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  1. The Wegman's I almost went to is off the Dale City exit. I drove my commuter van through the parking lot, saw the crowds, and went to Food Lion instead. While the prices may not be the absolute best, Food Lion does have some deals (especially on generics) that others can't match. Case in point: soft drinks...I can get the Food Lion brands for $0.59 a two-liter right now. Mix a Diet Dr. Perky with a $13.90 half-gallon of Military Special blended whiskey (actually, not too bad in taste, especially for the price), and I have an inexpensive way to indulge. Food Lion is owned by D
  2. SB&D still seems to use the Porter Cable brand for benchtop tools. A DeWalt drill press would be nice but I don't see where it would fit with the rest of the line. DeWalt seems primarily focused on tradesmen who by necessity travel to the job site. I'd love to see some Yellow bench tools (drill press, planer, jointer, lathe, etc), but I wonder how well they'd sell. As for FlexVolt, I don't see DeWalt implementing that technology in semi-stationary tools. The miter and table saws are excellent for job sites, especially with their respective rolling stands, but other larger
  3. I have the EGO non-self propelled mower, Powerload string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and backpack blower. They're all outstanding tools that I need to use more (I wanted to cut the grass this weekend but it's raining again). With Ego moving from Home Depot to Lowe's, I'm going to keep an eye out for the self-propelled mower. I can use the larger battery (right now I have two 5Ah, one 2.5Ah, and three 2Ah IIRC), and keep one of the mowers at another house so I don't have to keep transporting mine. As for tools, I've been slowing way down but I picked up the Klein heavy duty wire str
  4. A little nerd exposition: US Aldi stores are owned by Aldi Süd, while Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi Nord. The two Aldi companies have been independent of each other since 1966. Since moving back to Northern Virginia I find myself visiting Aldi quite often. Another German-headquartered store with a similar aesthetic is Lidl: carts are "free" and the selection is a bit better with more name brands, but still pretty cheap. Both stores offer basics, have a good selection of German foods and delicacies, and usually have a more streamlined shopping experience than the typical supermar
  5. Cleared Lowe's out of Bosch 7/8", 1-1/8", and 1-3/8" hole saws this morning, about four of each. Also bought out the Bosch #2 square 2-inch bits. Hole saws made in China, bits made in Vietnam. All were just over $2 with military discount, down from over $12. Also bought another bucket to quarantine them in.
  6. Fellow Virginian (well, until I carpetbag to the Gulf Coast in a couple of years); To put things in perspective from a (no longer professional) fellow tool user, I guess I could rely on my decades of experience as an Infantryman, Drill Sergeant, and Armorer to discount a civilian AR-15 connoisseur's opinion, but that's putting me on the same level as those who discount "DIY guys" who value good quality tools (regardless of brand) and who bad mouth reputable websites. I truly hate making these posts as I appreciate those who make their living using tools (as I once did -
  7. I was just reading that article. It's a shame, given the prominence of the original ToughSystem radio. It was the first rugged job site radio that was compatible with a modular box system, did well in TIA's cordless radio death match, and offers good sound and decent features like BlueTooth and a charger. I was tempted to buy the new radio when I saw one in the overhead at my local Home Depot. I'm glad I didn't, though, as my original is going strong and I still have two new ones to back it up (couldn't pass at $90 each a few years back).
  8. @mohawkdec, I hate to say it, but as this forum is slowly dying, I think that formerly respected posters are becoming mere trolls. If a user dislikes Milwaukee, stay out of this forum and don't go trying to spread disinformation on brands and/or independent sites. As for my unchallenged comment, ToolGuyd is being as pro-USA and non-brand fanboy as usual: here he discusses the Stanley Powerlock promo and how he considered buying a non-Milwaukee product despite a lack of need, before deciding against it due to COO. Given the lack of response, I'll continue frequenting ToolGuyd as a
  9. I've always considered Toolguyd to be one of the few tool review sites that is overtly objective and honest about its articles. Take this comparison of M18 HD and Flexolt for example, in which Stuart makes the following comment, "Both Dewalt and Milwaukee are at the top of their games right now. I am really hoping that nobody asks 'so, which one would you buy?,' frankly because that would be an extremely tough decision". His site has an entire category devoted to Made in the USA tools, and unless something's changed in the past couple of years, he's never accepted any sponsors.
  10. It looks like Lowe's is switching to Lincoln. I just picked up an auto darkening Kobalt Welding helmet for $15 (originally $79) and a bunch of brushes for $0.43-$0.71 a piece.
  11. DeWalt does this as well, and I'm fairly certain the "type" simply denotes a small change in materials or design.
  12. Agreed. I bought the Packout stack at the holiday price in 2018 and have since added a few other components. Regardless, the merits of Packout over the DeWalt and Ridgid modular systems, I have to admit that the premium Milwaukee charges makes Packout a much lesser value. Tool boxes get scuffed up inside and out, but my five-plus year old Ridgid and four year old ToughSystem boxes are still holding up despite costing much less. The only major issue I've had was a loaded DS450 that a helper was carrying by the side handles. One handle broke off, cracking the box, and DeWalt promptly replac
  13. Good points, most DIY types don't need to spend $500 on an M18 Fuel kit when they can get the same types of tools in a $150 Ryobi kit. With the benefit of hindsight, though, I think we can say that Porter Cable's 20v Max system is a bit risky as a long-term investment now that SBD is pushing Craftsman. Sorry for cutting up your quote, but I wanted to highlight those parts. As to your recurring theme, investment versus returns do mean a lot. I have some Packout boxes but even now I use my ToughSystem ones for most jobs. Prior to the ToughSystem dropping in price, I was perfectl
  14. Well, I lost that battle. Got enrolled too late, had computer issues, got busy at work, and decided to drop the class. Go figure, this work week is slow so far, as evidenced by my thread in the Power Tools forum.
  15. Now for some links from the TIA Forum. Back in August 2012, @Conductor562 asked about buying some Ridgid X4 tools for door prizes. There were still X3 kits available, and Gen5X was a few years away. Now we have Octane tools taking advantage of the latest battery designs.
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