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  1. DCL079 Tripod Light

    Do you think Dewalt will also come out with a light similar to milwaukee radius light? Or is this tower light better and as compact?
  2. Dewalt rear handle monster

    I think a frozen lithium battery that is cold charged is a potential hazard (it can fail later on and explodes). Dewalt has probably some built-in protection to protect you from doing it.
  3. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Well count me in if Dewalt introduces new 12v tools with slide packs. I hate the pistol grips. It 's just too bulky for my hands.
  4. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Big rotary lasers only. Not the laser you are going to use if you are remodeling a kitchen.
  5. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    Still. I would be pretty mad. A laser is not the cheapest tool around and to release it on a platform that you know is going to get discontinued is a bit dishonest.
  6. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    It's hard to believe if it's true. They just released new 12v lasers. Great way to piss off customers...
  7. Utility knife

    Thank everyone for the suggestions! I think I'll try the Dewalt that is foldable and retractable. The thing I don't like with the fastback is that when you are close to the wall (which happen a lot when cutting drywall), you lack space to open the knife. Maybe I'm exaggerating the motion but I really miss having a retractable knife right now.
  8. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    Drywall sander please :-)
  9. Utility knife

    I'm looking to buy a new utility knife. I have the Milwaukee fastback 2 at the moment which I kind of like but I was wondering if anyone has a better suggestion? The popular choices seem to be Milwaukee and Dewalt. Anything else I'm missing? I love German hand tool brands like Wera, Knipex, Wiha, ... Do any of these brands make a great utility knife that I'm not aware of?
  10. Wera or Felo?

    Another thing I really like about the Wera bits is that they are numbered and color coded. This way it is much faster to find a given bit.
  11. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    So mileage is the right word then? Not distance? And no less current doesn't mean less resistance at all. The resistance will stay the same. It is a fixed variable.
  12. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    You don't have less resistance, you have less current. Take the time to read my comments again. I said higher voltage is in theory better because it reduces heat losses. I don't know why you are arguing with me about something I already said was true. What I said that's was wrong to say is that choosing a voltage is about choosing between runtime and power. It's not because runtime, power and work are not independent variables. Sorry if it's confusing anyone. Tension is the proper term and the one we were using in school but yes it's the same as voltage. Well ok then but if you use smaller wires, you increase the resistance and therefore the heat losses. I think Dewalt would prefer to increase the runtime then save a bit of money on smaller components. I could be wrong, I don't know what their costs are.
  13. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    I was neglecting heat losses to explain the concept that power,. runtime and work are linked together and not independent variables. I don't think any engineer would neglect heat losses. That would be crazy. That's what the job is all about. I wrote the same exact thing about higher voltages in another comment, that reducing current would mean fewer heat losses.
  14. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    The smaller cable size will rise the resistance so the equation is still valid. And I think it would be stupid to raise the voltage and then using smaller cables. Why give yourself all the trouble of using a new tension in the first place if you are going to use smaller cables? But I totally agree with you that you can't judge a tool just by looking at the claimed numbers. That's why reviews are important. There are just too many factors at play. I have no opinion on which tool is better and nothing against Dewalt or Makita. But it's important to me that we don't spread false scientific statements whatever you may think of a brand.