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  1. Welcome to the forum. My gasoline pressure washer has been a solid performer for decades. It is still one of my favorite tools to use, followed by a long shower to remove dirt from places I didn't know I had.
  2. Welcome to the forum. The Mighty Vac hand vacuum pump kit has been a solid performer for me for decades.
  3. Welcome to the forum. All of the DeWALT small angle grinders come with only the Type 27 guard. That is general purpose for most applications.The DeWALT Owner's Manual shows which wheel types are applicable for that guard. The Type 1 guard has a full shroud and is shown for usage with flat wheels, such as the diamond blade. The Type 1 full shroud provides greater protection if a wheel should fail. My experience has consumed many wheels and I am fortunate to never have experienced a wheel failure. The clamp nut is designed to work with thick and thin wheels. The thick wheels are clamped with the side having the raised collar. The thin wheels are clamped w/ the flat side. Ensure the wheel is secure before turning on the tool. The tool manual shows when to use one side or the other of the nut. My experience is there is zero question based on the wheel, thick go one way, thin the other. A thin wheel will wobble if incorrectly clamped.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Doesn't the tool already look like this image w/ tables and a disc? [
  5. Welcome to the forum. If going w/ Festool, I use their long life bag, then dump / shake out over and over, until the bad fails.
  6. Welcome to the forum. +1 on safety first. The nature of grinding includes glowing metal sparks. My observations of those operations are that most of the debris goes in the path tangent to the contact point. However many embers remain on the wheel surface only to detach at some other point. The maximum safety will be realized by performing the grinding in an area w/o sawdust, regardless of collection apparatus.
  7. wingless

    Dewalt Combo Kit

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the info. Yes, the combo kit is a much better value. I have purchased those an sold parts that are extra for me and was ahead of the game.
  8. Oh, you're talking about above ground garden hose sprinklers. Mine are in ground. There is an upright tripod sprinkler I used for spot application, when required. The in-ground irrigation provides a better solution.
  9. You're welcome. The Hunter Residential Sprinkler Catalog shows different grade parts available for each application. When I looked last the higher grade parts were available online. I don't know how these rate to parts from other brands. My large lawn brought me to expert level on sprinkler replacement. I would lay a plastic tarp (an empty 3 cubic foot peat moss bag) near the broken head. Use my flat shovel to cut a box shape through the lawn. Lift the lawn square onto the plastic. Put some more dirt onto the bag. Remove, replace and adjust the head. Replace the dirt and lawn. Done. I got pretty fast at this repair. FWIW, massive peat moss applications twice a year enabled me to get my $1M lawn.
  10. They are available at places selling power tools. Is the inquiry about which one to select?
  11. My last home had well over 100 sprinkler heads. The original ones worked and worked and worked. The new ones would only last for several years before failure. I was replacing the new ones over and over again. The major manufacturers have different grade parts, but I always just got the parts from the big home improvement store shelves. Those higher grade parts are available online. It seems reasonable that the higher grade parts would last longer before failure.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Wear eye protection. Select the correct size six point socket, in either ½" drive or 3/4" drive, use a 3" extension and a 18" to 24" breaker bar. Slide a 3' pipe over the breaker bar. Use an aerosol lubricant on the lug nuts for several days before attempting to move the nuts. When first attempting to break free, turn nuts TIGHTER, until they budge, then stop. Work nuts back and forth, with greater rotation in the loosen direction, then back to just snug tight. Continue on the back and forth until the nuts are free. Use LOTS of aerosol lubricant throughout the process. My favorite lug stud lubricant, prior to assembly, is Anti Seize. I then always ONLY use a torque wrench at the lowest end of the specified foot pound torque range.
  13. Welcome to the forum. http://cms.toolpartspro.com/image/919-16560-Type-0/919-16560-Devilbiss-T0-PB.pdf http://documents.dewalt.com/documents/English/Instruction Manual/Devilbiss/919.165600 P.pdf It sounds like the valve plate is not working properly.
  14. Welcome to the forum. Wow, if so then that could be the handle that Old Charlie stole in Locomotive Breath, probably worth something.
  15. wingless

    RO 150

    Welcome to the forum. My Festool RO150FEQ has been used waaay more hours of continuous usage than I dare to count. As you should be aware, proper operation with this tool is the pad flat on the surface (not tipped), with regular pushing force (not excessive) and the force normal (perpendicular) to the surface, pushing on the back pad. As was stated, a vacuum is REQUIRED when using this tool. It serves many benefits. One is the obvious, dust removal. It also keeps the media (sandpaper) from clogging. It also helps extend the media life. It also keeps the tool cooler. If the media is clogged then it might cause the tool to hop around. If the pad is past the service life then this might affect operation.
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