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  1. Plug your air Compressor back in and go back to Air nailers is what I did. I have both a framer and a 16G and they are dust collectors because they are unreliable. Sorry but I love dewalt but am not a fan of Dewalt 20v nailguns. There are others on here who love them and use them every day. On a real note that them to Dewalt Service Center and have them fixed if they aren’t working properly
  2. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-d55167-type-compressor-parts-c-1009_3079_3944.html Compressor goes new for about 350 I see so if you can get your parts for around 100 dollars I’d say you did pretty good
  3. Yeah I wouldn’t even consider running this machine without the bag. The filters aren’t cheap.
  4. JakeDewalt


    Take it to a dewalt service center and pay to have it repaired
  5. I’ve seen the 60v saw be out of parallel right out the box. I have heard or seen somewhere that it is possible to fine tune the saw I’ve never personally did it
  6. I need the answer to this as well. There must be a way to adjust the base plate so it’s running parallel to the blade and adjusted to the cut markings/measurements on the front of the shoe
  7. I have 2 of them and I would say yes it does temporarily loose some suction during the automatic filter change. That long of a hose is definitely affecting suction on a small unit like this
  8. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/11521062014356150143?q=DW364K+dewalt&client=safari&hl=en-us&biw=392&bih=681&tbs=vw:l,ss:44&prmd=sivn&prds=epd:10701510310429011601,paur:ClkAsKraX05Gs8KFPOh8m5g2mQXh9RPulfGfxGasTeethylPOMw6HSI0Wr9POrldc0jySP1fgDUnVXuwIi3Zsd17N6iHLJ67LUeJ41bnGYqCeXeKvMHCnUf7GBIZAFPVH700TgggEJvheGrsZteYwI-57NjctA,cdl:1,prmr:1,cs:1
  9. I have emptied the bags on my units multiple times. I have a helper put a mask on climb in dump trailer and shake them out
  10. Yeah plug it in you will be fine
  11. PT is Paper Tape Strips of Nails 21 Degree PL is Plastic strips 21 Degree PLR is Plastic strips 30 Degree I believe don’t quote me on that
  12. Is this the line you are talking about
  13. I would prefer the 60v you never know when you may pick up a 60v tool and it’s just nice to know that the battery will work in any tool you buy.
  14. I don’t believe so that gun only shoots clipped head nails. you can find a framing nailer cheap on Apps like offer up or Facebook marketplace
  15. JakeDewalt


    In the USA most would call that a chopsaw or miter saw. Maybe try searching in Canada for Dewalt Mitersaw or Dewalt Chopsaw
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