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  1. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Ridgid is well established as Home Depot's premier exclusive brand (Milwaukee being sold elsewhere), with battery compatibility going back a few generations at least. Kobalt 24v Max replaced the interchangeable 18v/20v Max and has yet to really stand the test of time. As others have stated, this comparison does little for Home Depot. In my opinion, Harbor Freight's DeWalt comparisons are valuable to them because they may attract dedicated HF shoppers who want to feel like they are getting a professional quality tool without spending (admittedly not much) more for DeWalt. This Ridgid to Kobalt comparison only serves to make HD shoppers aware of Kobalt's new line, with the two brands being similar in nature to each other (both store exclusives, both mid-tier with some encroachment on professional specs and quality, both offering latest generation brushless technology and advances previous incarnations did not, etc.). Ridgid's offerings speak for themselves. They have a myriad of lighting solutions Kobalt cannot match and were among the first manufacturers to offer cordless sanders, routers, and other tools. Kobalt 24v Max is still playing catch up with tools long offered by the likes of Ridgid, Porter Cable, and especially Ryobi.
  2. starting over

    When I travel with tools I'm especially paranoid if I have to keep any in my truck bed. They usually reside is ToughSystem or Ridgid boxes and are not only locked but secured with two cable locks. I also being them inside if staying overnight. It sucks that we can't stop for even a few minuted without risking tool theft. To think that only a few decades ago, people in my area drove around with visible gun racks in their trucks and felt safe keeping their vehicles unlocked around town.
  3. Maybe SBD is doing the same thing that some think TTI did--releasing certain tools under a brand other than their premier one to test the waters first. This would explain why brands like Ridgid or Ryobi (and in this case, Stanley Fatmax) get sanders and routers before Milwaukee and DeWalt.
  4. I saw them yesterday as well. They look nice, albeit a bit too specialized for my wants (let's face it, I'm past the point of needing any power tool ). It also drives home the point that DeWalt's 20v Max platform is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I recall some discontent a few years ago as they weren't keeping pace with Milwaukee for new releases, not to mention the fact that 12v max seems all but dead in the water.
  5. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Bowl haircut
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    Picked up a Ryobi tile saw for $50 earlier. Reviews are mostly positive and before I use it I'll probably get a better blade and a pump. Like most of my tools it will get little use for now, but I do have some tile projects planned for the future.
  7. Tractor Supply has PC chargers and lights for as low as $8 and the 4Ah battery for $18. I found one of the batteries earlier but passed on it, though other stores I've visited were already sold out. It might be worth a look if you have PC tools.
  8. Retail Schlub in Tool Department

    Welcome! My unsolicited advice is to listen to the customer even as you learn about tools. Know your products and try to avoid becoming too biased toward any one brand. Also, keep the future needs of your customers in mind. I'm not saying to talk someone out of buying a particular tool system, but if a customer is trying to decide between, say DeWalt 18v ni-cad and 20v Max, for their first cordless drill, the latter will serve them much better for the foreseeable future. Also, use the knowledge you gain here and elsewhere to your advantage. Most customers not only know their needs but are also able to conduct basic research, so trying to upsell them or talk about something you aren't familiar with will likely just annoy them.
  9. My restoration project- 1964 willies

    True, mine was comfortable enough but still a little small for my 5'11" height. The military knows how to make even the largest vehicles uncomfortably small, though. Armored HMMWV variants are cramped for someone even my size, especially when you add body armor and battlefield tracking systems.
  10. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    House salad
  11. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Sorry, but my '06 Sierra is going strong with only 245k on the odometer. I like renting a newer vehicle on occasion but the prices of trucks are ridiculous, not to even mention the anxiety that comes with every little nick and scratch put on a new vehicle. I'm better off planning to eventually replace my drivetrain than committing to another vehicle loan, though I plan to eventually pay cash for a newer truck (around 5 years old and under 150k). That said, new trucks have a lot of bells and whistles that were unheard of when mine came off the assembly line in 2005. My '06 SLT has everything except the rear tv screens and DVD player, being the top of the line GMC besides the Denali at the time. Our government owned 2015 Silverado is a basic work truck but has the LCD radio display, while higher trim levels have things that make mine seem archaic.
  12. Impact socket thickness

    One key application is lugnuts. A lot of wheels lack the clearance for thich wall impact sockets. I used to have to use regular chromed sockets on some rims.
  13. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Those look nice! I may go industrial for my next home decor; until a few months ago my kitchen table was shelving clamped between two JawHorses with a work platform as a bench seat. I could see using those DeWalt seats with a shelf unit next. I have to find creative uses for my stuff until I retire and can set my shop up, plus furniture is expensive and flimsy by comparison.
  14. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Field hockey
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    Picked up six 4" Bessey QuickTight c-clamps earlier, as well as two DeWalt 28" rolling tool boxes. I'm hoping my wood working tools fit in the 28" box better than the Ridgid box they are currently in.