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  1. Yep you read that right... 88V !!
  2. kat

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    A new battery tech has to be superior to the current tech in all the aspects. Capacity (energy to size/volume ratio), discharge currents, lifetime cycles, flat voltage curves. Also production cost has to be low enough.
  3. kat

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    There will be no new battery because current battery technology has reached its limits and there are no viable alternatives. 20700 and 21700 are just formats, and they bring no advantages over 18650 or any other format. The capacity and discharge current has not improved for over 5 years in the battery industry. Other manufacturers came up with higher capacities because they switched to bigger formats (= bigger batteries). There's no point for Makita to do the same because they would need to come up with modified tools to fit them. Don't be fooled by youtube hypes about 20700, Tesla, graphene and whatever. They will show all the benefits of a new proposed technology, but leave out the limitations or disadvantages that make the adoption impossible
  4. I don't see the point of this. This will probably cost twice as much as a gas mower, even though it's waaay less powerful, it's not self-propelled and has a very small cutting width @ 46cm... What's up with this new trend to make every tool run on batteries ? Why can't people understand that some tools are simply not suited for running on batteries
  5. kat

    DHS680 and DCS551

    I was wondering if these two are interchangeable. I mean can you use DHS680 to cut metal, and DCS551 to cut wood ?
  6. That's a useless tool in cordless format. A 10" saw is not meant to be portable. When you buy a 10" saw you put it in a place and don't move it for decades. So making one cordless is irrational. They are sacrificing power, weight and size for what benefit? None...
  7. Does anyone know what brand and model of cells does a Makita battery use?
  8. LOL 50W. That's a joke vacuum cleaner. I don't even understand how can power tool companies be incapable of manufacturing a decent vac, considering their batteries can output 300-400W. All cordless vacs are completely useless, except the Dyson, which outputs 350W+ and it's almost as powerful as corded vacs.
  9. X3 and X4 are unrealistic. Way too large to be useful. Even X2 makes the tools very bulky. Like that weird and fugly angle grinder that's larger and has waaay less power than the cheapest no-name corded model equivalent. People need to realise that the cordless fad is not sustainable. Very few power tools are suited for current battery technology. Drills, drivers, and that's pretty much it. Unless you are willing to sacrifice power, runtime and size/weight for the advantage of being cordless..
  10. kat


    Yes, it's the same 4-5mm on mine. Also, 25mm bits don't work with it. You have to use a bit holder adapter for 25mm bits. My older Makita impact will accept 25mm bits.
  11. kat


    Is it normal for the bit to move back and forward in the bit holder of this driver? I have an old Makita driver that holds the bit tight and it doesn't move at all
  12. It looks like it has the same size as DHS680. How is that sub-compact?
  13. I bought a used Makita belt sander because I needed to do heavy sanding on a large wood table. Model 9911, 650 W. It seems to take much more material than the random orbital sander, but still it doesn't feel like it has enough power on lower speeds. If select lower speeds and push a bit harder on the sander, the motor sounds like it is struggling and eventually stops. Is this normal for 650W belt sanders, or do I need to repair it?
  14. I think you have a point. But notice that on Aliexpress you can find the 1st style too: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3-4-and-1-2-Heavy-Duty-Pipe-Clamp-Woodworking-Wood-Gluing-Pipe-Clamp-3-4/32847369541.html In the picture you posted they kind of look more grainy tho. Anyway, I don't really care about their pipe clamps because I have a few from Otoro, which are also made in China (Taiwan) and they are awesome! I just thought that the huge price difference was odd because Bessey says that they manufacture in Germany...
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