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  1. 16 minutes ago, ChrisK said:

    I am going over today, it says it’s in stock but God knows I can’t find it. I am pretty confident this is going to help quite a bit in my woodshop though. Temporary hold ups for jigs and even permanent stuff too, we will see 🙏😎

    I enjoy using mine.  In store they are located with the staple guns, so they may not even be in the tool aisle.  Most stores don't seem to stock them with the other Ryobi One+ tools.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, steelrfan85 said:

    Ok thank you for the input. I was looking at Rigid which is Home Depot’s brand amiably because it comes with a lifetime warranty on everything.

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    Ridgid has some nice tools, but nowhere near the number that Ryobi offers.  The Lifetime Service Agreement is outstanding, though, but be forewarned that it only applies to batteries purchased with kits.  For example, two of my 4Ah batteries are covered, as they came with a kit, as are all three of my 2Ah batteries, which were part of starter packs (battery and charger kit).  My other four 4Ah batteries are not covered, however, since they were purchased in 2-packs.


    You'll hear some horror stories of the LSA registration process, but either Ridgid has refined this, or the naysayers weren't doing something right.  I've registered at least 15 Ridgid products with only two getting kicked back.  Each time I simply scanned or took a photo of the receipt and submitted it online. 

  3. After being somewhat disappointed by reviews of the DeWalt 20v Max mower, not to mention it's lack of local availability (supposedly it's very similar to the 40v Max version, of which displays at Lowe's prove to be well-built, if no better in terms of runtime), I pulled the trigger on yet another platform--Ego.


    Having had the 21" mower for a few weeks now, I'm very impressed with it, and am considering the backpack blower since my large DeWalt blower is buried in storage and a spare battery would be nice. 


    As it stands now I don't plan to replace my DeWalt trimmers and chainsaw, but suffice to say that Ego has a new fan.

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  4. Here's a slightly different view: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.slate.com/business/2018/08/the-trump-administration-is-not-bringing-back-asbestos.html


    I just love how every facet of life has been consumed by politics for the past couple of years.  My Commander-in-Chief has my full support if for no other reason than being the whipping boy for seemingly everything these days.  Hell, my wife and kids are as fervently against the POTUS as anyone.  I avoid political discussions with them and definitely don't want to be subjected to such opinions here.


    It's been a long week and I have to attend a memorial service this evening, so forgive me if I seem thin-skinned, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who visits the TIA forums for apolitical discussions.  To the OP, thanks for sharing as I hadn't heard about this.

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  5. On 8/6/2018 at 6:32 PM, aabee said:

    This radio goes for $219. Hard pass.


    semi-OT, but my favorite radio is the Makita black AM/FM with BT. It's reasonably small but has loads of features and sounds better than larger radios (like the DCR025).

    I'll wait to find a deal...  I paid around $240 for three ToughSystem radios and only have one (Craftsman) T-Stak, so $219 is a bit too rich for my tastes at the moment.



  6. Well, I'm at the new unit, relearning my way around Northern Virginia and about to start moving stuff from storage to the house this weekend.  With my ragged old Mac and Craftsman boxes still residing in Georgia storage units, I want to pick up a shiny new box for the garage.


    The Harbor Freight 44" box gets a lot of positive reviews, but I'm considering the DeWalt or Milwaukee combo at Home Depot.  Anyone have any of these boxes?  Comments, suggestions, anything else?

  7. I think this is a case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't".  A lot of us were clamoring for a 20v Max mower, but the runtime has proven to be a disappointment for a lot of people.  A bit more refinement--or a kit with 12Ah batteries--could remedy some of the negatives, but then we'd be upset over having to wait longer or to pay a premium for the larger batteries.  Another example of this is the 18v adapter for stem batteries.  DeWalt took its time before releasing one, despite a lot of pleas for such an adapter.  Meanwhile they continue supporting 18v XRP tools, and when the DCA1820 is released a lot of people are upset because it came after they had switched to 20v Max or another brand altogether.


    I think the 5Ah battery mower kit was probably bundled with the expectation that buyers would either already be heavily invested in batteries or that they would be cutting only a very small yard.  I'm still considering one as I have plenty of 4Ah to 6Ah batteries to run it with.  I was sorely tempted to buy the 40v mower as it's currently priced at $299, but it seems to have the same runtime issues and I have no other 40v Max batteries.

  8. Found this earlier and figured I couldn't pass for the new 4Ah batteries and DCD996.  I have one of these drills but purchased it well used from a pawn shop.  Also have a DCD995, but for the price of the batteries alone I figured it to be a good buy.  The bit and holder is a Makita I just used for my truck's air filter housing.  


