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  1. This is what you’re looking for. Unfortunately it has been discontinued but some online retailers still have them in stock. It’s not cheap and some of the retailers are automatically switching it to the newer dc only M18/M12 charger.
  2. I finally bought the M12 PVC Shears. I've been wanting them for 7 years but haven't been able to justify it until now.
  3. Picked up the M12 Soldering Iron from Acme Tools for a few electronics projects.
  4. I assumed RT29 was talking about Ridgid power tools in their original post when they mentioned SBD and DeWalt, so for lack of a better word TTI does own that. Ridgid (Emerson) doesn't really have a line of hand tools equivalent to what SBD, DeWalt, Kobalt, Husky, etc. does if RT29 was talking about hand tools. Either was I was just pointing out that SBD doesn't own Ridgid in either form.
  5. SBD doesn't own Ridgid, TTI does. I doubt they will make a big come back. They may make a small comeback in hand tools in some hardware stores and online but I doubt you will ever see any of their cordless tools again since SBD has Black & Decker, DeWalt, and Porter Cable. You're more likely to see other SBD hand tools being rebranded as Craftsman. Lowes isn't going to bring Craftsman into their stores when they already have their Kobalt brand. It would be a bad financial decision. Why pay SBD for their tools when they can sell their Kobalt tools for likely a larger profit. I also doubt they start making everything in the US. SBD doesn't make everything in the US (and likely never will) so they will probably just keep making Craftsman overseas as well. Besides full size mowers I don't think you will see much OPE at Lowes because again they have Kobalt. You might be able to order it from Lowes.com but I don't think you will suddenly see a bunch of Craftsman products appear in the store.
  6. I feel like the TTI rep would know better. This screams the store is losing sales to nearby Lowes and GM had the idea to compare brands. I wouldn't be surprised if this was gone real fast the next time a TTI rep comes in.
  7. NPS is normally held in the beginning of June. Those boxes look like they're meant to compliment their Heavy Duty Box line they offer in Europe. Not sure why when they offer the same organizer box that we have in the states. I highly doubt we will ever see them over here. They're not even available on any of the EU sites as far as I can tell.
  8. I'm disappointed that the new extractors are not shipping with the Bluetooth module installed already. I'm getting ready to buy a CT 26 (waiting for the new model now) since they're not bringing Bluetooth to the Midi that I originally planned to buy. The button on the hose basically makes the Bluetooth batteries worthless. I'd rather take an extra second to push the button before using my TSC55 instead paying $110 per battery to use the auto start. This also means you can use the auto start feature with tools that are on a separate circuit like a lot of people seem to do with the Kapex and for other brand's tools. The new hose comes with the extractors. Looks like you won't need to buy the rail deflector anymore since their photos show the new hose going over the bare end of a rail. I guess if you're using a corded tool it's still useful. I'm glad they're putting out a connector set for the Domino 500. It's on my list and I was disappointed to find they only had them for the Domino XL when I looked for them. Might have to pick up the the assortment when I buy the Domino. I don't need the mixer but I am curious how many people decide not to get it because it's corded.
  9. This is why people outside of other tool users/enthusiasts don't know how much my TSC55 cost. If my friends or family knew I spent $900 on a saw they would think I'm crazy. With Festool's 10-Year Parts Availability guarantee for spare parts after an item is discontinued I'm going to have my TSC55 for at least a decade. If they were to discontinue it today it would be like paying $90 a year for the life of the tool before they potentially stop having replacement parts. These same people that would question why I would spend that much money pay $2-3 a day for a cup of coffee which is over $900 a year. So $900 for a tool that will last me at least a decade or $9000 for coffee every day for a decade? It's not hard to see which the smarter purchase is.
  10. It's only on orders of $40 or more though so now is a good time to pickup a set of card scrapers and bench dogs as well.
  11. Lee Valley has a 15pc set (6 convex, 5 concave, and 4 angled) for only $15.90.
  12. They did. The one I bought a few months ago has the upgraded collars.
  13. Picked up two more TSTAK III’s and an Empire 8” x 12” framing square from Acme Tools.
  14. I finally got my hands on some of the Southwire releasable cable ties. I found them on Toolbarn and ordered them at Christmas. Nearly a month later they just came today. Won’t be ordering from them ever again. Also, shipping was more than the actual product.
  15. I can’t believe how many people have bought into DeWalts marketing like suddenly all the jobs are in the USA for their tools and everything is made here. It’s like they listened for “Made in the USA” then put their fingers in their ears for the “with global materials” part. They don’t comprehend that other companies have been doing this for years without using it as a marketing ploy. Milwaukee has multiple facilities in the US where tools are assembled or even things like blades and hole saws are actually made but the DeWalt fans love to say they’re Chinese/Taiwanese made garbage when some of the parts are probably made in the same facilities.
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