

    Hitachi Power tools to be Renamed Metabo HTP

    Hitachi is not just a tool seller. Kkr only bought the tool division not the entire company like Metabo.
  11. Pouet

    Right Angle Drilling

    The DWARA100 attachment works pretty well. This is what I have used to do my kitchen. It's not the greatest way to drill in a confined space but it works. The best tool for this job would be the Bosch Flexiclick in my opinion. I would also buy a flex shaft attachment just in case.
  12. Pouet

    Ineffective hammerdrilling

    Btw the way, be careful with the silica dust if you are drilling inside. You need a mask and a shopvac as you don't want to breath this stuff.
  13. Pouet

    Ineffective hammerdrilling

    You need a rotary hammer to drill into concrete. A hammer drill is very slow and a poor subsitute. You can rent one.
  14. Pouet

    Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    The mafell jigsaw can pretty much replaces a band saw I believe except for resawing and small parts.
  15. Pouet

    Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787