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  1. True, but the marketing pros at tool companies understand how to appeal to those with compulsive/competitive mindsets. I understand this mentality because of my own compulsiveness, only instead of the latest and greatest I tend to buy deeply discounted clearance items. Simply put, marketing (Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, and nearly every other manufacturer regardless of product) touts their newest release as "The Best" and people flock to it because they "have to have it" or just due to bragging rights. I tend to use certain tools over others, even if they are "inferior". For example, I own both the M12 and M18 Gen 2 Fuel hammer drills, but I use the standard M12 and the M18 brushless (non-Fuel) drills almost exclusively. With M18 Gen 3 out and my most-used drill being woefully under-powered when compared to Fuel versions, you'd think that I'd have tossed my lesser tools, but in truth they just plain work. In short, I agree with you despite being able to understand what compels some people to continually upgrade. If Porter Cable had continued to support their 10-year-old 18v system, I might have never moved on from that brand. Some trades demand performance, though, and with the constant improvements in technology closing the gap between cordless and corded power I can see perhaps moving to, say, FlexVolt grinders to replace older 18v models. People don't necessarily need the latest, but Milwaukee knows how to make them think they do.
  2. I have a habit of breaking pen clips and bending knife clips, so I was hardly surprised when my new Milwaukee penlight clip snagged on a seat belt this morning. I was surprised, however, by how quickly the clip broke. The clip is attached via a ring between the body of the light and the battery cap which appears to be sturdy, however, the metal is brittle to say the least. Otherwise, I'm impressed by this light and have made it an EDC tool. At the holiday pricing of $30 for two, this is a good buy for those in the market for a compact light that takes standard (AAA) batteries.
  3. Milwaukee = Apple in the tool world. 🙃 I have plenty of Milwaukee tools, but what you say is true. I picked up my Gen 2 Fuel drill and impact driver kit for $125 or so last year, after the Gen 3 made it "obsolete". In retrospect I wish I'd have picked up more...found a cart full of them and only grabbed one for my brother and one for me.
  4. This is good news for Ego, IMHO. The whole time I lived in Coastal Georgia there was an Ace Hardware up the road, while the nearest Home Depot store was 35-40 miles away in Savannah. Claxton (home of the fruitcake company) and Hinesville each have a well-stocked Ace. Ace is prevalent in smallish southern towns, while HD seems to stick to major metropolitan areas or near interstates.
  5. I can't attest to this first hand, but will say this: the 20v Max trimmer is a great light to mid-weight trimmer, but even on high power it can get bogged down by thick wet grass and weeds. Using it to cut brush may not prove to be the best solution, but I'll defer to others here.
  6. fm2176

    Tough System 2.0

    These look interesting. One problem I've had with mine is that the latches work loose when the boxes are jostled too much. I used to live in a converted cotton mill where it was either drag my tools up and down about twenty stairs, or go twenty times the distance to deal with four steps. I learned real quick that it was simpler to unstack the boxes and make multiple trips. Hopefully the resigned latches are a bit more positive.
  7. It's been a week or two since I bought four third and fourth, but the M12 Rocket light is on clearance for $120, with a free 2.0Ah battery included as part of the current promo. Also, YMMV, but the M12 Surge kit is $199 with a free battery, just $50 more than the bare tool with three 2.0Ah batteries and a charger included. The free battery promos are a good opportunity to stock up. I use mine almost daily with my heated gear (gray and black hoodies and soft shell jacket). I also use my various Rocket lights when I host parties or dinners, as all of my furniture is outside. Now that it's getting colder the Ridgid forced air heater is getting a bit of use.
  8. "Boring" indeed. 🙊 I sent a PM, though, since I have over thirty driving tools, too much cull lumber, and various bits. I need to mix some concrete to try out the high quality (sarc, but I may be pleasantly surprised) SDS Plus bits I found on clearance at Lidl. That store, even more than Aldi, has a slew of oddities. I type this as I'm wearing my Aldi Croc wannabes and using the Aldi wall heater in the bedroom, with the Lidl drill press in the garage.
  9. Well, if Milwaukee is that poor of quality, maybe invest in some nice Black and Decker tools; I don't know, perhaps Drill Master? Considering the OP posted this September 23rd asking for suggestions and hasn't visited since, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread is merely a hit piece on Milwaukee. Poor grammar and spelling, no qualitative comments, and most egregious of all emphasizing that M18 Fuel is JUNK! A truly disappointed or angry person wouldn't recommend buying duplicate tools from the brand they despise, while an objective person would admit that maybe some user error or other factors are involved. I've been visiting various "fanboy"--er, aficionado--sites for years: firearms, tools, knives, trucks, etc. You know, sites where we come together to discuss common interests even while harboring an affection for certain brands over others (me? Smith & Wesson, GMC, Cold Steel, DeWalt, among others). Throughout those years, I've seen too many posts like this where the OP badmouths a certain brand or type of product under the guise of seeking advice. If the OP is being honest, I apologize for your bad luck. I've had one issue with my M18 Fuel tools, incidentally a trigger on the 2763 impact wrench. I sent it in and got it back a week or so later. Since then I've used both the standard and One-Key Fuel Sawzalls, the Gen 1 circular saw, and a few different driving tools (two M18 Brushless compact drills, Fuel Gen 2 drill and impact, One-Key impact, 2767 impact wrench, and I'm probably forgetting something here) as well as various lights and batteries up to the 9.0 HO without fail. With luck like yours (if you're being honest), buy multiple Ridgid tools and register them. That way you're covered for life (including kitted batteries) while retaining the ability to earn money with your tools. Oh, and even Octane tools are less expensive than their Fuel counterparts.
  10. fm2176

    Ridgid Hybrid Fan

    I've been using mine with 120v AC quite often; with all three mounted on the Ridgid tripod in my kitchen to help create more airflow.
  11. The M18 Fuel mixer is on clearance for $100. I picked one up Thursday and have run it a few times.
  12. Well, I went on a spree; the Milwaukee M12 promo got me, with the M12 Rocket lights on clearance for $120. I bought two more of those with the free 2.0 batteries (bought another last weekend, so I have four total [plus two M18 tripod lights--the Rocket and the original] for hurricane season/off-the-grid work). I also bought the M12 Fuel Gen 2 drill/impact driver combo in the Packout case for $162 w/discount. I'm going to avoid the big box stores for a few weeks, as I've spent entirely too much in the past month.
  13. I bought the single tool that nearly every adult in civilized nations (and far too many kids) use on a daily basis. The tool that many of us here spend too much time on. A new phone... After previous phones failed to survive my (literal) abuse, I looked at rugged phones before deciding to go with the Blackview 9700. Fairly impressive specs according to coworkers that know more than I do, IP68 rating, and drop proof from 1 meter. I found a video on YouTube showing the company abusing the phone, and reviews appear decent. At $424 it's the most expensive phone I've owned, but I figure that some people spend twice that annually for the latest Apple nonsense.
  14. Bought the black Milwaukee heated hoodie and a black insulated cap, as well as the Wal-Mart Vaughan hammer to try out. I think I have about twenty hammers now, so stop...Hammer Time! At least I'll be warm when I destroy them all.
  15. Picked up two Commercial Electric wire strippers and a pair of electrician scissors for about $1.50 each. Also, Milwaukee cold weather gear is back...Picked up the grey insulated fleece hat and thinking of getting a black one. If I cut off the red Milwaukee label it's authorized for wear with my Army physical training uniform. I may get a pair or two of the cold weather Milwaukee gloves. They seem nice and I like the regular and demolition versions.
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