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  1. I don't mind at all, i keep reading and learning from other people's experiences, thank you everyone.
  2. After much consideration, i am going Yellow. I was much seduced by the Red's attention to detail, but since most of my job involves demolition and framing, the 60V circular saw, the recip. saw and the (well 20v) nailguns made it for me. Makita was in consideration, but to match the circular saw power i would have to get two battery packs, i have some dewalt stuff left from the tools that i lost, so i guess that FlexVolt won this for me. FlexVolt, in my humble opinion, is the next cordless generation, and others will follow to match corded power on the cordless platform. At least i would be in a current platform, and not waiting for the next generation of say, Milwaukee, and then hate myself because i will be kind of stuck on m18, i know they have the fading m28 series, but although i am not an expert, they will follow the competition, FlexVolt is turning a lot of heads, not perfect, but power wise can only get better. Thanks everybody for your input, it truly helped.
  3. Thank you everyone, i am looking at Makita right now, and considering going dual platform instead of a single one. What an awesome community we have here!
  4. Hahaha i love how everybody just reaffirm what i already knew, it's my OCD lol. Thank you for the fine welcome, i will surely hang around from now on.
  5. I'm a handyman. Involved in some framing, light assembling and miscellaneous home installations. I know there is two forums already with each pros and cons, i apologize if this is one of those threads everybody hates, but this is driving me crazy, as i cannot decide (between Milwaukee m18 or Dewalt 20v/60v Flexvolt) I owned a Brushless 20V DeWalt Impact, Hammer Drill, Recip. Saw and a FlexVolt Circular Saw. Long story short, i lost those tools and while i have used Milwaukee before i had zero complains about DeWalt. Milwaukee tools look nicer than DeWalt, and many, many people have tried to talk me into switching over, but Flexvolt looks like a game changer for the future. DeWalt is a little bit cheaper, but while money is important, since i am starting over i'd rather take the one that makes me happier, i'd like some feedback on which company should i rebuild my power toolbox. I like how Milwaukee looks (red is my favorite color), they are the Apple of construction tools. I am kind of tech inclined, and i liked the OneKey system, the performance is usually "lower" than DeWalt, sometimes it makes it even with comfort, torque, convenience (rafter hooks and attention to detail), but something tells me, Milwaukee sooner than later will annouce a new lineup of high voltage tools to compete (with Makita 36, Dewalt 54). DeWalt is known to be reliable, i like backwards compatibility for flexvolt and 20v and power. I hate the yellow, really. I would love your input on which to choose, i love Milwaukee attention to detail, i believe Dewalt's power, if you have experience or own both, i'd love the input, thanks.