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  1. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    Any of the well known brands are good. Pick the one that has the tools you need, and the best deal when you are buying the first tools. Also, make sure not to pick the cheapest tools of any given product line.
  2. I already have a corded one, I think ill get by with it while waiting for Makita to come up with one. I just dont feel like dropping 200-300 Euros on a glue gun, batteries and a charger just for it, because I wont be buying any other Ryobi stuff.
  3. I dont like using adapters/other than Makita tools with my Makita batteries, because you cant really be sure that the protections for over discharge etc is there, and I want to keep my batteries is good working order (I only use 5Ah batteries). I also only use genuine batteries, because of liability reasons for insurance etc, if a knock-off battery sets the customers house on fire while charging or something.
  4. I know Ryobi has one, but I dont want to invest in another battery platform. I mostly use a hot glue gun for securing floor heating cables before pouring the screed, and the cord is a real PITA sometimes, ripping the cable from the floor etc. Anyone has any knowledge on this. My thought here is "someone has it, others will copy to not be left behind".
  5. Can I replace EU plugin with USA plugin?

    It should work fine, if its built for the correct voltage. I recently got a Makita DC18RD twin charger for really cheap from UK. Took me minute to change plug to EU standard one, work just like its supposed to.
  6. Hello from Finland

    Hello! Im a new guy on this forum, been lurking and just reading for a while though. Im about to hit 30 next year, and Ive been working in construction/renovation for about two years now. This year i made a deal with my employer that Id start providing my own tools (he compensates for that), which sparked my interest into tools really. Because Im kinda new to the trade and I dont have any formal education for it, im mostly doing demolition and other simple things, like putting up drywall. Im going to widen my tool collection as I get to learn to do new things, and need them. As they say (atleast in here) the only thing that cant be teached at the job site, is motivation.
  7. Anyone have experience with these ones? I bought a kit of them a few days back, thinking they were the "normal" Bosch HSS Bi-Metal Progressor holesaws. For some reason the kit with all the same sizes of these was a lot cheaper than one with the normal arbor. It was on sale though. The blades seem to be the same as the normal ones, just with the added quick change adapter, wich is really nice, no need to have multiple arbors when putting up drywall and making holes for light switches, wall sockets, plumbing etc. Just as fast to change the size of the holesaw as it is to change the bit on my impact driver. So far im really liking these, though my experience is kinda limited at this point.
  8. Show me your Makita collection!

    My least favorite would be the DSS610 circular saw. I just think that it lacks power. I mean, it gets the job done as long as the blade is big enough for the job, but its kinda slow. My most favorite... thats a though one. The lack of cord and toolless blade change on DTM51 is really nice. Then again im kinda new to impact drivers, i thought they were kinda unnecessary until I tried one, so either one of those. DFR550 collated screw gun is really nice for putting up drywall, real time saver. Also really impressed with the DHR264, it does everything i would use a SDS-Plus sized rotary hammer for.
  9. Show me your Makita collection!

    New member here, of course i have to post here first, being a Makita guy. Dont really have any pics, sorry. Cordless tools: DDF482 Drill DTD152 Impact Driver DSS610 Circular Saw DTM51 Oscillating multi tool DJR186 Recip saw DTD129 Brushless impact driver, bought because i had to send the DTD152 for some warranty maintenance (And i got it for cheap, it being an old model). DTW281 Brushless Impact wrench DFR550 Collated screw gun DGA504 Brushless angle grinder DUC353 Brushless 36V chainsaw DHR264 36V Rotary hammer DCL500 Vacuum cleaner +Bunch of batteries, 3xDC18RC single and one DC18RD dual port chargers. Corded tools: LS0815FL Mitre saw NPC5000C Concrete grinder 4329K Jigsaw