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  1. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt 12.0 delayed again!

    Amazon has them in USA for 199.99
  2. JakeDewalt

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

    Some Updates Currently working on how to strap the miter saw , table saw and air compressor to that wall cleanly and easy to operate. Like a self lock pull strap I have some Open Totes coming to remove a lot of the clutter.
  3. JakeDewalt

    Dewalt Chainsaw - 40V vs. 60V

    All I know is 40v is Geared towards the Professional Landscaper And FLEXVOLT to the Professional Tradesmen
  4. JakeDewalt

    Problem with the Flexvolt table saw DCS7485

    I have the exact same problem with the exact same saw my blade has problems going up and also have issues with beveling. I cut mostly fiber cement and that voids my warranty and is the cause of my problems for sure. Sawdust and other materials can definantly cause the same issues. I have found some relief cleaning and lubricants but the problem comes back rather quickly. Using a Dust extractor should definitely prolong the life of your moving components on the saw
  5. JakeDewalt


    Didn’t say he was DIY in fact I assume he is professional Happy for him in his Knowledge ?FanBoys? Grow up it’s a forum Real world feedback. I couldn’t name a brand seen more in the USA on Jobsites Not many people in the Garage are in the market for cordless tools and definitely aren’t worried about high amp/hr Batteries. @CITY DECKS INC Happy for you no matter what brand you choose and we would love to hear input on your new Hilti tools
  6. JakeDewalt


    If one of my guys is waiting for a battery to charge then I have not done my job correctly. Purchase enough batteries to last an entire day in less you are a DIY type then you’re a business doing this for a living so make an investment in yourself and your company you dont come come here for a solution you come here to batter a product or brand
  7. JakeDewalt


    Sounds like you need more batteries /thread
  8. JakeDewalt

    6.0 xr build quality

    Yeah I have to smack the 9.0s to get them out of the FLEXVOLT Miter and that can be difficult when the saw is in the operating position so I have to lock the saw down first
  9. JakeDewalt


    Umm. No just no
  10. JakeDewalt


    So if dewalt and Hilti both 4amp chargers doesn’t that mean for instance if 2 identical batteries were placed in the chargers they would charge at the same rate ? What formula makes the hilti faster 4amp charger+Hilti Nostalgia = Fastest in the market ? CityDeck claims never under an 1hr for dewalt 4amp but Hilti 4amp charges in 35 mins. Either the dewalt batteries your using are bigger than your Hilti’s or your just as I assumed biased against dewalt and for Hilti.
  11. JakeDewalt

    Flipsaw dw743

    Dangerous . Take it to a DeWalt service center don’t bring that on a job site massive liability
  12. JakeDewalt

    6.0 xr build quality

    I noticed the new 3ah Slims have a new and improved Removal button
  13. JakeDewalt


    I’d like to see side by side comparison of these majestic Hilti tools. I think they are overrated. Id bet the Dewalt worm style would outperform hilti pictured
  14. JakeDewalt


    Problem solved . If your running 100+ Structural anchors every single day you need the right tool.
  15. JakeDewalt

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

    Just Purchased a 6x12 enclosed trailer and plan to outfit the trailer with 2 tall van racking systems with multiple boxes as well as locations for mitersaw on rolling stand, table saw on rolling stand. Air Lines,compressor,nail guns, tools , etc. Just wanted to check with the community on a few things before I begin to start purchasing and will update this post as the build goes along. 1. Where/how should I purchase the toughsystem to recieve the best price? 2. Anybody have a trailer/van setup have good products or ideas that work well for them (pics please) Any and All information is much appreciated