    With this drill I really think I'm set.  I move into the new house on Tuesday and will start setting things up.


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  9. Just a precautionary tale...  Shortly after becoming a Drill Sergeant my truck started having a "death wobble", prompting me to begin replacing the suspension components as I had time.  Two years later, I need only to replace the control arms and ball joints.  The death wobble is long gone, though.


    Anyway, in need of an alignment, I decided to simply go with used tires until my Drill time was over and I could maintain my truck as I used to.  Upon wearing out the front tires, I began replacing them, with about a 66% success rate until yesterday.  The first tire I bought was fine, the second broke its belt a couple of weeks after getting it, and the third worked well enough until I had it mounted on the spare rim yesterday.  Which leads me to the focus of this thread.


    My move was a mess, as the rental truck company has a massive shortage of 26' trucks.  I drove over 150 miles to pick up a truck a day late and had two days to load and clean the apartment.  In the meantime, my brother insisted that I get another used tire for the right front, as the used Terra Grappler was nearly down to the secondary rubber.  He did the legwork and found a set of four Wranglers with decent tread for $80, though we lacked the time to have any mounted.  It's a good thing we didn't mount any before the almost 1000 mile drive.  I finally had one mounted on the 4th and had zero issues with road noise or vibrations.  Yesterday found me driving to pay a deposit on a rental house and after about twenty miles at highway the tire I'd just had mounted blew out without warning, breaking the fog light mount, bending the bumper, and taking a little paint from the fender.  It could have been much worse, and honestly, I knew better having been a "tire guy" before enlisting.  Even so, the tire went from riding perfectly to having a complete sidewall failure with no warning whatsoever.


    I stopped by Walmart and got a couple of new Wranglers for the front on the way back.  I had the money before leaving Georgia but lacked the time and let my brother talk me into getting those four used tires.  Needless to say, the three I didn't use were tossed as they weren't worth the risk.  So, $80 in junk used tires, a need to order to a $65 fog light bracket, and a bit more character to my truck taught me a lesson: used tires simply aren't worth it if you are putting any real demands on them.  The Wrangler that blew out might have lasted indefinitely on city streets, but the speed and heat of the interstate were too much to ask of it.


    Anyway, consider this a PSA of sorts.  There's no telling what kind of life a tire spent prior to putting your life in its hands, unless that tire is new from a reputable shop.  I, for one, will never buy another used tire.  

  10. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!  I did a "baby boil"...only eight pounds of shrimp, six of potatoes, and five of sausage, with accompanying corn and such.  


    Found a house in Northern VA this afternoon that I hope to rent.  Garage, fenced in backyard, and almost 40 miles from work with access to both the interstate and lots of shopping (not to mention walking distance from both Lowe's and HD).  

  11. Picked up a planer yesterday, but not the cordless DeWalt I've been wanting.  Got a DW675 at the flea market from an older gentleman.  It came with a steel box and spare blades.  Also got a couple of rolling support stands, complete with a vintage HQ (Home Quarters, a defunct big box home improvement store) sticker.  

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  12. Thanls for the input.  I decided against getting the edger, and though I thought that today was supposed to be the last day of Ryobi Days, the promo signage was all taken down yesterday.


    The TTI reps here in central VA have been very proactive; I've seen them at least five different times in various stores in the past week alone, usually working in teams of two or three.  By comparison, the rep that services the Columbus, GA, and the Phenix City and Opelika, AL stores is usually only there on weekends.


    Regardless, I think I have all of the Ryobi I want for now, besides the narrow crown stapler.  I have two each of the new 3 and 6 Ah batteries to run them, which pales in comparison to my other battery systems but should do everything I need.

  13. With my newly acquisitioned tools and storage, I decided to start putting together a kit to keep in the truck.  So far, I have the Makita 3/8" SAE and metric socket sets along with a 1/2" adapter, Klein 11-in-1 screwdriver, M12 3/8" ratchet, impact wrench and drill, and M18 Fuel mid-torque impact wrench.  I think that a single 5.0Ah M18 battery and my three M12 batteries (two are charging at the moment) will be sufficient, and I have yet to see if the Rapid Charger will fit in this T-Stak.  I have a set of 1/2" DeWalt metric impact sockets in my truck along with Stanley SAE sockets (might have that backwards), and will see if my Snap-On and Sunex sockets will actually fit in the case (once I rescue them from storage next week).


    I think the entire T-Stak combo will probably stay in the truck, with the bottom box full of hand tools for projects away from home and the top full of various hardware.  One thing I'd like to get is a compact M12 light, though I have various other lights in the truck already.


