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  1. they need a brushless framer thats significantly lighter than the hikoki hitachi and i'll leave paslode for good
  2. turns out inside the chuck there is a tiny magnet at the back to hold the bit in as you change bits etc and what happened was i remember one day i took a tex screw out in a tight area and the drill got jammed between a joist and the screw as it came out and the pressure smashed the magnet to bits inside the chuck, i wasn't aware for a long time and turns out if the magnet isnt there the bit can go past the point its supposed to and fall back out of the chuck, so i cut the end off an oil bit and shot penned it in there works a treat now. just make sure you cut it the right length mine was 5mm e
  3. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/makita-xdt11r-cordless-impact-driver-parts-c-97_106_508422.html (wrong Driver for me tho) on right on website says "chuck wont hold bits" and lists parts to buy once you click it, sweet sorted it. maybe this will help someone in future !
  4. i bought it from amazon japan and thought it would be to expensive to send back, maybe i should have.
  5. i have a Makita TD170DZW and it keeps dropping bits, bought it in 2017 and after 6 months it started happening to a point its almost unusable, i have opened up the chuck and it seems the ball bearings are too small or the anvil recesses for the ball bearings are machined slightly wrong not allowing the ball bearings to drop enough but i dont want to machine anything or i could make it worse. anyone else had this issue ? i did see a used one on site i picked up and it was holding the bits ok but you could still pull the bit out without engaging the chuck ? gone back to my 11 year o
  6. thats the skilly i will be buying next as i currently run the old brushed 18v one and its been fantastic but shes getting dated, i search the internet for the best deals spend way to much time doing it, have just imported a DTD170Z or TD170D there latest impact from japan and got it landed for $200 as apposed to $369 handy warehouse sell them for, she sure is a grunter, also picked up the new brushless sabre saw (kiwis will understand that one) for $200 landed, again handy warehouse $368 , the deal are out there i was wondering if any other kiwis or others search the net to the extent i do! i'
  7. hey guys, im from new Zealand and we get ripped for battery's and was wondering where is the best price for some 5.0 or 6.0 ah battery's ? i currently run 3.0ah and they just dont hack it in the high demand tools like the BL reciprocating saw, also looking for a new BL circular saw as my brushed one is still going strong but after using a mates milwakee fuel circular saw was very impressed with the BL motor, the brushed makita however has been used everyday for the past 7 years and still goes as good as the day i bought it! any help would be awesome thanks
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