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  1. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    So I wonder if they can make Bluetooth Flexvolt batteries to communicate with the dust extractor.
  2. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    From Dewalt.com Running off of the FLEXVOLT® battery, the DCV585 cordless Dust Extractor is an efficient and portable way to achieve OSHA Table 1 compliance on the jobsite. This product features Wireless Tool Control™ with remote, allowing the user to activate the extractor from the tool, at a distance. It also features a automatic filter cleaning mechanism and includes HEPA filters.
  3. JakeDewalt

    DeWalt 20v 12,000 BTU Portable Radiant Propane Heater

    Would be great for dear hunting in a blind.
  4. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Any more info on the webs for this ?
  5. JakeDewalt

    Identification of SDS drill required

    I have one that looks similar but is the Perform/Protect model. Great for Running 1/2 and 5/8 Redheads. As well as tapcons 1/4, 3/8
  6. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt track saw

    I think it depends on your line of work. For Framer Joe the Dewalt is probably the best option because it can handle job site abuse and meet harsh expectations. Cabinet or Shop style guy probably the Festool. Cant speak on the Makita but with joe saying it bogs down I would put it in the shop style category
  7. JakeDewalt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Ford this on the webz
  8. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    I think they wanted to keep it small and carryable with one hand.
  9. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Remote control key fob SICK Im definantly getting this now a nice way to use dust extraction on cordless tools and remaining cordless. Nice work Dewalt Only downfall I prefer toughsystem over TStac
  10. JakeDewalt

    any info on the new tough system radio?

    Where’s this I’m getting ready to do a van
  11. JakeDewalt

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    I never use a router maybe it’s just me and my line of work but this is great for those who have been there waiting
  12. JakeDewalt

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    That 5amp battery looks weird ?
  13. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Yes very fishy. If you got that on video he wouldn’t have a job right now ! Lithium Shortage that’s a joke. I’m pissed off for you that’s bullshit
  14. JakeDewalt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Do the new models have the dust blower built in ? I’ve used jigsaws without this feature and it sucks
  15. JakeDewalt

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Proof 😳 2 9ah with trade in of 2 batteries 199! Oh and someone else tried to tell me you can’t buy tools at service center and that is False Check reciept