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  1. Most commercial guys I see use the weed eater to do their edging and do it very fast. I may be wrong on this but I think edgers are less used then maybe they used to be and string trimmers are able to do the edgers job without haveing to switch tools or walk a mile back to their trailer
  2. JakeDewalt

    Thanks DeWalt!

    I never registered any of my tools 😿
  3. I have to agree with @kanxrus on this. Also being an LED Diode it shouldn’t overheat in the first place
  4. JakeDewalt


    Your owners manual should help with troubleshooting
  5. Is gun loaded correctly.?
  6. Take it to dewalt service center should be cheap to rebuild
  7. Have no problems with mine
  8. Dewalt MobileLock is what I use. They have Cables as well
  9. Fencing Staples. Livestock Fencing, Horse, residential, etc. big ass staples you normally bang in with a hammer 1 at a time to hold the wire tight to the post
  10. Very interesting. Collated Fencing staples 🤔 if they make a cordless post hole digger I may just start a fencing business
  11. Ive never seen a fake that had the dewalt graphics on it. Always clearly marked differently
  12. That sucks what if you use a longer staple
  13. Dewalt 60v Robot Carpenter . Runs 10 hrs on a single charge. Form/Frame/Finish. 3,999.99
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