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  1. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    Btw the way, be careful with the silica dust if you are drilling inside. You need a mask and a shopvac as you don't want to breath this stuff.
  2. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    You need a rotary hammer to drill into concrete. A hammer drill is very slow and a poor subsitute. You can rent one.
  3. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    The mafell jigsaw can pretty much replaces a band saw I believe except for resawing and small parts.
  4. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

  5. Also don't connect stranded wire directly to the screw terminals. It's not a safe connection. Crimp some ferrules to your wires first instead. Much better and safer. Tinning the wire is not a good idea either.
  6. Usually you drive relays with a transistor because an arduino can't push enough current to do it. The transistors seem to be built-in on your board so it should be okay. Just make sure to power the relay board with an independant power supply and not the arduino. Otherwise, you will pull too much current from it, which will lower the entire board voltage making the cpu crash and restart.
  7. 4 Port Fast Charger

    Not enough space. To support 12v batteries, they would need to add a second transformer (120v->12v). This take up space but they need that space in a fast charger for the fan. They could of course have made a bigger charger but I don't think people would have been happy about it. In a 4 bays charger, you have more than enough space to add a second transfomer so it's not a problem.
  8. Track Saws

    I think there is some confusion on the term track saw. A track saw is not necessarily a plunge saw. Bosch and Dewalt european circular saws can ride on a rail. And look at the kss saws by Mafell (or festool hk clones) to see how great a regular circular saw can be. And plunge saws can be used without a rail (with an edge guide for instance). So if you need a saw that rides on a rail, it doesn't have to be a plunge saw even though we don't have a lot of choices in north america in that department other than the festool hk and hkc models. Now about a plunge saw vs a normal saw. I think you need both just like you need a free handed router and a plunge one. A plunge saw is useful if you want to do precise plunge cuts (obviously) or if you want almost perfect dust collection (since there is a cover over the blade). It is also great when you are cutting sheet goods and you wan't to avoid chipping on both sides of your cuts (since you can put splinter guards on both sides of your blade, something you can't do with a regular circular saw). This is why a plunge saw is so useful to trim carpenters and cabinet installers who work inside with finish materials. The benefits of a regular circular saw though is that it is much easier to handle it when you are ripping or cross cutting narrow stocks since your saw doesn't need to be supported by the wood piece you are cutting. The balance is also much better since you are not plunging your saw in your cut. So I think a plunge saw could make a lot of sense in your case especially if you are working inside.
  9. new tough system release dates?

    Yes a cooler finally :-)
  10. DCL079 Tripod Light

    Do you think Dewalt will also come out with a light similar to milwaukee radius light? Or is this tower light better and as compact?
  11. Dewalt rear handle monster

    I think a frozen lithium battery that is cold charged is a potential hazard (it can fail later on and explodes). Dewalt has probably some built-in protection to protect you from doing it.
  12. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Well count me in if Dewalt introduces new 12v tools with slide packs. I hate the pistol grips. It 's just too bulky for my hands.
  13. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Big rotary lasers only. Not the laser you are going to use if you are remodeling a kitchen.
  14. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Still. I would be pretty mad. A laser is not the cheapest tool around and to release it on a platform that you know is going to get discontinued is a bit dishonest.