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  1. Tool Connect Improved Dust extraction Integrated material stop for repetitive cuts Integrated material supports that can slide out a foot or so. (For pieces that are too short to catch your stand supports and too long to keep from tipping or not being perfectly flat. So while I believe the 790 is a great saw my favorite tool, it could be improved without a doubt
  2. JakeDewalt

    Mr Sam

    You could simply keep all your screws and nails in the boxes they come in and load it up that way. But i think your going to need a dedicated organizer. I use boxes similar to this (tough system) to carry coils of nails.
  3. It appears that to pole extends to sand ceilings which is pretty cool
  4. How sharp are you keeping the blades ? How much material are you trying to take off in a single pass
  5. Have you tried using a Flexvolt battery ?
  6. Just send it to dewalt that’s what I did No questions asked every dead battery replaced and shipped to my door free of charge.
  7. Man that is exactly what I need. Wonder what final cost to my door in the USA would be
  8. What ideas for new tools and accessories do you wish dewalt would come out with in 2020. Share your Thoughts and Possibly Dewalt will see this thread and take our ideas into reality. I will start Flexvolt Tool Connect (For Dust extraction) batteries Flexvolt Tool Connect Miter and Table Saws. Basically an Updated Flexvolt Miter and Table saw to include built in Tool Connect to communicate with the 60v dust extractor. Also Tool Connect batteries so you could use your existing miter and table saws/ other tools to connect to the 60v dust extraction and have automatic on/off when the battery is drawing power.
  9. I picked up the 2.0 Radio TS. Wondering if anyone has modded the clips to secure to the racking. I seen a thread of this done on the Original TS radio. Anybody tried it with the 2.0 Radio?
  10. Plug your air Compressor back in and go back to Air nailers is what I did. I have both a framer and a 16G and they are dust collectors because they are unreliable. Sorry but I love dewalt but am not a fan of Dewalt 20v nailguns. There are others on here who love them and use them every day. On a real note that them to Dewalt Service Center and have them fixed if they aren’t working properly
  11. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-d55167-type-compressor-parts-c-1009_3079_3944.html Compressor goes new for about 350 I see so if you can get your parts for around 100 dollars I’d say you did pretty good
  12. Yeah I wouldn’t even consider running this machine without the bag. The filters aren’t cheap.
  13. JakeDewalt


    Take it to a dewalt service center and pay to have it repaired
  14. I’ve seen the 60v saw be out of parallel right out the box. I have heard or seen somewhere that it is possible to fine tune the saw I’ve never personally did it
  15. I need the answer to this as well. There must be a way to adjust the base plate so it’s running parallel to the blade and adjusted to the cut markings/measurements on the front of the shoe
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