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  1. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    I sat it down leaning away from the opening for the oil. I may have just overfilled it. That thing is great though. Been using it for small stuff around my house and I've been keeping it in my patrol vehicle in case of emergencies.
  2. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    I know chainsaws leak some bar oil but this thing seems to loose it pretty quick. I tried to pinpoint where it's coming from and it almost looks like it's leaking from the handlebar and the body of the saw.
  3. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    That's what I did, I canceled my previous order and reordered it with 3 pencils. Got the full kit for 176.
  4. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    Called acme today. The lady called Dewalt and they said the chainsaws just left the factory today to go to the distributors. She said they should ship from Acme by the end of the weekish.
  5. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    New, but I've been lurking around on this forum and snapped a picture of the saw to show a buddy of mine. Thought I'd share it since it's not on instagram anymore. Hope there's no issues with sharing it.