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  1. Tool Advice

    Hello everyone, I need all your opinions please. I am going to purchase a new combi drill in a few weeks and want some advice / feedback. The 2 drills that I am looking at are the bosch 18v GSB-EC brushless drill and the milwaukee M18ONEPD 18V Fuel brushless One Key drill. I would like to buy more power tools in the future and versatility would be nice but no big deal. I don't mind buying a different brand. Please give me your thoughts on these 2 drills. I don't know a lot about milwaukee stuff so looking forward to hearing from you all.
  2. Tool Advice

    What is the milwaukee storage like?
  3. Tool Advice

    Milwaukee are an interesting company. They do appeal to me for their large range of products. I like the fact the battery charger can charge a m12 and a m18 battery.
  4. Drilling and driving bits

    Well I thought I'd ask what everyones favourite drilling bits and screwdriving bits are. Right now I am looking at buying the bosch X line 100 piece set as it looks like good value for home diy and projects. What does everyone else use?
  5. Tool Advice

    Lol we gone way off topic. @BMack37what's your most go to tool?
  6. Greetings from Ireland

    Hi guys, love watching the videos. Love watching the toolathons and tool fights. I'm 28 and do diy mostly and play around with my car. Love tinkering with things and learning how to do stuff. Looking forward to the new videos and recommendations.
  7. Tool Advice

    Example C: America! lol
  8. Unilite

    I know you guys at Tools in Action like a good light system so I wanted to show you guys a company I have bought from and used their lights on a regular basis. The company name is Unilite. They are based out of England and build quality products. Today I am going to talk about the Prosafe PS-IL6R. A lot of this is copy and paste from their own site but they say it better afterall. The PS-IL6R is a powerful rechargeable inspection light that has a multitude of features. Its Samsung SMD LEDs provide 600 lumen of power that is perfectly optimized for close inspection work. In addition to this there is also a 100 Lumen torch function which provides a focused light on small and hard to reach areas. The unit is ergonomically tailored, with a well-placed moulded grip and encompasses some useful hands free options, such as its 360-degree positional magnetic hanging hook and its multi positional foldable kick stand. Charging is conducted via the DC-USB (Included) cable which connects to the rear charging point allowing for 12/24v charge, smartphone or computer charging. Super bright SMD LED The PS-IL6R is a super bright SMD LED Inspection light & IP54 fully weatherproof for all conditions. Offering superb beam clarity unrivalled performance, power & portability. DC-USB rechargeable the PS-IL6R can be used just about anywhere, anytime for any application. SMD LED’s give off a vast light spread. More energy efficient they also increase battery run times. Place your PS-IL6R anywhere anytime with this super strength magnetic hanging hook. The 100 Lumen torch head enables users to inspect closer in more confined spaces than ever before. USB charging allows for faster charging on the go, inside a vehicle or via any smartphone charger. Additional information Brand Prosafe Battery 1 x 4400 mAh USB Li-ion LED Samsung Lumens 600 Beam Distance 60m Run Time 4 hrs 30 mins IP Rating IP54 Weight 260g Height 205 mm Width 60 mm I have personally used this light for illuminating walls for painting to working on parts in the car engine. Anyone in Europe should check out this brand as most inspection lights mechanics especially use these days are by Draper. This is an alternative brand with better build quality and products. I also have the Unilite PS-P1 Pocket inspection light. I will put this up also.
  9. Ryobi Tools

    I would like to get my hands on a set of ryobi batteries and fast charger. Would like to get a small battery like the 2.5 Lithium + and a 5.0 battery. I think once you have the batteries your sorted for everything else.
  10. Ryobi Tools

    @DR99 If I could get the Ryobi brushless at the price it is in the states I probably would but it's just crazy expensive here for something that's aimed at diy and home improvement.
  11. Unilite

    @BMack37 Was a 40inch tv. I was told by everyone to scrap it but just didn't have the money to buy a new one at the time.
  12. @Eric - TIA I know you guys are busy but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to ship to Ireland this option is the best. Like I said before I would love to get some gear and stickers and I have no problem paying the shipping for TIA gear totally worth it.
  13. Unilite

    I have a Toshiba tv that the backlight went on so I had to have one of the led strips replaced. Didn't realise it cost so much. 150 for the strip to be replaced. I have a Samsung tv about 2 years older that has lasted longer than I would ever have expected. Hence why I went with Samsung again.
  14. Unilite

    Oh no, I just bought a Samsung curved tv recently. Touch wood it won't have this happen to it.
  15. Tool Advice

    For diy and other less heavy duty work would the milwaukee be up to it? I mean that fuel is heavy duty work. For a good drill for home use would the non fuel version be a better choice?
  16. Tool Advice

    @FrosBros82 Is there much of a jump in performance from the brushless m18 milwaukee to the fuel version?
  17. Tool Advice

    Here is the two options I am currently thinking ---> https://www.milwaukeepowertools.co.uk/milwaukee-m18blpd-401c and http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Bosch-18v-GSB18V-EC-Brushless-Combi-Hammer-Drill-GSB18VEC-Metal-Chuck-1-x4-0ah/311873399851?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649.. Let me know what ya think. The Milwaukee is a small bit more but if it's worth it then I don't mind.
  18. Tool Advice

    Yeah I think cordless sanders need a smaller battery like 1.5 or 2.0 to keep them balanced. I'd say a cordless sander would be easier to use on the lighter jobs.
  19. Tool Advice

    @bmac32 See I never knew dewalt had these problems. Everyone swears by them and they are very common here in Ireland. Why is nobody in favour of cordless sanders?
  20. Tool Advice

    What is the dewalt equivalent of the bosch or the milwaukee brushless combi drill?
  21. Tool Advice

    Also I should point out the milwaukee drill set I was looking at doesn't come with a case. What drill set doesn't come with a bag or case these days..
  22. Tool Advice

    The bosch is a reasonable price. In terms of what other tools I would use in the future I would say things like sanders and multi tools. Maybe even an impact driver. Does anyone have experience with the bosch 1 for all tools? The green tools with the same battery for all.
  23. Yeah it's not too bad for small items. I mean you also got import tax too. Bit got small things like clothes or gear it ain't bad.
  24. Tool Advice

    Right now I am thinking the bosch drill because it is 60 euro cheaper. For diy and odd jobs this to me sounds the better option. Which drill would last over the years? Let me know about your drills guys. What is your go to combi drill?