    Any input or suggestions?  With over 250k miles on the truck and a body that's tired of wrenching and ratcheting, I want to ensure my bases are covered to maximize efficiency.  The truck box has all the basic mechanic's tools, prybars, big hammers, jack and stands, and some specialty tools such as axle nut and O2 sensor sockets.



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  14. Milwaukee is still running their free battery promo through next month.  Basically, buy select drill/impact/Hackzall kits and get a free 2.0Ah battery, or buy their Fuel counterparts and get a free 6.0Ah battery.  That alone is a decent promo, and the Fuel Hackzall will probably be among my next purchases.


    The M12 combo has dropped from $149 to $99 for the time being, though, and still qualifies for the free battery, so for $99 + tax you can get an impact, drill, two 1.5Ah batteries, and a 2.0Ah battery plus charger and bag.  If you don't need the spare battery, the receipt shows that you can return the free battery for $33 or so, netting the kit for $66.


    Decent buy, in my opinion, but YMMV.

  15. 1 hour ago, Bremon said:

    I use the boot on my 2763, and when I buy a mid torque and some Fuel ratchets I’ll get the boots for them as well. 


    Good to know, I take it the boots are worth the money?  Funny how I ask now, but twenty years ago I didn't hesitate to spend $20+ on boots for my pneumatic tools, despite making under $10 an hour.

  16. I keep a truck box full of well-worn tools with little monetary value.  In my opinion, less expensive yet perfectly serviceable tools beat shiny premium brand tools just asking to be stolen, at least when it comes to vehicle kits.


    The above statement aside, I absolutely loath the scum that steal things out of vehicles, businesses/jobsites, and homes.  While all theft sucks, I think that there is a slight gap between those who blatantly steal something and those who find a forgotten item and simply don't try to seek its owner.  


    I'm a fairly peaceful person, especially after taking part in shenanigans overseas, but when my home was broken into I parked the truck in the woodline and prayed the thieves would come back again.  

  17. That cantilever box is simply a rebranded version of the former DeWalt box.  I found a couple of those at clearance prices a couple of months ago.  The T-Stak combo is the same as that sold under the Fatmax brand, which Lowe's had "clearanced" at $95.20 until a few weeks ago.  I haven't seen any recently, but the Craftsman version is now $79.  I picked one up a few days ago but it feels exceptionally flimsy compared to the ToughSystem and Ridgid boxes.  That said, it's designed to target a different demographic and is much lighter and smaller than the 22" modular systems.


    I now want to get some DeWalt and Fatmax T-Stak components to amuse myself...

  18. Anyone use them?  My old IR 231 pneumatic impact still has the Matco branded boot I put on it over twenty years ago.  Over the years it served well, but it's sat unused now for a while.  


    With today's addition of a 2860 mid-torque to complement the 2763 and 2767 high torque wrenches, I'm considering get boots for all three.  At around $100 total, though, I'm still on the fence about doing so.


    I have yet to put these tools through their paces, but they'll see plenty of use starting this year.  A Kobalt 20v impact I gave my brother late last year is already bearing the scars of heavy use, and I'd prefer to keep the expensive Red tools in decent condition for as long as possible.


    So, boots or no boots?  I know they can be worth the price of admission but have no experience with using them on cordless tools.  Any issues I should know about (overheating, debris build-up, etc)?  Any stories of miraculous saves after a tool fell 500 stories, or epic fails after an impact imploded inside the boot when torquing a 1/16" fastener?  

  19. Reminds me of back when I used to go to my project house alone.  😄


    Shortly after starting work there a double murder and arson took place a few miles away.  The house had been a foreclosure in a rural area and it seemed that everyone who passed by slowed down to see who was there.  Needless to say, I kept a sidearm holstered along with a shotgun near at hand and my dog for good measure.  I figured that being a lone minority in the area flaunting lots of expensive tools made me a potential target to some.  

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  20. Picked up a 2860 mid-torque impact today.  I'll likely pick up the M12 ratchets as well as the M18 Fuel 3/8" impact soon enough to complete my cordless automotive setup.


    Also, found 14 Metabo Combinator cutoff wheels for $.38 each at Lowe's.  Coupled with the DeWalt grinding discs I grabbed on clearance last year, I should be set for cutting and grinding for a while.

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  21. 32 minutes ago, ChrisK said:

    Do not forget your insurance bro. You might be able to claim it on your auto policy.


    Also, check your homeowners policy.  USAA covers up to 10% of the total personal property coverage for items not on the insured property.  This is how I was able to file a claim on stuff stolen from a house I was renting without renter's insurance.

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