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  1. wingless

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    The US catalog and web site shows the 18V XRP lithium ion tools, in-addition to the 20V MAX XR lithium ion tools. The linked catalogs from France and Portugal only show the latest XR tools, 20V MAX XR in US and 18V XR in ROW. The absence of consumer confusion and impossible marketing permits the ROW tools to be marked as 18V. The US tools require differentiation so consumers know different products.
  2. wingless

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    Thanks for the info. It is too bad for DeWALT that they must build / distribute / inventory two almost identical parts, different only by label and model number, only because of marketing considerations. Those complications increase cost / reduce profit. Those company costs ripple down to impact consumers.
  3. wingless

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    Thanks for the document link. It is surprising to me that the French product line is pushing the 18V XR tools, while in the US we have the 20V MAX XR tools. It should be possible for DeWALT to make ONE battery powered tool, ONE battery pack for each Ah rating, offered worldwide, but make country-specific charging stations.
  4. wingless

    Milwaukee 2737-20 jigsaw

    Welcome to the forum. If the custom case can't be located, then Kaisen foam permits fabrication of a custom case for the tool. My topic below shows that foam cutout for my DeWALT tool. http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14455-wingless-dcs355d1-20v-max-xr-oscillating-saw-kit/
  5. wingless

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    Why not just post an image(s) of the brochure?
  6. wingless

    Dewalt 780 miter saw

    Welcome to the forum. From the DWS780 Instruction Manual, page 14: "All bearings are sealed. They are lubricated for life and need no further maintenance." Here is the manual: https://servicenet.dewalt.com/documents/English/Instruction Manual/N466020,DWS780.pdf#_ga=2.67834257.1035252051.1547002173-1732361236.1545424480
  7. Ryobi RTS10G 10" 15A Table Saw The motor on my 30-year old Shopcraft T6780-21P 10" table saw suddenly gave up the ghost. This was an excellent and complete tool, w/ all the guards, guides and a nice cast / machined aluminum deck, plus a custom / portable stand. It wasn't the switch or the brushes, both tested great, the motor is gone. A replacement saw was sought that wouldn't break the bank. This lightly used Ryobi RTS10G was discovered (10 minutes after it was posted). I scooped it up. My replacement saw needed to be complete. I am sharing this tool with my daughter, so I wanted / needed one with all the guards. That requirement eliminated many of the used tools. This saw has lots of nice features. All of the setup changes (except blade swap) may be performed tool-free. The blade guard and the anti-kickback pawls may be detached / replaced w/o tools. The riving knife may be extended / retracted tool-free. The throat plate is removed / replaced w/o tools. The push stick has an integrated mount at the side of bed. The stand is very sturdy and detaches easily when required w/ four corner screws. This saw has a formed / welded steel table. The surface is not flat and instead has curved contours from the forming operations. IMO, that is the biggest detraction from the saw. We'll see how this deficiency portends over my long-term usage of the saw.
  8. wingless

    wingless' DCF887M2 20V MAX XR 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit

    The tool has both a variable speed trigger switch, plus the three-position mode switch.
  9. wingless

    Festop Table Saw Announced

    The 2011 Arthur film w/ Russell Brand and Nick Nolte showed that technology, but Arthur's tongue needed to be wet. Maybe the systems have improved since then...
  10. Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner My decades-old Zircon Stud Sensor still works fine, but the homes I work on now have metal studs. The Zircon electronic stud finder does not locate those new-fangled metal studs, instead looking for REAL studs, made from wood. The Zircon Stud Sensor is an edge finder dielectric constant capacitor detector, using a single sensor. The usage is simple, with a linear LED display. A Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner was selected and purchased to permit detection of metal studs. It does that and more. This is a center finder dielectric constant capacitor detector, using a pair of sensors. When the sensor measurements match, the center of the stud has been located. In stud detection mode, the Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner detects: wood studs; magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal. In metal detection mode the wall scanner locates: nails; rebar or screws. The wall scanner has a live wire detection mode to locate wires carrying 110-220 VAC voltage. The Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner has a red / green illuminated ring around a cylindrical pencil-marking hole. There is a LCD display and tones, with a myriad of symbols that mean success, when properly decoded. The tool has a back lighting on / off push button for the display. That was very handy during my last usage. It is a little complex, but once experience is attained, it is a good / useful tool. Now I can locate metal studs! This has a nice pouch for storage / usage protection w/ Velcro flap and Velcro belt loop. It is powered by a single 9V battery. There is an included tether strap.
  11. wingless

    emergency generator for my home.

