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  1. Sophie

    Some question about craft

    This is a cosplay festival and characters from the League of Legends game, with which I performed. I did the character Talon (SSW Talon skin) - in a white cloak with blue stripes and a hood. All the staffs - guns - hammers and details of the costumes that you see are made by hand by the participants. A missile which girl in the red wig held (Star Guardian Jinx) printed on a 3-d printer) And I made a bow for the girl on my back-right in a white suit and with a mask - a Kindred character. The only problem - I didn`t have a technical dryer, so I used a hair dryer ordinary hair dryer and that was too long.
  2. Sophie

    Some question about craft

    The final result - photos from the festival. Also tried to craft kindred's bow, here is the result too.
  3. Sophie

    Makita DTW285 impact wrench

    I`m back) Got this one yesterday, it a bit smaller than I imagined, but it`s even better. The next cosplay in the end of September, gonna use it in crafting of this sword, which I need to the next festival) This time I would like to try to make it from wood.
  4. Sophie

    Makita DTW285 impact wrench

    Looks nice, I'm Leaving on festival today, so gonna check it in Shop After returning
  5. Sophie

    Some question about craft

    Finaly smb answered) ty, I'll try both options and show you the result Started crafting of SSW talon's BLADE (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) , just the beginning of process)
  6. Sophie

    Some question about craft

    Hello everyone, I have a question for you, and I appeal to you in the hope that you will help, I do cosplay and craft in particular (not for sale, just for myself and sometimes for friends if they need help in this) I recently saw an interesting craft tutorial(link on youtube) in which another crafter used the material Worbla, unknown to me before (this is the black thing that she covered with the cut out of foamed polystyrene bow) I started looking for information, as the material is really handy. Previously, I used PVC and a dryer (PVC, too, to some extent becomes flexible when heated). Information about the Worbla was found a lot, but in my country it can not be found (and if you find, then at sky-high prices) Can someone of you advise a material with similar properties? I'm thinking of trying to use ruberoid sheets that are used for roofs of houses. when heated it should become pretty soft, but I do not know if it will work. I wait for your assumptions. Thank you in advance!
  7. Sophie

    Makita DTW285 impact wrench

    I have this one, I'm very pleased with it, I am engaged in crafting for cosplay, sometimes wrench is very useful, especially when some great craft, like Nautilus armor from Bioshock or just a huge sword where you need to use a lot of bolts. But mine is already old-fashioned and I'm thinking about replacing it, considering several options, but frankly, I do not believe all these reviews, and I do not want to switch to another manufacturer when I'm used to this one already. Maybe smb uses some newer models of Makita wrenches? Would be glad to hear your advice and opinion about several good ones.