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    Ryobi 18V tool wish list?

    There is the QuietStrike driver if you don't want your ears rattled. For my wants, I'm mostly happy with what Ryobi offers now, but I wouldn't mind if they wandered off into automotive territory. I can't imagine 18v being ideal for cordless ratchets, but a grease gun, more impact wrenches, and maybe even some sort of power puller and/or press system (for ball joints and the like) would be nice. My old standby 48 oz. hammer and specialty tools work well, hey, we've gotten other cordless tools I never imagined we would see.
  2. fm2176

    Battery Design Theories? (with pics)

    I bought two of the Ryobi 6Ah batteries yesterday and noticed that they aren't much bigger than the 3Ah batteries (one could expect them to be nearly twice the size). While I enjoy using all of my tools, and appreciate modern battery tech, especially when I think of where it was twenty years ago, I think Ryobi may have shoehorned itself into a corner by sticking with the One+ system. They have the only truly backwards compatible system, but that might come at the cost of having to utilize larger batteries. That, or TTI doesn't want diehard Milwaukee or even Ridgid fans to be tempted by ultra-compact Ryobi batteries, spending far less money for acceptably performing tools.
  3. fm2176

    Hello. I am newbie,

  4. Just saw your post on the ToolGuyd forum! I hope you enjoy your new saw, and stick around to both forums. Keep us up to date on your experience with the Milwaukee saw; though I doubt I'll buy one due to a lack of need, others are sure to benefit from your feedback.
  5. fm2176

    What tools did you buy today?

    Well, I guess M12 is my latest battery line and Packout the newest addition to my storage...pulled the trigger on Home Depot's Special Buy of the Day M12 ratchet after first seeing it on Very Cool Guy's YouTube channel, watching the 2011 review of it on TIA's channel, and reading the post on ToolGuyd. Generally, I'm disinterested in such online deals, preferring hit or miss in-store clearance deals, but after replacing my brake booster and master cylinder recently, and with additional brake work and suspension work in the near future I couldn't resist. I miss the days when I could simply use my air ratchet (since stolen, though I have a new replacement somewhere). I was seriously considering this ratchet when I bought my DCS577 a few weeks ago. Glad I did, but now I'll probably be picking up the M12 Fuel Hackzall with free 6.0Ah battery soon, unless that promo ends before I can.
  6. fm2176

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to complete for my power tools, but probably don't need to bother with one for the hand tools as I don't currently work in a trade, so the only chance of someone pilfering them is if family or a friend "borrows" them, or someone breaks in. One of the many things I feel I should do as I get ready for the move is finally take pictures of everything (most of which won't be posted here) and at least write down the serial numbers. I bought more stuff today, adding the Ryobi Devour and a One Key kit to my tools, so unless I decide to go into business for myself I'll probably end up either compulsively torture testing some of the drills or eventually selling some. The sadly humorous thing is that it's unlikely I'll ever work another job requiring heavy tool usage. Even if I wanted to, I'll be too broke down after my military service, but my goal of attaining a degree in Construction Management before retirement will give me a chance at being competitive for related jobs that may pay more and not require a lot of heavy lifting.
  7. Consider this thread an apology of sorts for being stingy with pictures since joining. My phone (or its operator) was unable to get pics uploaded until the past few months, and over the past two years my tools were gradually misplaced, hidden in various boxes, or literally buried by stuff. As I prepare for my move I'm consolidating everything, though, and figure it will be good to share some pics with the forum. An ulterior motive also exists: if anything is stolen en route I'll have some pictures documenting what I own. I still have to finish my tool tracker and take photos of all the serial numbers; Ridgid is the only system where everything is documented, for obvious reasons (LSA). I'll be updating this thread in the coming month and apologize in advance for my lack of photography skills. As my wordy posts reveal, I am more of a writer. Also, bear in mind that many of these tools are in like-new condition, used a few times at most. Training the future of the Army kind of precludes having any life outside of work, but now that I'm free I can actually use my tools (a novel concept, I know). Please overlook the random dog toys and detritus all over. So, to start, DeWalt ToughSystem boxes, Ryobi bandsaw (yes, it's new in the box, didn't see a reason to unbox it only to have to pack it up again a couple of months later), JawHorses, and JawStand: The next picture is a bit more rosy:
  8. fm2176

