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  1. Table saw decision - need help

    The 7490 should be the same saw, all of the specs appear to be the same you just loose some rip capacity left and right of the blade because you don't have the rolling stand. It comes with a scissor stand, which is nice to have until you build a cabinet, or if you need to take it somewhere. They don't offer a version without a stand though. The 7480 is close, but doesn't support a dado stack.
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    Ordered the Gen 2 Milwaukee Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact combo kit from Acme today. Couldn’t see any point in just buying the drill bare tool when for $90 more I can get the impact and two batteries. Also they’re doing a deal so it came with a bonus 2Ah battery. Should have ordered it over the weekend when they had the St Patrick’s coupon but forgot to do it when I got home.
  3. Shipping Lithium-Ion Batteries

    I believe several people here have sold items with Lithium Ion batteries and I'm curious on how you shipped them. I'm selling my Makita tools because I don't really need the sander and I'd rather have the M12 Gen 2 impact driver over the XDT11. I've read the USPS guidelines but I'm wondering if you identified on the packaging that it included batteries and if you ran into any trouble with USPS not wanting to send them via Flat Rate boxes when doing so. Google is giving me mixed results, some say they shipped it fine, others say they had issues with them wanting to send it ground only.
  4. What bandsaw to choose from?

    I have a Ryobi 10" band saw and I agree with the other guys, wait and get a larger one if you can. I'm looking at a 14" Rikon 10-324 to supplement my 10". If you need to get a band saw now I recommend looking at the width and length of the blade it will support and using that as one of the deciding factors. They all may be similar in size, but mine tops out at 3/8" x 55" and while I can find lower TPI blades for it if I need them, it can be harder to find a one in a specific tooth count. Of the ones you mentioned I'd go with the Rikon since it supports 1/8" to 1/2" blades in 70-1/2" lengths. The Wen would be a close second since it is pretty much the same with a slightly longer blade, but if you wanted to sell this a few months down the road and buy a bigger saw I think the Rikon would sell easier. I wouldn't even bother with the Grizzly because it tops out at 3/8" blade.
  5. Tanos coming to NA anytime soon?

    I'm not sold on Systainers as tool storage for anything that doesn't come in one by default. If you get a tool from Festool, Mirka, Fein, and a few others you have the benefit of the insert that matches the tool. Buying Systainers separately means you either need to do a foam insert or just have your contents knocking around inside what are essentially really expensive thin plastic boxes. I could see something punching through the side of one pretty easily. I keep my Pro 5 in one since it doesn't travel and if I bought anything else like a Domino or track saw I'd keep them in them because of the insert. Everything else goes in TSTAK's or stays in it's blow mold case because they are sturdier.
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    WD-40 makes a rust removal soak that might be a good option. It has the benefit of being reusable according to its packaging. Vinegar will be cheaper but if you need something in between vinegar and Zep it might be worth a try. I’m going to pick up a bottle to clean up my planes with since vinegar can take a fair amount of time. I’m the type to get sidetracked and forget to remove it after a few hours.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Ordered this last week and it showed up Tuesday. A Millers Falls No. 85 Rabbet and Filletster Plane. I need to buy a fence for it but for $15 it was the best deal on eBay for this model. It actually has an iron, lever cap, and depth stop. All of the others were missing at least one of them with many missing everything. Fences seem to pop up fairly often so when I see one at a good price I’ll complete the plane.
  8. Not everyone hauls their stuff around with them. My 10" saw never leaves the garage. I'd buy the 12" non-slider if I had room for it because I don't need the sliding in that size but sometimes need to chop thicker material that my 10" can't handle. The other thing to consider is if someone is buying just one saw and know they don't need the sliding feature then they may be buying the biggest blade possible to avoid potentially having to buy a larger saw in the future.
  9. My CNC Router Build

    I've wanted a CNC router for a while. I was set to get an X-Carve when budget allowed then suddenly I start seeing a bunch of Shapeoko's popping up on Instagram and was no longer sure which one I would pick. The X-Carve has a 29"x29" max cutting area on a pre-built machine and the Shapeoko has a max 33"x33" cutting area. Neither seems that great for the price, the X-Carve can be upgraded though to 70"x70" with a decent amount of work and more money. At the end of the day I want expandability in size and I want to be able to upgrade components as I need. So I'm building my own. I ordered the parts for the motion controller and axes movement motors today and I am hoping to have it running by the end of next week. Then I'll be figuring out the actual design of the CNC since I'll have a better idea of how big I think I can make it. I ordered some smaller Nema 17 stepper motors that are just slightly lower than the ones that came with the Shapeoko 2 and they require less power; I fully expect to upgrade the motors to larger Nema 23 motors and a better 24v power supply prior to calling it done. I'd like to be able to cut on a 2x4 sheet of plywood with a couple of inches on either side and I want to have a larger z-axis travel so I can cut a piece, flip it over and cut the opposite face with whatever kind of clamping setup I need. One of the future upgrades I definitely want to look into is converting it to a 5-axis machine so I can get the absolute most out of it. So far it has cost me $143.24 for the motion controlling components.
  10. Milwaukee rip fence guide for 6-1/2 M18

    The Kreg Rip-Cut should fit it, I've never used mine on anything smaller than a 7-1/4 but it is reversible for right or left hand use.
  11. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    This one Home Depot seems to be worried about Kobalt, is there a Lowe's nearby? Home Depot in general doesn't seem worried or they would have actually put together a well thought out display with printed graphics instead of markers on construction paper. The stupid cheap batteries are about the only selling point I see to Kobalt, but they would need to put out something that another brand doesn't have that I want in order for me to pick up any of them for myself. Ridgid has a much larger line of tools that I actually want like the 18v compressor and router.
  12. Ryobi partially bought out.

    From the Ryobi website (not the tools one, but Ryobi.com): Kyocera owns Ryobi Group, TTI licenses the trademark for usage in North America, and for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand according to the TTI website..
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    I've been itching to buy something but I've been indecisive on what I want/need. Today I decided to check eBay and found some more Millers Falls planes on there, some priced way over their worth even if they were in pristine condition. Since I couldn't find a #18 Fore plane or a #22 or #24 Jointer plane for a reasonable price I decided to just pick up an inexpensive #87 block plane that needs a good cleaning and a front knob. Once it's cleaned up and I either find a knob or make one it could look something like this:
  14. New Jet Router Table System

    That's fine that theirs is $1700 and only fits their routers, they built a table for their specific tools and increase their prices every year because people pay a premium for Festool. Jet is not competing with Festool in this product, they are competing with Kreg, Rockler, Incra, and anyone else who makes router tables that support various router manufacturers, that price is ridiculous in that context.
  15. New Jet Router Table System

    Holy shit Jet $1100 and $1400 for Router tables! Kreg just came out with a router lift, I could buy it, one of their tables, and still have $300-$600 left compared to buying a Jet model. I also don’t see a list of compatible routers. The majority of router lifts don’t fit the Milwaukee routers, in fact the only one I know that does support it is the Kreg one.