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  1. Pliers?

    I found them! I just can't get them into this country without paying through the nose for shipping. (Toptul) Or, if I could find the stupid @$!#ing Stanley Fatmax pliers! Lowe's has everything in the world in that line, except pliers. Amazon has them, but the reviews say they aren't the right ones. Stanley's own website says that there are no retailers who have them. It's like some kind of twisted plot....
  2. Pliers?

    Any experience with ATD? https://www.toolsource.com/sets-c-194_238_787/7pc-plier-set-p-169379.html?tsqtid=
  3. Pliers?

    Yea, that would prevent me from using their stuff as my main tools, but I'm looking at the zero offset box end wrenches, which I really only need in metric. I've been desperately searching for other sources of pliers; I was on Matco's website... and they have rebranded Channellocks at 5 times the price.
  4. Pliers?

    OK, Schmidt got back to me. He says that he's about to stop importing Toptul because no one is buying them. If anyone else is interested, he can get a box, but they come 6 or 10 in a package.
  5. Pliers?

    Very nice! No pliers on there right now; I'll drop him a note. I've been looking for some zero-offset wrenches... https://www.ebay.com/itm/TOPTUL-GPAP0602-Flat-Type-Extra-Long-Metric-Double-Ring-Wrench-Set/112627500435?hash=item1a391f4593:g:7H4AAOSwdzVXsLxa
  6. Pliers?

    That's exactly what I need... but $35! I actually found some that I really like from Toptul, but the tools are ~$15 and the shipping is $30... each. You know, the Tektons were what I was looking at in the first place when the reddit tool forum guys turned me off of them and told me to go buy the Channellocks... I think that I will try to sell the CLs, buy the Tektons for now and save up for some NWS Irwins...
  7. Pliers?

    Ok, I went and looked at the NWS Irwins, and I'm not wild about them. 6" straight cutters or 8" angled... and I want 8" straight. Crosshatch pattern on the needlenose; I don't know what that is supposed to be good for, but it's not what I do. And no slip-joint pliers, at all. Those are the 3 that I really need, too. The regular Irwins are China, not even Taiwan. I looked at the Husky set at home depot, and if those are the same as Gearwrench, I don't want them, either. Neither Lowe's nor HD carried the good Stanley pliers (Fatmax/professional/ maxsteel), although they had Fatmax everything else.
  8. Pliers?

    That might be it, but this was 20 years ago; I have no idea which ones they were
  9. Pliers?

    I might grab the NWS cutters and the Taiwan knock-off needlenose and slip joint; I don't abuse them nearly so badly
  10. Pliers?

    You know, I notice right away the difference between those and the Channellocks that I bought; the finish is good, the teeth are straight and go all the way to the end of the jaw (the CLs have a ~3mm flat area at the end, no wonder they don't grip!), and they are just... leaner. Less wasted metal. They are expensive and don't have the grips that I like; I'll go buy NWS-sourced Irwin if that's the route I really have to take. How are the high end Taiwan units?
  11. Pliers?

    I've been using Stanley pliers and Irwin vise-grips for the last 15 years or so, both of which have been good, but I can't find the high end Stanleys, and the Irwins are one of the sets I linked to. My current set is small (size), small (few), old and rusty. I think that a lot of people who use Kleins use them almost exclusively on soft copper and braided steel wire, and less hardened steel, tubing, etc, Klein being best known in the electrical trade (although even when I was apprentice electrician, I switched to Greenlee almost immediately). I have to cut through spring-style hose clamps fairly often, and that chews soft cutters up in a hurry.
  12. Pliers?

    Auto repair, some construction/electrical; electronics on the side.
  13. Pliers?

    The edges dull really fast.
  14. Pliers?

    Excellent; do they work well? The cutters, especially, I am worried about, since they will dull quickly if they aren't hardened properly.
  15. Pliers?

    I've looked at those, but... 1. Expensive! 2. Short normal cutters or long pivot cutters (they don't open as wide), neither of which I want. 3. No slip-joint (my favorite tool for hose clamps) or tongue-and-groove, at all.