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  1. DeWalt D55155 Compressor question

    Thank you gentlemen for your responses. The compressor states 4.5 CFM @ 100 psi. I notice most tools state requirements at 40 and 90 psi. As the only rating I see for the D55155 is 4.5 CFM 2 100psi, would a 90 psi rating show more or less volume, etc? Thanks again, Skip
  2. DeWalt D55155 Compressor question

    Thanks for the link and information. A question, if I may; when selecting air tools (starter kit) what are my limitations in selecting a tool? Thanks, Skip
  3. DeWalt D55155 compressor questions

    I recently bought a used DeWalt D55155 air compressor (serial no.47636). I cannot find any information on the CFM ratings for this air compressor. Any information on the standard 40 and 90 PSI ratings would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to buy any air tools, etc. prior to knowing these figures. Thanks for your help. Skip
  4. DeWalt D55155 Compressor question

    Hello All; I am a new owner of a DeWalt D55155 (serial number: 47636) electric air compressor. I cannot find any information on the specs of this unit, including CFM ratings, etc. Any information and reference info on this compressor is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Skip