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  1. They are cheap as chips Just get another one.
  2. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Welcome to the forum The situation with makita batteries has not changed since I have open this topic here and even before that. Almost 2 Years now and counting. There is not any indication or information about bigger HD batteries from Makita so far. Every Year I ask Makita reps on many tool fairs I visit here in UK and oficial Facebook Makita page and always the same answer "Not yet. At some point / May be next Year". And that is for two Years now. I personally gave up on any new Makita batteries as my tools getting of age now. I have my Makita set for about 6-7 Years now and will not benefit from any new tech batteries, and I have no need to change any of my tools in order to get advantage, if any from new tech batteries. Saying that it does not mean that the current Makita 5 and 6Ah batteries are not doing the job, just would be better to have the option other companies give to their customers.
  3. Ned


    It not the batteries that not perform in cold but the tool itself and all metal gears inside top Makita tools. Keep the tools + temperature insulated compartment when not in use overnight. Li-Ion does not recognise cold but would die when frequently overheats.
  4. I very much like Festool approach to x2 tools. Works with One or Two batteries and you could mix and match any of their batteries without limit. Wished Makita took this approach. For light duty / reguliary jobs use of 18v and when need extra power plug another battery and have the same tool at 36v. I really think that this is the most convenient approach for on the move working tradesman.
  5. More New Tools listed on Makita UK web page. Some do not have pic yet. http://www.makitauk.com/products.html?new=1
  6. Makita UK NEW TOOLS just launched. http://www.makitauk.com/products.html?new=1
  7. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Been nagging Makita UK for Year now about the same. Lost fate in it. It will not happen for current gen tools. Most likely the HD batteries , if any, will come with a new tools designed to take advantage of it. My set is 4-5 Years now so I most likely I will not get any benefits of new batteries, if any, but at least 5 and 6Ah will get cheaper, so I will renew my ageing batts. Do not really want to pay full price now for new 5 or 6Ah what currently is quite aging tech although they do good job for me.
  8. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    @kornomaniac Thanks! It seams @SchenzhenSpecial is interested in his/her own opinion only disregarding everyone else.
  9. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Last Year (2017) Makita UK said the same " Nothing coming this Year may be a the end of next (2018)" That`s way I have started this posts here. And it seams this Year will be the same as the last on batteries side of Makita business. In my job (property maintenance) Carrying x5-6 batteries each day is so inconvenient + my batteries getting old and I really do not want to invest in the same new. Common Makita! Give us some HD Power Packs.
  10. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Please STOP plaguing my post with tools reviews and queries ! ONLY Batteries related info here to be posted. Thank you all!
  11. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    I totally agree with you. That`s way I keep asking Makita for HD Battery Packs which are proven to hold for longer and give more power, especially Metabo and Bosch .
  12. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    @SchenzhenSpecial Do you have any other info about any new batteries from where you are?
  13. Ned

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    On my question about any New Batteries any time soon, Makita UK answers, Hi Ned, No new batteries at the moment i'm afraid. Regards, MakitaUK
  14. Wonder what more you guys want from a drill like that? What job do you do so that you need more than what this drill offer?
  15. Ned

    Makita DC18SE car charger

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