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  1. fm2176

    Thanks DeWalt!

    I've only registered a couple. DeWalt seems to go off the date code...so far I've warrantied a DS450, DCB102, and the DCB204 with no issues.
  2. fm2176

    Thanks DeWalt!

    Well, I received the new battery yesterday. I was expecting maybe an older stock one, but the new one has a 2019 date code.
  3. fm2176

    Thanks DeWalt!

    No, 2015, damned fumble fingers on my phone.
  4. fm2176

    Thanks DeWalt!

    I had my first DeWalt battery failure a few weeks ago, a DCB204 with a date code of 05 47... Contacted DeWalt yesterday and just received an email stating that a new battery is on the way! Third time using the warranty and third time DeWalt has exceeded expectations.
  5. Well, I picked up a Ryobi impact driver kit for $39 yesterday, as well as their high volume inflator for $8 or so. I didn't need either, having DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid brushless impact drivers as well as the DeWalt jobsite blower (with inflator nozzles) and 20v Max inflator, M12 inflator, and Ridgid 18v compressor, but the price was right, and I have more tools to eventually destroy...👹
  6. fm2176

    Dewalt Atomic

    I was excited when I first saw ToolGuyd's post, thinking that DeWalt was looking to seriously compete with Milwaukee's "next best thing" strategy, where Gen 1, Gen 2, and probably soon Gen 3 tools are replaced/supplemented by smaller and more powerful versions. When I saw that the new Atomic tools are simply upgrades to non-premium level tools I was less than enthralled. My 996, 887, and 796 perform better than I personally need them to, but it would have been nice to see DeWalt release superior tools under such a powerful sounding name as "Atomic".
  7. I'd recommend one of two things to bring down the cost of factory batteries: a sale/promo event or buying a kit and selling the unwanted tools. I recently bought two Ridgid 9.0Ah batteries for $99 apiece, approximately half the regular price. Similarly, I built up my M12 batteries by getting the free 2.0Ah battery with various bare tools.
  8. So, I sit here surrounded by tools, with drills and saws from the likes of DeWalt, Ridgid, and Milwaukee, and niche tools and equipment from Ryobi and Ego. I'm in a field-like environment during the work day, so I just purchased the DeWalt radiant heater to complement the Ridgid jet heater, while a couple of the Ridgid fans and my portable power station sit in my room at Fort AP Hill. With the tax return I'm sorely tempted to pick up a couple of the Ridgid 9.0 batteries (for the heater and air compressor), and to look into four 12.0 Flexvolt batteries for the power station, despite having numerous batteries in both ecosystems (up to 4.0Ah in Ridgid and 9.0Ah in DeWalt, not to mention a couple of 9.0Ah M18 batteries for the Fuel tools and lights). I doubt I'll buy these large capacity batteries as there are more pressing priorities, but it's a pain being enticed by the latest and greatest batteries to ensure maximum personal convenience. At the same time, this is a great age to live in for those who actually make money using their tools (as I once did and may be doing so again in under three years). Hope everyone is doing great, it's almost time to kick off Expert Infantryman Badge testing!
  9. Not a tool, per se, but I got the DeWalt bare tool radiant heater this morning to complement the Ridgid jet heater I got a month or so ago. Currently in a field environment, so expect both to come in handy (along with the three Ridgid fans, should it get too warm).
  10. This...for better or worse I've got more batteries than I know what to do with. My DeWalt 12v Max batteries sit idle for months but are ready when I need them, and some are 8 years old. My 8v Max gyro drivers see the batteries charged maybe twice a year.
  11. The packout system is nice. While mine is hardly used, I've seen two in the vehicles of contractors that looked like they've seen quite a bit of work, abd if anything they only look better with some mileage. One was in a van and the other in the bed of a truck with a Ridgid box on top of it. Incidentally, both were at nearby Home Depots.
  12. I bought the last three Gorilla work platforms at my local HD this morning. The price went back to $59.88 but this store still had the $29 price displayed. A similar thing happened when I bought my M12 3.0Ah batteries for $69 after they'd gone back to $89. A quick price adjustment and problem (being the oversight on employees' part) solved... As for the work platforms, I find them to be handy tables, benches, and even supports for air mattresses, besides their normal use. I probably have ten total now, mostly Gorilla but one lone Werner. They're cheaper, sturdier, and more practical than Wal-Mart style furniture.
  13. I'm lucky insofar as having an uncommonly common name. When I search for myself I find a bunch of other English and Americans instead. As for Instagram, I may scope it out. Thanks for the info!
  14. I think I'm just a bit too old and cynical for social media, in philosophy if not in age (I'm 40). I have a Facebook but primarily use it to keep up with military friends. Otherwise, I prefer the relative anonymity and hands-off nature of forums over social media, which in my mind only feeds the habit of being constantly connected to our mobile devices these days. Even so, years ago I was a member of various Yahoo Groups, and while I fondly recall the days of participating in those discussions, they lack the nostalgia of forums such as these. I know that this site isn't going anywhere any time soon and hope to see an increase in activity. Then again, maybe I'll have more time and a more positive view of social media after retirement.
  15. Just trying to kill some time while hopefully eliciting a response or five... Near fifteen years ago I was a member of the Living With Style (LWS) "community", a rather large site comprised of forums relating to everything from gardening to firearms to art and even to a dedicated Flames forum. In 2008 it imploded but prior to this I was a Moderator for a forum there as well as an Administrator for a couple of its upstart Zoints-connected independent sites. At the time I was fairly active on those sites as well as other mostly gun and truck forums. In recent months, I've noticed a decrease in activity here at the TIA forums. While a few others and I visit daily, and a few new threads/posts are made daily, formerly active sections such as this one are seeing sporadic new content at best. One thing that seems to still be a problem is spam, as evidenced by the now-deleted invasion of Chinese(?) characters and links a few days ago. Another problem are those who seem to register only to try to stir up the pot, such as a very recent comment about those who prefer a certain tool brand. Besides extremely large sites like Reddit, these smaller but much more user-friendly forums seem to be slowly fading from popularity. Is it the near-instant gratification that comes from social media (versus risking slipping under the radar if a question or comment is made here)? Anyway, I'm as guilty as anyone nowadays, checking the forums multiple times daily but contributing less than I was mere months ago. Any insight into how to attract more activity?
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