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  1. He's from New Zealand as his name "Kiwi" indicate.
  2. Source: toolsbydesign Model: XSH06Z
  3. Some pics and product info on IG, toolsbydesign.
  4. A short youtube video of it.
  5. For those that cannot find the photo.
  6. Short promo of it on an Aussie retailer. It also comes with an 305mm (12") Efficut blade in AUS/NZ.
  7. I plan to upgrade my Makita impact drill to DTD171 as well. Most trade-end Makita impact drivers are durable and reliable. It survives rain, dust and drops. I dropped mine off a 4m high scaffold straight onto concrete more than once but it still works to this very day. It simply won't die. However, I cannot guarantee how well these new generation of Makita drivers fair on drop tests due to increased on-board electronics and switches. I can guarantee the transparent plastic nose ring and its glow-in-the-dark rubber are the first things to go on a rough job-site environment; only affects the look.
  8. Gram post including a vid.
  9. Toughsystem Vacuum Toughsystem Wheeled Trolley Toughsystem Radio (Update) 54v Belt Sander Cordless Oscillating Fan
  10. Good find. See how it will fair against Makita's x2 blower.
  11. A lot of new Makita stuff are suppose to come out next month according to a Makita rep in NZ. I have been saving some money for a Martinez hammer or a DTD171. Wait and see.
  12. Common' Dewalt. Make another Toughsystem radio unit. I recently bought a Makita site radio because I prefer a dial over push buttons.
  13. My Flexvolt circular saw (DCS575) came with a dust hood. I live in NZ.
  14. You have to update this topic when you get your hands on the Flexvolt plunge saw. It will help me decide my pick in the future. Cheers!
  15. New entry for Flexvolt and Tstak. Source: toolsbydesign on Instagram
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