    Home Depot

    The One Key combo is now $125.03! I stopped by a store this afternoon to see if they had dropped in price. The store had a few still priced at $375.06 just a few days ago. Those were all gone, and I noticed a drop in some of the other prices, so I drove across the river to the poor state and lo and behold, there was a shopping cart with 4 or 5 at the the lower price! Both stores had the One Key Sawzall at $125 too. I picked up two of the kits, one intended for my brother, the 2-pack of Ryobi 6Ah batteries, and a Devour sweeper, paying $500 including tax.
  9. I have two of the DeWalt miter saws. The one I've used has been great so far, but it still has the original blade. Some reviewers don't like the way with which blade changes must be done. Otherwise, my experience and most of the reviews indicate they are solid saws.
  10. fm2176

    Hello everybody, I am New to the Forum

    Welcome to the forums! There's a wealth of knowledge and experience carried by members here, so I'm sure you'll learn a fair amount.
  11. fm2176

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    A few drills (not shown: DCD996, it's somewhere around here).
  12. fm2176

    20v Vaccume adapter

    I haven't yet, but was considering the feasibility of creating one for the 20v miter saw. On second thought, after a quick search, I'll buy DeWalt's DWV9000 and any necessary adapters: https://www.dewalt.com/products/accessories/tool-accessories/dust-management-accessories/universal-quick-connector-for-dewalt-dust-extractors/dwv9000
  13. fm2176

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    Unfortunately, no. I'm tempted to check into Festool dust collectors, though, and if I ever have another extensive drywall project I might buy one of their drywall sanders on a whim. Of course, there's also a good possibility my tool budget will be curtailed by buying materials to start renovating the in-law's property. In the short term I have a pool to install and probably have to replace yet another toilet (where heavy duty pvc-dipped gloves come in handy--Homie don't play that crap). Also, Friday will be my last pay period with my $375 Special Duty Assignment Pay, which has largely funded tool purchases. My housing allowance increase for NOVA should more than make up for it, but that depends on what I pay for rent.
  14. fm2176

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    So ronery...
  15. fm2176

    Moving Sucks, aka I Really Need a Shop

    The results of mixing so much Yellow with Red? Orange!
  16. fm2176

    Bright Lights

    I too have noticed the increasing brightness of people's vehicle lights. As others have said, it's mostly due to better technology, but it also means that running new bulbs in decade-old original equipment housings or having improperly adjusted headlights can be glaringly annoying (pun intended). I chalk some of it up to age, but as I near 40 I'm increasingly intolerant of headlight (or sun) glare. I've been known to fold the power folding side mirrors in if driving for long periods with the sun behind me, and also either adjust or fold the mirrors in if a vehicle behind me grows annoying. The halogen lights on my '06 Sierra work well, but the LED headlights on the government-owned '15 Chevy truck are admittedly better. One thing that can be distracting at times but which is fully understandable from a safety perspective is modern emergency lights. I grew up when police cruisers had large conventional strobe bars on the roof. Heck, the City of Richmond still used Chrysler K-cars in the 80's. Now it seems that police cruisers are drowned in flashing lights, with flashing vehicular lights coupled with blue strobes covering every direction. It is nice that they can enable their lights to only flash in one direction, though, as is usually seen when an officer is at a road work site. I consider it far less likely to cause slowdowns in opposite lanes. One thing I don't miss are sealed beams. They were dim, usually more difficult to replace, and some vehicles required their readjustment every time they were touched. The only nice thing about them was that they were near-universal. IIRC, my 1960 Willys, '78 K5 Blazer, and '78 F-250 all used the same headlights. In 1979, square sealed beams became the norm, though.
  17. fm2176

    best tool dewalt has came out with...

    Seconded. For my needs, all of the 20v Max OPE is perfect. I haven't tried the mower yet, it may suffice until I retire but I need a rider for my acre in South Louisiana. It gets a bit too warm to push mow my yard.
  18. fm2176

    Forum spammers

    And on a similar subject: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/the-fbi-wants-you-to-reboot-your-router-now-to-help-destroy-a-botnet/ Rebooting my router now. Wish I'd have seen this sooner.
  19. fm2176

    Forum spammers

    I can't be certain, and apologize if I'm incorrect in my accusation, but I'd venture to guess that the newest member is a bot of some sort. A quick search reveals a number of webpages purporting to be personal injury attorneys and using the same picture: https://www.google.com/search?num=50&client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&q=lurie+lola+san+diego&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwid74fKqqrbAhVD0lMKHbaSBkIQBQghKAA&biw=360&bih=518 One of the links has a US phone number but the location states they are in Vadodara, India. I question everything these days...
  20. fm2176

