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  1. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

  2. JakeDewalt

    FlexVolt blower DCBL772

    I have to disagree me and everyone who has used my 60v blower loves it. Me as well Now keep in mind I use it in a construction environment not landscaping
  3. Not worth the risk send it to the Service Center. Ok 1 thought Wrap the threads with Teflon Tape. I bet this works 😎
  4. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Yes indeed but too expensive of a tool to cut fiber cement with. It wouldn’t last 3 months on the job. Not the saws fault just fiber cement dust is a moving parts killer. (Just ask my table saw) Too slow.
  5. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    A small modification and it could very easily be tough system compatable for the wall racks. Almost identical length to Toughsystem boxes I just proped it in the racks to check and it slides in and out perfectly just need to add the spring loaded handles Also got my 60v saw ready to go with the extractor. (we use this saw strictly for Fiber Cement and always had a PCD blade on it) We are residing a Historical Home in Homestead in a few weeks so I will be able to write a review after using it for a month straight but so far so good. Im new to the Airlock system and I really like
  6. JakeDewalt

    20v Rotary Laser Red Vs Green

  7. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

  8. JakeDewalt

    Dewalt Battery logo

    Genuine and Identical to the 5.0 you used to just updated sticker design
  9. JakeDewalt

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

    Didn’t Realize when buying this unit but you can add labels on the drawer handles. Nice Feature. I’m considering a 3rd Rack all Drawer units
  10. JakeDewalt

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

  11. JakeDewalt

    wingless' DCF887M2 20V MAX XR 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit

    I see you put a set of Hammerdrill masonry bits in the box. I understand they have a 1/4 in hex to lock into the tool but they are better used in a hammer drill not an impact
  12. JakeDewalt

    new TSTAK box spotted / DT70716 (Europe)

    So is that a Toughsystem Tstak hybrid ? Looks like it to me ?
  13. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    I’m wondering if I buy multiple units will the Transmitters interfere with each other in close proximity
  14. JakeDewalt

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    I just Scored one of EBay Bare to for 349 free shipping out of California. I wonder how they got it as they only had 3 and only 1 was left that’s the one I bought. Jan 12-16 expected delivery Toolbarn is only one listing it online and says it ships March . So we will see