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  1. Welcome to the forum. Back to basics, has the battery been verified to be good in a different tool? Has a working battery been tried in this tool? The $153 motor and switch assembly is the guts of the tool. If that cannot be fixed then the tool is scrap.
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. The three reels are each powered by their own motors. Each motor has a small sprocket and each reel has a large sprocket. Each reel looks to be spinning fast. The left mower, right rear wheel looks to be the only driven wheel. The cut height looks to be fixed, not adjustable. That modification is a detraction from one of the features of the Fiskars mower, the really quiet operation. It doesn’t take long after starting to mow to notice how quiet cutting the lawn is when using this machine. Not so with the modification.
  3. The pool in my south Florida home developed an underground plumbing leak on the skimmer return line. The normal repair for that problem is to smash the patio tile around the skimmer, break the concrete and dig down to expose then repair the problem. The issue preventing me from implementing that repair method is I have zero matching patio tiles and none similar exist in the local stores. The repair method I selected instead is to dig down in the nearby flower bed, then tunnel under the concrete patio, until the skimmer was reached for access. The BIG problem w/ that method is that EVERY BIT of sandy soil in southern Florida is a congested mass of crisscrossing roots. I needed to yank, cut, saw over the entire tunnel to clear out the path. My screen box was used to sift out the rocks and roots so that the replacement soil could be packed back into place. I filled trash barrels w/ the sifted soil. I ended up w/ 150 gallons of soil! The problem was caused by soil settling and the skimmer / patio not budging. The 90° fitting was cracked where the sinking plumbing attempted to increase the angle. Normal Schedule 40 plumbing fittings and pipe were used to correct the leak, after cutting off the broken parts. Now my pool holds the water level and the automatic pool vacuum "robot" is again chug chugging along, keeping my pool nice and clean.
  4. The Fiskars 18" StaySharp Max Reel Mower manual is attached. It includes setup, operation, maintenance, adjustment and cleaning. Fiskars StaySharp Max 18in Model 6201 83001819r4 Manual.pdf
  5. My Airbnb rental property has a small lawn and I’ve been toting my Snapper 21" Self-Propelled Walk Behind Mower back and forth between home and the rental to care for both properties. My choice to ease that effort was to purchase a Fiskars 18" StaySharp Max Reel Mower to keep on-site at that property. There are lots of really nice features for this mower. The mower is easy to use, easy to setup and does a great job cutting the lawn. The mower arrives w/ the deck and blade fully assembled and fully adjusted. The large push handle must be assembled, requiring a single 7/16” wrench. The blade height knob is easy to screw in-place w/o tools. The cut height is adjustable from 1” to 4” by moving a single selector lever. The mower has a heavy-duty spring to hold the mower mass, so the reel doesn't drop when releasing the existing setting. The mower must be pushed down when changing height. Note the mower will not cut grass taller than 6”, so this isn’t the machine for those w/ overgrown lawns. My experience is a rogue tall growth may be cut w/ a back and forth motion, but not efficient for a tall lawn. The wheels are inboard of the reel blades. Alignment onto the last wheel tracks results in a slight overlap and no missed uncut grass. The rear wheels are really cool. They freewheel in reverse, but independently drive when in forward. Either wheel going forward causes the reel to spin. Each rear wheel has a one-way clutch in the hub to rotate the rear axle. The rear axle has a large 26 tooth chain sprocket. The reel has a small 8 tooth chain sprocket. There is a 3¼:1 ratio between the sprockets, making the reel spin much faster than the wheels. These sprockets are connected w/ a drive chain, w/ a master link and a spring tension saddle. The drive system permits the reel inertia to continue rotating, even after the rear wheels stop driving. The five blade 18” wide reel is designed to not contact the stationary blade, decreasing resistance, decreasing cutting effort. It provides effortless cuts on difficult grass. The machine has a movable discharge chute, to dump clippings forward or backwards. No tool is required to change the discharge, just pull or push on the chute, until stopped by the detent. There is an optional bag, that grabs onto the front. I don’t have and I don’t need that open top bag. The handle has four adjustment positions. It is “easy” and tool-free to change the position. Just remove the two clevis pin clips retaining the handle, move the handle to the left, select the new hole, move selected holes onto the right and left stubs and replace the clevis pin clips. The handle has padded foam grips. The only detractor I’ve found on this machine is that the handle height changes when the deck height changes. The handle is pushed forward, just past vertical, when storing the machine between uses. The machine is easy to carry. There is a carry handle on the front, in-front of the reel and the solid rear axle is perfect for lifting / carrying the machine. The machine has adjustments if the cutting ever goes awry. The stationary blade may be moved up / down, changing the gap to the rotating reel. The stationary blade may be moved front / back, changing the angle between the stationary and rotating parts. The manual specifies lubrication points to maintain proper operation, basically all the moving parts. The manual specifies no garden hose cleaning. I find wiping down w/ an oily rag keeps it clean and rust free. The only bare steel are the bare edges of the reel. The manufacturer provides a three year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage. Discharge Clippings Forward Discharge Clippings Rearward 1” Minimum and 4” Maximum Cut Heights Bottom Discharge Chute Detents Handle Adjustment and Storage Chain Guard and Chain Stationary Blade Up / Down Adjustment Optional Grass Catcher Bag
  6. Thanks for the images. What is the manufacturer and manufacturer's part number?
  7. What unloader valve? Mine uses a Cat Pumps 7660 regulating unloader. Mine has nothing to push in. It only has a large regulator knob to adjust the output pressure. The Cat Pumps 7660 could eventually require new o-rings to resolve an excessive cycle problem.
  8. Welcome to the forum. The 175 cc Briggs & Stratton 020501 2,700 psi / 2.3 gpm pressure washer looks like a decent machine. Note that on my 4,000 psi / 3.5 gpm pressure washer, I always follow instructions and first purge air from the water lines prior to starting the engine. The instructions also define how to verify the hose will provide sufficient flow. My concern would be about pump damage from having been run dry.
  9. Welcome to the forum. All the images I see for forged fences have this metalwork as part of a masonry wall, not sitting on or near the ground, such as around a garden. The metal could be affected by rust, so raised and part of a masonry wall permits painting and ground separation.
  10. The Vintage Machinery Publication Reprints web site is a great resource for locating / sharing old tool manuals and catalogs. I have found many documents that have been very helpful to me on that web site.
  11. Welcome to the forum. A cobalt bit might be a better choice for this task.
  12. Mine are like this, but mine don't have telescoping legs. Mine are many decades old and going strong. https://www.amazon.com/WORKESS-WK-SH017A-1-Adjustable-Jobsite-Telescopic/dp/B07FWPXM35/ref=asc_df_B07FWPXM35/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309735728871&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16888819235168605573&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012024&hvtargid=pla-607824267325&psc=1
  13. It was very disappointing last week when the forum was down for many days for an update. One concern was that the forum would fail to return. I had composed many informational topics that I feared were gone forever. http://forum.toolsinaction.com/search/?q=wingless&search_in=titles My solution to prevent that possible loss was to print these topics as PDF documents so that I will always have access, regardless of the forum status. It is great that the forum update was completed and the forum has been restored.
  14. Welcome to the forum. There are not any wood cutting blades for a right angle grinder. The tool RPM is waaay too high for cutting wood. Use a different tool.
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