    There isn't such a thing as "over cautious" wrt generator usage, especially when combined w/ home wiring. The potential bad results are: death; personal injury, including electrocution and burns; fire; CO poisoning and property damage. Every single requirement must be satisfied! If there is a loss, then the insurance company will deploy a team of experts to inspect, photograph and analyze every detail in an attempt to point the blame at you. If you are not 110% qualified, then hire / pay an expert. Get a contract, get references, don't cut corners. My portable home generator is a new Troy Built 5,550W portable unit. My boat has a 7kW Westerbeke. Both are gasoline units. Both are great generators. It sounds like you need a built-in unit, so neither of these are appropriate. Get a name-brand unit installed by a reputable company. Implement a maintenance plan, like running for an hour a week, exercising the transfer switch once a month, whatever they recommend. Stale fuel will be the biggest issue. My assumption is that diesel will be selected. Diesel is susceptible to algae, microbes and water contamination. One solution is to cycle the fuel storage through a vehicle, then replenish the storage with fresh. So a diesel truck would be handy as your personal vehicle. Good luck w/ your project. Please keep us up-to-date on the progress.
  12. wingless

    wingless' DCL040 20V Max LED Worklight

    The light color temperature is not specified. As you probably know, white LED devices are constructed by covering a blue LED with cerium-doped yttrium-aluminium garnet (YAG) phosphor. The blue LED light excites the yellow phosphor to produce a broad-spectrum white light. As-such, the light spectrum of all white LED lights have a strong blue component. The phosphor blend is tuned to attain the desired warm or cool effect. This image shows the light spectrum of a typical blue LED covered w/ a yellow phosphor for a cool white. It also shows the spectrum after also adding a red phosphor for a warm white. The color of the DCL040 appears white to me.
  13. wingless

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

    The custom high-volume high-pressure 12V Oasis compressor system has been an outstanding system on my boat for many years. The Oasis compressors are an excellent product that work great in a mobile application. https://trainhornforums.com/showthread.php?t=6993
  14. wingless

    emergency generator for my home.

    Welcome to the forum. My portable 5,550W generator usage, plus my built into my boat 7kW generator has all been fine running all loads, including TV, electronics, microwave, computer, vacuum cleaner, everything. Yes, it is correct that visual observation of the sine wave voltage created by the generator, or measurement of the distortion from the generator are less "clean" than street power, but all modern devices handle that power without issues. Many generators will permit output wiring selection to power 120VAC and / or 240VAC devices. For a home application, one of the biggest considerations is the transfer switch. Is MUST be fully compliant with all regulations and must be safely / correctly implemented. A licensed electrician is required when working on live-to-the-street wires. Don't cut corners and don't get electrocuted!
  15. DeWALT DCL040 20V Max LED Worklight The DeWALT DCL040 Type 1 20V Max LED worklight is a great tool. This is purchased as the worklight-only, without the battery. The worklight tool is available as: part of bundled tool kits; loose from bulk packaging (manual included) or as retail packaged, also with manual included. The measured mass is 10.4 oz (without battery and with belt hook). The measured length is 7¼" (without battery or belt hook). The specified output is 110 Lumens. It doesn't include the DeWALT N268241 belt hook. I purchased that separately and added that to the tool. Note that the tool already had two of the required M3 0.5 Nylock nuts installed. I scavenged one of those nuts from this tool for usage in my DCS355D1 oscillating saw. The tool has great features adding to the utility. The worklight is small, making storage easy. The worklight is very stable vertical when placing the battery on a horizontal surface. In that application, the rotating head (-10° to 100°) is quick / easy to get light onto the correct location, with eleven 10° detents throughout the entire rotation range. There is also a rotating bail surrounding the head, enabling hooking this for usage. The bail has a detent for the storage position, then free full-arc rotation when not stored. The light is very bright with a nice / concentrated spot. It is full on / full off. There is not a dimmed or a flashing function. This reply shows the belt hook. 20V MAX XR Belt Hook and Tool Holder - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14432-wingless-20v-max-xr-belt-hook-and-tool-holder/ This is very handy, stored w/ the other DeWALT tools and always has a spare battery available for the light. I've used this lots and it's now my go-to worklight. The spot-on-the-wall image is from about 20' away. Note the track lighting fixtures in that image at 1 o'clock for size perspective. The bright center spot is about 2' diameter at 20' distance.