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  1. Roasty

    DCS7485 on a DW7440RS?

    Think I went with m8 bolts, and use a pilot bit to get your hole centre first.
  2. Roasty

    DCS7485 on a DW7440RS?

    I bolted mine through the rubber feet. Wider stance and all that and bolts are straight through no angled business.
  3. Roasty

    so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    Not sure what's next out, but I'd love a cordless trim router, lighter more powerful framing gun, bigger capacity flex batt but not bigger casing or heavier!
  4. Roasty

    Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    I saw a vid on instagram with the Milwaukee sds plus vs dewalt flexvolt sds plus and the dewalt was considerably faster and cooler which could lead to longer tool life. Think it was Krugerconstructions vid.
  5. Roasty

    Us stores that will ship to aus?

    Just rebought the little 18v blower and its dead on arrival real shame first dewalt product that had failed on me in 6 years.
  6. Roasty

    Us stores that will ship to aus?

    Hello fellows, I've been trying to find somewhere in the us that will ship 20v max skins to aus but am having trouble. Almost every amazon store won't do it and I want to get a few tools which are not out in aus yet. Anyone know of any shop that will do international shipping?
  7. Roasty

    Bye bye dewalt :(

    I'm the exact same as you, but they broke a window and grabbed what was worth the most. No surveillance. Yep calling dewalt is on the cards, hopefully the can look after me but it's a business at the end of the day.
  8. Roasty

    Bye bye dewalt :(

    I wish a tool company would inbuild gps in to there tools, none of this Bluetooth crap!
  9. Roasty

    Bye bye dewalt :(

    Thanks guys. I'm from Australia appreciate the support, lucky I have some spares laying around to get me by for the time being. its a crazy time for tool thefts here ATM. Trailer cars and everything being nabbed. Working out insurance now so hopefully I can recoup abit back. Just lucky they didn't take my flex table saw or mitre saw.
  10. Roasty

    Bye bye dewalt :(

    So the other night my work van got broken into and various tools stolen. Paslode nail guns and every cordless dewalt tool and batteries I owned sad sad times.