    Veterans Day

    Sitting here readying for my penultimate military move and having a couple (dozen) beers now, while thinking of my fallen comrades on Memorial Day. When I get back to Arlington next month I plan on visiting a few: Joseph Hernandez, Will McCotter-Bohren, Chris Hake, Adam Dickmyer, Matthew Ritz, and others. I'll also be paying respect to those my Casket Team rendered final honors to ten+ years ago. A poem comes to mind, written by a man who would be KIA himself in Vietnam less than three months later, immortalized in the movie "Hamburger Hill", which was coincidentally about the toils of men assigned to the first unit I was assigned to in 2002, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans). The poet also resides in Arlington National Cemetery: If you are able,save them a placeinside of youand save one backward glancewhen you are leavingfor the places they canno longer go. Be not ashamed to sayyou loved them,though you mayor may not have always.Take what they have leftand what they have taught youwith their dyingand keep it with your own. And in that timewhen men decide and feel safeto call the war insane,take one moment to embracethose gentle heroesyou left behind. Major Michael Davis O'Donnell1 January 1970Dak To, Vietnam
  21. fm2176

    Forum spammers

    I've reported a few of the more surreptitious ones. They give themselves away by registering for the site and posting something that at first glance seems relevant to the conversation but is just a little off. A link to a generic tool blog or foreign website is almost always included in the post, though, giving them away.
  22. fm2176

    DS400 New

    It sucks that I missed the deal I found a month or two ago, or I'd sell you one for cheap. A HD I visit infrequently had the tags for the DS400 for around $13 and the DS150 for around $9. All were gone, with none in the overhead, so I made due with a Milwaukee 18" rolling bag for under $40. They had two more of those but they were gone last weekend.
  23. fm2176

    Why Ryobi? Why Not?

    The fact I'm starting this thread hints at my newly acquistioned Ryobi tools. Anyway, as with the DeWalt, Ridgid, and Milwaukee threads, what prompted you to make your first Ryobi purchase? If you don't own any or are simply uninterested, why? Ryobi has stepped up their game big time since they ditched the low-grade blue and decided to cater to budget-minded people, both professionals and homeowners. Ryobi Days finally got me, with the 3Ah starter kit and free pole saw. I've got a fair amount of yardwork to do tomorrow and needed a pole saw. DeWalt doesn't offer one that I know of, and even if they did it likely wouldn't be available locally. To be honest, the 18v glue gun has interested me since its release, so its current reduction in price just made the purchase a little easier. We'll see if I revisit this thread in a few months; there are few tools Ryobi offers that I don't already have in other TTI brands or Yellow, but the caulking gun and a few others might be too tempting to pass up. I also plan to pick up a 2-pack of the 6Ah batteries before June 20th (the last day of the promo).
  24. fm2176

    Same battery, lawn and carpentry tools

    I have numerous DeWalt drills as well as their string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and blower. All are excellent tools, and the string trimmer will run for a fair amount of time with one of the newer 6+Ah batteries. I haven't tried the Milwaukee OPE amd only have two of their drills. I can wholeheartedly recommend DeWalt, though, and given Milwaukee's reputation you couldn't go wrong with them either.
  25. fm2176

    Craftsman Coming Back To Lowes

    I stopped by a few stores over the weekend and saw the new Craftsman displays, but wasn't overly interested. The most positive thing I can say is that Lowe's now has some color in it besides blue. I've stated this before, but the tool brands in Lowe's tend to blend together (with the exception of DeWalt and Hitachi), being primarily blue (Kobalt, Irwin, Bosch) or bland (PC, Bostitch) colors. The other thing I noticed was how quick SBD is to rebrand their products. One of the stores still has a FatMax T-Stak on clearance for $95. The exact same setup is now available with Craftsman branding for $99, $20 less than the FatMax originally sold for. I've been waiting for them to drop the price a bit more on the FatMax, but if it sells first that's probably for the best. I have a lot of ToughSystem and Ridgid boxes already, and will likely invest in Packout this holiday season or sooner. Also, when I last visted the Atlanta area a month or so ago, a HD was clearing out the DeWalt cantilever boxes. You guessed it, the Craftsman is the exact same box, albeit in black and red instead of black and yellow. I honestly hope that the Craftsman brand has retained some loyalty from others, but I've gotta say that I really wasn't interested in what Lowe's has started selling. I used to use a Craftsman toolbox and a number of their hand tools when was a mechanic, and swore by Sears when I was a road tech; I knew I could buy something needed locally, or swap out a broken tool without having to look for a Snap-On truck. Now I kind of view Craftsman in the same light as Kobalt--decent enough tools for someone who is in need, but nothing worth spending money on myself. Then again, maybe I'm just "tooled out" when it comes to mechanics tools. I've had my Snap-On, Mac, Matco, and Craftsman stuff in storage for over five years and haven't even looked at it in that time...