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  1. Did it come in a kit with that huge 12Ah battery, or why you have it in? IMHO a 6½ circ saw is best for mobility and cross cutting 2 by lumber (2x4 is 48x98 millimeters here in Finland when milled, 50x100 millimeters when just sawed, actual 2x4 would be 50.8x101.6 mm. For those purposes, i find the Makita brushless one has plenty of runtime and power.
  2. I already have one. I want something with more power and a bigger blade
  3. I already own two blade-left 6½ makita cordless saws, brushed and brushless ones, Im searching for a bigger one.
  4. Yea. I know of the rear handle ones. Tried the Makita one, but didn't like the balance when using with one hand, too front heavy. Balance on the Hikoki/Hitachi/Metabo HPT C3607DA is perfect for me, but the blade is on the wrong side. Im already on the Makita and Hikoki multivolt platforms, wont be going to get new batteries to bring ryobis to jobsite.
  5. The control board on mine broke once. The light would come on, but nothing else happened. Mine was still under warranty, so an authorized Makita repair shop did the work free of charge.
  6. Title basically says it all. Basically, a Makita DHS680/XSH03 scalep up to 7 1/4 would be perfect. Are there any?
  7. I dont know about these ones with bigger blades, but my LS0815FL is perfectly square, and the detents have no play. I dont see any need for a bigger bladed saw with the long rails on this one.
  8. Personally, i move a lot from site site, so having (labelled) boxes for everything is nice. I also keep all of the accessories for a specific tool in its box. When ever I arrive to a job, I take my hand tools bag and my Makpac with a drill, impact, charger, 4 5Ah batteries, bits etc. Then when I see the job, i bring the rest off the stuff I need.
  9. I've personally bought a box designed for that tool, even if the tool was bought bare. Except for a chainsaw and recip saw, all of my tools live in Makpacs or hitachi equivalents.
  10. Few framers I know keep telling me that Dewalt cordless framing guns keep breaking a spring every 10,000 nails or so. They've switched back to Paslode, and one of them is "trying out" a single Hitachi cordless gun.
  11. So here are the pics. The case is similar in size to makpac 4, slight design differences but the latches are compatible. The insert is really nice soft foam, but atleast I cant figure out if there is supposed to be a dedicated spot for the charger.
  12. Send it in for repairs. Sounds like something is wrong with the mechanism holding the piston in air cylinder
  13. Ill definitely post some photos. I cant find any of the case and the insert. @dwain i think you had one for the review? How was it?
  14. Still havent received mine, its just about 30km away, or so the tracking says... Will be here on Monday, hopefully. I can then tell what size of Makpac like case it is, and what I think about the insert, and if the insert will fit a Makpac, I have 4 sizes so i can compare and test. I dont know how much of a thing Makpac is in the states (I see lot of soft bags in the tool review videos), but if you can get them, you could just order the insert overseas.
  15. Seals on hose and other parts are much more important than pure motor power. I've used vacs with 1000W and 2000W of power and similar design, with the 1000W one having much better suction, due to not leaking and losing vacuum at connection points so much.
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