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  1. JakeDewalt

    any info on the new tough system radio?

    Where’s this I’m getting ready to do a van
  2. JakeDewalt

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    I never use a router maybe it’s just me and my line of work but this is great for those who have been there waiting
  3. JakeDewalt

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    That 5amp battery looks weird ?
  4. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Yes very fishy. If you got that on video he wouldn’t have a job right now ! Lithium Shortage that’s a joke. I’m pissed off for you that’s bullshit
  5. JakeDewalt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Do the new models have the dust blower built in ? I’ve used jigsaws without this feature and it sucks
  6. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Proof 😳 2 9ah with trade in of 2 batteries 199! Oh and someone else tried to tell me you can’t buy tools at service center and that is False Check reciept
  7. You need a tool lanyard would work perfectly
  8. JakeDewalt

    Anyone interested in a trade?

    Try Offer Up or LetGo to sell the tools you don't want
  9. JakeDewalt

    Latest Rep Gossip

    So Hott this week I wish I had..... 20v BucketTop MisterFan. Come on Dewalt the Tradesman are Overheating
  10. JakeDewalt

    Latest Rep Gossip

    ? Still relying on the Spring design 🙈. Dissapointing to see a 20v battery. 30 Degree to 21' ??
  11. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Yes I'm not here to prove it to you but this IS LEGIT.
  12. JakeDewalt

    Latest Rep Gossip

    I'll take that 120v Vac. And would like to give a Gen 3 Framer a chance maybe they will use hitachis compressed air system this time
  13. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    I've got 9ah fever I'm going back for 2 more in a couple days
  14. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    In Store Dewalt Service Centers Just GO you won't be disappointed
  15. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    That will work just fine ANY POWER TOOL BATTERY