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  1. Metal, but like melted down hot wheels car metal. I called CS while driving to visit some family and the lady would not even attempt to look up the part without giving her the serial number. Which, she was polite and I wasn’t going to be rude or argue the day after Christmas cause I’m sure they get that enough so I just rolled with it. But I feel like taking 5 minutes to look up and see if all the models used the same piece anyways wouldn’t have been that hard. Guess I’ll call again tomorrow. I think I found the right one on amazon thanks to the info above but they were $10 and I didn’t wanna spend the money to fix when a warranty should do it.
  2. So my wife hooked me up this Christmas and made the decision for me! She bought the 60v saw. Problem is, the first time I locked the fence in place, the linkage snapped! Pretty surprised they used such cheap material. Anybody happen to know what that part is called. I know I can warranty it but if I can replace it with actual metal I’d rather do that. Thanks fellas.
  3. Glad to hear the 60v is a beast. My luck will be that I’d get the 60v and the next day the 120v will be revealed and I’d regret it. Maybe I’ll hold out through Christmas and either see if they come out with it or catch a good deal on the 60. Thanks fellas.
  4. Looking to get a new table saw. Sold my old larger delta as I didn’t have the space for it and I usually have to take my projects outside. I figured I’d go Flexvolt. Does anybody know if there are plans for a 10 inch 120v or just go ahead and get the 60v. Thanks.
  5. Bill539

    so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    Why they put out the tough system radio which can only take up to 5ah batteries at the same time they put out Flexvolt and 6ah batteries that don’t fit is beyond me. So it’d be nice to update the radio. Also I see they started producing coolers. I would think it would be fairly obvious to them to make coolers that are tough system compatible. You could have an entire tailgating set up with the cooler, radio, storage and power station. Dewalt, at least send me the tailgating package when you decide to sell those after reading this! Lol
  6. Bill539

    new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    I sat it down leaning away from the opening for the oil. I may have just overfilled it. That thing is great though. Been using it for small stuff around my house and I've been keeping it in my patrol vehicle in case of emergencies.
  7. Bill539

    new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    I know chainsaws leak some bar oil but this thing seems to loose it pretty quick. I tried to pinpoint where it's coming from and it almost looks like it's leaking from the handlebar and the body of the saw.
  8. Bill539

    new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    That's what I did, I canceled my previous order and reordered it with 3 pencils. Got the full kit for 176.
  9. Bill539

    new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    Called acme today. The lady called Dewalt and they said the chainsaws just left the factory today to go to the distributors. She said they should ship from Acme by the end of the weekish.
  10. Bill539

    Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    New, but I've been lurking around on this forum and snapped a picture of the saw to show a buddy of mine. Thought I'd share it since it's not on instagram anymore. Hope there's no issues with sharing it.